Borderlands 2 Secrets: How to get Behind Marcus's Counter

This is a glitch in Borderlands 2 on how to get behind Marcus's Counter in his shop!

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Author Divine Poleo (1 month)
Im playing with my friend and we are dueling and i'm practically invincible

Author tcrownest (3 days)
lol my friend panicked

Author gage washburn (8 days)
My buds were like WTF MAN and there was a nerd playin and started sayin
HACKER your. Africkin hacker man this can just make nerds mad

Author Jerry Pratt (3 months)
Is it patched

Author Magma Magnet (1 month)
Cool I done it

Author Phillip Madsen (3 months)
Hey do you Got assasins creed Black flag for pc??

Author stuart filth (3 months)
Nice vid! Thanks heaps!!

Author Tameka Tanner (1 month)
They where like

Author Zander Zone (4 months)
Lol ending

Author Punisher Ford (3 months)
I Hate the bigining because you look and sound like a hillbilly redneck!!!!

Author Christian Hayes (4 months)
He peep his pants I scared him!

Author Indiana bog (2 months)
So this is wut hpnd I told him to come in to marcus gun shop HE CALLED ME A

Author Brandon Peterson (5 months)
I told my friend to buy all guns in game then sell them and he ran out of
the map I died

Author Jacob Mullins (4 months)
good video

Author Dick Penisburg (1 month)
2:33 "equippded", are you 5 or something

Author Brian Raines (1 month)
I just barly started watching ur videos because I can't find anyone that
plays B&L 2 so thanks for playing b l 2

Author Aiden Forrester (2 months)
Friend unkle kletus

Author petistudio (1 month)
Hi, I have a question... I saw almost all of your legendary weapons videos
(they are awesome btw) but I could'nt understand one thing - Are the
weapons require level 50? You can find them only of you're level 50?

Author Matthew F Moeykens (1 month)
When you have a friend join you, have them travel and you can go with them
without dying. Or log.

Author Scrumpa Doochus (2 months)
Marcus kneecapped me

Author Azmun Niazi (3 months)
Did you hack borderlands 2

Author Husky_Togekiss (4 months)
My friend saw me behind Marcus tee bagging him it was funny as fuck

Author ii knight 13 x (5 months)
Hey welcome to.... dick thats what my friend said trollolololol

Author Joaquin Diaz (3 months)
I went behind that building and found myself under sanctuary then i walked
off the edge and started falling but did not die i got scared

Author Angie Johnston (23 days)
I killed mic

Author Jessica Brielle (4 months)
She started crying and telling me how. To get in

Author DONT FORGET MEEEEE (4 months)
I think its patched D:

Author XxBossxTy99xX (2 months)
They should've made it so there were actual good guns (based on your level)
in his vault if you do the glitch

Author zack duemmel (5 months)
i did it my friend was like what the fuck

Author Michael Carter (3 months)
There a easter way to go behind markis the room be side it is it just jump
on the corner that has a pipe in it jump on it then jump on the light and
the run and jump on the white big bloke the your in that room

Author GTisJAVO1996 (3 months)
can you enter his money vault though this?

Author Ethan Smith (5 months)
what happened was he vomited:(

Author Jerry Pratt (3 months)
Then how come I cant do it I watched his vid like 3 trying to figure out

Author Tameka Tanner (1 month)
Sooooooooo funny

Author DcWafflez (2 months)
I would pull a prank on my friends... but i don't have any :(

Author Howlunder thebloodlight (4 months)
My friend flipped out and quit the game then he came to my house and shot
me with his airsoft pistol and he called me a hacker. lol what do i do now?

Author Nick Smith (7 months)
Same way to get into moxxies

Author Bi2m4rk (7 months)
why you cutthat shit?

Author Petar Milic (6 months)
What are "Gold Weapons",dude are you on drugs?Its legendary or "Orange"

Author BiLL Jantarapitak (8 months)
what grenade this u used

Author pollita19811 (8 months)
He shit his panes

Author Meaty Sontroid (5 months)
Yes. You have discovered the prophecy, chosen one.

Author Raul Drozner (7 months)
When I went on Splitscreen it lit up the area under his staircase so you
can see it better

Author Snap Xdeadshot (8 months)
My uncles only 1 yr older

Author AgentNeo1911 (9 months)
i puled the prank and my friend was all calm at first was like how the fuck
did you do that?? then he yelled HOW IN THE NAME OF FUCK DID YOU GET THERE

Author Una ^^ (9 months)
10,000 is nothing if you are level 50 Weapons you sell give me over 25k

Author shaunpara0587 (8 months)
been a long time watcher only just subscribed keep making videos your

Author porky1233 (7 months)
well i did not expect that ending...

Author Corey C (9 months)
my buddy went nuts and asked me how i did it, i said watch riifle gaming,
then try it out

Author Qazz Azox (7 months)
his outro gave me nightmares D: xD

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