Rich Mullins - Screen Door (The Cup Song) — Solid Rock Videos, 1987

An early live performance of Screen Door by Rich Mullins and his band.

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Author Christina Gann (10 days)
Love this song! Perhaps Carla Gann and friends could get this together!

Author Taylor Harris (2 months)
Love Rich (: his smile and attitude is contagious. Genuine man of God.

Author git bint (3 months)
Napoleon Dynamite the original!

Weeeeeeee :)

Author Cryogenic Cherub (6 months)
Why did I have to be neglected of this great music until now, when I did my
own research! :<
Now I must go watch every single Rich Mullins video I can find. :D

Author Kayla Swanson (9 months)
The 4:12 Youth sing Screen Door to the Cup Song. Check it out :)
4:12 Youth Cup Song

Author deejrandom (9 months)
Look at it this way - People will want to know where this cup thing came
from and research it back to this song. It will help open the eyes and
ears of those who have no clue about Rich. Even so long after his death,
his music still lives on for God. 

Author Aaliyah_VonVanity (9 months)
Pitch perfect is not original at all the song "Your gonna miss me when I'm
gone' came from 1930. 

Author Daniel Vice (1 year)
Credit where credit is due. Rich Mullins invented the original "Cup Song."

Author TheOriginalBlue62 (2 years)
ehehe I grew up, screaming out these songs with my Mom in the car. ahh

Author ps100vs2 (1 year)
Not that I'm doubting you, but how do you know that? I've wondered for a
while whether Rich invented it; it would be really cool to me if he did.

Author NickRoman (11 months)
Search again. A.J. Carter created the song and recorded it in 1931. Mainers
Mountaineers was a cover.

Author jennifer pruitt (1 year)
Makes me miss Rich even more!

Author Jesusfreak7X77 (3 years)
@sandinmyears1 Avenue G I believe

Author amylh322 (1 year)
Rich would probably think that's funny. :) He had a way better attitude
about that kind of stuff than i ;0)

Author SugarRose25 (2 years)
excellent, love Rich Mullins. Get down baby.

Author brkngbnjmn14 (1 year)
Yeah, they were the very first ones to do the Cup Game, and it was made for
this song.

Author amylh322 (1 year)
That is the year I learned to play that game, on a church ski trip! Holy
cats, this is the year I graduated high school - didn't discover Rich for a
few more. This is still just so cool!!

Author AuntRett (2 years)
Love it! I miss this guy.

Author ps100vs2 (1 year)
I tried so hard in high school to get my friends to learn this and think it
was cool... now there's a video of a vapid pop song with millions of views
that's going to make it famous. Grr.

Author CLarcholey (1 year)
Well thank you for enlightening me. Now I know who originally..... my gawd
why did I care so much??

Author BlackAcesBlackEights (1 year)
Teens React! It took you a while, but you made it here. :-)

Author bashbrannigan (1 year)
Is this an original idea? Where did come from?

Author Loretta Mac (2 years)
My 4 year old now wants to play the cups!

Author sassyrose14 (1 year)
In 37 a group called the Mainers Mountaineers wrote "Miss Me When I'm Gone"
and then in 87 this Rich Mullins guy made up the cup beat that was later
made into a game which was used on a couple of tv shows later on (like Full
House and Zoom). Then in 2009 Lulu and the Lampshades combined the 2 into
the Cup Song on Youtube. Anna Kendrick watched this video many times to
learn it. When the directors found out she knew how to do it, they asked
her to do it in the movie. Kinda cool I thought

Author crosscountrytc (3 years)
Ever notice how Rich never flips his cup like the other two do? I wonder if
that was intentional, or it just threw him off every time he tried to do it
that way.

Author saionjik (3 years)
lol, napoleon dynamite on the right.

Author More Than i (4 years)
That is great! Didn't hardly miss a beat.

Author Emily James (1 year)
See! I told all them people that its not originally from Pitch Perfect? And
they said I was lying... I think not! And why do I care? Beats me...

Author Shelli Bradley (1 year)
I think it did throw him off every time he tried to do it that way. In
another version of this song Rich does flip the cup.

Author amylh322 (1 year)
We went around in a circle with the cups. I think that might have been
harder, but we weren't singing too :) I don't know, just have to ask Rich
when I get to heaven, as my Mom always said when she didn't definitely know
the answer for something :) I don't know who he was performing with here,
the guys i know who knew Rich came along later. FUN at any rate!! :)

Author Kandifriends (11 months)
wow not from anna kendrick

Author Zora Puškáčová (4 years)
They are AWESOME! One of my MOST favourite Rich songs ever...

Author Jennifer Ward (3 years)
SOOOO Cool!!!! THanks!!

Author AsTheDeer (4 years)
Aaah they dropped it!

Author Larry Johndeere (11 months)
Very fin e video

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