Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

I don't know who performed this, but it's by far the best recording I've ever heard!! Enjoy!!

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Author Andris D. (5 months)
Good morning my friends !!!!

Author Nicholas Burkard (8 months)

Author Andrew Long (3 months)
And that is how an organ should be played

Author SadWings Raging (6 months)
In keeping with tonight's topic, one of my fave composers.

Author MightyElo (7 months)
Whenever I think of this, I always think of Captain Nemo playing it in the
Nautilus in Disney 20,000 Leagues under the sea XD

Author DantehMan (4 months)
I'm not so big into classical music. I might have one or two favorite
symphonies and a few movements I like from various artists, but for the
most part I just pick a random classical tune to listen to while studying
or doing homework. This piece, however, is one of those that I can't avoid
paying attention to. I can't just listen! I must respond to the commands
this piece makes of me!

Author LimezANDLemonzSix (24 days)
Johann Sebastian bach. What a master musician

Author anonymusum (6 months)
+ Criss Osborne
Thank God those barbarian guitar players are not able to play great pieces
like this.

Author Anna Mikłasz (5 months)
Toccata And Fugue In D Minor
1707 r.

Author RandomGamerP3 (4 months)
Am I the only one who, while watching this video, was wearing a black
V-neck cloak, skin was pale white, had my hair dyed black, and my most
sharp teeth were bleeding? Reference to a movie? Know what the movie is?

Author Thanatos (2 months)
2:11...the baroque 'drop'

Author Bryciee Biersack (3 months)
My only question: What is wrong with the 220 people who disliked this?

Author Hugo POISSANT (3 months)
My guess for the performer is Elmut Walcha

Author FairytaleIsland (8 months)
Just incredible....loooove it!!!

Author ThisbeofBabylon (5 months)
Listening to this at Notre Dame of Paris, the feelings i would have... And
i'd cry.

2:42 : This part... Does a soul is capable of having goosebumps ?

Author Dishan Abeysinghe (9 months)
Happy Halloween!

Author _Poozer_ (7 months)

Author thepromman (7 months)
an entire arc of the anime Bleach used variations of this music :D

Author KaiserDragon (3 months)
This is possibly the most beautiful church and definately the most
beautiful organ I've ever seen.

Author Mort Aura (7 months)
Very few instruments reach the magnificience of an organ.

Author Merhanix (7 months)
most kids these days dont know what the are missing right now! :P

Author bor ogoro (4 months)
and i gave you thumbs down for posting this... you fucking asshole.

the original is on the youtube

Author Tim Bowers (4 months)
In my head this plays each morning I step out of bed.... and I think to
myself "another day of awesome begins!"

Author Red Feather (1 month)
What is funny is that this was seriously just to stretch his fingers!

Author Plant Man (3 months)
My favorite classical piece is The Fugue, from Mozart's *"Toccata and

(Time stamp 2:40)

Author robert3579 (7 months)
Really pretty nice but too fast.

Author Baladria (3 months)
If I ever find myself typing while listening to Bach's Toccata and Fugue I
always feel like I am playing the pipe a mad genius.

Author Taille Bourg (1 month)
The heaviest metal can't be be heavier than this !!!!

Author Peter E. (5 months)
which church is the picture from?

Author Gannondork (2 months)
That part at 1:12 really reminds me of Orochimaru from Narutos theme. Thy
are REALLY similar.

Author 50srefugee (5 months)
"God! You magnificent bastard! I read your book!"

Author Alonso de Hojeda (6 months)
Very bland performance....

Author Kristy Diamond (4 months)
Nights of joy and happiness to you, wish peaceful day 

Author Nicholas Burkard (8 months)
*Rouge sits impatiently and begins to play Toccata and Fugue (in D Minor)
*Ah.....the memories of this fine piece of music...*
*The music fills the room with it's elegant sound. Mosaics hanging
everywhere, marble floors, and chandeliers. A huge stain-glass window
depicting the Eden and Hell of Orukubeki.* 

Author John Hobbs (2 days)
Johann Sebastian Bach
March 31, 1685 – July 28, 1750

Author Fervorum (11 days)
Hannes Kästner is the performer.

Author Toby Hines (11 days)

Author Johndude (16 days)
I have a feeling this is the "stairway to heaven" among organ players xD

Author 1manuscriptman (15 days)
It's not the audio quality that seems to distinguish this particular
performance, but the less restrained, more Romantic period style of the
performer. In many cases this piece is played in the equivalent of a
musical straightjacket. This performer "plays" with the piece a bit more
than most, who play it like a recital for a Latin exam. I think Bach would
like it better this way.

Author Madeline Muñoz-Bustamante (9 months)
Who is ready for Halloween!?!?! Classic mood music right here :)

Author Andrew Russell (22 days)
I have this same version from years ago off limewire. I spent 2 days last
year trying to find who made it so I could buy a high quality version,
couldn't find it.

Author LeytonLP (21 day)
Does someone know the name of the organist?

Author paul beard (9 months)
This is the music you want to play when the little ghouls and goblins show
up for their treats…


Author 1aundulxaldin (21 day)
I listen to this and think of "Once Upon a Time, Man."

I also remember that the beginning section of this music was used as
Phoenix Wright's "Ringtone" in *The Lost Turnabout*.

And played in the breakdown of the pompous con-artist and tedious loon
Richard Wellington, the murderer of Dustin Prince in that case. :D 

Author franklle (23 days)
I have trouble identifying what this piece refers to. I mean there are a
lot of recurring patterns in the music, and i dont know sometimes it
reminds me of a lightning storm, or more generally like just energy flow
but changing form constantly and staying rather... imprecise. I dont have
music training, anyone can help me with that? Its very mysterious to me.

Author Aaron Muccino (1 month)
Pretty epic. <3 me some classical Johann Sebastian Bach.

Author stephen ritchie (10 months)
Love this thanks Mr Pete Murray fb for the share .:)

Author Nicholas Johnson (1 month)
this song and castlevania were made for each other.

Author Tomasz Ziółkowski (9 months)

Author 762xpsychopathic54 (2 months)
Classy geek music

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