Iron Man 3 Official Trailer #2 (2013) - Robert Downey Jr. Movie HD

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Iron Man 3 Official Trailer #2 (2013) - Robert Downey Jr. Movie HD

Tony Stark uses his ingenuity to fight those who destroyed his private world and soon goes up against his most powerful enemy yet: the Mandarin.

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Author Hugo Bruno (5 months)
That awkward moment when the trailer is better than the whole movie. 

Author New Movies Films TV (16 days)
Tony Stark is definitely the COOLEST super hero from all the Marvel movies.
IRON-MAN kicks ass!!

Author Jim Stonecold Cody (1 year)
Tonight at Cody Cinema 

Author fosibodu (11 months)
Jesus, this trailer...the choral music, gives me freaking goosebumps. I
always freakout when I listen on loud. This is how you make a trailer that
is true to what the movie actually is.

Author javonte morant (1 year)
Thank god Thor was not terrible like this. The Malekith was Ten times
better the the Fake and real Manderin

Author Downfacingdog (7 months)
You can't sleep because you have a reactor in your chest.

Author Guilherme Silva (10 months)
Captain Planet Motherfuck**

Author Alan Reid (1 year)
Iron man is just a modern day superman, that is. When the stars fall from
the sky and the world is about to end, who are you going to call?

Author fernando algusto (1 year)
Iron Man 3 Official Trailer 2013-Robert Downey Jr. Movie !☼

Author KB244thewinn (1 year)
A spamming shitstorm

Author SylarArnold (1 year)
If the movie was so good I hoped it would be.... I was soooo disappointed
in this movie! come on they ruined Mandarin just for the humor! The Mark 42
sucked! This movie was a joke. Come on MARVEL even Iron man 2 was
better...... Iron man 3 with ease the worst MARVEL movie...

Author MrJason34 (1 year)
well someone is high on cocaine because this is one of the best movies i
watched so you shut the fuck up and die in a fire :)

Author Jain Pammie (1 year)
i know what you're doing. you just aren't careful enough. you are all too

Author Michael Moseley (1 year)
Iron Man 3 is the best movie of the year.

Author Lala Cooper (1 year)

Author Nate Animate (1 year)
How do u get past the "Download this..." window that pops up? I downloaded
one of the things but it still didn't keep playing.

Author Cachet phillips (1 year)
what about the offers

Author JacquelineLong5192 (1 year)

Author lutzcaleishaj (1 year)
Want to know how I watched this movie already? After seeing the trailer I
went off to locate it online and discovered this website that allows you to
see all kinds of movies at no direct cost. I needed to get back to share
the web site with everyone else who enjoys this movie trailer. Here's the
web site...­­m

Author Cachet phillips (1 year)
what about the offers

Author Daniel Stampe (1 year)
before judging*

Author MechDuck QuackAttack (1 year)
Iron Man 3 was the biggest disappointment I've ever gotten, and THAT'S
pretty good! A good movie no doubt, just not incredible for me.

Author TheNolan3000 (1 year)

Author Ywolf (1 year)
Bullshit, ain't no mandarin in here

Author hanalunnana (1 year)
Iron Man 3 (2013) at

Author Johanna Budder (1 year)

Author Nafa Antasia (1 year)

Author zan mark (1 year)
if you want to wach the movie go on rarbg

Author monchaya hasatangsraikaeo (1 year)
I have been gifted by God to come down the ages. I have a big gift given to
this world. I live in Bangkok, Thailand +66813927051 my name is Thanakan

Author colele mando (1 year)
Iron Man 3 (2013) at

Author MechDuck QuackAttack (1 year)
my point exactly.

Author TheForeverProdigy (1 year)
OMG stop saying demand 4 movies!

Author Seamus Martin (1 year)
GTFO, you spamming fags!!

Author Chavez Poindexter (1 year)
If you want to watch free movies look up primewire on google...fuck netflix
and redbox

Author roslizajaafar08 (1 year)

Author Jain Pammie (1 year)
you guarantee this is a safe site?

Author talha farid (1 year)
Check out my channel pls!

Author Daniel Stampe (1 year)
Movie is fucking awesome. I hated it first watching it. But the more I've
watched it, the more I understand and think it's brilliant. Give it another
few viewings before viewing. Best Marvel movie yet IMO.

Author venomlegions (1 year)
I have this film on dvd... I just watched 1 & 2 yesterday, & can't wait to
see 3 when I have my next day off. Yes, I have it on dvd!

Author r00tbeerfountain (1 year)
hes so h<3t!!!

Author Joshua Mushoull (1 year)­­m - visit this site to watch the full movie! just got
done watching this whole movie is it was really good!

Author damon trudeau (1 year)
idk if im wrong, but what if "Trevor" could have been the real
Mandarin....what if when the extreamis person walked in and asked "what did
you tell him?" and Trevor replied "i didn't tell him anything", and his
voice was more British cuz of his "high" from his drugs they promised

Author Robert Evans (1 year)
Iron Man 3 (2013) at

Author roslizajaafar08 (1 year)

Author Catmemeng Red (1 year)
awesome :D

Author MOEMoneyMOEMusic (1 year)
WAT??? You havent seen all the Dark Knight movies? They were absolutley
brilliant. They are so far the best super hear movie made. Well that was
the point- to create a darker or snarlier Batman, it really separated
Batman from Bruce Wayne. When dressed as Batman, you dont really think its
Bruce Wayne and thats cuz of the snarliness and the features of the cowl. I
think Nolen did a fantastic job with the movies. But im more into the
realer and deeper and more serious films you know.

Author Corey Sirainclont (1 year)­­m - if you want to see this movie just visit the site!
saw the full movie today! soo good!

Author Shirly Todd (1 year)
Check out the site to view entire video­­m

Author MechDuck QuackAttack (1 year)
I would love to agree with you but 1) I haven't seen all the DK movies yet
and 2) for The Dark Knight, I felt Bale put a bit too much errr, snarliness
into his voice. From what I've seen of The DarkKnightRises, it looks like
he let up a little. :)

Author Mitchell Armstrong (1 year)
Wrong Nick. It was awesome,

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