Powered Parachute Engine Out Landing

See what it is like to make a power off landing from 2500 feet in a powered parachute. This is a Steve Russell video.

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Author mmdghr (7 years)
awsome are sixshuters good? what do you have?

Author neromancer3701 (6 years)
thanks this video shows how safe a powered parachute can be - try killing
your engine with most ultra-lights and see what happens my kids liked this

Author geneland (7 years)
Your an inspiration! Ive got almost 100 hours logged and have not done this
yet. At 15 to 20 feet you go to a full flare and pull on your risers? No
adjustments at all i guess. Great Video!

Author freddy33366 (3 years)
Congratulate to the pilot very well done I hope to learn some all the best

Author wesley1006 (5 years)
wow...very cool vid. Hope to get to try it this spring!

Author Jonathan Challinger (5 years)
They go about 30mph. The record is something like 45

Author MasterNoremac77 (4 years)
Im buying one!

Author js4farms (6 years)
bought a pegasus 2 seater and already logged 8 hrs on it, the most fun i
have ever had!!

Author Stoy Wilson (4 years)
Just started flying one of these last year . I'm out in NE WA near the
Columbia River , so lots of great country to fly over . Gas line broke on
landing approach - got my first power off landing unintentionally .

Author flyboy7388 (7 years)
Right. Push on both steering bars and pull as much of both your steering
lines as you can for as full a flare as possible. Don't do it above 20 feet
or you'll drop in.

Author AJ JONES (5 years)

Author nein danke (5 years)
das war sehr gut leider ist es in der schweiz verboten es würde mich auch
sehr gefallen zu fliegen liebe grüesse

Author geneland (7 years)
Thanks. I swear Im gonna try it when I get back from the Petit Jean Ar.
Fly-In this weekend. Ill let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

Author richsagedotcom (5 years)
Awesome! Hope you catch a nice thermal next time you do this...

Author photoguy73 (6 years)
Yes, but not for beginners. They can be tricky to handle on the ground.

Author photoguy73 (7 years)
Thank you kindly.

Author gr8dentist (7 years)
I want one

Author photoguy73 (6 years)
Yup, safest way to fly there is, in my humble opinion.

Author photoguy73 (7 years)
Some people like them. I have a Gemini.

Author cabo02 (3 years)
That looks so awesome. I would feel safe riding one of those.

Author Dzonny (3 years)
@photoguy73 I'm curious, where you nervous when doing this?

Author Jonathan Challinger (5 years)
speed isn't what its about, though.

Author Gerry Mixon (1 year)
Nice landing photoguy.

Author windsock777 (4 years)
Well done! I fly a fixed wing, Wittman Tailwind. Yours looks like a blast.

Author photoguy73 (2 years)
It is easy, and one way or another it is going to end up on the ground
almost always in an upright position. The technique is to adjust your turns
so you land in an area that is free of obstructions and knowing just
exactly when to pull in on the steering lines so you flare into a softer
landing. If you flare too early you end up dropping onto the ground,
perhaps damaging the machine. If you flare too late you can also have a
hard, but hard.

Author I3AM0CJ (7 years)
very nice

Author neromancer3701 (6 years)
i know you might not think many people see these vids but they are a gift
to some of us - it is so wonderful you are a good man sharing them thanks
again :D

Author adrianrubi (5 years)
ok. the rectangular is better then.

Author photoguy73 (5 years)
Very well said.

Author RideOp74 (7 years)
That was awesome.

Author Olsteradamus (4 years)
I miss flying these so much.

Author photoguy73 (5 years)
Thanks. Glad you liked it. I have a bunch of PPC videos on YouTube, all
under Photoguy73.

Author neromancer3701 (6 years)
thanks this video shows how safe a powered parachute can be - try killing
your engine with most ultra-lights and see what happens my kids liked this

Author Thomas Brinkley (7 years)
have you done this with a square? I use a 550 pd sunriser. is there a big

Author Neil Dunham (6 years)
Fantastic nonpowered landing. you made it look easy!

Author photoguy73 (7 years)
Yes, it is always a rush.

Author flyboy7388 (7 years)
Yes, I have done it with a rectangular, 400 sq ft and it was about the same.

Author flyboy7388 (6 years)
It is easy!

Author Quake120 (7 years)
Beautiful! Flight is always amazing! Reminds me a lot of skydiving and how
peaceful it is when you are under a parachute.

Author flyboy7388 (7 years)
Yes, it is a real performer!

Author photoguy73 (7 years)
I am happy you liked it.

Author adrianrubi (5 years)
which one has more elliptical canopy or a rectangular canopy?
which one is safest for tandem use?

Author photoguy73 (3 years)
@johndavidhull No, not at all. I've done it many times. I was over the
landing field and within gliding distance of it at all times. It was a big
field. Powered parachutes are a different type of flying machine. They fly
at only 30 mph, are virtually stall proof, and make great power off
landings. I would have been very nervous in a fixed wing aircraft of any

Author CarpeCaelumGNV (5 years)
I've always heard the rectangular was safer. The elliptical is more
maneuverable, but with it you run the risk of wing collapse.

Author js4farms (6 years)
very nice !! i am thinking of buying one but i havent been up in one yet, i
would want a two seater any advice?

Author carlucet (7 years)
Funny, landing field is just as big as a state. No just kidding. I like
this kind of video. Still I prefer to fly without bike. Phil

Author photoguy73 (6 years)
I used to do this with the same machine and a 400 square foot rectangular
chute with no problems.

Author livefastdierrhea (6 years)
Now thats how to live right there. Gyrocopters are awesome to butt these
look much more safe.

Author OneWithTheClouds (7 years)
This video exemplifies the true beauty of flight. It is so much more than a
flight in a commercial or GA aircraft. Photoguy I commend you on soaring
with the eagles and sharing that flight with us mere mortals.

Author 5652240 (6 years)
would you recomend ellipiticals?

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