"Boemerang": Erik Hartman laughs at his guests. Subtitled.

This guy can´t stop laughing at his guest´s voice. To make things worse, there are two strange voices in his talk show.
That laughter cost him his career, and he will remember for ever this "blooper".
I found the translation and subtitled this video.
Nobody should laugh at others the way he did, but he couldn´t help it.

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Author Youtube Comment Brawler (12 days)
All these people talking how this is fake, please, get over yourself.
Unless you have information that was not shown in this video. Otherwise
this looks pretty legit. One can't laugh like that without something being

Author Aleks Syndic (19 days)
Notice the legs of the woman on the wheelchair. She obviously is not

Author KaiJay (2 months)
It's really sad that some people think this is real :(

Author Selena Gomez (23 days)
Am i the only one who didn't laugh? This isn't funny at all.. Really boring

Author Eli Klugherz (1 month)
this is so funny i could not stop laughing 

Author betzalel zilberhertz (12 days)
When the audience spoke up it was obvious that it was fake 

Author Chris Bush (3 months)
Hilarious, I wouldn't worry mate, there are worse reasons to be fired from
a job.

Also was it live? If not why didn't they just drop the episode?

Author David Lindström (12 days)
I will go to hell

Author Gerald Maniago (14 days)
9Gag brought me here.

Author Derrick King (26 days)
"Boemerang": Erik Hartman laughs at his guests. S…:

Author Fred (7 months)
when that second guy said i have the same problem in deep transformer voice
i literally died of crying hahaaaaaa

Author Delia McCullough Wilkens (1 month)
"Boemerang": Erik Hartman laughs at his guests. S…:

Author Walter White (1 month)
He's like a foreign Alan Partridge (the way his career panned out).

Author FrogTesticle (1 month)
Oud maar goud, te grappig!

Author Aleks Syndic (19 days)
Notice second 3:09 to 3:11 the guest is about to laugh too, he is doing
efforts to stay serious

Author Phiuk (4 months)
I think I'm going to hell after this... I laughed so much and when the
second guy started talking, that made me almost pee myself.

Author koechiaki777 (1 month)
From the music in the beginning I thought i was being rick roll'd for a

Author KlugStarr (1 month)
This is dutch

Author MrMaxer13 (1 month)
Does he has asthma, becouse he laughs exactly like my mother, who has it.

Author Twatface (7 months)
This is from In de gloria you ignorant french FUCKS. No wonder you lost 2
world wars when you are this ignorant to believe this crap is real.

Author robby123ism (1 month)
Even though this is fake. It's still funny as hell. 

Author Inebriated Genie (5 months)
I hate to be that guy, but this pretty fake. Nobody in the audience even
seems fazed by his outburst. Goddamn hilarious though

Author SweetRamblus (2 months)
He went into full rip when the second guy spoke!

Author Waimea Boy (7 months)
he should have called for a stand in and go to the restroom. of course i
laugh till i hurt because it was funny. i wasn't laughing at the people
just the circumstance. could have happened to anyone.

Author Ryan McLaughlin (1 day)
Lol this is hilarious. You've all been duped... TWICE now.

Author TheYearlingNose0 (2 months)
the first voice i hold my smile and in the second voice it got me so bad it
made me laugh so hardcore

Author Aiden Hall (7 months)
I want to know know so badly if this is fake or not, but probably never

Author jediknightgeo (2 months)
LOL damn this was TOO FUCKING FUNNY! In all honesty I think I would have
been the same way. Just hearing those 2 very different voice I would have
shat myself laughing.

Author dazedSa (10 days)
Even though this is fake. how the hell can someone laugh like that on
queue? Laughing like that must be real?

Author captain dadi (14 days)
at least he laughted to death :)

Author ahmed alawar (7 days)
When the second guy spoke i bursted out laughing

Author Bảo Châu (17 days)
:)))))) Can't stop laugh.

Author Árpád Bures (13 days)
Some times happens that we laugh when it's prohibited.... I know.... Had
some experiences.......,

Author tristan vander-molen (6 days)
this is very funny I had a interview once and this man and I high pitched
voice and I laughed I couldn't help it my mum telling me off haha!

Author Tafari B (12 days)
I laughed more at the hosts laughter than the first guy. But the other man
with the really deep voice killed me. 

Author CFLNHLFIFAFAN (18 days)
2:52 to 3:23 Always laugh the most, the way he laughs and looks around and
apologizes. So funny. 

Author Justin Starks (7 days)
"Boemerang": Erik Hartman laughs at his guests. S…:

Author veletza707 (15 days)
I would have died laughing on the show as well!

Author Blackadder478 (12 days)
i feel so bad for laughing. but oh boy is this great!

Author seifer gr (11 days)
Boemerang" sketch,The fictitious laughing presenter "Erik Hartman" is a
character played by Tom Van Dyck, a Flemish comedian and actor. The two
guests are portrayed by Lucas Van Den Eynde (as Valère) and An Miller (as
Marijke). The full version of the sketch shows the Hartman character as a
radio DJ looking back upon the giggling incident that had caused him to be
fired.and was showcased on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Author Jelle Vanolst (12 days)
The fact that people still believe it is real means that we have pretty
good actors in Belgium. I shall say it again, it is one of many sketches
from the sketch program "In de Gloria". More info:

Author tom slick (20 days)
this is set up

Author Alfert Valdez (27 days)
i saw three people in the audience laughing lol

Author Martin Dokoupil (19 days)
It's like Monty Python. You can't help laughing, even if you know it's
"morally wrong".

Author Tyra Ashlee (21 day)
This will always be my favorite video. And when the guy with the deeper
voice started talking, that just made me die and come back to life. 

Author Zły Wilk (29 days)
I've noticed this guy's name sounds like Eric Cartman :)

Author Mel Linda (1 month)
Antes aguantó mucho yo también me rei mucho...somos humanos no tenían
porque despedirlo...le hubieran avisado que tenían algún tipo de voz asi

Author levernis18 (23 days)
why nobody in public laugh? I wee my pants :))) 

Author dilynzi (23 days)
If you pay attention to the audience there were a few people smiling and
laughing too, lol

Author Rhonda Sherwood (22 days)
So funny, i couldn't stop laughing. ..not at the people but the host!!!

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