UFO exhaust quadzilla V Max 1200 For Sale Säljes

UFO Quadzilla exhaust system with dynojet stage 7 kit.
For sale, in for a repaint at Lagumist. More info on or contact me with a PM

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Uploaded by: Abelsethish
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Author TheDogVito (3 years)

Author javahaxxor (3 years)
härligt ljud !

Author Abelsethish (3 years)
@TheDogVito Gotta love the sound ;)

Author Abelsethish (3 years)
@bricmpt Ah sweet. Sure is worth every penny! =) Yeah the system with the
DJ7 gives the bike a whole new spirit. I have hookt off the v-boost as well
on max, so i get a really nice go in it from the start ;) What you mean
with "how much you have in the jet/exhaust/tune?"

Author Abelsethish (3 years)
@javahaxxor Haha mjo, men man blir fan halvdöv utan öronpluggar ;)

Author dramalss (3 years)
To Abelsethish: Forgot to mention, Jon Gave me A good deal on my exhaust

Author dramalss (3 years)
I have the (drag star 4 into 1) w/stage 7 jet kit 4 pod K&N filters on my
VMAX & it's the better setup more power, Really " NASTY " PIST OFF GROWLING
sound, wakes the bike up!

Author bricmpt (3 years)
drooling! holy shit thats nice! how much you have in the jet/exhaust/tune?
I have a max and am looking at options.

Author Abelsethish (2 years)
Bike is for sale guys! Ticket to Sweden and pick it up! ;)

Author TheDogVito (3 years)
@clintard hmm..

Author Abelsethish (3 years)
@dramalss Ah okaj, so you have the same as me except you have the 4/1
system? Was looking at that as well, but then Jon gave me a good price on
the quadzillas and I couldnt say no, hehe. Thinking of putting different
carbs on, so sick of the vacuum. Want better response! :/ hehe..

Author bricmpt (3 years)
@Abelsethish about how much cost if you don't mind the question.

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