The Peasall Sisters

Three performances to steal your heart!

The Peasall Sisters singing "Farther Along", "In The Highways" and "Where No One Stands Alone"

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Author GooglFascists (10 months)
Sarah, Hannah and Leah Peasall were taught to sing by their
watchful Dad, (shown behind the girls playing guitar), before
they could talk much. They had an agreement they would
continue to sing together until the youngest was 18. Well
when the youngest became 18 two years ago all 3 girls
quit singing commercially and are supposed to settle down,
get married and have kids. They were a priceless gift and
thank God for people like gussie 5555 who share lovely
memories like this with all of us. God Bless!

Author mre000123 (9 months)
There is nothing that can touch a hardened heart like the pure, sweet,
innocence of a child's voice singing such a beautiful song, but 3 such
sweet voices, how could it not but melt your heart. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL

Author Jessica Carrion (9 months)
Great singing!

Author Steve Armstrong (9 months)
I just love to hear music and you all know what kind. When I hear talent I
give God the glory. The Peasall Sisters I could listen to them all day
long. Thank you for Blessing me and The Lord! God Bless.

Author MrNathan791 (9 months)
This is priceless. Precious.

Author Glenn McNairy (10 months)
True talent, unlike many "pop" stars today!

Author Taylor Stang (10 months)
How old are these gurls now?

Author Rosetta Berry (10 months)

Author Ermutigen (10 months)

Author charliebueckert (10 months)
If you hate the song, why did you watch the video?

Author Ozmulki (11 months)
Loved them!

Author robin whitecrow (11 months)
we love this song.we don't know who put this comment

Author zjeraar trossovietsj (1 year)
from Holland (huissen, gld) awesome!

Author robin whitecrow (1 year)
hate this song so much.never cared for it

Author Rui Saldanha (1 year)

Author AFINKSTER (11 months)
Good Bless these young Ladies.

Author Eddie Atha (1 year)

Author jimirsaysbuddy (2 years)
What is wrong with today's youth is a basic lack of grammar,
capitalization, and punctuation, It is easier to take you seriously if you
can spell, and not make everything look like a moronic text. I'm just
saying.............and, it is, " I've sung........"

Author Ayshan Omarova (2 years)

Author JephyrX (1 year)
In the first song: It's a Bill Gaither video and many of those shown in the
audience are also gospel musicians.

Author billy boozo (2 years)
Fantastic,God bless. Saw thm on Gather video.

Author Richard Carroll (3 years)

Author Justacarolinian (2 years)
The Bible says that all things will sing praise to the Lord. It also says
women should be modest in their dress.

Author jazz4 (3 years)
@GND3153 You say that with such certainty. A Mulsim, a Hindu and a Buddhist
would all disagree and they're extremely certain too. If you truly believe
you will survive death like no one else can, it'd be great to hear how you
will manage it, without wishful thinking and stone age stories.

Author doreen beisel (2 years)
@TheKingsman42 Such a pleasant change from todays youth

Author Doreen Beisel (2 years)
A boring lecture is not an education lesson

Author Abigail Holland (2 years)
and what on earth is wrong with todays youth i ve sang this song at
funerals but i dont have to dress like that to be perfect

Author Justacarolinian (2 years)
Their hair is their covering. And there was no stoning to death for modesty
by any New Testament Christian. Jesus fulfilled the law, that stopped the

Author Doreen Beisel (2 years)

Author jim bob (3 years)
What precious pearls lent to us for a time by a God who blessed them so
richly with this gift of music. The third song sooths the soul in a way
that not many songs can. They are unbelievably talented and gifted.

Author Terry Harrison (1 year)
Love these young ladies. I wonder if they are still singing? I haven't seen
them anywhere in quite a while.....Terry

Author Mystical Woman (1 year)
I am an Atheist too. And I enjoy all music. The Peasall sisters are good
together. But all types of music can make you feel strange. It's called
enjoying the music only. I love Buddhist chanting music also.

Author Susilea35 (3 years)
love their voice - what a blessing! they're awesome!

Author Tuesday Rose (1 year)
Such. Beautiful. Harmony!!!!

Author Doreen Beisel (2 years)
Still would sleep through your boring drivel

Author annette alfont (3 years)
@techgeek97 ok, i think you need you to not cuss on a christian song,
because jesus can hear you, and you may not believe it, but you WILL go to
hell. and im not cussing at you, hell is a place that is REAL and i feel
bad 4 u, because the lord isnt in your heart. i will pray for you. :(

Author Susan McGraw Keber (1 year)
Sweet and gentle...makes your heart feel good. Lovely performance you don't
often see in today's world of brutal "entertainment"...thank you to the
Peasall Sisters!

Author PianotekA440714 (4 years)
Does anybody know about when this (Farther Along) took place, 1998-2000
would be my guess?

Author Justacarolinian (2 years)
You said it doesn't matter what they wear. It does. I apologize if I came
across the wrong way.

Author theblacklincoln (3 years)
Out of this world!!! Was that Roseanne in the front row lol!!!

Author Kesiwaa Ann Nebblett (3 years)
ok so is this type of music originally from West Virginia or Ireland?

Author Amy Adkins (1 year)
I can't add the beginning part; youtube won't let me link it. add h t t
p://w w w. without the spaces...

Author Doreen Beisel (2 years)

Author nauort23 (2 years)
Jesus did not.

Author dragudragosdaniel (2 years)
great solo at 1.03,i love it

Author Jim Little (3 years)
Why so many negative comments? Grow up, already! Some people can find fault
with anyone . . .

Author iLikePeanutButter9 (4 years)
I grew up in church and I've visited many but I've never been to one where
the folks dressed so....old fashioned? Do you know how old this is or if
they were doing it for a special event? what denomination are they?

Author TimothyBIinks (2 years)
Believe it or not, these girls have great voices and good musicianship.
Maybe we could talk about that and shut up with the dissecting their
clothing and appearance?

Author William LaSalle (3 years)

Author HisBride144000 (3 years)
Beautiful harmony. God bless

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