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Author docwilkey (5 months)
Years ago I had a chance to see an old soviet manual on the TT-33 and yes
they used the 2nd method to field strip. They said to use a round of ammo
to depress the spring and us the floor plat of the mag to pull the lock
from the side. They didn't believe in needing tools for field stripping.

Author xhuljan muco (1 year)
please answer this question. how coast a gun like that in your country

Author Kravin Morhed (1 year)
Did you use two different models? If so, could I know which came first?

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (11 months)
Have you seen one of the Zastiva Tokarevs in person? If so what was your
impression of the quality?

Author cazybeast2 (1 year)
Awesome, thanks for the very detailed video.. just got my TT-33 in :)

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
Which is handy if you ever need to order a spare part!

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
You are welcome.

Author Garandman66 (10 months)
well i couldn't bring my AK's. but. then i cant get cheap ammo to shoot
them here.. Tokarev magazine s arrnt a problem. its the zastava M70a that
are hard to find.

Author AlmostTheBeast555 (10 months)
Great vid.The second method is the one recomended in the 1957 Gun
Digest.Though when I tried it I nearly got an eye full of recoil spring.I
think I prefer the first method l.o.l

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (2 years)
@hallis1 The lack of a decent safety catch is probably the biggest issue
with original pattern TT-33's compared to most other pistols.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (2 years)
@twogun1969 Mines worked 100% so far, and it's accurate to boot.

Author AllStringsAttached (8 months)
But it is not WWII era, as you can tell by the closely spaced slide grip.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
Thanks for watching and commenting.

Author xhuljan muco (1 year)
great video the best of that kind

Author Ron Drye (7 months)
Very good video !!! Thanks. I have a TT-30 (I think) Top of slide is M-20
that followed me home some 30 years ago. I buy most of my ammo on line and
run across some great deals. I ran across a Croatian Toc (great price) and
bought a couple of them. The big difference in them is the # of rounds in
the magazine. The new one holds 9, whereas my original holds 7. Have you
any ideas where to get more mags???? And any comments on the new gun.

Author Southpaws88 (1 year)
great vid. i was wondering if you could make a vid on how to clean and oil
the tokarev after shooting corrosive surplus ammo

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
I'm long winded, hence the long video! The pistol is an original Soviet
TT-33 from the 1950's.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (8 months)
You are welcome.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (11 months)
Sorry, but my ammo suppliers would do you no good as I'm in Canada. My
TT-33 is an original Russian one, there is no safety as we are not required
to add one for importation like you are in the USA.

Author xhuljan muco (1 year)

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (2 years)
@monk250 Thanks.

Author Gola308 (1 year)
Excellent video!

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (10 months)
You are welcome. Enjoy your TT33!

Author TheUnclefester13 (1 year)
Just bought the norinco 213 clone in 9x19mm. Thanks for the vid. Got mine
for two hundred. Suprized the heck outta me how well it shot. Bought it
cause I wanted a cheap reliable carry gun so that if i ever use it that i'm
not out $600 when the police confiscate for evidence. Think I made a good
choice. Thanx again. now it's time to go clean it for real.

Author TheMathersLover (1 year)
a really good video to learn about the assembly and dis assembly of the
TT-33 thanks for sharing this.

Author Garandman66 (11 months)
I've only seen/read reports of the new ones. most reports were good. in
1989, i was with a buddy when he bought a TT 9, the cilvilan version of the
Yugoslavian m70a.. got to shoot it and clean it. great pistol. they were
only imported from 1989-90. then the balkans came apart..

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
Thank you.

Author Wayne Snider (2 years)
Great video....thanks for sharing.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
I never thought of that, but I suppose it is a bit of an added bonus to
some folks. Thanks for commenting.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
The barrel link cams the barrel into (and out) of being locked into the
locking cuts in the slide.

Author hallis1 (2 years)
I use the first method when taking down my Norinco 213. I've got the 9x19mm
model. It's not the easiest in the world to disassemble compared to things
like the Glock, Springfield XD, or even my makarov but it's easy enough
once you've done it once or twice. The real drawback is that locking clip
for the slide release. I think I still prefer my Makarov though just
because it's SA/DA.

Author lorddinaire (1 year)
Thank you very much. Seems to be impossible..

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
You are welcome, glad that the video was useful to you. Enjoy the new

Author BadWolf (1 year)
Thanks for the help. I was stuck on getting the grips off.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (2 years)
That sounds like a good buy to me. As with all surplus stuff there is a
limited amount of it out there and the price usually climbs after the
importers/distributors run out of them.

Author MrHondaguy1 (8 months)
Very helpful video, thanks. Picked up a Romanian TTC, just waiting for it
to be shipped in.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
No, I used the same Soviet/Russian pistol to show both methods of field

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (2 years)
@1337Leva Did the troops favor the Tokarev or the Makarov?

Author Lev Akilov (2 years)
@314299 Well we never shot the tt33, we were trained with the makarov and
after the extensive training you could get some descent groupings with the
makarov but I heard other soldiers say that the tt33 was a great gun.

Author van van (1 year)
ZERO dislike! You dont wanna man with the gun get angry, lol

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
The barrel is original to the gun, and the whole gun appeared to be
unissued when I got it.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (2 years)
You are welcome! Thanks for watching.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
Glad you liked it, thanks for commenting.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (7 months)
Sorry, I'm not personally familiar with the Yugoslavian/Croatian M57,
perhaps someone else reading the comments will have a tip as to where to
find extra mags.

Author Lev Akilov (2 years)
@314299 No they still had em but the makarov ones are easier and cheaper to
manufacture while sacrificing only slightly in accuracy which is not that
important in battle for a side arm anyway.

Author TaZ101SAGA (1 year)
Ah sweet, thanks, I'm from the UK so clearly I don't have much experience
with the inner workings of handguns.

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)
Yes, you can buy noncorrosive ammo in 7.62x25. As for the noise/muzzle
blast and flash the pistol gets that reputation from being shot with hot
loaded surplus ammo. With the ammo I have (Czech) I find it pleasant to

Author Tinstar2 (1 year)
Great video and helped me so much! I got the Polish version of the pistol
and then I got one of the new ones being made in Serbia and it is in 9mm. I
got a couple of surplus mags for the Polish version, loaded with cosmoline
so I'm really glad that you showed how to dissasemble those as well.
Nothing better than being able to see a video like this to go along with
written instructions. Makes life much easier! Thank you very much!

Author 314299 Shooting Channel (1 year)

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