I Need Thee Every Hour - Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Closed Captions

this video was copied from youtube member "DefendingMormanism" video. I have simply added the lyrics to it, so that anyone watching this can enjoy the words and the music.

Thanks overstream for the wonderful caption prgram you have!! Cut the time in half!

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Author Cintia Prado (5 months)
may this be our prayer to start the new week... ;)

Author Joseph Chang (1 year)
This song jump up in my head very often... especially in the past few
months I need to take in charge of my duty to design and produce this
turnkey solution under a great pressure that I had ever have before.
This Hymn in Taiwanese: 時刻我欠用主/ in Chinese: 時刻我需要主

O Bless me now, my Savior, I come to THEE.

Author Larry Thompson (1 month)
He is our true need. By the time you're in a rest home you realize you had
too much stuff by the time you were 32. And now [and when] you are in your
winter years what you really "own" doesn't [won't] fill a cardboard box.

Author Amravín de Schur (9 months)
Mormon Tabernacle Choir - The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day

Author Nicole Hirsch (26 days)
Truly love this song. Oh I need Thee!

Author George Walter (6 months)
we all need the Lord but are we lessening
He is all ways there 

Author Fabiano Antonio CCB (1 year)
I Need Thee Every Hour - Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Author sharon lauina (2 months)
I Need Thee Every Hour...O Bless me now, my Savior, I come to Thee.

Author Jim Poulson (7 months)

Author Iain Smith (6 months)
I Need Thee Every Hour!

Author Massey Archibald (5 months)
I remember singing this hymn to soothe my youngest son to sleep when he was
a baby, it would bring peace to my soul when he was crying late at night
and there's no doubt it also bought peace to him. God lives and Jesus is
the Christ, I'm so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.

Author Stephen Anderton (7 months)
To John Ernest: It is NEVER too late to return to the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. After 40 years if total inactivity and hard living I was in a time
of personl crisis and found the courage to pray. I was prompted to prayer
for His Comfort and guiding hand in knowing of the LDS Gospel was true. THE
will guide you through His Spirit with continued prayers how to find your
way back. I have since been taught by the Holy Spirit of how to retain full
standing and forgiveness from the Lord. You will be able gain a testimony
burned into your soul that NO ONE can take from you if you live the HIS
GOSPEL and pray for help, guidance, understand and His spirit to guide you.
NO NATURAL MAN, no matter how well meaning has more knowledge of the truth

Author Arthur McKenna (5 months)
Pray without ceasing.

Author jacqueline nafusi (7 months)
i am an Anglican and I don't care what church one is from as long as we all
have one thing in common,we love God and believe in for me this
choir just makes it happen for me..

Author Lindsey Maughan (1 year)
There was an african american man..... At like 4:29

Author ImdBookworm (10 months)
Thank you! I honestly don't get why people think we're not Christians. The
name of our church is The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints after
all. It's right there in the name. It's sad that user names such as
"DefendingMormanism" have to exist. But keep up the work brothers and
sisters! ~:IB:~

Author Patrick McMartin (8 months)
I am not Mormon, but I respect their right to believe and practice. But the
choir is a National Treasure!

Author Kris Keys (1 year)
So beautiful, and true...Heavenly Father truly is their for
us every hour...

Author Danielle Brand (2 years)
Too much complaints from people about mormons, apparently they are the only
religion that holds events for the people of the nation to hear, and
receive revelation from god. If you haven't realized they walk Salt Lake
City on these events, animormons protest there's only 50 who go against it
by the road when there's a whole gain of LDS from all over the nation.

Author agtwhereami (1 year)
I'm enjoying this music so much : )

Author nicholas lockmiller (1 year)
log live Thomas S Monson

Author Dejalynn Saili (1 year)
Robby what makes you think that Catholics are better than Mormons??? And
you didn't have any proof... I would like to stop this fight thing going on
because I know better ok... And if you don't like Mormons then don't go
find them ok??? Like really... Did you have to come here? No you didn't...
Bye... :)

Author Missionaryforlds (2 years)
@ColinT57 If you are referring to the blacks not holding for the priesthood
for a while, then i can explain why. In the Old Testament there was only
one of the 12 tribes that could hold the priesthood (Levi). There was
segregation of the priesthood even in the Jewish community back then. Even
in ye olde times God has a specific request that only certain sects of
people held the priesthood, and we felt inspired by God that blacks were
not ready for the priesthood just yet. have a good day!

Author mewsic1 (1 year)
Alex Boye' has been a member of the choir since 2006.

Author Simon Swain (1 year)
Hmmm... wouldn't say always by any means; I'm surprised that this is so
painfully slow...

Author Tingleyman (1 year)
I enjoy your comments especially when you display your devout heart on your
sleeve. Thank you

Author Caitlin Conner (8 months)
Thank you!

Author Dejalynn Saili (1 year)
any proof..?

Author T Taeatavare (1 year)
oh what the heck...I love yous all my Brothers and Sisters! When we meet in
the celestial kingdom, it's because we've asked for thee in every hour, to
watch over us, to guide and comfort us through out our trails and the song and thank you

Author Justus Bigler (2 years)
like the subtitales. now I can memerize the song.

Author rippinsteo (9 months)
You simply do not know whereof you speak. LDS Mormons believe that God's
grace is essential to salvation--obedience alone will not and does not
qualify one for salvation. LDS believe that His grace is granted unto those
who do indeed submit unto God's righteousness--not their own. LDS do not
focus on becoming a god. They focus on submitting their own will to God's

Author Ricardo E. Guerrero (1 year)
Mormon or not these people are praising and worshipping the Lord thru music
and that's all we need to do .may they continue to do this forever thank
the Lord for their, love , and discipline to do this nothing is more
beautiful .God Bless all mybrothers and sisters of the Choir and their
faith , if they are wrong each one of us will have to answer the Almighty
for our wrongdoings., and I see no wrong in joining their voices to Praise
Jesus , Amen .

Author Judi Harbin (1 year)
Thank God for what you have, trust God for what you need.

Author mark621000 (1 year)
Are they singing about The Mason Joseph Smith or the Jesuit Ignatius
Loyoloa? Total sham!!!

Author petermfh59 (2 years)
There's no ulterior motive. I am just an old guy who enjoys using the
internet and corresponding with others.

Author William Collins (1 year)
Also, take the time to read the (HOLY QU'RAN) u will see why i said theres
a lots of holes in the (HOLY BIBLE). Fa'amalie atu, aua ete ita mai iate
a'u, e tele vaega o le (Tusi Paia) ua leiloa; leiloa means (lost). Tofa
soifua, manatua pea le (ATUA) i aso uma.

Author COTPZ (1 year)
The name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
If you don't believe me take a look at our website at

Author Joy76ish (1 year)
There are no contradictions in the Bible some versions are but the
Authorised King James version is as near to the original you can get. The
Quran is for Muslims and is promoting violence etc so how can you say the
Holy Bible is full of contradictions?

Author Liza Mendoza (9 months)

Author Saraiah Wainohu (1 year)
@tmi faith before making comments you need to make sure of your fcts

Author Talia Moss (1 year)
The members of the choir have to live within a certain radius of the
tabernacle in order to rehearse. It just happens that the majority of the
people in that area are white. It's not racism, it's just proximity.

Author Caleb Kaopua (1 year)
I'm sorry, I love it so Much I had to Vote Up my own Comment...

Author supremes ballard (1 year)
AMEN to that RICK

Author Decor8yourlife (9 months)
I just re posted this video for a friend who's going through one of the
toughest moments in life. May heavenly father take her by the hand, and
walk her through this difficult time. Thank you for uploading this video.
God bless.

Author Caitlin Conner (1 year)
We didn't steal it! Dose not every child of god deserve the right to
worship him and his son? If i sing this song dose that mean I stole it? No!
I'm simply paying tribute.

Author 322mathew (2 years)
sung very well

Author allredka (2 years)
You have to live withing 90 miles of the Tabernacle to be in it. Utah is
predominantly white, so that is the reason. Were it somewhere else it would
be more diverse.

Author XylemsAsylum (2 years)

Author Michelle Delio (9 months)
scale to 1 to 10 a 3

Author Malignus68 (2 years)
You have to turn on the little CC button at the bottom of the video window.

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