Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

I don't know who performed this, but it's by far the best recording I've ever heard!! Enjoy!!

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Author Brian Simerl (1 month)
Mr. Bach is not amused! *I wonder what inspired him to write such a dark

Author Peter Bockmühl (3 days)
Liebe Mitplusser, diesmal möchte ich euch mit einem sehr bekannten Werk der
Kirchenmusik erfreuen, der Toccata und Fuge in d-Moll BWV 565 von Johann
Sebastian Bach.
JSB ist einer der bekanntesten Komponisten, Orgel- und Klaviervirtuosen des
Barocks. Er wurde am 21.03.1685 in Eisenach geboren. Durch den Cousin
seines Vaters, der Organist in der Georgenkirche war, wurde er mit der
Kirchenmusik vertraut gemacht. Nach dem Tod seiner Eltern zog er mit 9
Jahren zu seinem ältern Bruder, der ebenfalls Organist war, nach Ohrdruf.
Hier wurde seine musikalische Ausbildung fortgesetzt. Mit 14 Jahren zog er
nach Lüneburg um hier seine schulische Ausbildung abzuschließen. Ab 1703
wirkte er als Organist in Arnstadt. 1707 wechselte er als Organist nach
Mühlhausen. Hier heiratete JSB und machte sich mit seiner Frau 1708 nach
Weimar auf, wo er 1714 zum Konzertmeister ernannt wurde. 1717 zog es ihn
nach Köthen, wo er als Kapellmeister wirkte bevor er 1723 seinen Dienst als
Thomaskantor in Leipzig aufnahm. Hier war er als Kantor und Musikdirektor
für die 4 Hauptkirchen der Stadt verantwortlich. In den 1740er Jahren zog
er sich nach und nach mehr aus seinem musikalischen Tätigkeiten zurück, ehe
er am 28.07.1750 verstarb.
Die Toccata und Fuge in d-Moll ist das mit Abstand bekannteste Orgelwerk
europäischer Kunstmusik.
Wie immer wünsche ich euch viel Freude mit der Musik, einen schönen Abend
und eine geruhsame Nacht.

Author Arte Boy (28 days)
This is performance of Rolf Uusvaly,record 1972 in Riga. I grow up on this
old soviet LP:)

Author Roger Peartree (1 month)
I'm so sorry but it's too rushed. A little bit too fast. But it's a good
version if you are going to feature it on the radio. Since it's too fast it
should please those executives... Bummer! :(

Author SerialK86 (23 days)
2:42 this is the part where he drops the bass.

Author David Fisher (26 days)
I personally find it rather brash and showy; all technique and no feeling. 

Author brat tack (2 months)
is this the full version?

Author GammaWolf99 (2 months)
Why can I imagine this playing as BGM for a boss character, completely

Author ironhorzmn (25 days)
E. Power Biggs?

Author No Name (1 month)
i didnt know this is a classic
olways thught this is for vampire or creepy people in movies

Author Olga Novakauskiene (14 days)
*Toccata and fugue in D Minor* (Bach)
Bravo Thank you

Author Pablo Portoles (4 months)
Cette chanson était aussi le générique de il était une fois la vie, ce
dessin animé si bizarre...

Author ant war (1 month)
I think Karl Richter is the organist.

Author RandomGamerP3 (3 months)
Am I the only one who, while watching this video, was wearing a black
V-neck cloak, skin was pale white, had my hair dyed black, and my most
sharp teeth were bleeding? Reference to a movie? Know what the movie is?

Author ClusterVisionMach2 (1 day)
Ein Meisterwerk christlicher Musik.

Author Andy Liu (11 hours)
Happy Halloween.

Author Lucy Foster (16 hours)
I like E Power Biggs

Author Polymorphable (11 hours)
Happy Halloween everyone :)

Author Cergei Mironov (3 days)
Best world music. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever):

Author Tim Counts (13 days)
While I see other comments we had an album years ago that was E. Power
Briggs, a famous American Organist, the album we had was several works
played on famous Organs around Europe and I would swear that this is his
work. If you do a search on youtube and listen to this work by Mr Briggs
the inflection, fingering and mood sound very much the same, the organs
certainly are not the same.

Author G Tron (4 days)
this is so focking kick ass!

Author LimezANDLemonzSix (3 months)
Johann Sebastian bach. What a master musician

Author johnny10301968 (5 days)
How on earth does this Bach piece get mixed in with horror case in point
(Brigantine Castle).

Author maheen hassan (7 days)
Johann Sebastian Bach... lol I love him

Author SeadogDriftwood (7 days)
Yes, the Toccata is taken at a brisk pace. But keep in mind that Bach might
well have used this piece, as well as others like it, to test an organ's
capabilities; I'd imagine that being able to maintain the right degree of
clarity between notes in fast passages would be something worth testing.
Furthermore, I'd like to draw a parallel to the ancient Japanese musical
style of Gagaku. The music has been preserved with minimal changes for over
a millennium. However, like any art form, some changes have gradually
worked their way in; specifically, a number of the works were likely
originally far faster than they're played today, particularly some of the
drinking songs of the tōgaku repertory (E.g. "The Vinous Sogdian"). Now,
I'm not belittling or criticising gagaku or its performers; however, one
may learn thereby how slowing a piece overmuch, be it out of respect or any
other reason, can warp it into something very, very different.

I for one think the performer has an excellent and timely use of rubato.

Author pix046 (8 days)
This is good but the definitive is likely by Richter and is available on

Author John Jackson (9 days)
The angels play Bach for God, but save Mozart for themselves...

Author Agamemnon (9 days)
I feel the organist skipped through some pauses at the beginning, which
reduced the drama and made it feel somewhat "rushed". It gets better
towards the end.

Author TakedaXS (14 days)

Author steven stewart (3 months)
Great works by great men last for ever. Just like yourself. 

Author osirisdatz (2 months)
This Organ Must be the one in the Cathedral of Passau , Bavaria, Germany

Author Valentina Goretska (2 months)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

Author Percival Boomfart (1 month)
I agree, this is an excellent version. It is very close in timing, pacing
and dramatic expression to the E.Power Biggs standard, but with a much
richer and fuller sound. A performance this well recorded and performed
would be a major release. I would love to know who, what Organ and what
recording label.
Regards and thanks for posting 

Author cyclemouse (2 months)
I think this version is based on the version by Sky...
I absolutely love their version, since my Dad played it when I was a kid...
we're both rockers, but I can appreciate classical too... this is original
Prog Rock...! :) 

Author Tobi ace (3 months)
johann sebastian bach

Author aegeanbo (2 months)
Someone knowledgeable should be able to tell a lot about how this organ
should sound by just from looking at the picture. The music does not match
the picture.. The amount of reverberation (or lack of) gives us the clue.
Will anyone please identify the organist and the organ used in this
recording? If I am wrong, i like it confirmed.

Author Chris Skinner (7 hours)
Crystal clear. Lovely.

Author Legendazf Betancohurt (3 months)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best version ever ) was performed by E.
Power Biggs

Author GordoChaAdo (1 day)
I will be pumping this out of the basement home theater while the neighbor
kids trick or treat

Author Jon Man (9 hours)
It's Halloween night. You're goddamn right I'm listening to Bach's Toccata
and Fugue!

Author Yugure33 (3 days)
Il était une fois l'homme.

Author Alex Polsky (11 hours)
Best halloween track in history

Author y11971alex (2 days)
I think the registration used for this peace is remarkable. The edition
that I heard in person involved the horrific misapplication of the pedal

Author Sándor Kovács (3 months)
Bach lived at the end of the "Dark Middle Age" But, how "dark" is the era
in which such a great musical works were born??? The real Dark Age started
at the "Enlightenment."

Author Kristian Alexander (1 day)
this is so metal

Author Frank Piscitello, Jr. (23 hours)
Good morning Halloween friends. It's time for some Halloween Bach! Best if
the sub-woofer is turned up too!

Author Jaddels (15 hours)
This song reminds me of Halloween more than anything, love it

Author marcin maroch (18 hours)
Fairest composer, good execution. I invite on my channel

Author S. McCloy (17 hours)
The heavy metal song of classical music !

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