Ps4 Jailbreak

ps4 jailbreak is out and i am releasing it to the public as of today
Download link:

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Runtime: 5:18
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Author aurisrimo (2 years)
open ps3updat.pup file with notepad and aftereula find omg omg omg :)

Author ShakeyBonez Downer (2 years)
this shit doesnt work people fucked up my ps3

Author Shun Kagamine (2 years)

Author VagosRazerGibson (2 years)
don't download

Author 12349jay (2 years)
whats th password?

Author saabman2009 (2 years)
wat a load of bullshit, its not a J-B its an MFW ive got it on my PS3 , But
ive got mine on (glichy joey) PS3 4.20 beta, BUT ive updated it without ps3 4.21 shop and i still got the demonstration mode onit, and
i canstill go online, ther is no J-B out there yet.

Author rayman30111 (2 years)
um ok didnt find the file

Author HackingLobby (2 years)
link pplease

Author Alex William (2 years)
did u jb it?

Author TheQuick ScoperTeam (1 year)
Dude it worked fine but it rebooted then at the end when it was done it
said no data found when it restarted my ps3 any help plz

Author fahadsakaka1122 (1 year)

Author mrfodayz (1 year)
Excelllent post man! guys, there re so many trolls on youtube it isnt
funny. Now you see how much effort sony and other companies put into mis
information to keep you from truley using the hardward to its full
potential. I totally agree with @ FuroowHD is saying. Thanks a lot!

Author Jordan S (1 year)
Actually TransAmGrafx has a 4.31 jb. its $12 though.. and also i have a
3.72 jailbroken ps3. get your shit straight :)

Author nahiem25 (1 year)
does it work?

Author MrxCoLiZzioN (2 years)
i have the real1 lol

Author satoshi furude (1 year)
work ps2 cds on cfw 4.31 on ps3 slim cech 4004a europe version with out any

Author MrNYCinc (2 years)
total bullshit

Author lord1995be (2 years)
if you have a black screen when you are turning your ps3 on then you got a
brick. its easy to fix it so if you have this comment me back and i will
tell you how to fix it.

Author darkhart567 (1 year)
excuse me me and a freind are actually succsesful 4.31 jailbreak check noah
schiffmans channel we are kinda the reason sony updated 4.40 cause one of
our devs we testing different things we made

Author FuroowHD (1 year)
Let me explain! U can never jailbreak anymore a version that's higher then
3.55! Most of all are using CFW thats like a jailbreak but better i
think... so u need to downgrade ur version to 3.55 and then jailbreak it
easy! CFW 3.55 kmeaw is good then u can get on 4.21 CFW or 4.30. Don't
download sh*t from youtube!!! download from hack sites like Nextgenupdate
and ps3hacks you can only downgrade with an E3 flasher and usb stick(format
32) and a a e3 downgrade dongle. THUMBS UP TO HELP PEOPLE!

Author BLOODEYEDGAMING (2 years)
lol lie there is other jailbreaks out there

Author Shun Kagamine (2 years)
that's okay

Author wardfamilyward3 (2 years)
How are you releasing it to the public.... there's no way to get it if you
don't put the download link in the description. duuuh.

Author Shun Kagamine (2 years)
IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author LordWreford HD (1 year)

Author jaayjaay224 (1 year)
everyone he has a virus uploaded into hes folder and this is hes ip address
for all thos people wanting to hack into hes system, 80

Author ThePoppo9001 (2 years)
it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author mouhamed ergueybi (1 year)
this is fake fuck you

Author Tank Dempsey (2 years)
it sais no no applicable update was and then i tried t on recovery mode and
it didnt work

Author thuffman15 (1 year)
Ya it is your fault for posting bullshit.

Author killaspawnmodz (2 years)
it says no applicable udate was found and i followed all of the
instructions please help!?!

Author Sean Joachim (1 year)
fuck you

Author BoxingGameAnimeTV (2 years)
i got the key for 4.21

Author laundryrocks (2 years)
he can but he will get sued again

Author Eliezer Ramirez Martinez (2 years)

Author Fabian Hernandez (2 years)
u fuckin bum

Author king atwar (1 year)
this had to be fake y man

Author Tony Montana (2 years)
is it fake ?

Author SkuDooshify (1 year)
does this actually work bc im gonna try it

Author Jon Creswell (2 years)
Bricking one's PS3 is not funny. It's very expensive and the economy sucks!

Author ojojo131 (1 year)
the song is Unbound (The Wild Ride) by avenged sevenfold

Author skaterguy4life420 . (2 years)
it dont work

Author عبدالله الاحمد (2 years)
fackkkkk yoooou

Author LukyHaxs (2 years)
yeah same her wats wrong

Author Yan Longpre (1 year)
Do I play online ??? :O

Author laundryrocks (2 years)
geo is allowed to after probation

Author XFACTORVIDEOSS1 (2 years)
look up different ways to get it to work

Author DOMEKILLER (2 years)
dude he dont have probation he cant do it at yall he will go 2 jail

Author XFACTORVIDEOSS1 (2 years)
no cause this is an old jailbreak from 3.55 so u can try it not my fault
cause its an old jb and did work at one time

Author GamerExtreme20 (2 years)

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