Toshiba HDTV Unboxing

Hey Guys. This will be the unboxing of my new Toshiba 32' HDTV. I previously had a Vizio TV which I unboxed on the channel, but I returned it since there was something malfunctioning with the HDMI. I prefer the quality of the Toshiba over the Vizio anyway.

Model: Toshiba 32RV525R


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Author pusatube1 (5 years)
Lol, I thought to myself as I was at that part.. "Wow, that's a lot of butt
shots." xD

Author Patrice Roussin (4 years)
@RNEAL1 samsung fanboy lol

Author zampakto93 (5 years)
@mexicanplayer18 because sony cost twice more than this but its really god
i guess u get wat u paid for

Author mexicanplayer18 (5 years)
hmm i guess.. i got 2 Sony HDTV'S and a Samsung HDTV but their all pretty
much the same.

Author infinitumpatata (4 years)
wow i love toshibas, i got 40ux600u yesterday, im almost got a samsung
40c6000 but the toshiba had better image, so i got it and i couldnt be
happier with it.

Author iamremnant (4 years)
It's awesome. Xbox 360 games look excellent on 1080p, I'd reccommend
avoiding non-hd on this tv though. Oh and get external speakers, these ones
aren't the best but its picture is excellent

Author stitso1 (5 years)

Author SeanTheAppleDude (5 years)
I've the same TV in my living room, only mine is 42" :D

Author supercuz323 (1 year)
She got a bomb ass booty tho I cum all over that ass cuz lol

Author frozenzoo (4 years)
the remote HAHAHAHA like garbish hahaha

Author coolanimekid95 (5 years)
Arg, it must have been hard to put the Vizio TV back into it's box !! xD I
hope you get better luck with the Toshiba. I personally really like Toshiba

Author OtomoTenzi (4 years)
You seem to be much quicker at unboxing TVs than most of the guys I've seen
around here on YouTube. Excellent purchase, BTW. How's the picture/sound
quality on this thing?

Author Jerrica Benton (4 years)
@iamremnant How do you like it? We just ordered it from newegg as well.

Author ekmcorp (4 years)
Another Great unboxing!!

Author TheMacintoshPro (5 years)
My Parents just bought a 46" Toshiba REGZA 4 days ago.

Author Felix Chen (3 years)
Freken Pervs. -.-''

Author eBunny (5 years)
Ok ^^ Didn't knew she was alrdy old enough for a job lol :P

Author kamilrulez (5 years)
@RNEAL1 cuz samsung is too badass

Author ryan97303 (4 years)
haha i dont understand what the fuck is giung ti. is that fuckin thai or
something. dumbass

Author c32c7 (5 years)
I believe she works for almost everything she has and her brother and
parents just help out once in a while. she has a job! wish i had a cool lil
sister like her.

Author MrTERRYISTROY (4 years)
hey how much u piad 4 it its kool

Author iJ2012 (5 years)
Woahhh when did you make partners? Congrats :)

Author mexicanplayer18 (5 years)
why not sony?

Author ProspectNY11211 (5 years)
You are better off with a toshiba.I wish i had purchased one instead of
vizio.I hate the vizio splash screen.Can't wait for the review.

Author TheLivingDeadOne (5 years)
Now I understand unboxing videos after I purchased something and complained
of its condition after opening. BTW,. you have nice parents,. my parents
never bought me anything, not even pillows when I was 10. He bought 6, 2
for each of my sisters and 2 for himself,. he gave me his old pillows,. But
they were still good he claimed with a smurk on his face,..

Author ryan97303 (4 years)
dude my comment was more than an 6 hours ago who the fuck cares anymore?

Author Nasim Omar (1 year)
2:58 yEHHH!

Author x3rs3s (4 years)
@TheMacintosh1 Toshiba is a high quality brand if you didn't know already.
It's also an OEM - meaning that they produce all parts that go into that
TV. For TVs - you can't go wrong with a Toshiba. Sony TVs are nice...
especially with the XMB - but they are usually expensive.

Author Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube (1 year)
Wait... A girl doing some elektronic? my life is complete

Author c32c7 (5 years)
of course know us asians, if yer old enough to walk yer old
enough to work! haha j/k

Author Spacemole (5 years)
.... searched for years for reviews on this, with no joy and in the end
bought it. 2 months later and 2 people i sub too buy it!!!!!

Author chessdude67 (5 years)
Good Video. Hope to hear more about it. Enjoy! peace 

Author AnGEl HisPANo (4 years)
I bought one for my bedroom but it costed me around $230 22in Toshiba, how
much was yours?

Author Jolo De dios (2 years)
oh and 1 more thing, does it come with an hdmi cable?

Author TechmanTweeting (4 years)
awesome vid

Author Robert Neal (5 years)
why toshiba? why not Samsung ?

Author cameroon339 (5 years)
@ARToneLT No.

Author SnowLeopard2008 (5 years)
hahaha, I also have a toshiba hdtv.

Author CurlyChick82 (5 years)
Nice tv ! I need one lol

Author Anthony Williamson (4 years)
You should do another review video!

Author iamremnant (4 years)
Thanks for the vid, I just ordered this tv on newegg for 429. totally stoked

Author LooseCannonRobu (4 years)
Would love to see a review vid for this tv. Great unboxing!

Author MacMike1000 (5 years)
SHould have got the Ultra thin Hitachi 32" LCD TV or at least Samsung. That
thing look THICK.

Author Jolo De dios (2 years)
Ha! when i watched your vizio unboxing i forethought that you would have
shitty problems with that, and what do ya know? i got it alright! good
choice for a newer hd tv. toshiba rocks. :)

Author candiemandie08 (5 years)

Author ryan97303 (4 years)
haha you suck. i went to best buy and all the tvs where grainy and shit
except the led tvs and the toshiba hdtvs

Author Alwyn Nguyen (5 years)
good choice toshiba is a good brand

Author Macktube X (4 years)
How do you like this TV so far? Is the picture quality and black levels
still good ?

Author iTrikkyHD (3 years)
@RNEAL1 y not sony

Author Utuberandoms (3 years)

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