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Author alkasobti (4 years)
just set realmlist to the ip

Author Balon Greyjoy (3 years)
I thought hes gonna say kiss my ass LOLOLOLOL

Author kakage98 (3 years)
@lolatmyaccounts yes you can

Author epicfail62 (3 years)
Hey dumb asses for a normal server max set speed is 200 get over it and get
some brains

Author superman83kg (4 years)
i got taken to the gm box once for saying i hacked

Author SarahBathory (3 years)
@MasterAutumn Uhm sorry this song is actually called Prelude 12/2. Mmm and
Miss Murder's intro is different.

Author Sporak7 (4 years)
What is name misc?

Author marcotarkan (3 years)
SWIFT WOW HACKS Company: *w w w . swiftwowhacks . t k (remove the Spaces)
*GM Hack, Gold Hack, Stat Changer, Level Hack working on retail WoW! *24/7
Live Support!(FR,EN,DU,GE) *NO personal Information Needed! *Instant
Working *4 Years of Hack Experience *3000 Happy Customers *Works on 3.3.3
and all other patches. *Proffesional Development team! *Proffesional
Software *And much more *w w w . swiftwowhacks . t k (remove the Spaces)

Author garry elliott (4 years)
hello there.. idk if your looking for any gms. but i have someskills in
being a gm i played around with it alout and i have alout of time on my
hands i can play evey day ... ^^ if so my yahoo msg is gexice ty

Author Belega94 (3 years)
@adodwerg I cant make account there... :S ur admins have forbidden any new
members. answer fast :S

Author coldjack90 (4 years)
yaya i agery the server suxx and always get ban

Author Siky CZ (3 years)
Name of song ? 2nd song.........

Author Kaxelite (3 years)

Author barte27 (4 years)
hm name of 1 music ?

Author MasterAutumn (3 years)
@SarahBathory well tis the beginning in the music video.

Author Belega94 (3 years)
If anyone looking for skilled GM on mangos/arcemu repacks just add me on my

Author andreknd (3 years)
Haisen(dot)servegame(dot)com, lag-free server good quality huge uptimes,
looking for players and a couple GMs join today!

Author Ondra Lapka (3 years)
nice first song... Vhats is name? PLS :D

Author Nexalas9000 (3 years)
@SarahBathory wtf O_O, the song changed XD

Author TheDeathadder90 (11 months)
song name?

Author MrSiggi96 (3 years)
song name? :D

Author 4janowiaks (3 years)
i would like to make ann acc

Author MasterAutumn (3 years)
@SarahBathory okay, but it's also the beginning to this /watch?v=YU4hhNKsPog

Author Robert Brejcak (4 years)
you cant even spell a lot right, why the hell would someone want you to be
an administrator on something?

Author Asmir Dzinovic (4 years)
What is hack here????

Author vicaxversa (3 years)
Ive gotten to cave at 2:00 all u do is go to bottom of Kalimdor

Author khaled wasfi (3 years)
lol kiss my eyes, i thought he's gonna say kiss my ass

Author Brandlil (4 years)
Hey, can u tell me in like a private how to open up the WoW thing? I tired
and it didn't work, I changed the code to set realmlist but
it just said cant connect, Why? PM me please

Author Worldofguildcraft (3 years)
Starting raiding guild on my server, Just for fun, bosses work and spells,
It will only be around 10-15 on but i love raiding. If anyone else enjoys
raiding for what it is and taking down bosses please message me :) Thank

Author TheLaststandwow (4 years)
Hi dudes check my video and join my server for fun free powerfull custon
epicz for all:)

Author rasie1234 (4 years)
@olalakid I can't see why you are wasting time on this if you hate private
servers. Lulz!

Author gaza cooper (1 year)
can i play it

Author AECAMEL (4 years)
Check our private server - Check my vids!

Author CassosLeGnome (4 years)
Supermus ... Minimus ya! lol Francepower!

Author hirandme (3 years)
mean song

Author ϟ ๖ۣۜPaۣƦۣa๖ۣۜDۣoۣXۣۜ ϟ (2 years)
Hey, can you join my hamachi plz? WoWDevildylan Pass: 123 Plz join im so
lonely D=. It's blizzlike realm and instant 80; just fixing blizzlike now
trying to get 2 realms work. If i check out gmtricks will you join mine? :)

Author abracing13 (3 years)
youtube(dot)com/watch?v=iLlx0hptAKc Custom new server check it out free.

Author coolhoobs (4 years)
i got my own server:D

Author gaza cooper (1 year)
sure i will :)

Author SecretParty Van (4 years)

Author unitedmodsdotcom (3 years)
anyone looking for a GM

Author WoWhackerlegit (10 months)

Author Hanesh Johnson (3 years)
um if u are an gm then its not a hack lol

Author SarahBathory (3 years)
@SarahBathory Yeah it is indeed AFI

Author babser10 (4 years)
take me im a fair GM

Author olalakid (4 years)
private server is for nubs and impatient kids

Author Siky CZ (3 years)
Name of song ? all songs please....THX :)

Author assasinatedinwow (4 years)
whats the name of the songs?

Author Thepwnagechronicals (3 years)
@khalloud1997 thats exactly what i said when i recorded my brother singing

Author MasterAutumn (3 years)
@UnLLapycz it's actually miss murder by afi.

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