Creflo Dollar TITHE or DIE... 1

Creflo Dollar's Tithing Manipulation Uncovered Part 1 of 3

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Author Rick Schmidt (14 days)
(Greek/English Interlinear (tr) NT) Matthew 23:23 ouai <3759> {WOE}
umin <5213> {TO YOU,} grammateiV <1122> {SCRIBES} kai <2532> {AND}
farisaioi <5330> {PHARISEES,} upokritai <5273> {HYPOCRITES,} oti
<3754> {FOR} apodekatoute <586> (5719) {YE PAY TITHES OF} to <3588>
{THE} hduosmon <2238> {MINT} kai <2532> {AND} to <3588> {THE} anhqon
<432> {ANISE} kai <2532> {AND} to <3588> {THE} kuminon <2951>
{CUMMIN,} kai <2532> {AND} afhkate <863> (5656) {YE HAVE LEFT ASIDE}
ta <3588> {THE} barutera <926> {WEIGHTIER [MATTERS]} tou <3588> {OF
THE} nomou <3551> thn <3588> {LAW,} krisin <2920> {JUDGMENT,} kai
<2532> ton <3588> {AND} eleon <1656> {MERCY} kai <2532> thn <3588>
{AND} pistin <4102> {FAITH:} tauta <5023> {THESE} edei <1163> (5900)
{IT BEHOVED [YOU]} poihsai <4160> (5658) {TO DO,} kakeina <2548> {AND
THOSE} mh <3361> {NOT}

Author Emma Bell (2 months)
God called me out of church just this year I was paying my tithes
religiously 10%. And funny cos all the time I was in church I felt
condemned I had more demonic attacks hanging with people with a critical
spirit whilst the church was playing politics and childish games whilst
people were there in bondage and the pastor didn't care less. I had to
repent then when on my own God opened my eyes to the truth about tithing
not being right about the religious pharasees of today and how the church
building is a business for greedy men to take your money. Mathew 23:23 woe
to you, teachers of the law and pharasees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth
of your spices-mint, dill and cummin. But you have neglected the more
important matters of the law - justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should
have practised the latter, without neglecting the former 24 you blind
guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. "Yes you swallow a very
big fat lie" do you think Yeshua was happy about this? Obviously discusded
by their religious ways. They concentrate on silly little things like
tithing, but where is Love the higher commandment, church is ritualistic
another copy of the Roman catholic church just a different denomination,
God also showed me Sunday is not the Sabbath constantine set this in place.
Saturday is the true sabbath the Jews follow from a different calendar not
the gregorian we need to go back to our Jewish roots. Also Christmas is
pagan and the 25th of December you are celebrating the birth of horus not
baby Jesus them catholic pictures of Mary and Jesus are from pagan Gods. It
is a lie from Satan we should only celebrate his resurection. It mentions
nothing about worshiping christmas in the bible. Anyway Christmas is about
gluton, greed, and more violence is caused and people can't realistically
keep up with festive season without getting in debt. Best to search it all
up. We can't serve God, mammon and idols, it does not work. Romans 12:2 Do
not conform any longer to the pattern of this world not to be fashioned or
adapted by it's superficial customs. The church has to wake up and be alert
to what really is going on in the world (NWO) God says people perish for
lack of knowledge. Man and his church building will keep you dumbed down,
keep you on the milk forever. Yeshua wants his children to depend on him
only, walking alone with God is not easy but I think I would rather be with
God on my own than be in a church where there is so much deception going on
Yeshua wants to separate the true wheat from the tares he is calling his
children out. We are the church we have Yeshua within us it's not the

Author eugene bell (4 months)
It's a capitalist country. If anybody wants to make a man rich for
tickling their ears, have at it. What cracks me up is how his body guards
won't let any common person approach him, they can't be allowed to speak to
the "man of God." 

Author Kathy Champagne (21 hour)
Do take gods word to use for your own gain god is saying repent or hell

Author MR.MD (8 months)
These prosperity preachers such as Creflo Dollar have such a large
following because they feed into their followers own greed. They "buy" into
the prosperity message because they themselves want those multi-million
dollar homes, jewelry and cars. What these followers fail to realize is
that the only one getting rich is the preacher with their hard earned
money. Creflo has a 30,000 member church. If these members gave a bare
minimum of $10.00 offering in just one gathering that would total to
$300,000 in just one gathering. Not to mention people give more then just
$10.00 offering. Lets not mention tithing, which adds thousands more to the
pot! This is just modern day pimpary!! 

Author Natts Bab (1 month)
From Galatians no christian is under the law of tithes.
Second no christian has togive anything to a wealthy church, and can give
it to charity
eg homeless ..

Author Better ThanU (4 months)
Dollar says "nigga y'all better tithe, I got bills"

Author Ervin Howard (9 days)
There are references of tithing mentioned in the New Testament that
Christians should embrace. Luke 18:10-12; Hebrews 7:5-9. We must believe
from the Bible that when a person pays tithes will be blessed.

Author imshrrj (6 months)
I'm glad you came forth publicly and addressed Creflo. More than I dislike
this man, I take exception with his congregation, because they're so
brainwashed.. This is the same POS that told Eddie Long(john's) members to
got back to their church..Go back to Sodom ??? reaaly..Go back to a POS who
was accused of homosexual/pedo/rape..REALLY Creflo.. YOU told the church
members to go back to an abuser???

Author Jimmy SantAngelo (13 days)
I read You Brother, loud & clear. And I agree with you sad to, to
hear these things, but the evidence is obvious

Author Kathy Champagne (21 hour)
Do not take gods word for your own gain god is saying repent or hell fire

Author Splendorious (24 days)
Do you not know that the letter "J" is new. The word Jesus is only 500
years old at most. Roman catholics derived it from the Egyptian pagan god
Horus. I think our pastors could do better on all fronts. TRUTH

Author ray rivera (5 days)
Creflo needs to learn true Grace.

Author Natts Bab (1 month)

Author Gregory Lismon Jr. (1 month)
All of these Prosperity Preachers who promote such "Foolishness " will have
serious consequences in the day of Judgment.... Absolutely Blasphemy at its

Author Natts Bab (1 month)

Author Patricia Hagemann (4 months)
Excellent J34!

Author Shereen Renee (6 months)
People who tithed are dead, and will continue to die. People who worship
the devil are rich, and so are folks who don't believe in God at all. Money
can't have anything to do with financial blessings. If that were true, only
people who believe in God and tithe would have any.

Author Ganada Simon (8 months)
If you listen to the tape he was comparing how in old testim in order for
God's anointing to be in the place if worship you couldn't have any sin
(Failure to keep the commandments) but GRACE new testim, the blood of Jesus
has redeemed us from the law! We have a Savior who had paid the price for
our sins and he dwell in us when we accept him into our hearts. This dude
is the charlatan not Dr Dollar

Author Ron Norris (5 months)
The Largest, Richest, Most Organized, and Most Dangerous Organization on
the Face of the Earth is the Roman Catholic Church! That is no indictment
on the multitudes of well meaning people who are trapped in this
Monstrosity. But, The tentacles of the Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic
Church reach into virtually every other organization on the globe whether
religious, political, business, the arts, law, medical, financial,
educational, governmental, social and on and on and on. In the public life
of the USA the over representation of Roman Catholicism is a staggering
phenomenon. If you will pay close attention you will find that the Leading
People on both sides (For/Against) of any public issue or argument are
Roman Catholic. And that, my friend, is how you Control Debate in the
Public Arena! You OWN both sides!

The Roman Catholic Church seems to turn up on both sides of most issues. In
other words 'FOR & AGAINST' at the same time. The powerful and vocal
Homosexual Lobby in America would, on the surface, appear to be the natural
enemy of the RCC, Right? Well, Do not forget the Worldwide/Ongoing scandal
of the continuous 'Reshuffling of the Deck' of Homosexual Pedophile
Priests. Could there be a link between the Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic
Church and the American Homosexual Lobby?

The Roman Catholic Church and her Monstrous Worldwide Apparatus is the
Source of most all wickedness in the world. Man has an inherent sin nature
and the Catholic Church exploits mankind to make them enter into
unthinkable wickedness. The Catholic Church Hierarchy is responsible for
most every War and Devastating Result in the world. Yet, SHE blames
alternately different other groups as the real perpetrators. SHE blames, or
allows others to blame, the United Nations, the Council on Foreign
Relations, the Jews, the Muslims, the Bankers, the Political Parties, the
Politicians, the Freemasons and other Secret Societies, the Illuminati,
etc. Each of these may and most do play a roll, but they each are only Bit
Part Players. Some play larger BITS than others. The GLUE that holds them
all together from the Seat of Satan is the Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy!
This does not mean that there are not nice people in the rank and file of
the Catholic Church but for the most part they are deceived. The Bible
admonition is, Revelation 18:4 'And I heard another voice from heaven,
saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins,
and that ye receive not of her plagues.'

Author Truemiller Washington (5 months)
If the members of Creflo Dollar church stop tithing that church would
fall to the ground. He got deep in the money trap. Once you get use of a
life style . You can't go back to everyday living. That where the devil
pervert the teaching of the gospel. They stop preaching on sin. In the old
days pastor was concern about your soul. Christ care about us living sin
free life. In the old testament they call them greedy dogs . Isaiah 56 :10
-11. Woodrow Wilson Waller founder of Straightaway Holiness Church in
Petersburg ,Virginia . He would preach against sin hard.. He didn't worry
about what you put in the collection plate . He said God provide for him,
not the people.

Author Moana Marsden (11 months)
Rev Raphael Warnock - The gospel of the bling bling in which the preachers
and the rappers are saying virtually the same thing get rich or die trying

Author ginou love (5 months)
You are jealous of their success! Get a life and stop hating,

Author Aussie Bill (7 months)
Thank you for your hard work in doing this.
Tithing has been done away with as a law as true followers of Christ live
under Grace ie. not what I must do for God (religion), but what God has
already done for me (Grace) - but this simply means referring to Galatians
6:6 - that our good things (eg. time, food, finances) are shared with our
instructor in the Word of God. in other words the Instructor receives
offerings from genuine spirit-led believers which are really God's good
work, working through those believers!
Any good works we produce are actually God's good works, expressed through
us. This is the true test of the genuine believer. Those who give their
"tithes" or offerings with an expectation of a return on investment
(prosperity doctrine) are actually sewing for their sinful nature which
leads to destruction! Where as those who sew for Spirit will lead to
eternal life.

Author abraham mulukesa (9 months)
God doesn't need people is money but you have to tithes it gives and teach
you the kingdom principal.
I say again stop with your politics we want the Gospel to be preached what
is wrong with you ate be coming Hippocratic or what leave other people
please study your Bible correct no one has got heaven for you only God.

Author Ganada Simon (8 months)
When Dr Dollar made the comments about the bars etc you hear laughing
because he wasn't being serious about that. When he says It's a serious
thing he was referring to TITHING because the windows of heaven stays open
over your life and the tithe enables that ministry to help the community
and its members. It's best when you hear the entire tape instead of someone
taking excerpts trying to discredit a person. 

Author Ganada Simon (8 months)
This man is twisting what Dr Dollar is saying to manipulate those who
aren't as knowledgeable of the word of God or Dr Dollar's ministry. What
was said was if we were still under the LAW old testm and not under GRACE
new testm those who didn't tithe could be executed. He was comparing God's
love for us and why we are in need if a Savior instead of trying to qualify
by our own efforts because if u miss 1 u miss it all back in the old
testim. This man is sad by twisting a person's wording just to make a point
that isn't worth making. 

Author francesco dinardo (9 months)
hey he or whatevr ur name is ...tithe is a command from God what heck are
talking about ...and i know without a doubt ....and God spoke to me clearly
for me to il believe the voice of God b4 i believe a lost
decieved man like you lol 

Author askanythinginmyname (7 months)
"Give as God has prospered you."

Author abraham mulukesa (9 months)
Good morning Mr Interviewer. Why will you criticizing other people, I think
we can not judge others because the Bible with the same attitudes that you
treat others will treated to you to only God that can judge not human
please stop this useless things which you are busy doing I watch Pastor
Creflo what he preach is a pure word and even if he peach something else it
is between him and God please leave the man of God alone.

God bless.
Pastor. Abraham Mulekesa
from Namibia.

Author JPILLA440 (1 year)
Smh really sick of seeing my ppl brainwashed. 

Author cheesy wheeler (1 year)
If god was real why does he need are paper money

Author joethebar1 (9 months)
I was involved with a faith prosperity church 15 years ago. I learned later
that it was really a cult. I was taught to believe that we were little gods
and we create our own futures. we treated god like a genie. this erroneous
division of the word nearly killed me and left my life a ruinous wasteland.
the fruit of my life afterwards was at least 10 years of pain and suffering
and confusion-the fruit was bad. I realized later that this is what happens
when you add or subtract to the word of God- it is serious business and can
kill you. I cannot stress it enough. do not be deceived.

Author abraham mulukesa (9 months)
Good morning Mr Interviewer. Why will you criticizing other people, I think
we can not judge others because the Bible with the same attitudes that you
treat others will treated to you to only God that can judge not human
please stop this useless things which you are busy doing I watch Pastor
Creflo what he preach is a pure word and even if he peach something else it
is between him and God please leave the man of God alone.

God bless.
Pastor. Abraham Mulekesa
from Namibia.

Author demetrius lee (11 months)
creflo dollar is a false prophet who doesn't know the bible or the topic of

the tithing practice was a Levitical law to care for the tribe of Levi who
the family of Levi didn't have inheritance,property or land... .the
remaining 11 tribes brought in 10% of their crop, grain, animals (in/from
ISRAEL) to sustain the tribe as they had no other means of living other
than preaching the gospel. The Leviticus priesthood law required the tithes
to the temple which was under the law of sacrifice (animals burned ) in
praise to God.

Another thing was that the currency that was brought to the temple wasnt in
the mindset you would think.. tithing wasn't about MONEY or CURRENCY ..the
money aspect was due to some Israelites having to travel too far to bring
in months and loads of offerings by travel (we know they didn't have buses
and cars back then). So it was made that people could SELL their 10% in
the markets and bring the money to the temple of the priest. When Jesus
came as the PREIST who would live forever after his sacrifice under the
2nd Convenant ..THAT WAS THE END of the Leviticus (sacrificial) law as
Jesus dying took care of this.

creflo "Almighty" dollar and Takes Dollaz (T.D. Jakes) are money husslaz

Author Spiritual Soldier (11 months)
Those who pass on from spiritual death to spiritual life loves their
brothers. Creflo does not have love towards you so their for he is a child
of the devil.

Author Unmerited Favor (20 days)
1 Timothy 6: 10 "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some
people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced
themselves with many griefs."

Author demetrius lee (11 months)
the people of his church laughing at his sick analysis of killing non
tithers are just as pathetic..i mean really they found humor in what he

Author questioneverything2 (2 years)
If it is hard for you to find out if he is preaching the real gospel, then
you don't know your Bible. The Bible is full of prosperity teaching; when
we align with God we are blessed with prosperity. The crucial point here is
we must look toward God first and follow His teachings, Creflo teaches
that! As I said before, "could you give me an example"? Not one of the
famous ones you saw on YouTube, a personal one; an example we can discuss.
You might find you are wrong or does that frighten you?

Author AmazonWomanIsGod (1 year)
Clepto Dollar is a lover of money. Anyone who doesn't see that is blinded
by avarice.

Author 321atm (1 year)
the name creflo Dollar is all the evidence you need for this gentleman's
motivation and life...

Author 2010chefgreg (2 years)
you call yourself question everything but you refuse to question creflo's
teaching on the "tithe." read thessalonians 2:9-12. what does creflo, or
any of these word of faith teachers, have to say before you question their
teachings? you have been sent a strong delusion and have bought the lie. we
are not little gods, we cannot speak things into existence as word of faith
teaches. how many years did it take to become so ignorant of God's word?

Author guitar jammer (2 years)
Shows you how little you know. Another word for it is name it claim it or
gab it grab it.If you tithe you will go to heaven, you can't lose your
salvation. This is utter nonsense, and just a scare tactic to get people to
give him their money.

Author guitar jammer (2 years)
Don't worry about me I know what the bible says and I know the difference
between what Paul taught and these false teachers preach. The bible says
even the elect may be fooled, but those that follow the WOF preachers were
never part of the elect.

Author guitar jammer (2 years)
I am afraid its to late for you; Just as dollar and his cronies you take
one verse and change its meaning to suit your purpose. This is what it
means: The Son of man came eating and drinking - That is, went wheresoever
he was invited to eat a morsel of bread, and observed no rigid fasts: how
could he, who had no corrupt appetites to mortify or subdue? Its because HE
ate with sinners, tax collectors etc.It does not mean HE was rich.

Author Ode Chan (1 year)
That was completely taken out of context because he( Dollar) was comparing
it to the ways of the flesh of natural man vs.being under the blood of
Christ. The devil wants to manipulate Gods word as he has from the
beginning. Hebrews Ch7 in the new testament makes tithing clear for today.
Luke Ch 6. Jesus himself said"give and it shall be given to you". In 2 Cor
9. To give from a cheerful heart. Tithing is an act of faith in Christ. You
give and God gives the increase. God sees your heart

Author guitar jammer (2 years)
and they get sick, get cancer so need to go to a human for help. Why don't
they practice what they preach; simple they know it dosen't work. I found a
youtube video class called word of faith class; 1 to 11. Very good teaching
on the wof movement. there ar 11 videos about 35 min long; very eye opening
and professionaly presented.

Author AmazonWomanIsGod (1 year)
WOLF = Word Of Looting Faith.

Author guitar jammer (2 years)
He accused me of leading people down the wide path to distruction and told
me I should repent. Well like you I will follow JESUS. Joshua" As for me
and my house we shall serve the LORD".

Author da foilman (2 years)
Galatians, simplifies, yet sums it up. Thank You for explaining "accursed"
to Me. I admit,I am weak in the scripture, but I'm not going to play with
God. Cause if God can change a low down dirty rat like Me... He can change
those, who are being mislead by these so-called men of the cloth. I really
do wished Brother Philip was alive right now; if I were bothered about
something, I would go to him & He would give Me scriptures out of the
Bible; He ever twisted the word around, nor prostalize it.

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