Governor Pressure Solenoid & Sensor Replacement

Basic Dis-Assembly, and replacement
Pressure Solenoid , and Pressure Transducer (Sensor)
This Covers All the Below Dodge & Jeep Automatic Transmissions:
A500 , 42RE , 44RE
A518 , 46RE
A618 , 47RE

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Author utuberine (2 months)
Jeep Grand Chreokee. 97 Laredo 5.2 l v8.
44re trans. If it is the electrics shown here that causes my jeep to run
like shit, will they always throw fault codes with the turning the key on 3
times OBD?Mine shows no codes apart from 12 and 55.
I have intermittent gears. Wont shift up until warm or hot. Then it drives
faultlessly on freeway for a bit then when coasting will rev really high
whilst slipping and engage again. At one point I had no gears at all.
Turning off the engine momentarily would give me some gears again. WHAT IS

Author paul rogers (2 months)
thanks for the video! now that I know what I'm looking for, I can get right
to it!

Author VIDEOjuegos gamer (8 days)
dear friend thanks for your video maybe you can hhelp me my nissan
frontie 2000 doesnt work the overdrive what I can do to fix it ?

Author FRONT STEP STUDIO (15 days)
my Toyota cressida mrk2 gx81 is very lazy when it comes to climbing hill
and doesn't want to select gears automatically could it be that this it the
problem. or what can i check to find the problem.

Author Weldon Lee Castleman Jr. (5 months)
I have a 93 Dodge 5.9/Auto It is not shifting out of second gear while
jacked up, I am not able to take it out on the highway because it is not
legal. Is this a shift solenoid problem or am I looking at a different
problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Author Leonard E Bales (19 days)
I for got to say it was a 2000 dodge 5.9 automatic durango

Author Steven Churko (21 day)
Hi I have a 98 dodge 1500 5.2 automatic, it slips in and out of overdrive
for a few seconds. Code reads the solenoid 3-4 malfunctioning. will
changing the governor solenoid fix this problem or is this a major overhaul

Author George Yslas (1 month)
dodge ram 2004 pickup 5.7 liter,transmission drives through first gear
then slips out of gear and reves up . I have to put in second gear to drive
it. what do yoyu think is the problem... i ran a diagnostic incorrect gear
ratio # 5 (error code p0735)...Can you help me out with that!

Author John Rodriguez (1 month)
Thank you so much for this breakdown. This video is GOLD!

Author Jim Cash. (1 month)
Well worked on the RAM 2500, But the 1998 Dakota not so.....Still have the
long drawn till shift from 1st. too 2nd. etc. WTH. Can ya tell me what
else I need to check,or replace. Very rare it will shift on time from 1
too 2. let me know thanks.

Author Leonard E Bales (19 days)
Did a govenor silanoied change out, engine light went off, however now i
have no reverse drive ?is it thelinkage or do i need to remove the silanoid
again?or is it a linkage problem or what, i followed your video to the t
and it went in easy as it did for you

Author Jake Wright (1 month)
My Dodge Dakota sport 2001 3.9 v6 when starting it up and pulling out it
seem to act like it's stuck in 1st gear and after warming up it runs normal
anyone out can help me out Thank's

Author Eric Lund (1 month)
I have a 99, ram 2500 sport with the 5.9 magnum. It only has 1st gear and
first gear pulls really good. After i get up to speed, the truck seems to
go into neutral until i match the RPM's to the speed. Will this sensor fix
my problem?

Author jasmine arreola (2 months)
what cars do they have the same transmission as the jeep grand cherokee

Author Khalel Smith (5 months)
Hi if i need to replace the governor pressure silenoid do i really need to
remove the transmission? There is no way i can do it with it on the truck
by the way i have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee 4x4

Author Cj Wilson (2 months)
By doing this will it help it shift in to gear properly , because mine
sometimes does not going to you whenever I put the car and drive or reverse

Author Danny Epperson (2 months)
Received the Solenoid Replacement kit in the mail today and ordered on
Thursday. Everything in the kit looks 5 by 5. Looking forward to the

Author Richard Anderson (5 months)
I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500(automatic). What are the typical symptoms when
it is going bad? This just started yesterday, I can start out in reverse
and drive then after about a mile I have intermittent travel when the trans
does not engage.

Author BH1Videos (2 months)
I bought this kit from Cascade and used this video as a reference.. Great
Video, Very Helpful. The only thing missing, which became a major headache
for me, was how to get the Park Rod to release from the Transmission, when
the Trans. is still in the Vehicle.

After many attempts to "ease the park rod out", with Zero Success, I
discovered the following steps were required to release the park rod so it
could be "Eased out"...
1. Make sure the Vehicle is chocked to keep it from rolling.
2. Put the Transmission in Neutral.
3. When you are ready to remove the Valve Body, Jack Up One of the Rear
Wheels, so the tire can be turned/rolled.
4. Slowly turn the tire, while you are attempting to "Ease" the Valve
Body(VB) toward the front of the Transmission, as demonstrated in the
video. (Having a Friend turn the tire will make this much easier.)

It is my understanding that the park rod will be prevented from removal
and/or install by the Transmissions internal Park Mechanism. Turning the
tire apparently rotates a internal component and will release the rod, so
it can be easily removed...
(Unfortunately, I did not know this procedure when I removed my VB and it
was nearly impossible to remove, until it suddenly popped out of park and
the truck moved... It went back in like butter, using this technique.) I
hope this helps...

Author altops (5 months)
is it possible to add a pressurizing device to a tranz with failing pump to
offset low tranz pump pressure thus extending tranz utility? 

Author luvkountry (2 months)
99 dakota V6. Overdrive functions when the truck is cool. Once it warms up
it shifts back into 3rd and there she stays until she cools off again. Any
Ideas or suggestions as to what the problem may be..? Thank you for sharing
your interesting video .

Author Eric Lund (1 month)
I have a 99, ram 2500 sport with the 5.9 magnum. It only has 1st gear and
first gear pulls really good. After i get up to speed, the truck seems to
go into neutral until i match the RPM's to the speed. Will this sensor fix
my problem?

Author Carl Brutananadilewski (5 months)
Bought my governor sensor and transducer from Cascade. Came in 2 day to New
Jersey. I just changed them with the help of this video. 07 ram
5.9 Cummins shifts like new with 101000 on the odometer. No more shutter
shifting between 1st and 2nd. Down shifts into as it should as well. Thank
you Cascade. I highly recommend.

Author Antonio T Posadas (5 months)
my jeep is a 2004 4.0 code is governor pressure sensor voltage to high or
too low advise please,and transmission temperature too high help please

Author Rex Wittman (5 months)
2006 Jeep Liberty . The transmission doesn't always shift at normal RPM.
It occas feels like it is slipping in reverse but never in a forward gear.
Trans sounds fine.
The engine will sometimes rev to >5 rpm before it shifts. Other times you
have to let off the gas to make it shift. The OD button is not the issue.
? transducer/gov pressure solenoid or possibly a control module issue.
Any suggestions.

Author Ana Sanchez (3 months)

Author salah najat (3 months)
نوع السيارة قراند شيروكي 2000

Author MsBones1950 (6 months)
I have a 1988 dodge Dakota in runs down the road pretty good but it
hammers into drive and reverse hard most of the time and it dies at stop
signs, taking off I have to spin the tires to keep it from killing the
motor it does better when the motor is warm and will idle at stop 

Author Bob Cortese (3 months)
Very nice job, this video helped with my repair.

Author Jim Cash. (3 months)
When are you going to make a video on adjusting the trans bands on a 48re.

Author Glenn Maurer (3 months)
I have a 01 Mitsubishi Montero sport XLS I was parked on a hill came out
started the truck and went to put it in gear but nothing car would not move
tried to push it into garage and it wouldn't move had to take drive shaft
off to push it backward into garage

Author Humberto Bravo (4 months)
wonderful I did like it

Author salah najat (3 months)
ممتاز جدا
بس بعد ما غيرت الحساس لازالت المشكلة قائمة اي نفس المشكاة موجودة وهي ان
السيارة لاتعشق التغييرات الأولى للسرعة وبتطلع بشكل ثقيل والبطارية جديدة
بقوة 70 امبير نوع بوش والفيوزات تمام لم افهم !؟؟؟

Author wbonne2 (4 months)

Author Bigdill57 (11 days)
extremely helpful thankyou

Author Juancho Hernandez (4 months)
cual es la falla que produce el solenoide y el sensor

Author Mykel McFalls (7 months)
Helpful and informative 

Author Jim Cash. (5 months)
Very well made video.....i know now I can do this job. Thanks, going to
save big time.$$

Author Rex Wittman (3 months)
Just a follow up to my old post.
It has been a month and still no problems.
Changing the plugs to prevent a small misfire to trigger the computer to
default to a "limp" mode in the transmission apparently works. ?????
Sounds crazy but it worked for me.

Author proudamerican831 (1 month)
I2001 Dodge Ram 1500
I had this problem a few months back, took it to a Mechanic, charged me 350
dollars and 17 dollars for a sensor. It was better but not right. It did
it again, My friend told me about your video. I bought the two parts from
Auto Zone, 197 dollars plus oil, gasket and filter.
It took me about what you said to do the work. Set up, drain, gasket and
filter another hour. I ran it 3 miles with no problem. I drove it home,
23 miles and it shifts like a charm.
I don't know what the guy I took it to put it, but it wasn't these two
parts., I will never use him again. Thank you for your time it took to
make the video and your knowledge you shared.

Author Ryanedwards1991 (4 months)
Would this be the same with a 4x4

Author Mort ForShort (5 months)
Bought my governor sensor and transducer from Cascade. Came in 2 day to New
Jersey. I just changed them with the help of this video. 07 ram
5.9 Cummins shifts like new with 101000 on the odometer. No more shutter
shifting between 1st and 2nd. Down shifts into as it should as well. Thank
you Cascade. I highly recommend.

Author david bayless (5 months)
excellent video, thank you so much for taking the time to show how easy it
really is and the man wants a ton to do this...

Author antonisxj (5 months)
hello there,
very nice video and very helpfull.
I have a question for you.
I livein Greece and I own a jeep grand cherokee 4.0l with a 42RE
the problem is that when i put it in "D", it starts in third gear. When I
put it in "1" it starts with the second gear. It doesn't upshift or
downshift. I do have reverse, Neutral and park.
I thought my problem was the solenoids and valves, so I changed all of
them. (It cost me a fortune here in Greece). Finaly I didn;t fix my
problem. It keeps as it is.
Now I think it might be the output speed sensor and I'm planning to change
it, since I have a 46RE transmission on another car and the speed sensor is
the same.
Do you think that this might be the problem or it is the transmission
control module problem?

another think I need to say is that I did the trick with the key. I turned
it on and off three times and the "OD" light flashed five times and then
five times again. that give's us the number "55", which, according to the
transmission manual, it means "end of code transmission"
Unfortunately I can't find anyone with a DRB II scanner to plug and see if
there are any fault codes.

please excuse my bad english and my big message. Just try to give you as
much details as I can.
Thanks in advance.

Author Ma Tt (4 months)
I have a 1994 dodge ram 2500 5.9l gas and when I start it the transmission
howls for a few seconds and then quits , what could it be ?

Author Dan Cummings (5 months)
My son just had his tranny service fliud change and filter in his 98 ram
1500 sport after about 2 weeks it started to have a slow shift from 1st to
2nd after that it shifts fine. What could that be?

Author appellonia garza (5 months)
nice video . ialso have to change the wiring harnest its attached to. do u
have a vid. of you changing the torque cluch solenoid.?

Author ERICtheLATE (9 months)
Symptoms? Or just sudden code pops up? 

Author Pat Martel (5 months)
nice presentation and the video quality was excellent thank you.

Author 1surenolove4life3 (5 months)

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