Tori Kelly - PYT by Michael Jackson (Acoustic Cover)

Watch my full performance from The Roxy:

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One of my all time favorite songs.. hope you enjoy!! Thanks for all the love!


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Author sketch383 (1 month)
didn't think someone else simply singing a song would be considered
copyright.. wtf

Author corina ortega (2 months)
go to the re-upload!!!! :))

Author Seraph Calista (3 months)
GASP!!!! Soooo not fair!

Author Johnny Rosario (1 month)
wow fuck u jacksons.... how much more money do you need ! 

Author Maranda L. (2 months)

Author machete joe (2 months)
Damn. I still love watching this even on mute..

Author Yosuke Kun (2 months)

Author Adwoa Boateng (2 months)
Of all of the covers on Youtube, Youtube chose one of TORI KELLY'S best to
mute.This is some bullshit.

Author Luis Fer Meza (2 days)
wtf!!!.. this is an amazing & beautiful cover... not a fucking copyright..
this is not fair...

Author DebbiDooo (5 days)

Author Amanda Marcelino (12 days)
The owners dead!

Author Sophie Ackerman (11 days)
Ohhh they muted it?? cmon thats so unfair i was really looking forward to

Author sweetcamcia99 (28 days)
I've heard the cover before and of course Tori's voice is just PURE

Author courtney colin (15 days)
I hear nothing

Author kage7785 (2 months)
You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Author KingBfan (4 months)
you know you did a great cover when youtube muted it

Author Klark Waterman (2 months)
man at first I was like dang it its muted then I was just watching her and
she genuinely loves music and I genuinely love her lol 

Author Arianna Washington (18 days)
I thought I was the only one who couldn't hear it

Author deathroad64 (3 months)
Wait, is this legit muted or is this some early April Fools? Fuck you.

Author sbheartmusic (3 months)
WHAAAT!!!??? The audio track has been muted!!?? :( I'm so upset right now

Author Andrew Almond (5 months)
How in the world did this get in trouble???? Are you freaking kidding me???

Author adamyspace (4 months)
WHAT?!?!? Came here to listen to this fantastic singer, singing one of my
favourite songs and you freaking tell me I can't?? Why? WHAT COPYRIGHT?!
She just used her voice and guitar... maybe you should mute all of the
covers on youtube?! ://

Author DeathLotuts (3 months)
This copyright is not fair its a fucking cover -.-

Author Freddie Benson (2 months)
booooooo whoever muted this

Author Falecia Milburn (29 days)
Are you f-ing kidding me!!! The internet is filled with covers...Michael
Jackson covers included! What the hell is wrong with her singing PYT???
That's b.s.....

Author Aylin Sanchez (2 months)
Wow!!!*applauds*thanks a lot YouTube. .this is a freaking cover. ...bunch
of skunt bags :(

Author Priscilla Gipson (1 month)

Author Brandon Lee (3 months)
Oh come on! She was one of the very FEW that actually does Michael any kind
of justice on a musical level _.

Author marwa baraki (2 months)
what the f... why ? :O :@ oh come on youtube this is ridiculous !

Author Brad Meyer (2 months)
First Simon bullies her, then some of the lame haters in the comments, and
now YouTube? Have you not noticed Ms. Kelly is unstoppable? 

Author Savon Dane (4 months)
Wow, that is unfortunate that this amazing talent had to be muted. If this
is the case, all covers on YouTube should be muted. The "system" always
tries to weaken the most talented. Never stop using your talent bestowed
upon you by the Divine. Your voice sounds like love.

Author boram Lee (1 month)
i want to get this acapella file! just voice file! somebody who can give it
to me please let me know! 

Author Jet Li Vang (2 months)

Author Leilani Manivong (1 month)

Author Abhishek J (3 months)
oh nice try YouTube...but don't worry its all cool I can just sit
here staring at that beautiful face even though her voice's been
muted...coz she's sooo beautiful :P...and yeah YouTube you're a jerk -_-

Author evelyn malave (2 months)

Author Jae cheong (2 months)
I couldn't hear anything 

Author Emily Hong (3 months)
nooo please un-mute this!

Author Abbi Etherington (1 month)
is this a joke! seriously Youtube! get this song back up!!!!

Author StarVolaire (3 months)
This is literally one of her best covers! :( I'm soooooo mad. Peoples
covers like hers get muted while other peoples covers who suck or get auto
tuned and get millions and MILLIONS of view somehow never get flagged.....

Author Chase Austin (3 months)
WHY the hell is this muted?! This is a COVER! MJ would have been proud to
have heard Tori's rendition... and anyone who thinks differently should
really reevaluate some things.

Author Makenzie Danz (4 months)
It stinks that I can't hear anything...

Author Achmo atat (2 months)
whattt thee fuckk where ist the sound ?? i dont understand

Author madison thayer (3 months)
No sound !

Author drummerheee (1 month)
Amazing how I can still hear her voice.

Author oliviaXfilms (2 months)
It was to good that they had to mute it. 

Author Sam Leva (3 months)
2:25 hoy shit she's amazing

Author Kimberley Edward (3 months)
:( :( :( wanted to hear your gorgeous voice! Xxx

Author Khadijah Davis (3 months)
WHYYYYYY!!!!! I wanted to hear this! 

Author do not ask me again you tube (5 months)

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