Tori Kelly - PYT by Michael Jackson (Acoustic Cover)

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One of my all time favorite songs.. hope you enjoy!! Thanks for all the love!


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Author ScarrsActions (1 month)

Author Rabia'sChannel (6 days)
How can an acoustic cover be copyright? What the fuck.

Author Julian Stockton (2 months)
When she hits the first chorus on this recording I honestly get shivers.
Amazing sense of nuance and ability to spiritually stay true to the songs
she covers. Much respect. Hope I can learn something from watching these

Author Cymttia Martinez (3 months)
por que!!!!

Author RKE Photography (2 months)
Genuinely can't believe the audio has been removed from this... And they're
saying illegal downloads are the cause of a dying industry? Nop, acts like
this are the cause of a dying industry.

Author reon curling (1 day)


Author Onur Akgul (2 months)
Lol come on now, how can you block a cover.

I guess it must have been too good

Author PrincessOfTheYew (5 months)
This is some booty!

Author Orion Sysomboune (1 day)
Dude seriously? I'm a big fan of this song and Tori of course and for her
to make a cover of PYT and I'm not allowed to hear it? 

Author Anne Marie (11 days)
YouTube and their copyright crap. Like, seriously? I was really looking
forward to this cover. 😒

Author milton123 (11 days)
this is not what michael jackson would have wanted. you greedy fuckers, mj
wouldve loved this cover

Author Jon Snow (27 days)

Author Brittany Love (3 months)
Even tho i can't hear shit, imma like it and watch it anyways cause she's

Author Harnit B (23 days)
STUPID YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author theelusiveone147 (1 month)
booooo i can't listen to it :/

Author Daniel Mesfin (1 month)
What copyright is there?! tf she sang it live...

Author tobiosnmakky (3 months)
muted :(

Author Mercedes Mac (3 months)
The only real music out there for these sings nowadays are covers...I guess
we can't hear them either...we got nothing!!! 

Author LuvDrunk101 (1 month)
literally all the covers of Michael Jackson is being like copyrighted. it's
so stuuupid. Michael would not want this, he loves when people sings his
songs, or singing in general. I honestly think this is a slap in the face
to Michael Jackson what his family is doing. R.I.P <3 ( btw she still looks
fabulous even on mute ^-^ )

Author Fadjy Valentin (3 months)
? they muted it

Author tomdizzo (4 months)
Damn copyright. O well I can still look at that sexy ass lip lick and smile
in the beginning of the vid. =)

Author jussshopaholic28 (1 month)
Isn't it great how labels put out songs that the general audience can
relate to so everyone and anyone would listen to it, and then once it's put
out they don't let everyone listen to it and sing along...

Author Seth Dyer (1 month)
i just watched this did it just get copyrighted?

Author machete joe (8 months)
Damn. I still love watching this even on mute..

Author JamVlogs (4 months)
Yeah folk youtube..

Author Jennie Kerfuffle (2 months)
I don't understand why it's muted?? Are we not allowed to even make covers
of songs anymore?

Author Regina Mahawan (2 months)
At first I thought my phone volume was acting whack

Author Paxton (2 months)
It's disgusting that they muted this. MJ was a music lover and he would
love this. He loved hearing people's voices and interpretations. It's
wrong that his executives are so greedy. 

Author Ariel Patrice (3 months)
good thing i added this on my phone before it got muted or i would be

Author Noran (5 months)
Dammit. :(

Author Hillary Clark (2 months)
I can't hear it .ughughugh

Author madman2u (5 months)
Uhm, how does a cover get muted? I am officially confused!

Author Josh Mcgill (3 months)
omg tori i want you to sing "man in the mirror" for me plleeaassaeee lol 

Author Simon Larsen (3 months)
W H Y ... Fuck OFF seriously, this cover was NOTHING but pure g o o d n e s
s !!! 

Author Tahlia Rose (3 months)
It's muted :(

Author Mary Gabrilaitis (3 months)
Just make another video of it again I suppose.

Author Brian Ta (3 months)
God bless I downloaded it before :D

Author Samuelpapu (3 months)
YouTube consorted the audio because her voice was as beautiful as Michael
Jackson's one :3 hhahaha 

Author Tiger 4 Lyphe Studio (4 months)
That is some SERIOUS haterade right there!!! There are other people
advertizing and SELLING COVERS on youtube and you bunch of wanker mute
Well done toss pots.

Author Juliana García Alvarez (4 months)
Que idiotez silenciar el videoo por dios !

Author doina7 (4 months)
who is the dumb chuckhead that only NOW has remembered to claim the rights
to a song that is so beautifuly sung?!!

Author VampirateBloodR8 (4 months)
This is her version, not the original. What the fuck utube!

Author MsRoni Forward March (4 months)
Upload again Ms Tori. I luv ur voice.

Author 94butterflyyy (4 months)

Author Kelsey Boobyor (4 months)
I noticed that every cover of this song gets muted...

Author itsmesketch (7 months)
didn't think someone else simply singing a song would be considered
copyright.. wtf

Author DerrickTruth Garrett (4 months)
wow that sucks 

Author NatashaVilo (5 months)

Author Beautyspy88 (5 months)
she is totally amaze-balls xoxoxoxox lol

Author Niala Ayala (4 months)
da hell?! stinky youtube

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