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Author hihipieinthesky (8 days)
Too strict parents will just suffocate kids and scar them. Under strict
parents don't give them enough structure for them to grow up, you need a
happy medium. 

Author mred915 (8 days)
14:11-14:30.... "Pull your pants up and tighten your belt." Fabulous! Now
go preach that EVERYWHERE in the USA. EVERYWHERE!!!

21:55... OMG!!! Could someone please "Urkel" his pants (put zipties through
the beltloops and tighten)

Author TotalPwnageGames (15 days)
I would PAY to go to their house just for an hour!! These kids are lucky!

Author Agcolorfuldaisy (16 days)
Lol his pants are sooooo low!

Author hannah mae (19 days)
This make all British seem bad but we aren't all like this 😲😡

Author Downtown Brown (22 days)
excessively strict parents or over protective parents can be quite
detrimental to their kids childhood

Author zachary9981 (24 days)
I find it ironic that at around 20:17 the kid says that the man thinks he
can get everything he wants, yet it's the kid who tries to get what he

Author 007VitaminD (1 month)
no fights? if you r guna script it, atleast include a fight...

Author kevlar kevin (27 days)
in the 1930's these would be the worlds most lenient parents. 

Author Liyla Sucoi (28 days)
i like this these are difficult, but loving parents

Author William Bishop (1 month)
The thing I hate is how unsophisticated the kids are... this is why I
prefer the idea of alcohol to drugs. I mean, rapists are more sophisticated
than these kids... they see others' bodies as portals into a different
world, you know? Nothing wrong with sex, but... I'd prefer the world to be
ruled by corrupt presidents and the mob/Mafia, than have a bunch of idiotic
marijuana-smokers... Rapists and Hitlers will always be better than
rave-ists and hipsters.

Author MusicalBohemian (1 month)
Those parents are awesome!!!

Author Dunya Salem (1 month)
She's not a Muslim at all.

Author killer1479 (1 month)
deena is a hotty :3

Author PixelatedGeekiGirl (1 month)
My Mom and Dad don't need to put rules, they know I'm responsible, so they
wouldn't have to be strict.

Author JmanPlays (1 month)
lol there sitting down saying prayers and that girl is muslim! Wtf im
catholic but still thats fucked up! @ 15:00

Author Francheska Pinuela (1 day)
Probably my fav episode

Author histofgrunge (6 hours)
its just me or is it ironic that a black man is telling a white boy to pull
his pants up?

Author Hans Tipster (1 day)
This is my parents

Author Aymane Zerz (3 days)
How are these parents so strict. these are normal rules in my house. we are
a Moroccan family living in canada and we are not aloud, to keep our pants
down, my sisters are not aloud to wear disrespectful clothes anywhere and
there is NO CIGARET smoking at all anywhere. our house seems good and there
arent any major problems with us. infact, i feel bad for all those spoilt
ass kids because they didnt have such a great gift of parents like ours and
look at them now, all they do is smoke, sex and party. WHAT A LIFE.... :/

Author Zoë Zvosechz (3 days)
It's the same for American kids. There are plenty of horrible mean and
nasty Americans kids just like there are mean, horrible, and nasty British

I have to say that kids should just respect their parents. (Even if the
parents are rude back) show them love and kindess. My parents are amazing.
They're strict and they lay down rules but I don't feel as if I can't do
anything. I'm only 15 lol... But I can so do many things because my parents
trust me and they know that I'll do good in life. If you raise your kids
the right way, or at least try to... They'll be just fine. But if you try
your hardest to keep them in line, that's okay. You're trying your hardest
and nothing more! 

Author Hailey love (3 days)
damn that boy is cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Michaël Hudetz (3 days)
It concerns me because I don't want to see your butt around my house that's
the BOTTOM line.
Intentional pun? hehehe.

Author You Poop (6 days)
The reason why parents are strict is because kids or teens don't listen

Author WizardGaming (11 days)
You Know They Were Up To No Good As Soon As They Got Home, People Dont

Author luis perez (8 days)
Black parents are cool 

Author descent54 (11 days)
I would kill myself if I had kids like that

Author Diana Robles (11 days)
The boys voice sounds like Alfies voice!

Author Jada Mareea (10 days)
Alex is hott:)
Although his mom pisses me off!! 

Author Joe Fisher (11 days)
This is disgusting! And the worst part is that it is their parents fault.
Kids don't end up like that if raised properly!

Author SapphireKurtN (8 days)
Daw I love alex! "Can I smoke at work?" And "why is there a sock here?"

Author Francesca Omotosho (10 days)
If I had a kid like Alex, I'd get all his stuff removed and put in storage
and evict him, if he thinks he's friends are all he needs he should go
scrounge off them, then they'll want rid eventually too. 

Author Tanya Bui (13 days)
Alex is good looking IMO. um yeah.

Author Juvia Loxar (13 days)
I just love this

Author simpkins18 (12 days)
The Davis family dad is great! If we had more dad like him, maybe this
world would be a much better place. I see so many people who did not grow
up with a father turn to a life of crime or just do not make anything out
of themselves. This dad showed that you can make something out of a little
if you make the right decisions. No one is perfect, but you can clearly
learn from your mistakes. I wish they would have showed a 6 months update
of the kids.

Author omarie frazier (1 month)
My parents are strict they just tell me certain people who are a bad

Author Leonscharmed bookHD (29 days)
if you cannot allow the child/Teenager to do what he/she wants to a certain
extent, then how would you know what makes that person happy, I'm sorry but
If i was bought up in a place like this I wouldn't cope, not being listened
to, always being told what to do (weather it upsets you or not) and not
only that, the family's big rule i can see is ''My way or no way''
ITS THE RULES'' they'd much rather see their kids suffer rather then
keeping them happy. which is what Parents should do.

My Mother raised me to be polite, respectful, never backchat my elders, say
please/thank you. and only speak if i had something decent to say. plus do
my chores, my reward was that i could do whatever i wanted for the rest of
the day.
now that i can cope with, this is no freedom for those Two, I feel sorry
for them.
the adults should know better... (man this is one long comment LOL)

Author gwp1015 (13 days)
I thought for sure alex would stick to his guns, I was hard schooled by my
parents, im now fifty years old old and don't care to much for them , this
is a tv show! in my case the parents and my so called suffer now the
consequences, I don't visit or talk to any of them! and my life is just
fine! to this day no one tells me what to do , they all ask because they
know if they tell me, I will tell them to bugger off!

Author kelly kel (1 month)
thank God for tat family helping out. plus, those kids grasped the concept
of how family is very important, fairly well. this was great.

Author no nya buissness (13 days)
Strict my ass. My parents are like this, and it does not really bother me.
I do what they say. These brats do not respect ANYTHING.

Author Sasha Albornoz (1 month)
people like alex are the reason the uk is shit

Author ladygaga101ify (1 month)
Alex is cute...random, but...yeah.

Author Aurora mariell (15 days)
Thats cute, they shoul see my parents

Author teresa mariee (24 days)
these kids are basically everyone in my school lol

Author thome18 (1 month)
i live in Chicago 

Author DJDreamer909Reckless (1 month)
18:28 That is what you call Snatch & grab LOL
Briton is becoming a even worse. I has become the worst of almost
everything in western Europe. Teenage pregnancies, teenage drinking & drug
use. More & more teens treat their parents like slaves.
1: Alot of the time it is the fault of the parents for not guiding their
2: To what is promoted in the media of promoting yourself & yourself.
3: The break down in the education system, the social system, messed up
peers & Capitalism does not work
Yes there is good & bad everywhere but so called developed nations are the
ones who have it bad. 

Author 1gil2Kill (1 month)
This seems kinda staged. There was a lot of work involved in this
production though. I'm not saying it's all fake just some "real zone" stuff
seems totally illegitimate. The badass's they portray these teenagers to be
don't seem to come through when they join the other households. I suppose
they're getting paid to be a part of this production which is an incentive
maybe to act more mannerly.

They're definitely not Jerry teens. 

Author TheRobloxGet (1 month)
I love the black parents (not being racist in any form) they know how to
handle their child, the children are what's the problem

Author Jadon Moon (1 month)
Without rules would destroy the balance of freedom..There is always a limit
you have to follow 

Author Cats Fabulous Channel (1 month)
Alex pull your pants up. ITS NOT COOL

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