Christina Aguilera Feat A Great Big World - "Say Something" with LYRICS

A lyric video for Christina Aguilera's new song SAY SOMETHING! enjoy!!! :) please rate, comment, subscribe and check out my other vids! Thanks for watching! Xo!
- Casper Xtina

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Author Casper Xtina (1 month)
A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera - Say Something available on

Author Casper Xtina (18 days)

Author Casper Xtina (4 months)

Author Casper Xtina (2 months)
20 million views! WOW! Thank you guys! <3

Author Katherine Grimsley (7 days)
This reminds me soooo much of Katniss and Peeta (Mockingjay, when he thinks
she's a mutt). The line "I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you" really
strikes a chord, you know? Also Lily Evans and Severus Snape... This is one
of two popular songs I like. The other is Demons by Imagine Dragons, but
that's a second choice.

Author Shattered Matti Donaldson (17 days)
*i lay in a bed in the medic part of the shatter dome in a deep coma due to
a battle against a level 5 kaiju with **+Prince Shadow Storm / Prince
Shining Armor** and everyone is worried about my and when people walk the
halls quiet and soft with each step*

Author Casper Xtina (9 months)
Christina Aguilera - 'We Remain' with Lyrics (Catching Fire)

Author Casper Xtina (5 months) <--- Please like this
page if you like Christina Aguilera ;)

Author Sue T. (1 month)
~ By The Time you realize what I've been saying, I'll be gone.~
Sue T.

#suesmusic (no I'm not sad :) I fell over this in my music playing) :)

Author josiah keys (26 days)
This should've been at the end of the amazing spiderman 2 when the girl

Author Hiccup Haddock (3 months)
+Sparrow at Heart
Lykke: *Lucy....i know you can hear me......this is song you...**sings the
song then cuts off the connection*
*hugs **+Koal Embers* thanks for being here 

Author Riley The Next Step (1 month)
Such an amazing song that just makes me put all my problems aside. It is
very soothing!

Author Lucy Clifford DUH (2 months)
+Katie C this song ya know

"Say somethinggg"
"I'm giving up on youuu"

Author Vincent Vega (24 days)
my parents died when i was 7

Author Ek elhozail (2 months)
Say something i'm giving up on you :(

Author Niah Chavez (3 months)
Gosh it made me cry when the lyrics say 'Your da one dat I love, And I'm
saying goodbye' IF MY MOTHER DIESSS ;(

Author Japanlover31281 (2 months)
my brother left to go to Afganistan for 9 months :'(

Author Luffy Cerecerez (2 months)
My mom was playing this a few minutes ago ;n; way to brighten the mood mom

Author Shattered Matti Donaldson (2 months)
solar is back and has taken over me and +Emerald Storm
+TwilightSparkle Fan help us...

Author christian blandow (17 days)
I just recorded myself singing this... It was terrible xd I'll never sing
in my live again. D:

Author wolfabsession aj (3 months)
I lisened to this song and it made me think over somethings and i began to

Author Veronica Baladi (2 months)
AWESOME SONG! Easy to play on recorder

Author ANTHONY MIDDLETON (3 months)
Christina Aguilera Feat A Great Big World - "Say Something" with LYRICS

Author Sasha Braus (4 months)
This song is so sad that when I read angsty fanfics I have to take so much
breaks to cry and reflect on the story and the song. Fml.

Author jeremie espinal (15 days)
My best friends (when I say best friend I mean we were each other's
partners in crime) grandma died in April and me and this friend we've been
through ups and downs and all arounds so me and his grandmother were
incredibly good friends and the rest of my class and I were in school when
we found this out and out of everyone who cried I cried the hardest and now
there's a chance me and my friend will never see each other ever again
R.I.P Ms. Pat and best of luck in life to my best friend you'll always be
thought about in my mind

Author vanessa miranda (3 months)

Author Lady Carrott (3 months)
like if u cri evrytiem

Author David McWilliams (3 months)
I crie evy tiem dis song plaed wen my bf text he no wun sex no.moar

Author Deziray Naylor (23 hours)
I cant stil listening to this song nonstop. My sister is living with an
abusive step mom and a druggy dad. And theres nothing I can do because were
only related through my mom and she is dead. I wont be able to see my
sister anymore. She is my whole life. What makes it worth living for.

Author jjaapp18 (2 days)
Yea, this is not Christina's song. Do your homework before you post shit,
Casper Xtina. Dumb ass.

Author Awwesom Cody (1 day)
Dont be a fucking douche and thank people for watching something you didnt

Author Nero Sule (2 days)

Author Ana Tavares (3 days)

Author Tabatha Hudson (16 days)
This makes me think of a "friend" I have who hardly talks to me who ignores
me and doesn't want anything to do with me and invites me around because
she thinks that I'm desperate and alone.. it makes me kind of sick... I'm
thankful God's around.. :/ if I didn't have God around I'd probably be dead
or either at a hospital 24/7 He really does love you. He's just waiting for
you to repent and give yourself to Him, even your problems because He sent
His son to die for you it wasn't easy for the both of them and He doesn't
want you go through pain alone. It wasn't easy for God especially, since
His son was being humiliated, in grief, in sadness and in compassion and
tormented for us and for our sins when we deserved eternal darkness but we
have an option to repent and be with Him. I just wanted to say it's worth
giving yourself to Him and for the ones who are going through hard times
and knowing you'll be eternally with Him. Be strong you are loved and never
alone. ;) 

Author Axel Elison (3 days)
my gf just broke up with me :'(

Author arfia rabbi yushani firdaus (12 days)
say something dulu lagunya bikin merinding

Author harjap sarai (4 days)
i mean song

Author Lily Hicks (4 days)
This reminds me of 9/11. Never forget.🙏❤️😳

Author ultimatepranks (4 days)
Grace :(

Author sara Bdk (5 days)
This song is in the trailer of 'if i stay' go check it out its such a good
movie made me cry

Author Sana F. (4 months)

Author Joy Carroll (1 month)
To me this song isn't only about a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. To me
this song is about a person that you really want and need in your life,
whether that's your role model, your best friend, your mom, dad, or
whoever. But it seems like they don't feel the same way about you so you're
just pretty much telling them to say something because you're about to give
up on them but can't. :/ this song is so sad. :( describes my life

Author SophiaMarguerite (24 days)
Who else cried when listening to this song! So sad but so happy

Author Ivory Denny (28 days)
If you think about the song deeply you'll realize what happened ‘‘im sorry
that I couldn't get to you" his mom or parent is in the hospital and by the
time they got there she was Gomez and they didn't make it to her or him its
very sad :'(

Author wingleader04 (1 month)
This is how I feel when I text my friend and they don't reply after fifteen

Author Γιώργος Μίχογλου (29 days)
Every word with a meaning...

Author aquasnake2006 (1 month)
When all you wanted to do was just love that person and be loved back. When
that person just gives you one look and it makes you melt, but then they
don't give you a second glance and you break. When you want to be close but
then you're "clingy," and when you're away you "don't care enough." When
that person just doesn't love you back but you still loved them. 

Author Michlle Orteal (2 months)
Thos song reminds me of how I used to pray every night for god to talk to
me or say something to me so I would know if he was real or not. Because my
family never went to church and I never was told as a kid that he was real.
So I never really knew what to belive. I hope that makes sense.

Author Rainbow Kitten (2 months)
I had to say good bye once but then i meet a new guy named Alex and he
really loves me and i love him if i had to say good bye to him i would die

Author YourrBabybooBoox (2 months)
Love voor dit liedje!!x


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