DayZ - Private Server Installation Tutorial (

This is a very easy tutorial on how to install the server pack.
If you have any questions be sure to ask it on the forum:
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Author grytbakk1 (8 months)
i dont have arma2? i cant find it

Author Gökmen Eker (8 months)
how can I add starting inventory for the server and also backpack please
help !!!!

Author EdwardBrainio (1 year)
So how do I set it up as a Panthera Server

Author Rizlim (1 year)
How do you enable public chat? (if it's possible)

Author MrFantastic (1 year)
Addon "DayZ_anim" requires addon "CAData" i get this all the time

Author Pwnoz0r (1 year)
Yes all data saves to the database.

Author Booby Hill (2 years)
mine just stays on loading :(

Author TheKorejen (2 years)
Same problem, can someone help?

Author Yuri Kanash (1 year)
every time i launch the server and try join it, it just says Waiting for
Host, any fixes to that?

Author silvershield121 (1 year)
Mr. Pwnoz0r, I have a problem and i apologize beforehand if i have missed
something and am taking up your time. My server works properly and such,
except i cant seem to run the server on the internet and it only shows up
for me on LAN. What setting could i change to fix this, if there is one, or
if there is something i did wrong, what can i redo to fix this? Thank you
for your time.

Author Pwnoz0r (2 years)
I replied to it. Check the FAQ. I think I answered all of your questions.
Plus I am rendering a video right now on how to use Navicat with the

Author DinosEdits (2 years)
I get stuck at wait for host?

Author Harris Quarter (1 year)
Everytime i try to join my server, it just says Invalid CD key. I have
disabled port 29910 and no fix, anyone know?

Author fratermalou77 (1 year)
are my friends able to join me even the server is in LAN mod ? they can
join me with internet ? with my IP ? thank you very much btw for this

Author Joshua Huke (1 year)
Do you just run the .exe and point it to your Arma 2 and it will install
server and DayZ?

Author HartXelBeatz (2 years)
How exactly do you combine both folders of Arma 2 and Arma 2: OA ?

Author Goodman1300 (1 year)
Is there any way to load a map that you made yourself in the Map Editor?

Author DubStepUK11 (2 years)
bad version error, any help?

Author DahBlount (1 year)
Could you possibly do an in depth tutorial on adding functions not included
navicat for Hivemind? I have been trying to add buildings to Balota AF,
NWAF, and NEAF, and I have looked at the forum and found stuff that would
normally help me but I lack fGetVehCount and I want to make sure I set up
functions and procedures correctly so I don't screw stuff up.

Author VictoryOfHeroes (2 years)
Each time someone joins my server they have to turn there debug monitor on
in game settings, how can i fix this so its already turned on like in other
private hives?

Author BFaimfull (1 year)
Thanks man, Yours worked :)

Author Pwnoz0r (2 years)
I am adding Utes to my server pack. Keep checking back on the forum post.

Author Louis Lamonby (1 year)
my dayz just says waiting for host HELP!!!

Author Pwnoz0r (2 years)
I am uploading a mirror now, I couldn't afford to keep my site up this
month, so it is down. Just download the one off of GitHub.

Author Riael EagleEye (2 years)

Author Harry Hariri (2 years)
hey dude..does it need an arma 2 : combined operation v1.60?or
v1.62??please reply ><

Author Pwnoz0r (2 years)
I can't do anything about that. This is with the new update. Rocket broke
some things.

Author danniisthebest (1 year)
Did everything like you, when i go join i get this error: This server is
running an incorrect version of the server side application. You cannot
play on this server. If you are the server admin contact the DayZ Staff.

Author Pwnoz0r (2 years)
Updated your beta version to the latest.

Author mja2106 (1 year)
Does it save it when you shut it down like that?

Author Haris Jadu (1 year)
how do you add whitelist and diffrent admin power rights and etc? aswell as
how do you spawn vehicles as admin? without using cheatengine

Author JonesStudiosHD (1 year)
Does it for me to

Author Pwnoz0r (2 years)
Look at my latest tutorial.

Author zILLIUUZ (2 years)
Can i change the map to like Utes? Please answer!

Author Drew Brooks (2 years)
Didn't install correctly

Author BasiltheBatlord377 (2 years)
Same problem for me as well, even after updating to the latest beta.

Author Pwnoz0r (2 years)
Can you tell me what you needed to fix?

Author HnBSmith (2 years)
hey dude.. i actually made this and the server works. but how i can add or
delete vehicles, and are they allready on this files you made for download,
or have to add i those by myself? i found not one since i started the
server. thx for answer

Author HartXelBeatz (2 years)
Alright my server still hasn't popped up yet on there.. I guess I'll just
keep checking.

Author THEVOL7AGECLAN (1 year)
Your zargabad server never works for me it always either says bad version
or you dont have this server doesnt accept those keys....

Author TerofGaming (2 years)
Nice tutorial...i had few problems after install...but they were really
small and quick to fix if you know how to use goodle :)

Author SWITCH3TN1eS (2 years)
It stand like this... Addon 'dayz_anim' requires addon 'CAData' what is
this ?

Author HartXelBeatz (2 years)
One more question, does the server automatically pop up on DayZ Commander
and Play With 6? If so, how long does it take? Thanks (:

Author GodexGames (1 year)
Please help im using 1.7.3 and when i try join using lan i never get in
lobby it just keeps me loading ? any suggestions ?

Author jepie0 (2 years)
Cool i thought so, will you be updating the download package? because even
if its safe AVG will constantly detect it.

Author Mario Kantor (1 year)
how can i set my server to not use cd key...when i get in it says bad cd
key. how can i turn it to not use cd key?? plizz answer me as quick as you

Author Tiziano Rorato (1 year)
what version of beta patch do we have to download? the latest (98443) ?

Author Karmit Fruge (1 year)
When I load it it just says "Wait for Host", do you know how to fix this?

Author HartXelBeatz (2 years)
Ahh thank you so much (:

Author jepie0 (2 years)
Nice work, only issue iv'e got is AVG detects the @START_SERVER.exe as a
Trojan horse PSW.Generic10.JTJ im guessing this is just a false alarm ?
because id really like to try out your private server

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