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Making your own concealer/corrector is really easy. All you need is a Pink/Red or Orange lipstick. I used OCC lip tars but a lipstick is just the same.

By combining these colours with your own concealer you start to rearrange the colour making a corrector. A plus is that you also change the texture of the concealer - so if you have a concealer that is very dry in texture you can make it more emollient by adding the lipstick.

Go slow, build colour gradually.

Learning to use correctors can massively change your face by adding BRIGHTNESS rather than lightness.

Women of colour can really benefit from correctors because they cancel out the ashiness that can often result from using a concealer that is too light.

Personally speaking i prefer a more "bisque" shade of corrector than peach/salmon but this is a personal choice. They look amazing.

Bobbi Brown
Eve Pearl
Makeup Atelier Paris

All make wonderful correctors.

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Author Karla León (19 days)
I was about to throw away a concealer that was too clear for my skin tone
and buy a new one in green.
Now I don't have to throw away or buy anything!!! Yei!

Author Mirow Maroua (2 months)
what was the first ingredient PLLZ ??

Author Jordan Berry (2 months)
Get to the point a little faster. You spent HALF the video talking!

Author alia lootah (24 days)
First time seeing a gay bear

Author Anushka Khoorban (27 days)
wow love it!

Author Sara Uknow (4 months)
hi wayne! can you please make a video about how to find your skin color,
because you said something about skin color in the end of the video, i know
it's the color on your chest, but what is the color ''called''

Author Sheila D (1 month)
Love this idea! I'm going to wash off my make up and try this right
way...I'm back, it worked beautifully. I used pink to counteract my golden
undertones. Also added a bit of my foundation.

Author Intuitive Nineteenthirteen (1 month)
Thank you for the great video! It helped me so much. I learn a lot from
watching you!

Author Angelo Rubino (1 month)
you talk too much

Author SouthernBeautie2010 (5 months)
Could you use homemade lipstick from crayons?

Author Sana Nurani (1 month)
so clever! I have a Ben Nye concealer palette that i bought from IMATS last
yr that I stopped using, now I know what to do with it!

Author Tori Hoglund (1 month)
I'm a 15 year old girl, who doesn't wear mascara! I have ran out of the one
I was using!! Please make a DIY mascara! Thanks

Author hottmasala (2 months)
Somehow as an Indian woman, I kept thinking orange correctors would suit my
complexion more as I am tanned. Even though for years all they did was make
my dark circles, darker. After recently discovering I am NC 43 in MAC and
actually cool-toned, I tried a pink lipstick to make my corrector. It was
like magic!!!! Awhile back I saw this video and tried to make a corrector
with orange lipstick. Miserable failure. Saw this this video again and
decided to give it another shot with pink lipstick. Goss you are a

Author Nikki W (3 months)
Thanks so much I need to find an orange lipstick quick. I can't wait to try

Author MzNoemi (3 months)
This was very helpful. Out of the color correctors that I do own, all
bargain brands, they are dry. Using this under my eyes causes the creasing
with the concealer. This method is awesome in that it allows the corrector
to go on smoothly. Thank you. :)

Author twohandedforehand (3 months)
You look divine in here ^_^

Author aureole halo (4 months)

Author constance throne (4 months)
isn't the product going to become sticky on your skin with the gloss don't
try this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Author theecologist10 (4 months)
Thankyou for this:)

Author Cassyp4cLife (5 months)
You are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Author Andrea Lopez (5 months)
i have a concealer i don't use because instead of covering my under eye
area it shows the darkness even more so this is going to be a good thing

Author Ashley Mtz (6 months)
Goss do you like Mac cosmetics? U dont really talk or do reviews about

Author Sol Estrada (6 months)
you are my lifesaver right now lol thanks for the vid!! :)

Author Ghost girl23 (6 months)
Are you gay

Author sydney burden (6 months)
thank you!!! I have some mac nw30 concealer coming in the mail and i have
some mac pink lipstick i bought but never used, so i cant wait to try it
out. thanks again!!!

Author thefrankielmao (6 months)
This is amazing :)

Author Laura Whetstone (6 months)
You look great in this video!!

Author curly mamacita (7 months)
i just tryed this and it worked!!! i used a pale pink lipstick :)

Author iamsunflower2011 (8 months)
Thank you I will definitely do this method instead of purchasing my beloved
Bobbie Brown will save money.

Author Jane Prewitt (8 months)
I am ever so grateful for this video....thanks

Author zynab abd el hameed (8 months)
OMG this's so helpful
You're a life saver I have so many high end concealers lighter than my skin
I'm gonna try it
Thank you so much wayne
You're the best ever in makeup

Author Ms Bronzzilady (8 months)
Thank you :)

Author Fly Won (8 months)
I think this just changed my entire life! lol #colorcorrector

Author Rosa Rubab (8 months)
Aren't you just what we all need <3

Author lAdii_tEE2013 (8 months)
thank u soooooo much

Author Ms Bronzzilady (8 months)
Hi Goss I'm a subscriber and I've been looking at so many instructions on
Youtube for makeup, hair, you name it and by far yours are the BEST I mean
THE VERY BEST for make up tips and I truly enjoy watching and getting great
tips so far my favorite is How to make your own concealer/corrector. Have a
request tho could you make up a woman of color one that is med. brown to
dark with red under tones to her skin (lol) cause that's me oh yea she must
have dark circles under her eyes.

Author Shaina Neeley (7 months)
extra uses for lip tar! I would have never thought of putting it under my
eyes. fantastic tips as always:) maybe you could put all these lip tar
ideas into one video someday:))

Author Eve Rabi Author (8 months)
Wow, this is brilliant. I love it!!

Author Lori Phillips (1 year)
Was this a classic case of "I'll just watch one more Wayne video" and next
thing you know it's hours later? Cause I tend to do that a lot, haha,

Author Eileen W (10 months)
I like watching your videos where you share tips and show demonstration on
applying concealers. I have brownish dark circles and its always a trouble
finding the right shade. It would probably help if you could demo on
someone that has really bad dark circles because I don't really see a
difference. Also I dont wear foundation because I have sensitive skin.

Author lisadaydreaming (1 year)
@gossmakeupartist you're brilliant!

Author Wendy Nemer Coleman (1 year)
Oh.. I keep revisiting all of your vids!! Glad I came back to this one.. I
am so making this.. :)

Author Sydney Dobeck (1 year)
green cancels out red, so if you have any blemishes, it will make them
appear grey so its easier for your foundation to cover them up completely

Author Minaal Singh (11 months)
Skip to 2:35 to actually see the how to make ur own concealer!

Author Lisa Guadagnino (1 year)
Good idea, you

Author lullatoned (1 year)
But he is gay...he mentioned it in his 50 random facts video. He was 16
when he came out (I believe it was 16) and no, he's not married. It doesn't
matter though cause he's absolutely lovely regardless.

Author LuvPurple29 (1 year)
Can I use liquid concealer?

Author wsnrhdful (1 year)
Woww you make concealer out of a concealer

Author Aria C. (1 year)
Which one should i use for purple toned dark circles?

Author NobodyLovesNoOne616 (1 year)
This guy is so hot. It sucks when guys are gay...

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