Christina Aguilera Feat A Great Big World - "Say Something" with LYRICS

A lyric video for Christina Aguilera's new song SAY SOMETHING! enjoy!!! :) please rate, comment, subscribe and check out my other vids! Thanks for watching! Xo!
- Casper Xtina

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Say Something a great big world feat christina aguilera


Author Casper Xtina (21 day)
A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera - Say Something available on

Author Casper Xtina (2 hours)

Author Casper Xtina (3 months)

Author Casper Xtina (1 month)
20 million views! WOW! Thank you guys! <3

Author Casper Xtina (8 months)
Christina Aguilera - 'We Remain' with Lyrics (Catching Fire)

Author Casper Xtina (5 months) <--- Please like this
page if you like Christina Aguilera ;)

Author Vincent Vega (5 days)
my parents died when i was 7

Author Sue T. (13 days)
~ By The Time you realize what I've been saying, I'll be gone.~
Sue T.

#suesmusic (no I'm not sad :) I fell over this in my music playing) :)

Author Hiccup Haddock (2 months)
+Sparrow at Heart
Lykke: *Lucy....i know you can hear me......this is song you...**sings the
song then cuts off the connection*
*hugs **+Koal Embers* thanks for being here 

Author Riley The Next Step (20 days)
Such an amazing song that just makes me put all my problems aside. It is
very soothing!

Author Joy Carroll (20 days)
To me this song isn't only about a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. To me
this song is about a person that you really want and need in your life,
whether that's your role model, your best friend, your mom, dad, or
whoever. But it seems like they don't feel the same way about you so you're
just pretty much telling them to say something because you're about to give
up on them but can't. :/ this song is so sad. :( describes my life

Author Ivory Denny (10 days)
If you think about the song deeply you'll realize what happened ‘‘im sorry
that I couldn't get to you" his mom or parent is in the hospital and by the
time they got there she was Gomez and they didn't make it to her or him its
very sad :'(

Author Lucy Poptart (1 month)
+Katie C this song ya know

"Say somethinggg"
"I'm giving up on youuu"

Author Discorded Matti Donaldson (1 month)
solar is back and has taken over me and +Emerald Storm
+TwilightSparkle Fan help us...

Author Vantien Vein (17 days)

Author Ek elhozail (1 month)
Say something i'm giving up on you :(

Author Michlle Orteal (1 month)
Thos song reminds me of how I used to pray every night for god to talk to
me or say something to me so I would know if he was real or not. Because my
family never went to church and I never was told as a kid that he was real.
So I never really knew what to belive. I hope that makes sense.

Author Γιώργος Μίχογλου (10 days)
Every word with a meaning...

Author Niah Chavez (2 months)
Gosh it made me cry when the lyrics say 'Your da one dat I love, And I'm
saying goodbye' IF MY MOTHER DIESSS ;(

Author Connor Schwartz (2 months)
This song is sad because my grandpa just passed and it reminds me of me and
him when we had fun times and I should of hang with him more often😥😭😭

Author breaky first (1 month)
LOVE IT !!! <3

Author Rainbow Kitten (2 months)
I had to say good bye once but then i meet a new guy named Alex and he
really loves me and i love him if i had to say good bye to him i would die

Author Japanlover31281 (2 months)
my brother left to go to Afganistan for 9 months :'(

Author Lily Rose (1 month)
This is so like me. No one talks to me at all I cry all the time because if
that. ╥﹏╥╥﹏╥╥﹏╥╥﹏╥

Author Kassidy Polanosky (1 month)
How did I have break down to this song for no reason D;?! I guess since
it's such a touching song :')... Amazing video ^.^! 

Author Luffy Cerecerez (2 months)
My mom was playing this a few minutes ago ;n; way to brighten the mood mom

Author H4LFD3MON (1 month)
I fell in love with my gf. From the 1st time I ever saw her, I had a crush
on her. She is so beautiful, smart, funny and well just Amazing. My
insecurity and jealousy ruined our relationship. We had great times but I
guess it's all shadowed now by my stupidities. She left me and I wish she
would give me this one last chance to show her how much I care about her.
When she told me she no longer wanted to be with me, I felt like all my
breath had been knocked out of me. I just want her to be happy. If that
means not being with me then I have to accept that. It's just hard knowing
she might never come back. :'(

Author YourrBabybooBoox (2 months)
Love voor dit liedje!!x


Author Tavia C (1 month)
God damn it every time I hear this I cry a little harder 

Author wolfabsession aj (2 months)
I lisened to this song and it made me think over somethings and i began to

Author Veronica Baladi (2 months)
AWESOME SONG! Easy to play on recorder

Author VyAn Tran (2 months)
for u, my little everything.
Thank for all the feeling that u gave.
anw, I am giving up on u.
dont need to say anything....cuz I said goodbye in "be strong"

Author ANTHONY MIDDLETON (2 months)
Christina Aguilera Feat A Great Big World - "Say Something" with LYRICS

Author Sally Gerges (2 months)

Author null (3 months)
Reminds me when I was going to give up on my crush, but I decided to not
give up. I'm still not with her, but I just want her to be happy with or
without me. 

Author Aaliyah Quinn Biersack (4 months)
this song makes me cry every time i hear it

Author Sasha Braus (3 months)
This song is so sad that when I read angsty fanfics I have to take so much
breaks to cry and reflect on the story and the song. Fml.

Author Bernard John Hunter (2 months)
This made me cry. I had spiritual shivers at the same time. One of the
deepest tear jerking emotional songs I have ever heard. Now has a new soul
destroying heart breaking meaning to me. 

Author Nikkitha Nethaji (2 months)
luv this song!!!! ♪♫♩♩

Author vanessa miranda (3 months)

Author Lady Carrott (2 months)
like if u cri evrytiem

Author David McWilliams (2 months)
I crie evy tiem dis song plaed wen my bf text he no wun sex no.moar

Author Sana F. (3 months)

Author Natalie Kay (2 months)

Author Gabe S. (3 months)
Is it weakness for a man to cry....this woman I love beyond anyone I've
ever loved, she loved me at one point but closed up on me entirely. Moved
across the country to be with her and her children. She is only drifting
further away...and won't even speak to me. I will always love you
Mahlerie...I hope you find happiness and someone who will love you as I
truly want to. #slowlygivinguponyou 

Author Madi Gowans (1 hour)
Im 13 and I love this guy alot. In march I told me he started self harming.
I was too. We helped each other alot. we dated once but it didnt really
work out. I still love him. this song reminds me of our relationship

Author xxISeaFiyAhxx :) (3 hours)

Author Skimpy (4 hours)
**chops onion**

Author Eileen Chong (19 hours)

Author Aedan Krohn (1 day)
Saddest song I've ever heard, really makes you think. The art of music is
do amazing 

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