"Boemerang": Erik Hartman laughs at his guests. Subtitled.

This guy can´t stop laughing at his guest´s voice. To make things worse, there are two strange voices in his talk show.
That laughter cost him his career, and he will remember for ever this "blooper".
I found the translation and subtitled this video.
Nobody should laugh at others the way he did, but he couldn´t help it.

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Author EminemVEVO (3 months)
when that second guy said i have the same problem in deep transformer voice
i literally died of crying hahaaaaaa

Author ~CuddleMonster~ (4 months)
Who the hell cares if its fake or not, this shit is fuckin funny!!

Author Twatface (3 months)
This is from In de gloria you ignorant french FUCKS. No wonder you lost 2
world wars when you are this ignorant to believe this crap is real.

Author KJ Vaughn (5 months)
this had to have been a setup lmfao. no way

Author Phiuk (19 days)
I think I'm going to hell after this... I laughed so much and when the
second guy started talking, that made me almost pee myself.

Author Aiden Hall (3 months)
I want to know know so badly if this is fake or not, but probably never

Author Karthik P (8 months)
For fuck sakes guys..if you are brainy enough to use the YOU 'fucking' TUBE
just use GOO 'fucking' GLE and find the authenticity.. This was a Flemish
spoof show on Belgian National television where they mock reality shows.
The interview as a radio jockey is a part of the whole spoof.

Author Waimea Boy (3 months)
he should have called for a stand in and go to the restroom. of course i
laugh till i hurt because it was funny. i wasn't laughing at the people
just the circumstance. could have happened to anyone.

Author Mc045 (2 months)
It's Winnie the Pooh and Batman are in the same room.

Author Emil Djawas (3 months)
This video from 2006!
Another YouTube classic!

Author ☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢ (2 months)
That poor guy, the bad voice people were doing it on purpose, I would fight
them if they tried doing the same to me. 

Author Slender Scout (5 months)
i feel bad for the guy

Author Angel Quijano (3 months)
yo got fire ahhhhhh ahahahahahahahah ahahahahahah ahahahahah i cant stop

Author Inebriated Genie (1 month)
I hate to be that guy, but this pretty fake. Nobody in the audience even
seems fazed by his outburst. Goddamn hilarious though

Author ErkanEspada (2 months)
Does anyone know when this episode was aired?

Author Nizam Bhatti (4 months)
i always thought this was fake

Author ภูริชญ์ เลี่ยมประวัติ (8 days)
Is this fake or real ?

Author MasterTutorial1 (3 months)
Eric Cartman you say? lol

Author ToastyToast (22 days)
LOL,Erik is who made me laugh XD

Author Devika Lee (23 days)
I wasn't laughing at the guy's voices. Erik's laugh is contagious as HELL.
And his laugh is so weird, and he was practically screaming at the top of
his lungs. My ribs ache from laughing so hard...

Author Francozilla (2 months)
Lol at the people who think this is "real", and if you do, then they did a
wonderful job making you think so. It's IN DE GLORIA, a Belgian (and
Flemish) comedy skit show. If you don't trust WIKIPEDIA, then look into
IMDB... I doubt IMDB fakes it's info.

Author Taylor Simpson (1 month)
this isn't real. The comedian is a comedian and this is a sketch comedy
show. google it.

Author xwulfd (2 months)
LOL he looks JOE from impractical jokers

Author TriggerCurtis (1 month)
I can't blame him!! I had to laugh too

Author Kirito Kun (2 months)
Teemo bring me here

Author Sebzicide (2 months)
Yo, This made my day!

Author sheriecherrybaby (4 months)
When I first saw this I thought it was so funny I felt bad for laughing
because I thought it was real! 

Author stjernemix15 (2 months)
2:55 - look at the lady behind him - she's smiling too! haha

Author Nino Rochman (4 months)
Hes won fould

Author tulp35000 (3 months)
i used to laugh so hard, still do.

Author Michael Kupfer (1 month)
This is A FUCKING COMEDY BIT from belgian group In De Gloria!
What do you ASSHOLES MEAN "IT'S FAKE"?????
Is a comedy with Jim Carrey "fake"? Or a bit from Saturday Night Live???

Author Jernet79No (5 months)
When you first find some noise funny that you didnt expect,it is really
hard to stop laughing,ive been in situations like that many times. This guy
had tv cameras on him,and thats why it has so heavy consequences for him.
The LAST thing you need after hearing a "smurf" talking to you,is that a
"pervy bass voice" starts talking from the audience. even i cracked up
laughing then! I laugh at the unexpected noises,not the damage and pains of
theese 2 men. Just like this tv host did. Thank god his name isnt Erik
Kartman :o)

Author Arman Hatamkhani (3 months)
Y'all fuckers should google 'Tom Van Dyck'.

Sorry to ruin it for all

Author R Bernard (6 months)
Even if you didn't know it was fake, the obviously way it shot and the
interviews can hint that it's fucking set up. still one of the best videos
I've seen I laughed so hard the first time I watched it

Author ward vergote (3 months)
het is nep (it's fake)

Author ya DREAMBOII (5 months)

Author IamLegend1221 (4 months)
This is 2014 and this video is still funny fake or Real I can't stop

Author JDmovies de blok (3 months)
3:45 Monkey!!!

Author Angelo Vazquez (5 months)

Author Aysun Jeannie Johannessen (2 years)
What happens when you cannot stop laffing at an inappropriate time.........
(shared with respect)

Author Baby Cakes (1 month)

Author LuigiPesto (2 months)

Author Perrin Alexander (10 months)
I had almost forgotten about this one, my absolute favourite
You do not need the subtitles or understand what is being said.

Author Vivi Rose (8 months)
Erik Hartman, you showed us your humanity and you gave us a gift. I am
sorry that you have suffered negative consequences, but these few minutes
are richly comedic. What is comedy without tragedy? And here there is
tragedy on both sides. It is not funny that you lost your show, but I hope
you know that it was not in vain, at least from the standpoint of many
millions who have shared your laughter heartily. Thank you Erik. 

Author King Tut's Son (6 months)
The sweet talk part killed me lmao

Author Jason Newsted (7 months)
hitler had AIDS

Author Banana Fight (6 months)
I love this guy! He reacted the way anyone would, it's a shame he got
fired! This is soll funny!

Author John Ward (1 month)
Oops,I laughed as well,think it might be staged it's just too funny!

Author Zaselamel Watson (1 year)

Author Angie Strevella (8 months)
what a waste of 6mins of my life!

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