Elianas 6th Bday Wipeout Party


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Author Kawaii Homemade (11 days)
such a cute idea

Author Michelle Russell (3 months)
I am going to the next one direction consert and a wipe out one

Author Vincent Hart (3 days)
She is a year older than me!

Author eko eko (7 days)

Author Jennifer Moulton (6 days)
I love wipeout!

Author Tina Reed (7 days)
i love it $ & $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Author Mana Alexis (8 days)
Cool I'm gonna do DAT but not exactly the same thing

Author Maddie Reed (9 days)

Author Nayreen Amir (11 days)
That looks fun

Author princesskj2005 (9 days)
Cool good to do

Author Sam Wagner (14 days)

Author NickRoman (4 months)
hard core family. you turn 6 and you have to run the gauntlet!

Author Star Saut (2 months)
COol birthday party <3

Author Ben Rafter (3 months)
Looks fun

Author Ahjae Smith (2 months)
i love this

Author Maria Castillo (1 month)

Author Anh Nguyen (4 months)
I want this birthday party.

Author Hayden Leigh (1 month)
Good idea but boring to watch. Bet it was fun tho!

Author Kaas GamingNL (15 days)
Its Funny

Author Jack McLeod (1 month)
Gay 👎

Author Mariah Counts (1 month)
this video is SOOO GREATT hahahahhah

Author Rachel G (3 months)
That was dumb

Author Katie Davalos (17 days)

Author Kelly Lalli (1 month)

Author Alexandra Abstain (1 month)
Cool I wish my birthday was like test

Author samuel kagey (2 months)
what is this crap?

Author Adriana Salcido (5 months)
I wish I had a birthday party like that one dat

Author Evan Rude (3 months)
Is that whip cream

Author barbie fun (1 month)

Author Madawe Fahad (1 month)
soooooo cuute ^_^

Author Sasha Chandler (2 months)
It was lame

Author Alyza Maris (5 months)
Find O

Like if you see

Author Jenna Cannon (5 months)
this is fun

Author Beth Rose (1 month)
That's so cool and very creative 

Author Luvy Gonzalez (5 months)

Author Maddie DiCandilo (4 months)

Author FiveCrazyGirls (4 months)
i love wipeout

Author Kate Mulligan (1 month)

Author bryan reyes (5 months)
LOL that looks like fun

Author Karen Harmon (28 days)
cute Eliamas mom=)

Author Karina RIBEIRO FERNANDES (5 months)

Author Jessica Arlund (4 months)
Good Idea

Author Joan Garcia (3 months)

Author Justin Rodgers (1 month)

Author chris swartz (2 months)

Author Chris Maxey (2 months)
Happy birthday

Author Jose Gomez (3 months)
that is awesome dude

Author Sabby Fazari (5 months)
check out this new game show thats blowing up in Asia and Europe
Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!

Author Faith prescott (5 months)
Girl this must have been the BEST b-day EVER!!! 2 thumbs up 

Author jack`frost73 (5 months)
you are so cool. she will never forget her 6th birthday. I know your kids
had a blast. cool parents!!

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