Swedish weave, Part 2b: more stitches has replaced Intro to basic stitching for Swedish Weaving. Now that you have your monks cloth ready to weave on, learn how to make basic stitches. This video is the second half of part 2 (more stitches).

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Author Susan Wayne (28 days)
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Just some thoughts. Some other reasons you might consider for working
center out is that there is less friction on the yarn only going thru half
the length or width. Also, your arm won't get so tired pulling such a long
length of yarn thru each time you do a few stitches. It can get wearing.
Both of these come into play especially when you are working on a large
Would it be possible for you to post a demo of how you start/finish off
each row? Also, how do you make a piece of the huck cloth wider? I can't
remember how! Thanks again for the great videos.

Author Kay Skywalker (10 months)
I'm wondering about that too. It makes more sense to work right to left all
the way over. My step mom does and her work is beautiful, she gave me the
materials to get started. Just one more thing with string to get addicted
too on top of knitting and crocheting.

Author erl49 (9 months)
I'm wondering about how to weave in the ends, too. That wasn't inlcuded in
the videos but I'll probably find it in a book. Also, my brain is
brainstorming after watching far as table runners, napkins,
etc,, I started wondering, "What if you used Aida cross stitch cloth and
did the same swedish weaving but with the appropriate number of strands of
dmc thread.....mmmm...that would be gorgeous, too!"

Author Alisa Hejny (8 months)
I've crochet a simple single stitch blanket and I'd like to know if I could
swedish weave threw it. It has basic rows that I think it could be done. Do
u know if anyone has tried to do this?

Author Kay Skywalker (10 months)
I was a little edgy at first from starting right in the center and working
to each side but it's turning out very even on both sides of the blanket.
What do you do with the ends? weaving them or tying a knot?

Author epicabundance (3 years)
Thank you for your kind comments. Be careful, Swedish weaving is so much
fun that you might find yourself doing it all the time and creating all
kinds of beautiful items for your home. Yes, Grandma will be proud!!!

Author linda geraghty (2 years)
Hi, it's the first time I've seen this craft, and love the look of it. I
just wonder, what happens when you get to the side, do you have to secure
the yarn to finish it off so it can't come undone? And if so how do you do
it please. Love the video, very easy to follow!!

Author Tiras Mom (3 years)
I fell in love with monks cloth some time ago and bought a bunch of it. I
had no idea what to do with it... just love the texture and color and looks
of it. Since I am recovering from surgery I spend a lot of time online.
Love crafts and making things for gifts. Your 3 videos opened a new world
for me and I am going to try to create some gifts... possibly napkins for
starters in this craft that is 'new' to me. Grandma would be proud! Thanks
for your most excellent teaching/learning tool.

Author tdburger85 (1 year)
I bought Monks Cloth to make a traditional/authentic costume out of, but
used a Muslin instead. With the Monks Cloth left over, I had no idea what
to do with it until I found your videos. Now I have an idea for a perfect
Christmas gift. Thanks so much!!

Author Kathy Roberts (2 years)
My mom loved the swedish weave and I always wanted to learn. My mom passed
away before I learned how to do it. With this now i know how to do it. My
mom left me with all the things i need to make a blanket. Thank you so much

Author Marny5580 (6 months)
Starting at Center and stitching left and then stitching right will ensure
that your fabric will stay straight. By going across from left edge to
right edge, or from right edge to left edge, there is a good possibility of
the fabric being pulled out of whack!! We don't want to do that. By
stitchinbg half right (or half left) FIRST, you will know if there is
enough yarn for the other side. If one side hasn't enough then the other
half won't have enough, based on centering your cut strand.

Author Boni Mitsou (9 months)
Merci à cette dame d'avoir faire cet excellent vidéo! elle s'exprime très
bien, et elle nous démontre très bien la technique, car elle sait comment
utiliser sa caméra avec de beaux plan d'approche. en espérant qu'elle fera
de même avec des patrons futurs! Face Book '' Cercle 22 '' = Cercle de
Fermières L'Annonciation

Author Carriedom (2 years)
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talent. I have tried doing
Swedish weaving several times in the past, without success. However, after
viewing your video, which is so very well done I now have a better
understanding of the process! :) Will try again!

Author annikalad (3 years)
I just love this video tutorial...thanks for putting it up!

Author Consuelo Moncayo (2 years)
It seems to be an interesting work, I would to see a finished project.
Thanks and greetings from Ecuador.

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