Governor Pressure Solenoid & Sensor Replacement

Basic Dis-Assembly, and replacement
Pressure Solenoid , and Pressure Transducer (Sensor)
This Covers All the Below Dodge & Jeep Automatic Transmissions:
A500 , 42RE , 44RE
A518 , 46RE
A618 , 47RE

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Author Jim Cash. (22 days)
Very well made video.....i know now I can do this job. Thanks, going to
save big time.$$

Author Mykel McFalls (2 months)
Helpful and informative 

Author MsBones1950 (1 month)
I have a 1988 dodge Dakota in runs down the road pretty good but it
hammers into drive and reverse hard most of the time and it dies at stop
signs, taking off I have to spin the tires to keep it from killing the
motor it does better when the motor is warm and will idle at stop 

Author Khalel Smith (7 days)
Hi if i need to replace the governor pressure silenoid do i really need to
remove the transmission? There is no way i can do it with it on the truck
by the way i have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee 4x4

Author Mort ForShort (15 days)
Bought my governor sensor and transducer from Cascade. Came in 2 day to New
Jersey. I just changed them with the help of this video. 07 ram
5.9 Cummins shifts like new with 101000 on the odometer. No more shutter
shifting between 1st and 2nd. Down shifts into as it should as well. Thank
you Cascade. I highly recommend.

Author Richard Anderson (10 days)
I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500(automatic). What are the typical symptoms when
it is going bad? This just started yesterday, I can start out in reverse
and drive then after about a mile I have intermittent travel when the trans
does not engage.

Author david bayless (14 days)
excellent video, thank you so much for taking the time to show how easy it
really is and the man wants a ton to do this...

Author ERICtheLATE (4 months)
Symptoms? Or just sudden code pops up? 

Author Antonio T Posadas (19 days)
my jeep is a 2004 4.0 code is governor pressure sensor voltage to high or
too low advise please,and transmission temperature too high help please

Author bill blyth (1 month)
cheers thanks going to give this a go

Author ponkkaa (1 month)
Doing this next weekend. Excellent vid. Thanks

Author appellonia garza (25 days)
nice video . ialso have to change the wiring harnest its attached to. do u
have a vid. of you changing the torque cluch solenoid.?

Author Dan Cummings (23 days)
My son just had his tranny service fliud change and filter in his 98 ram
1500 sport after about 2 weeks it started to have a slow shift from 1st to
2nd after that it shifts fine. What could that be?

Author MsDodo666 (2 months)
hello, can you give me a diagnosis? enter only 1 and 2 gear at a cherokee
3.1 diesel from 2000?I'm in Italy and the parts are very expensive.if I
replace oil and filter solve the problem?thanks!

Author Pat Martel (26 days)
nice presentation and the video quality was excellent thank you.

Author Mina.Likez. StaRs (2 months)
i have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. this helps very much what would you say
a shop would charge for this work?

Author antonisxj (19 days)
hello there,
very nice video and very helpfull.
I have a question for you.
I livein Greece and I own a jeep grand cherokee 4.0l with a 42RE
the problem is that when i put it in "D", it starts in third gear. When I
put it in "1" it starts with the second gear. It doesn't upshift or
downshift. I do have reverse, Neutral and park.
I thought my problem was the solenoids and valves, so I changed all of
them. (It cost me a fortune here in Greece). Finaly I didn;t fix my
problem. It keeps as it is.
Now I think it might be the output speed sensor and I'm planning to change
it, since I have a 46RE transmission on another car and the speed sensor is
the same.
Do you think that this might be the problem or it is the transmission
control module problem?

another think I need to say is that I did the trick with the key. I turned
it on and off three times and the "OD" light flashed five times and then
five times again. that give's us the number "55", which, according to the
transmission manual, it means "end of code transmission"
Unfortunately I can't find anyone with a DRB II scanner to plug and see if
there are any fault codes.

please excuse my bad english and my big message. Just try to give you as
much details as I can.
Thanks in advance.

Author Rex Wittman (21 day)
2006 Jeep Liberty . The transmission doesn't always shift at normal RPM.
It occas feels like it is slipping in reverse but never in a forward gear.
Trans sounds fine.
The engine will sometimes rev to >5 rpm before it shifts. Other times you
have to let off the gas to make it shift. The OD button is not the issue.
? transducer/gov pressure solenoid or possibly a control module issue.
Any suggestions.

Author Ronnie Scott (2 months)
thanks very much did it in first try thanks thanks ronnie

Author TheTrooperGirl (3 months)
thank informative!
06 dodge ram 1500 45re. fluid level and condition good. changed flilters
all (3), new atf 4 synth approx at 40k
would changing these solve an issue of no move condition?

Author mike turner (26 days)
Were would you recommend online to order the parts, our auto parts store's
here doesn't carry it for my 03 Ram

Author ronald1981d (1 month)
P1784 L-R Pressure Switch Sense Circuit this was the code I was getting on
a 2000 dodge durango 4.7L.. is this an easy fix?

Author michael martin (2 months)
Cool video bro.. 

Author Dj Crazy G (4 months)
How much do you think a mechanic shop will charge to get this fix, I have a
1998 Dodge Durango that read this priblem in the scanner code p1757, let me
know. Nice video btw.

Author Stephen Graham (29 days)
I bought a foreign used Nissan Y12 AD Van and after receiving the car two
weeks I honestly did anticipate having a transmission problem... On doing a
diagnostic check I was advised that the (16- line pressure solenoid valve
is the problem) I need your help please.. what should I do,should I keep
the money on trying to repair it and invest that money in a new

Author Christian Russell (1 month)
My 2000 Dakota 3.9 v6 will only run 35 but won't shift to 3rd

Author William Harris (1 month)
im having a problem with my 2002dakota has a 5.9 transmission feels like it
not shifting right also it doesnt kick down when i mash the pedal also when
acceleration it doent have the pick up and go like it did before what can
it be plz help thanks

Author Richard freeman (1 month)
i have a 97 dodge ram 1500 318 im having the same problems with the up
shifting from 2nd to 3rd but im not getting any transmission codes could
the solenoids still be bad even know im not getting any codes for it? Thank
you for your time 

Author Andy Gray (2 months)
ive got a dodge ram 1500 transmission works when truck cold once it warms
up (5Mins) it loses drive in forward and reverse ...what would cause that

Author Joe Kowena (3 months)
I have a 2000 dodge ram.need to replace overdrive solonoid.not sure where
or how to pull it

Author Tiffany Lynch (3 months)
what source do I connect the governor sensor to ?

Author Dennis S (1 month)
Great video- thanks!
I maybe on the wrong track with the Gov/pressure solenoid but if you have
time could you comment on these symptoms? I have a 2001 Dodge ram 2500,
cummins 24v engine 2wd w/110,000 miles on it. The shifting seems a bit
erratic esp. from 1st to second gear. The real problem I'm concerned with
is with towing my 8500 lb 5th wheel trailer. On flat ground everything
seems fine but if I happen to have to start on a hill - even a minor one I
have nearly zero power. (first time it happened I thought the trailer
brakes were locked.) After the initial hesitation the rpms build up and off
I go but it really gives a guy a sinking feeling when the cars are lined up
behind you and you can't even pull off the line for 10-20 seconds. No
codes are being set, I've done all the normal maintenance (fuel filters
etc) . A friend of mine who is a certified mopar/tranny specialist told me
that there were issues at one time with the torque converters (something
about too low of stall speed or something like that.) The transmission was
rebuilt prior to me buying the truck and supposedly an upgraded TC was
installed. Anyway, as I said if you have any thoughts and time to respond I
would appreciate it. Thanks. BTW: I live in Colorado at 8500' and most
everything is still up hill from my house!

Author Mike Egan (3 months)
Is this the same as the 1996 dodge ram 1500 torque converter solenoid thats
what code says to replace it we did a filter, gasket, fluid change, and the
other solid but not torque converter solenoid ran car md afterwards when
this did not fix

Author Jeff Christensen (5 months)
Hi, maybe you can solve my problem, I have a 03' dodge Dakota " non 4 x
4 " automatic transmission " 3.9 motor. on this transmission just the other
day I just started the vehicle and just driving down the street and just
going up a very small hill and heard a pop noise, stopped the vehicle and
then started to go again, would not move in any of the forward gears. only
moves in reverse, so I had to drive in reverse back to my parking area. I
am trying to figure it out because it only has just over 100,000 on it, I
never had a problem with it until now. never leaked trany oil, no slipping
no rough shifting, very smooth trany. you could hardly feel it shifting and
then this happens. any possibilities, thanks jeff

Author Woody19641964 (8 days)
My engine light on my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 (5.2- 4X4 ) came on and I checked
the code (P1740) I looked it up and it says "TCC or OD Solenoid
Performance" My Tachometer needle jumps and I'm eating more gas than
usual. What do I need to change in the trany?

Author Ryanedwards1991 (18 days)
Thank you this helps a lot 

Author nevin dawkins (28 days)
are the solenoids the same as the transmission fluid pressure sensor/switch
b & c circuits. thanks nevin

Author Bloto (2 months)
Very Informative, Thank you very much. Just got done doing this work today
after ordering parts online. Your information here saved me lots of money
and more importantly time and backache by describing the exact size of the
nuts and torques that way I could grab every tool i needed before sliding
under the truck rather then getting up and down 15 times to get the right
sizes and tools. Much appreciated and again Thank you!!! (also fixed the
issue i was having, truck was reving but not shifting properly and 3rd gear
was all but useless, at high speeds would try to speed up and truck would
go to 3rd only to switch to 2nd and redline in acouple seconds. All seems
to be operating properly now 'knock on wood' and would not shift out of any
gear unless at or above 3.5k rpms, was rather annoying and gas consuming,)

Author b4waterski (2 months)
Nice job and very informative. Is this the same procedure I would use on a
2008 dodge avenger with the 2.4 4cyl and A/T?

Author ashsteve78534145 (4 months)
Got a question I have a 2001 Dodge 4 by 4 1500 front gear seemed OK when
driving in shifting and reverse is slipping any ideas

Author kurikuri4sherm (4 months)
Hey, great video man. I love how everybody tries to come on here for free
diagnostic help. Maybe people should spend some time on the forums to see
whats up, or bite the bullet and pay a shop.

Author profetisai (4 months)
Simple and to the point with less tuck. I like it

Author CascadeTransParts (9 months)
there is a variety of questions that would affect my answer please feel
free to email me through our website

Author jd zer (9 months)
can the solenoids be cleaned and reused? my over drive will only engage
when the temp is cool, once everything heats up it will not shift into over

Author CascadeTransParts (9 months)
In your situation the codes tell us more than likely there is an
electrical fault , but rarely do we have a noise related to such a problem.
It may be worth dropping the pan , and take a look for anything obvious.

Author CascadeTransParts (8 months)
typically a code will be triggered when a problem is an electrical item ,
but not always. They can tend to have a mind of their own. No code can also
lean us toward a mechnical issue as well. Some best options may be to
thoroughly check everything over. Drop the pan , and seek anything visible
, etc...

Author slbrady100 (1 year)
i have a 98 dodge 1500 4wd and im in the middle of replaceing the PRESSURE
SENSOR TRANSDUCE iv got the bottom pan off and the and have the govern
transducer out but cant the the pressure sensor out try ed to pull it out
and it will not pull out. there are no clips holding it in and its not the
screw in type. so as you can tell im stuck any help will be appreciated.

Author CascadeTransParts (8 months)
no the updated design is gold for 1996 to 1999 with the videos and support
we have provided suprised you didn't buy from us , and saved $80+

Author michael burch (7 months)
my email is

Author 124ryann (9 months)
Thanks for the reply in advance

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