Dragon City - Breed POO Dragon EASY


Hello and welcome again to a bonus episode of the Dragon City guide.
I am showing how to breed the very unique Poo Dragon.
He has 3 elements so he is hard to get.
The musics:
-Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Extreme Boss Remix
-Super Smash Bros Brawl Donkey Kong

All the soundtracks in this video belong to Nintendo.
All the graphics (excluding the intro) belong to Nintendo (The Intro) and Social Point S.L.

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Author The EpicKiller (1 month)
Are you actually serious about this??? I thought u can ONLY get it breeding
some legendary O.o

Author шамиль искендеров (8 days)
Thank you very much))

Author KittieKat2285 (15 days)
i just got it yay

Author RandK C (18 days)
How do you get angry dragon?

Author henry bui (4 months)
Poo ! I hate poo dragons but I have to take it any way...

Author Angel Angelic (4 months)
confirmed Pirate Dragon + Water Fall Dragon will get you Poo dragon
if you save up 5 gems or do it normally you will get it ^_^ 

Author Lillyan Burghy (3 months)
u have 2 buy the pirate for 150 gems

Author Tai Pham (2 months)
your a squash fuckle

Author Michelle Aguayo (4 months)
Can you show us how to get Soccer Dragon? Please. :)

Author Tacalo King (21 day)
thanks the guide i had said dark dragon and mud dragon would get me it
without fail but i tried twelve times and still no poo dragon

Author Im__pandas (5 months)
I wonder what attacks it has

Author Giulia Girota (1 month)
It works thank you

Author Chelsea Sylvester (3 months)
- I Can't Get The Poo Dragon, Cool Fire Dragon, Soccor Dragon Or Pirate
Please Help

Author michelle perkins (1 month)
Thanks! I read on 1 of those breading guides that a breeding tree is the
best way to get the rare dragons but I want other players opinion b4 I
spend 100 gems on it! Thanks

Author Kieronimoo (5 months)

Author bor dovč (3 months)
Michelle Aguayo
you get soccer dragbo by breeding:
-volcano dradgon
-alpine dragon

Author Christopher Canas (5 months)
That dragon is gross and inappropriate

Author Shivansh Nagpal (3 months)
hey guys!!after the light and war update poo has become an exclusive it is not a rare stop breeding for it

Author JAHBROWNE BLESS (5 months)
but a legend with combo seems right

Author Uku Pihel (26 days)
Iam lvl 7 and i have

Author Dan Squire (4 months)
i dont have enovoth gems just got 4 gems

Author abood nice (1 month)
how many breeding hours will it take?

Author Pusteblume103 (5 months)
20 times? I tried it about 50 times and it still didn't work :-( do the
dragons have to be over a specific level?

Author shadow heart (4 months)
XD lol 

Author Alberto Martinez (1 month)
how do you get all the dragons

Author sumukh bhati (3 months)
How to get legendary dragon

Author George Beekum (5 months)
Bs starting (intro) shit music but thanks

Author Charles Savilla (4 months)
How about a guide on all of the new gem dragons:diamond, ruby, emerald

Author hades recier (5 months)
plankton dragon

Author JAHBROWNE BLESS (5 months)
they uploaded the game three element dragons not that easy to get any more

Author George Beekum (5 months)
15 hours

Author Dawid Jabczynski (3 months)

Author juan Marquez (5 months)
No joke i tried 6x to get poo drag breeding petroleum+mud it doesnt work

Author manny gomez (4 months)
why would the dragon city makers,Ever make this dragon? Either that or the
dragon designer was just drunk......

Author denise pereira (11 months)
there are many other dragons with 3 elements too such as angry dragon, lava
dragon, love dragon and diamond dragon, but i think that poo is the only
breedable dragon with 3 elements.

Author cristiano rishav (6 months)
yes it work

Author agkie kotanone (10 months)
Did you upload the Wyern dragon

Author Jr Polbito (10 months)
How to do waterfall drag???

Author Abanob Nashaat (10 months)
15 hours

Author Matthew Clevenger (8 months)
Dragonvale is better

Author Gabriel Curo (7 months)

Author James Wang (10 months)
etmygfnjgjnfgnb to hard

Author SomeGuy WithCoolShades (6 months)
This is invalid. All you have to do is take a poop on any dragon.

Author John Paul Abellera (7 months)
Mud+Dark=Hegehog ????

Author KaxakaDarktree (7 months)
Why would any1 want it?!

Author dynamicgameplay (8 months)
is this real???

Author Minor Minor (9 months)
Thanks alot! Poo Dragon!!! Try Mirror + Pirate works for me!!!! only 2
tries of mirror + pirate!

Author Dominique Evermore (6 months)
Dark and fire is the easiest

Author Mahmoud Samra (8 months)
hii cantavanda how can we get nirobi dragon :D

Author MsKailing123 (10 months)
Lol a mew

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