stihl ms200t 020t chainsaw look inside throttle linkages and switch also show why would not turn off

Stihl 020t / ms200t Quick look inside top handle throttle & choke linkage / on off switch area without bits falling out.
Show why saw may not be turning off at switch.
(This saw is an ms200t i called it 020 in video)
See my other vid on MS200t Brake band replacement /clutch cover strip down.

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Author Andy Wilkinson (2 days)
You can tell you're a ham. Very helpful, just bought one of these sounds
like it may have carb, fuel, exhaust issue box down after running 20 secs.
Any ideas which stihl saws share the same parts.? I have an 021, 023 and
029 so if I need parts I might buy more than one. And probably use cheap
Chinese copies depending on the part. Anyway thx

Author Andy Reynolds (7 months)
Thanks for this, good to see someone who takes care to give good clear
information. I did one of these about 10 years ago, but you forget don't
you?. Cheers

Author meme mentor (6 months)
Thanks for the great MS200T information. Could you show how to remove the
MS200T flywheel.

Author Steve Harland (4 months)
Thankyou! Lifesaver!

Author Tam McDonald (5 months)
Great video! Thanks for the help!

Author RUSHNBOBO (6 months)
Orange wire to orange plastic white wire to white plastic. It's color
coded for a reason

Author RUSHNBOBO (6 months)
Invest in some good handle Torx wrenches.

Author Alan Thomas (7 months)
Brilliant ! so helpful

Author Sandy O'Bryan (10 months)
thank you very much did same thing you did

Author Samsts1 (8 months)
top video, you helped me a lot.greetings from Germany, keep it up

Author woodlina (10 months)
My God . . . I did exactly what you did wrong, and of course all the
linkages and springs fell right off to the work table. Three hours lost
last night, and four more this morning with tweezers and tape trying to
finagle the parts back in place. Almost in tears and then I found your
video. You are an absolute God send. You have just reserved your seat in
heaven my friend. Great Work!!

Author Alan McWilliams (1 year)
Thanks for your video really helped me out today.

Author Ffion Griffiths (10 months)
Very handy,Thanks!

Author Bastiaan A (10 months)
Thank you very much for the video, it really helped me. Keep up the good

Author Robert Sadler (11 months)
Brilliant video i had the same trouble taking mine apart for the first time
very helpfull thank you

Author G1DDD (1 year)
Thats great, im pleased mate. Cheers.

Author G1DDD (10 months)
Cheers Glad video helped, thats great.

Author G1DDD (10 months)
Thankyou for positive comment, appreciated.

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