"Boemerang": Erik Hartman laughs at his guests. Subtitled.

This guy can´t stop laughing at his guest´s voice. To make things worse, there are two strange voices in his talk show.
That laughter cost him his career, and he will remember for ever this "blooper".
I found the translation and subtitled this video.
Nobody should laugh at others the way he did, but he couldn´t help it.

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Author Phiuk (1 month)
I think I'm going to hell after this... I laughed so much and when the
second guy started talking, that made me almost pee myself.

Author Darude - Sandstorm (4 months)
when that second guy said i have the same problem in deep transformer voice
i literally died of crying hahaaaaaa

Author Twatface (4 months)
This is from In de gloria you ignorant french FUCKS. No wonder you lost 2
world wars when you are this ignorant to believe this crap is real.

Author Inebriated Genie (2 months)
I hate to be that guy, but this pretty fake. Nobody in the audience even
seems fazed by his outburst. Goddamn hilarious though

Author Aiden Hall (4 months)
I want to know know so badly if this is fake or not, but probably never

Author Amir Jonis (2 months)
People think this is real because CNN and other American media made
headlines that it was real & serious.

Author GRANA3331 (1 day)

Author HorizonExer (2 days)
wat was that presis( or written someting likethat) doesent that mean,
"what was that precisely" 

Author anne smith (3 days)
OK this whole thing is a joke. The talk show is not the same guy who is
interviewed. This isn't real and the second guy is a set up to make you
crack up!

Author RuralBreakfast (3 days)
He laughs like an old woman.

Author ClonesDream (3 days)
My sides.

*grabs sides in extreme laughter and loss of breath*

Author Nicky Smith (3 days)
Real or fake' it doesn't stop it from being funny as f@*k!

Author Totonno (3 days)
this is a sketch guys

Author Loïs Mali (4 days)
Its funny that i dont need to read the transalation because im dutch yay

Author ☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢ (3 months)
That poor guy, the bad voice people were doing it on purpose, I would fight
them if they tried doing the same to me. 

Author tommek47 (7 days)
cmon guys this has to be fake

Author William Eriksson (8 days)
I laughed a bit too much!!

Author Oliver Hanssens (9 days)
People, they are all actors... :-D Its a comedy show called 'in de gloria'
and they fake real shows. :-D

Author Melih Rosenqvist (9 days)
i am sad for him... that will noone forget... noone!

Author Stef1v (9 days)
this is really low level childish humour

Author Chris Bush (9 days)
Hilarious, I wouldn't worry mate, there are worse reasons to be fired from
a job.

Also was it live? If not why didn't they just drop the episode?

Author ErkanEspada (3 months)
Does anyone know when this episode was aired?

Author xburk (11 days)
the best part is watching others in the audience struggling

Author Martin Eschenberg (11 days)
About a boy...

Author simon suijkerbuijk (12 days)
This was a sketch in the belgian comedy series 'in de gloria'

Author neon lightning (13 days)
shit happens

Author Epicmeister (13 days)
The first guy sounded like Winnie The Pooh lmao

Author Bilgesu Bozkurt (14 days)
I was laughing at the guy that was laughing... I didn't find his voice that
funny tho, that's so disrespectful 

Author Dj Petro Panayoti (14 days)
this video is sick , very funny and very sad 

Author kozdraw93 (15 days)
4:30 Isti Halid Beslic jebo majku svoju

Author Snowbat1983 (15 days)
Guys, I'm Belgian and this is totally set up. This is staged from A to Z.

Author MsRajfriend (16 days)
I did the same thing in a lecture--just couldn't contain myself in a rather
serious film about people that lived in the jungles. I guess there is a
positive feedback loop forming between the urge to laugh and the fear of

Author spinemelter2000 (17 days)
The host looks younger than he did 17 years previously. 

Author vdven (17 days)
It's the just the Belgian version of Steve Carrell. 

Author Mini Movies with good music & (17 days)
This is not staged. This happened. I live in The Netherlands. Belgium is
our neighbour. That guy is genuine

Author Hidde Moens (17 days)
This is actually a sketch out of an old comedy show

Author stjernemix15 (3 months)
2:55 - look at the lady behind him - she's smiling too! haha

Author trancehi (19 days)
People need to see the original first.......just saying!

Author Emil Djawas (4 months)
This video from 2006!
Another YouTube classic!

Author Lucas G (22 days)
Funny as hell!

Author Árni Elfar (23 days)
Vá hvað þetta er fyndið....shiiii

Author Bill Patrick Jones (23 days)
This sketch fooled me completely. Very well done

Author LuigiPesto (3 months)

Author sneakman chronicles (26 days)
wow, as a sketch, this is pretty shitty. liked this way better when i
thought it was real

Author YaWatBruv (27 days)
I remember when i first saw this and laughed still laugh watching it now it
is really funny ahhhahahhaahahah

Author Basil Khamis (27 days)
It's a fake; actually a tv show . . .

Author braxmaster1 (27 days)
hes the only person laughing too 

Author Nicky Smith (3 days)
Omg I never ever get tired of watching this!! It makes my cheeks ache! 

Author Opajn (29 days)
What an KING Ahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhaahaaaaa

Author Emperor Dinobot (29 days)
I've been in situations like those, unfortunately. I really do feel bad for
him, and the people who had the medical failures. To err is to be human.
People laugh at entirely unexpected situations, that's the thing about
comedy, and sometimes it's hard to contain it when faced with an entirely
unexpected situation.

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