Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

I don't know who performed this, but it's by far the best recording I've ever heard!! Enjoy!!

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Author String Player Gamer (13 days)
I believe you may edit your video description already. Youtube and iTunes
figured out the performer for you. "Toccata & Fugue D Minor, BWV. 565" by
Hannes Kästner (iTunes)"

And I agree this is one of the best recordings of this masterpiece I've
heard so far, and I've heard several.

Author RandomGamerP3 (4 months)
Am I the only one who, while watching this video, was wearing a black
V-neck cloak, skin was pale white, had my hair dyed black, and my most
sharp teeth were bleeding? Reference to a movie? Know what the movie is?

Author Arte Boy (2 months)
This is performance of Rolf Uusvaly,record 1972 in Riga. I grow up on this
old soviet LP:)

Author Roger Peartree (3 months)
I'm so sorry but it's too rushed. A little bit too fast. But it's a good
version if you are going to feature it on the radio. Since it's too fast it
should please those executives... Bummer! :(

Author Percival Boomfart (3 months)
I agree, this is an excellent version. It is very close in timing, pacing
and dramatic expression to the E.Power Biggs standard, but with a much
richer and fuller sound. A performance this well recorded and performed
would be a major release. I would love to know who, what Organ and what
recording label.
Regards and thanks for posting 

Author sufletulcunumesimplu (5 hours)
Am încercat și asta dar când am simțit că ațipesc am dat-o pe Nelu Vlad=)

Author Jeffrey Raia (4 days)
Jyyzto this piece has been used in a number of films and pop culture
pieces, most notably in the 1962 movie "The Phantom of the Opera".

Author Heinz Hermann (3 days)
Tolle Aufnahme wahrlich.
Habe in den 1980ern eine Schallplatten-Aufnahme von gleicher Orgel
geschenkt bekommen und es erscheint mir als wäre es diese.
Der Organist war Edgar Krapp, 1947 in Bamberg gebohren.
Aufnahme 25.04. - 27.04.1983 erschienen unter Ariola 1983, falls es jemand
wissen will.
Ein erklärender Satz hat mir schon damals sehr imponiert:
"Insgesammt versuchte der Interpret, aus der Überfülle des Angebots die
jeweils stilistisch passenden Registerfarben auszuwählen und nicht der
Versuchung zu erliegen, nur um des Effektes willen ständig neue
Klangmischungen zu verwenden.

Author Olga Novakauskiene (2 months)
*Toccata and fugue in D Minor* (Bach)
Bravo Thank you

Author Nino Ansar (4 hours)
Just Lovely and goose bumps on my skin... years ago in my city Genova
(Italy) in the San Lorenzo Cathedral i've heard the same "Toccata und Fuge
in d-Moll" played by another famous organist and i would say that listening
to it live it is even more amazing !

Author Neko Mata (4 days)
After 1:16, I keep thinking that the song would trail off into Bloody Tears
from the Castlevania series o.o

Author Jean-Michel Dumay (1 month)
This is the picture of the main part of the organ in the Cathedral of
Passau. The organ consists of five separate parts – the great organ above
the main entrance, the epistle and the gospel organ on the western gallery
of the aisle, the choir organ at the altar and the echo organ in the attic
behind the „Holy Spirit Hole“ in the ceiling in the middle of the nave. The
organ‘s muted tones reach the interior through that hole in the ceiling.
The largest pipe is more than 11 meters long and weighs 306 kilos. Its
deepest tone is almost inaudible with a frequency of 16 Hz. The smallest
pipes are 6 mm and their tones are almost to piercingly high for our
hearing with a frequency of 16 000 Hz. More than 120 km cable had to be
laid in the attic to connect the five organ parts.
St. Stephen's Cathedral is a baroque church from 1688 in Passau, Germany,
dedicated to Saint Stephen. It is the seat of the Catholic Bishop of Passau
and the main church of his diocese.

Author Nikolaos Klimov (10 days)
I'm just staring at 1 point in the wall and listening to this... i have no
idea wtf am I doing

Author GammaWolf99 (4 months)
Why can I imagine this playing as BGM for a boss character, completely

Author Irken CiK (4 months)
*Lightning strikes.*

Author darthgrahf (14 days)
Once it gets to the quieter parts, it almost sounds like a Castlevania
level. I wonder if the composer was inspired by Bach.

Author Hans-Peter Müller (9 days)
There exists a good version played by Ton Koopman .....

Author Jens Unterbauer (16 days)
Johann Sebastian Bach selbst schrieb, dass alle seine Werke in Bezug auf
die Tempi "nach dem Herzschlag" zu spielen seien.

Insofern stimme ich der Kritik zu.

Author Brian Simerl (2 months)
Mr. Bach is not amused! *I wonder what inspired him to write such a dark

Author Iqbal Giffari (19 days)
ever imagine that Bach would resurrect from his death and he could play his
songs just by doing air piano?

Author Deltaexio (1 month)
"That’s far enough! You can’t run forever, Mr. Phoenix Wright!"

Author RandyRhoadsX666X (1 day)
1:55 - 2:40 best part.. So similar to Heavy Metal music

Author jose zapata (12 days)
I know nothing about music or music history, but this masterpiece brings
tears to my eyes, it is simply majestic , & brings me to another level, and
the more I hear it, the more I want to play it again, my wife thinks I am

Author Andrea Pepato (7 days)
how fantastic at minute 7:10 when melody resolves that way...
Bach's music is absolutely perfect, pure beauty as a Michelangelo painting.

Author ilikezappa (1 month)
It needs a banjo medley in the middle , or the audience won't dance 

Author Laura coke.seitz (7 days)

Author ravenpoe74 (3 days)
Hannes Kastner performed this composition. It was made many decades ago.
I enjoyed it in my youth and have listed to it's nuances hundreds of
times. Other versions have left me unsatisfied.

Author Erzsébet Tutorné Kiss (17 days)
...ez olyan szép, hogy sírás nélkül nem tudom hallgatni..!!!

Author Night Eyes_11 (1 month)
My feeling is that Bach was afraid of a dark & unknown fear in this
composition -- but then gradually his fear turned into divine awakening --
a desire to escape lingering fear and soar above all else. (that's how I
feel when I play his Toccata and Fugue in D Minor). Good Night,

Author steven stewart (4 months)
Great works by great men last for ever. Just like yourself. 

Author Josiah Bahuaud (6 days)
Makes me want to watch the old Disney 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea. 

Author Harald Vengene (1 hour)
Utrolig bra !

Author Hyu Montana (6 days)
dracule anthem :v #creepykillersong 

Author Daniel Fernando Carballo (17 days)
I agree with Andrej Ivanovi and Erik Lars Vestergaard. The organist E.
Power Biggs is. His recordings of the great tocattas and Bach fugues are
among the best ones ever

Author bert bogaert (22 days)
mooi muziek prachtig hou van kerk orgel muziek

Author Vick Peña (8 days)
Music from Gyruss the video game, just awesome.

Author grandisdavid (15 days)
I like this interpretation, my favorite is still by Gaston Litaize but it's
hard to find the recording.

Author Petrov Theovsk (11 days)
1:55 The 1800's equivalent of a guitar solo

Author MrGeeMan1980 (13 days)
The intro and concluding soundtrack in the classic action movie Rollerball

Author Августовское воодушевление (1 month)
I furiously masturbate to this song on a regular basis. God Bless you
Johann Sebastian Bach! May my cum rain on you like warm summer rain!

Author Sue-Lynn Grace (20 days)
This music is SUBLIME! Wrings emotions from me. I was introduced to this
music at the age of 12 when I first saw Disney's Fantasia which I love to
this day! :D

Author zauberkreis (11 days)
Sounds like André Isoir's version. But he recorded so many different

Author Acsilverfish360 (1 month)
It sounds like Dragon Force on a Piano if you change the speed to 2.

Author διακονος (16 days)
hijo de perra que te creí inventando estas armonías divinas. te creí
sagrado? mítico? maldito genio 

Author SomeNavySEALs (14 days)
Someday a bioresearch lab needs to have this play every time someone enters
their organ storage rooms.

Author piktor piktur (18 days)
This is played by E. Power Biggs.

Not 100% certain, about 95% certain.

Author Axel Vlogs (11 days)
To 390 reggaetoneros dislike this 

Author Michelle Creech (14 days)
I want the sheet for flute. Itll be awsome if i could play it for my band

Author Sue Metcalf (16 days)
What a superb looking organ, a beauty.

Author Del Shoemaker (12 days)
Sorry but Bach freaking rocks!

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