Springfield XDS .45 ACP Pistol Shooting

Big thanks to The Great Outdoors in Cherryville, NC for selling me this one at a discounted price for this video, check their info out below. BigDaddyHoffman1911 on the range showing and shooting The New Springfield XDS 3.3 .45 ACP 5+1 Single Stack Compact Pistol at some steel targets for the first time. All you need to know about this great shooting pistol is listed below, check it out. As Always Thanks For Watching...OohRah ***If you like this video Please Like, Favorite and Subscribe.*** Info and links below:

Big thanks to The Great Outdoors in Cherryville, NC for selling me this one at discounted price to do this video, check them out.
Located at 112 North Cherry Street Cherryville, NC 28021
Phone # (704) 445-8848

Priced Around $599.00

Springfield XDS Link:

XDS Safety Link:

XDS Ergonomic Link:

OilTheGun YouTube Channel Link:

GaryManDieVan YouTube Channel Link:

WEIGHT 21.5 oz.
Fully Supported Ramp
with Magazine 4.4"

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Author jano demerjian (4 months)
nice video big daddy.enjoyed watching it!

Author chebrneck (6 months)
You need to get a grip. You're gonna lose that thing!

Author Johnny Boy (4 months)
good video big daddy some of your viewers are haters apparently, sad. but i
enjoy all your videos and ooooo raaaaaa to you.

Author abe lincoln (8 months)
Nice purchase, Big Daddee!

Author Carl Pinson (8 months)
I'm' a native tarheel too didn't realize you was that close was you related
to Roger Wayne Hoffman he was my moms boyfriend till he passed from cancer
he was my baby girl's same as paw paw sure miss my buddy love ya Bigdaddy
Carl n culloden wv 

Author steeler3258 (4 months)
I own one. Tough little shooter. I put some talon grips on it because the
grip was tearing me up. Much better!!

Author Afro Prepper (4 months)
Damn - recoil much?

Author Joel Hernandez (10 months)
That first shot was terrible gun almost jump out your hands 

Author trc4872 (10 months)
Great job on the video I just got a XDS yesterday hope to make it to the
ranges this week. 

Author v mann (10 months)
Another YouTube video where someone is showing an absolute lack of trigger
finger discipline 

Author Jonathan Shores (10 months)
Hey BigDaddy, would you prefer the XDS or the SR40c? I know the problems
you had with the SR40c but curious which you would prefer?

Author Ben Hamilton (11 months)
I enjoyed your video! I just bought one of these today and can't wait to
take it to the range.

Author Raymond E. James (11 months)
Great video BigDaddy! I really enjoyed watching. I purchased the XDs 45
this past august and did not get a chance to shoot it due to the Recall, I
sent it on Sept.29-2013 and they received it on Oct-4 so its going to be
after the Holidays before I get it back. I am anxious to get it back and
start shooting.
Thanks for sharing the video and your knowledge.

Raymond from Morehead, Kentucky 

Author Micah Thompson (8 months)
Yes!! I have the exact all black xds 45 acp but I only fired 2 shots in the
country im in NC I should have worn ear plugs because I had a ring in
my ears for almost 7 hours.

Author CobraFast1 (8 months)
Big Daddy.. if you musically arrange the gong targets, you could play a
song. Nice shooting.

Author 1twigs (8 months)
Big Daddy shooting Big Lead!

Author gunauto45acp (8 months)
Great video. Been thinking about one for my ccw.

Author BigDaddyHoffman1911 (1 year)
Great comment. Enjoy that XDS my friend.....Thanks

Author mauwalker (1 year)
He's doing the GONG! Hickok45 has infected all the gun video-makers! If
there's no gong, it's not a good gun vid!

Author 351WINCHESTER (1 year)
What's not to like about a .45 that works? I just bought an xds and it's a
great shooting pistol. It does have a lot more recoil than a 9 or 40, but
heck, it's a .45.

Author Snyderman (1 year)
Big Daddy needs to keep his finger off the trigger while he's talking...and
wait till he is lined up on his target. Basic gun safety. Thanks for the
video...think im gonna get one!

Author oldairforcedude (2 years)
You're a pleasure to watch BD, for sure. Great informative video, as
expected. I want to buy the Glock 36, single stack .45acp, until I saw this
Springfield XDs, and the reviews I've watch agree with you, that it has a
little kick but really surprisingly manageable. I like that, and it's
reliability seems excellent. Don't know which way I'll go, I love tearing
Glocks down to their smallest parts, but, love the looks of this XDs.
Thanks Bdaddy for your time and efforts.

Author 280power101 (1 year)
Thanks for your vids !! Nice place

Author 1bad76CobraII (1 year)
I have a xds 45 and love it! its easy to control. its very easy to conceal.
and its trigger is leaps and bounds better than most other guns....

Author Frank Tenpenny (1 year)
I can barely shoot a 9mm I'm so scrawny, will a 45. hit me in the face

Author rexuralur (2 years)
it looks small. is it good for a personal defense weapon?

Author Don Juan (1 year)
Kicks like a mule

Author Sauerpower69 (2 years)
Nice video Big Daddy, I've been carrying this gun for a month now. It's a
fun shooter, has some kick. I've put 300+ rounds through mine and not one
problem,hollow points and ball ammo. Great carry piece. Everyone who's
waiting for a smaller caliber with more rounds, remove your tampon and buy
this bad boy.

Author BigDaddyHoffman1911 (2 years)
Thanks for your kind words but there will never be another Hickok45, he's a
legend in the gun world and would love to have his knowledge and skill.
Anyway, I like the grip safety and the sights on the XDS but if you like
your Glock 36 I wouldn't replace it with this one. I carry a Glock 30 .45
and a S&W .357 AirLite PD revolver for backup. Guess it just comes down to
personal preference. Thanks Friend

Author Quincy Bouier (1 year)
Do 45's really jam easy?

Author BigDaddyHoffman1911 (1 year)
Think you will be very pleased with this one, great pistol for sure. Thanks
and have a great weekend.

Author BigDaddyHoffman1911 (11 months)
You are very observant and yes I had a wrist injury that cost me about
$27,000. Still don't have full use and feeling in that hand but I do the
best I can. Thanks my friend.

Author jodysbabiie25 (1 year)
I am buying one of these for personal protection. I've done a lot of
research on it and it seems to be the perfect gun for me. My husband has a
Springfield Champion .45

Author MRnlightmnt (1 year)
Got one. Love it

Author breakingcontact (1 year)
Knockdown power? 45 ACP isn't magic.

Author Corey Davis (1 year)
I just got mine a few days ago and wanted to know do you still like the gun

Author BigDaddyHoffman1911 (2 years)
I'm using that camera angle more and more these days, just hope I don't
shoot my video camera...LOL. Think you will like the XDS. Thanks for the
comment, means a lot friend.

Author BigDaddyHoffman1911 (2 years)
Yeah, liking this one more and more. Thanks

Author Alex M. (2 years)
You are great! Keep it up!

Author Richter Customs (1 year)
keep on rocking it brother

Author MThrow (2 years)
Great job as usual BDH, I just picked up my XDS two days ago. I have put
200 rounds through it so far without a single malfunction. It's dead on PoI
at 7 yards with Speer Gold Dot bonded 230gr. When I get to 300 rounds
without any failures it'll become my new carry pistol. Semper Fi friend.

Author Krogan Wrex (1 year)
OH YES! (Talks like THE DOCTOR's voice from the show Doctor Who.) This is a
gun that makes love to your hands! ;)

Author BigDaddyHoffman1911 (2 years)
Good to know! Like you, I haven't had the first problem with this one and
love the sights. Just can't beat a .45......Thanks Friend.

Author Augest West (1 year)
well for a small 45 she seems pretty accurate. No jams. The only thing I
question is that it's made in CROATIA. Also for a small gun that almost
jumps out of your hands that rear safety could be a concern.

Author 1celts79 (2 years)
Mr. B. Daddy you are a lot more animated and I enjoy your videos over
Hickok45 for sure, He's O.K. but a tad on the dry side ... anyway, tell me
why I should replace my G36 with this???

Author RolyPolyOrli (2 years)
I bought my own on my birthday 2 weeks ago. The xd-s is awesome! I enjoyed
the vid and I'm liking your backyard. I'm in Atlanta. Can't do that here.

Author BigDaddyHoffman1911 (1 year)
Yes Thanks

Author Shawn Hinzman (1 year)
Daaaaaannngggg...... I know it's .45 but HANG ON TO THAT THING!!

Author tradernorton05 (2 years)
No, they only offer it in .45 acp, which to me is a big disappointment. I
simply dont like a magazine capacity of only 5 rounds....even for a
personal protection weapon. I'm hoping it will eventually be offered in 9mm
and .40

Author ken piper (1 year)
watched another vid (different folks) of the same pistol. The thing FTF at
least every mag. You seemed to have no problems. they are a great buy

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