How to fly a powered parachute

unpacking flying and packing up the powered parachute

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Author slipnot70 . (6 months)
Daisy chain

Author Redd Gardner (6 months)
I just bot one of these . Really interesting how you gather up the
strings...HOW do you tie them up ? what kind of Knots are you using?I that
like an Electricians way of gathering extension cords ?

Author Gino C (6 months)
What make PPC is this...never seen one with a 'yoke'

Author Sagehillspilot (2 years)
my neighbor bought one i want one more than anything lol

Author slipnot70 . (3 years)
4 hours

Author slipnot70 . (2 years)
who is your neighbor

Author MrCrash698 (2 years)
That was prolly the best landing i have seen on youtube...most just thump
them in....good job

Author slipnot70 . (2 years)

Author Ray DeForge (1 year)
Have you ever thought about a spot in the Guinness Book Of World Records as
the "fastest set-up and take-down of a powered parachute"?

Author Original-Gaming Network (2 years)
What happens if you stall from high up? Do you just glide down?

Author kanada43 (3 years)
Are you still giving rides

Author alexancia5279 (3 years)
Wow that is awesome! I really wish I had one of these. How long can you fly
on a full tank of gas??

Author interswing (2 years)
what is the make or model of your powered parachute thanks very very good

Author maxglobie (2 years)
Hi! Thanks for the great video! What make is your powered parachute and are
controlling your lines with your hands or your feet? Thanks again and many
great flights! You must live in the praires somewhere hm?

Author slipnot70 . (2 years)
summit 2

Author BoomzMinecraft (1 year)
Do you need to talk to flight control?? Also, can you fly over trees?

Author slipnot70 . (2 years)
its a summit 2, its controlled by my feet in the air and hands on the

Author kanada43 (3 years)
Are you still giving rides

Author mlk960 (1 year)
I dont think he knows ou have to click 'reply' haha. All in all and awesome
video though. Looks so fun!

Author slipnot70 . (3 years)
intro flight demonstations

Author kanada43 (3 years)
Oh ok thats cool

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