Superfighters Survival

Superfighters Survival Gameplay

Me trying to survive as long as possible in Superfighters Survival mode.
Superfighters is a flash game by MythoLogic Interactive. You can play the latest version on

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 6:02
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Author tedde789 (2 years)
u play like ablack ops player with offense and defense

Author Arun Malik (2 years)
is there any 2nd part?

Author vilerrify (2 years)
Nice playing !!! :)

Author Gurt (2 years)
@arunmalik10 There's no second part.

Author Kimari Jones (2 years)
damn your pretty good

Author hvorego (2 years)
You are really good. Can't wait to play you in multiplayer when
superfigheters delux is released.

Author TheMiguel6001 (2 years)
that you shot?

Author haloadictivos (2 years)
yo he sovrevivido 16 minutos

Author Boltz Zagenbush (2 years)
I could survive to 19

Author Tolin RC (2 years)
ooo yeaah.!!I love this game :D:D:D

Author DerMinecraftGamer12 (2 years)
I love this game although its a flashgame :D

Author franfranmoney (2 years)
Thumbs up if you unlocked funny man and completed all the levels

Author GrandMerc08 (2 years)

Author Jude Spence14 (10 months)
i made it too round 56 when the bazookas guards start coming

Author dchocolate kiss (2 years)
negga sucl how do u even do that playing level u dick!

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