The Illuminati: The Pope Francis I Conspiracy

We have a new Pope! And The Man has some advice.

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Author Joanne Blevins (5 months)
The Illuminati: The Pope Francis I Conspiracy:

Author OSCAR HERNANDEZ (8 months)
Ha ha flanders.

Author diggerad (1 year)
He was born in Argentina. He is Argentinian. White Americans and Black
Americans are still Americans. Thanks for watching!

Author Clark kent (1 year)
Yes man We all know The Illuminati Are liars and stupid puppets of Satan,
he doesn't care about them, they are all his stupid toys stupid enough to
believe and help him to do shit! they will be the first to be deceived!
whatever he promises them! they'll never get it!

Author diggerad (1 year)
Sorry, comments with the F-word are deleted on this channel. Thanks for

Author Chris (1 year)
Hahahahahahahahahahah what an idiot

Author Kimbali63 (1 year)
Beans and rice.......yummmm

Author stanczyk11111 (1 year)
..not the best episode .. :) .. but .. 47 000 hits ! ..( ... including me
being here fo a second time .. and considering that probably not everydody
watched it .. so it would be probably sth like 25 000 real viewers ..:) so
you can consider yourself a successfull - MAN .. :)

Author absolutebadboy (11 months)
A bunch of smart people torturing all the stupid and not illuminated ones
:) just to correct and improve your comment,hope you wont mind ;)

Author MrDericho (1 year)
I just love catholic history, especially The Cadaver Synod (also called the
Cadaver Trial the Synodus Horrenda) is the name given to the posthumous
ecclesiastical trial of Catholic Pope Formosus, held in the Basilica of St.
John Lateran in Rome during January of 897. The trial, conducted by Pope
Stephen (VI) VII. Stephen accused Formosus of perjury and of having acceded
to the papacy illegally. At the end of the trial, Formosus was pronounced
guilty and his papacy retroactively declared null.

Author diggerad (1 year)
Are you still posting this?

Author Cece Taylor (1 year)

Author diggerad (1 year)
We take the long view. There will be a Pope Francis II, so we are already
calling this guy Pope Francis I. Thanks for watching!

Author hawabyah23 (1 year)
Hey diggerad Kiss my ass!

Author diggerad (1 year)
I'm not disillusioned. People keep telling me that. But, the fact is, the
Pope loves rice and beans. That's all there is to it. Thanks for watching!

Author Joshua Roberts (1 year)

Author EarthaKit2 (1 year)
Actually, the popiola is Italiano, is is pure Italian stock. The people of
Argen. are predominantly, Italian, jews or German. the small minority is
Latino. As to the cuisine, you;re thinking of Mexico with rice,beans &
flatbread. But sorry, no tacos there. Argentinians eat same as Eur., & NYC-
-since the country is cosmopolitan, European culture.They also speak
English & Italian. I'm sorry to burst your bubble & disillusion you about
the Latino romanticism..

Author hawabyah23 (1 year)
Diggerad Your an asshole!!

Author hawabyah23 (1 year)

Author diggerad (1 year)
There isn't any conspiracy that goes back to the origins of Human Kind. And
I already tell people to breathe deeply. But, thanks for watching!

Author Derek Ward (1 year)
Thank you as well! :D

Author eabsorbed (1 year)
can u talk about the process of cloning and the differences between humans
and clones...thanks

Author diggerad (1 year)
Great! Thanks for watching!

Author diggerad (1 year)
Good one!

Author absolutebadboy (11 months)
Good one,keep going,made me laugh at the end :)

Author djmc27771 (1 year)
Frankie Boyle's thumbnail brought me here.

Author Wes Hunter (1 year)
Not funny. The beans and rice comment was just too predictable and stale.

Author ridic42 (1 year)
Where's the conspiracy part? And your welcome for watching.

Author Jason Naez (1 year)
Crazy video

Author diggerad (1 year)
I do a weekly topic and this is what happened that week. Thanks for

Author diggerad (1 year)
There you go! Good work. Thanks again for watching!

Author diggerad (1 year)
Thanks for watching!

Author MrDericho (1 year)
Probably around January 897, Stephen (VI) VII ordered that the corpse of
his predecessor Formosus be removed from its tomb and brought to the papal
court for judgement. With the corpse propped up on a throne, a deacon was
appointed to answer for the deceased pontiff.Formosus was accused of
transmigrating sees in violation of canon law, of perjury, and of serving
as a bishop while actually a layman. Eventually, the corpse was found

Author diggerad (1 year)
It got marked as SPAM again. Sorry. And as you know, because I have told
you repeatedly, comments with the F-word are deleted on this channel.
Thanks again for watching!

Author diggerad (1 year)
What is?

Author chris johnson (1 year)
Vatican 2 cult (1965) is a non-catholic sect preaching universal salvation
and heresies including: Catholics should pray with protestants, greek
schismatics can receive communion, Catholics and muslims worship the same
God, Christ rejecting jews are no longer cursed by God.."Rome Will Loose
the Faith and Become the See of the Anti-Christ..The Church Will Be in
Eclipse" Our Lady of La Salette 1846.."Actually, only those who are among
the elect are those who profess the true faith" Pius XII 1943

Author diggerad (1 year)
No message here. Just a comedy show. Thanks for watching!

Author Graeme K (1 year)
Everything rising will in time converge One finding destinies rendezvous
merge Friendship cube code, open the door Into the heart, the human core
And join us great and small With one light inside all Feelings from the
heart and prayer to guide Wisdom abide with vision wide Our life is one
adventure Reach up to the stars together Friendship cube code, open the
door Into the heart, the human core And join us great and small With one
light inside all.

Author wayne DIOR (1 year)
Yes sir. the lousy Jesuits now have a boy in that snake pit vatican. Hold
on to your hats. The rapture is near and the catholics will get what they
have always wanted..the rule of satan.

Author diggerad (1 year)
Sorry, someone had marked your comment as SPAM, so I didn't get it. It is,
however, racist. So, it gets deleted. Thanks for watching!

Author entertainme121 (1 year)
Just googled it and everywhere it says he's Argentine, but I did read
earlier that he's Italian and spent most of his life there. The bigger
question is; is he the last Pope? dun dun DUUUUNNNNN

Author diggerad (1 year)
Yeah, I am surprised how well this one did. I basically just put it up to
get a topic up for the week and do it right after the new Pope was elected,
but, BAM, it took off!

Author diggerad (1 year)

Author AmazingHappyNinja24 (1 year)
This video is bullcrap

Author diggerad (1 year)
I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are saying. Thanks for watching!

Author diggerad (1 year)
Good guess! But, my name is not Richard. thanks for watching!

Author diggerad (1 year)
Thanks for watching!

Author diggerad (1 year)
Nope, born in Argentina.Thanks for watching!

Author ghb38 (1 year)
1. Weishaupt ordered Illuminati to DESTROY Catholic Church, says MI6 Dr
John Coleman 2. Committee 300 ordered Club of Rome to DESTROY Catholic
Church, says John Coleman 3. British Monarchy (Anglican Church) is head of
Committee 300 4. ALL U.S. PROTESTANT Churches are under control of
Illuminati Tavistock Institute, SATANIC Committee 300 institution (NCC is
front Tavistock client) 5. Rockefeller Commission report says CLEARLY that
Vatican is front oppositionist against population control policy.

Author Gordon Zar (1 year)
Just keep on making them. I guess we all need such satire once in a while
mainly on the whole illuminati topic, people just take it too seriously.
Personally i like the way you are doing it. It's something else and quite

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