Michaels Craft Haul

Craft Purchases from Michael's - 11/19/11

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Author Hayley B (4 months)
Just been reading the comments below omg there's some nasty people out
there if they had to comment they have a problem in there life to make them
fell better about them self such idiots baby's hope you carry on crafting
and I like to hear about the prices 

Author Anneliese Quinn (5 months)
Such an inspiration!! 👌😘

Author Anjali Aulak (6 months)
I love your channel I subscribed too you 

Author Anjali Aulak (6 months)
Very cute ribbon 

Author kittybear209 (2 years)
i wish i was you were my 3 grandma like

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (1 year)
Thanks so much for watching and being my 60,000th viewer! You're awesome!

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (2 years)
Thank-you! I have subscribed to your channel also. I love LPS! My
Granddaughter has tons of them and we play with them together all the time!

Author Tammy Dalmooch (2 years)

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (2 years)
Thank-you so much! You are very sweet and that comment makes my day!

Author AudreyThePanda (11 months)

Author Luz Damaris (1 year)
i havent seen this video but i can see its cool

Author Kendra Jones (1 year)
nice haul

Author Shaina Alexa Côté (2 years)
girl,you talk to much.

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (1 year)
Thanks so much Natalie!

Author Hannah Roberts (1 year)
At 4:04 how do u spell the name of that glitter

Author marianela rivera (10 months)
do u have a tutorial on the bottle caps with tha hole puncher?

Author fiona remetilla (2 years)

Author kittycocoagirl (2 years)
If it bothers you, dont watch her vids. Dont need to be negative.

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (1 year)
Hi Hannah, that glitter is "Recollections" Signature Special Glitter and it
is distributed by Michael's Stores. Thank-you for watching my video!

Author Makala Wright (2 years)
Hate the music but all right

Author lisa yong (2 years)
my name is lisa tooooo lol

Author XBOOxChannel (2 years)
I get jealous watching these all -.- xD

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (1 year)
I did a Google search and found this company: Polymer Clay Canada, in
Keswick, ON CANADA. Hope this helps! YouTube won't let me put a link in a
comment, but if you Google that name you will find their website. Thanks so
much for viewing my video!

Author EpicallyRandom1 (2 years)
@guddy2001 i know . lol

Author madi lass (2 years)
you bragger

Author MsSweetgreenpea (2 years)
i dont want to be mean or anything but why do somepeople not like it when
other peoole mention prices? it doesnt bother me at all but i was just
curious abot others. thnks! ;)

Author TheFifes88 (1 year)
60,000th view!

Author Julia Ryan (2 years)
this is a great video nd i love ur channel i suscribed to it like
100000000000 times i lovve ur channel

Author Shefali Borsadia (2 years)
anyone smell bacon

Author starrwoode (2 years)
I went to michaels today and now they have ribbon up with the dollar stamps
and such in designs that are made to go with stamps and scrapbook papers. a
dollar a roll. very cute.

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (2 years)
@ShashouShaina7 yes, I suppose I do. Thank-you for visiting my channel, I
will check yours out also.

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (1 year)
Thank-you for watching the video!

Author Julie Walters (2 years)
Great haul :) Found your yt from your blog which I found from Share the
memories :D phew that was a mouthful!

Author kittycocoagirl (2 years)
I dont care, it's a free country.

Author Courtnee Gardner (1 year)
Can you get polymer clay in Canada , Ontario

Author charicefanatic123 (2 years)
that doesnt seem like a long reciept

Author LpsSparkle123 (2 years)
cool I have 410 of the pets and 15 houses :D

Author sadie wood (2 years)
your just upset because you'll never get laid and that means there's NO
chance of yu getting grandchildren. stfu and leave her alone -subbies-

Author DarkUnicorn98 (2 years)
Ok, thanks for telling. :)

Author zlayatetka (1 year)
So beautiful

Author kittycocoagirl (2 years)
I dont need to, I know its true. Now leave her alone.

Author alicia hong (10 months)
I am sry , but i love craft hauls but urs was very very very slow moving. I
think u should go a little faster. Love wat u bought tho !! :)

Author spuchieable (1 year)
Chunky glitter

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (1 year)
Thank-you for watching my video! Glad you liked the ribbon.

Author sydsyd3000 (2 years)
I love your video I subbed!

Author Faith Sena (1 year)
i LOOOOVE how you give the prices :)

Author Gerard Way (2 years)
those big glitters at my micheals are usually almost 10$ you got a great

Author lvmykdzz (2 years)
I googled fine glitter and flack. They said that flack is cook for when you
are making cards, papers, all you have to do is take a crayola paste pen
and really cover what u want with the paste, then pour the flack all over
it, then turn it over and tap it back onto ur work area and the overflow of
flock will fall off. It was beautiful and she just made the front of a card
on cardstock. I googeled. How to use flack. YOU would love it!!

Author lollipop8818 (2 years)
Stfu then.....That your problem hun...don't let people down 'cause of u nd
ur attitude.

Author Stuff-n-Such By Lisa (2 years)
I'm sorry you didn't like the music. Because of copyright concerns, I have
to purchase generic music from a online music library and it's hard to know
exactly what people will like. But I figured it was better than just empty
silence at the beginning. Thank-you for visiting my channel and watching my

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