How to Make a Foot Launched Powered Hang Glider (FLPHG)

How to Make a Foot Launched Powered Hang Glider (FLPHG) part 3

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Author lee webber (3 years)
something for you to think about how about landing wheels, extended from
apex 2 and a half foot down some nice big soft wheels, nice and light too,
it would be great if you didn't have to run on landing what you think

Author jheissjr (1 year)
How are the bearings mounted inside the drive shaft? I assume they are not
free floating or they would go down inside the tube?

Author S.Alexander Petraj (2 years)
@wmadams1 That would be great.

Author Wes Adams (3 years)
Thanks and I look forward to viewing your videos.

Author Νίκος Χατζόγλου (2 years)
Hi, very nice construction you made!! I'm thinking to folow your plans. Did
you finish it? How do you put the engine? Any video for this? What kind of
engine do you use? Radne Raket 120?. I' very interested for this
construction...Please tell me more I want to try it. Thank you. Nick

Author Wes Adams (1 year)
Pete, No problem, copy all you like. Wes

Author siluc415 (2 years)
Very Well Done, You are the best!!! Wich aluminum do you use to make it?
Thanks a lot !!!!

Author jheissjr (1 year)
Ah ok. Did you use a lathe to bore the tube out?

Author lee webber (3 years)
seen it looks great did he get back to you about designs or price

Author pepersorte (1 year)
Great vid thanks might be copying it some what. cheers. Pete

Author jtremper9 (2 years)
i wander if you could use a tarp a few metal rods and 4 small heaters for
artificial thermal lift :O?!?!

Author Wes Adams (2 years)
7075 would be the bestm, but a little more expensive.

Author Wes Adams (1 year)

Author Wes Adams (2 years)
@TheAbbanoa Anytime. I have more videos that explain how to put it all

Author Wes Adams (2 years)
7075 would be the best, but a little more expensive.

Author Wes Adams (2 years)
@easygtr I have all the measurements written down, but I can draw it out
for you.

Author Wes Adams (3 years)
Not yet.

Author McCrunluath (3 years)
This series of videos you have made is an incredible service to the hang
gliding community. I myself having been in the planning stages of building
my own power unit, but I have had a lot of trouble with finding solid
information. I will be sure to post some videos when I get to actual
construction. Very Well Done.

Author Wes Adams (1 year)
No they're not free floating. I've bored out the inside of the tube. It's a
tight fit, but they can't go further down in the tube since only a half
inch is bored out. They're held in place by the bolted cog wheel and the
prop. Both are bolted and the bearings are sandwitched between the two.

Author S.Alexander Petraj (2 years)
@wmadams1 Did you manage to draw it on a paper (pdf or whatever). I can get
it on 3d cad

Author Wes Adams (3 years)
Searh for Flyped on youtube. It's a pretty cool design.

Author TheAbbanoa (2 years)
Thanks a lot for the step-by-step!

Author S.Alexander Petraj (2 years)
@wmadams1 it would be great if you could draw it out in a pdf much more
helpful thank you very much for all this help

Author Wes Adams (2 years)
@nchatzoglou Yes it's completed. I have other videos that show the
construction. Search through the rest of my videos and you'll see it.

Author pepersorte (1 year)
Some years ago i hed a camper with drop down roof, i heated it with the
fire inside then fired the doors open, droped the roof and watchted as
everyone above on ridge hit the crap from it, I believe on the right days
this would make therma;s

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