Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

I don't know who performed this, but it's by far the best recording I've ever heard!! Enjoy!!

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Author GammaWolf99 (1 month)
Why can I imagine this playing as BGM for a boss character, completely

Author Fernando H. Salas (1 month)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

Author brat tack (1 month)
is this the full version?

Author Irken CiK (1 month)
*Lightning strikes.*

Author RandomGamerP3 (1 month)
Am I the only one who, while watching this video, was wearing a black
V-neck cloak, skin was pale white, had my hair dyed black, and my most
sharp teeth were bleeding? Reference to a movie? Know what the movie is?

Author LimezANDLemonzSix (2 months)
Johann Sebastian bach. What a master musician

Author Pablo Portoles (2 months)
Cette chanson était aussi le générique de il était une fois la vie, ce
dessin animé si bizarre...

Author Red Feather (3 months)
What is funny is that this was seriously just to stretch his fingers!

Author steven stewart (1 month)
Great works by great men last for ever. Just like yourself. 

Author Taille Bourg (3 months)
The heaviest metal can't be be heavier than this !!!!

Author osirisdatz (1 month)
This Organ Must be the one in the Cathedral of Passau , Bavaria, Germany

Author Baladria (5 months)
If I ever find myself typing while listening to Bach's Toccata and Fugue I
always feel like I am playing the pipe a mad genius.

Author Valentina Goretska (29 days)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

Author Sylvia Laufeyson (9 days)
This really is cool. I love the Organ

Author Percival Boomfart (12 days)
I agree, this is an excellent version. It is very close in timing, pacing
and dramatic expression to the E.Power Biggs standard, but with a much
richer and fuller sound. A performance this well recorded and performed
would be a major release. I would love to know who, what Organ and what
recording label.
Regards and thanks for posting 

Author Roger Peartree (13 days)
I'm so sorry but it's too rushed. A little bit too fast. But it's a good
version if you are going to feature it on the radio. Since it's too fast it
should please those executives... Bummer! :(

Author asasasasq1 (12 days)
i didnt know this is a classic
olways thught this is for vampire or creepy people in movies

Author Karcsi Sós (15 days)
A patak a jóistenhez vezethet vagy talán tovább.. talán közel 200 éves

Author ant war (15 days)
I think Karl Richter is the organist.

Author cyclemouse (1 month)
I think this version is based on the version by Sky...
I absolutely love their version, since my Dad played it when I was a kid...
we're both rockers, but I can appreciate classical too... this is original
Prog Rock...! :) 

Author Bryciee Biersack (5 months)
My only question: What is wrong with the 220 people who disliked this?

Author Tobi ace (1 month)
johann sebastian bach

Author aegeanbo (1 month)
Someone knowledgeable should be able to tell a lot about how this organ
should sound by just from looking at the picture. The music does not match
the picture.. The amount of reverberation (or lack of) gives us the clue.
Will anyone please identify the organist and the organ used in this
recording? If I am wrong, i like it confirmed.

Author Legendazf Betancohurt (1 month)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best version ever ) was performed by E.
Power Biggs

Author Sándor Kovács (1 month)
Bach lived at the end of the "Dark Middle Age" But, how "dark" is the era
in which such a great musical works were born??? The real Dark Age started
at the "Enlightenment."

Author steven stewart (1 month)
No1 said hello too you No42. 

Author Karen Hansen (3 months)
I do not know the organist, but the place is Kölner Dom in Germany.

Author Keysys (2 months)
*Perdu* Je suis le seul venu là après avoir enfin connu le nom de la
musique grace a links the sun ? ... *Lève les bras en l'air*

Author Yokato Nicolus (3 months)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

Author Дмитрий Андреев (2 months)
Well, that's why I can not go back to the Renaissance and can not hear as
if Bach himself played it the greatest work. Why is no such amazing music
full of emotions, experiences and feelings, why listen to any Bieber etc.
All this is terrible as hate, I'm 24 but I would prefer the classics than
any rap or pop music, where people got to hear. (I beg you to excuse me
because I do not like so well know English and use online translator that
would write this comment). And those 271 people who did not like me really

Author Daniel Duque (1 day)
great inspiration while i am writing some Java code!

Author Albina Adrianova (1 day)

Author Diana Pavlova (4 days)
fact: you cannot hate Bach's music 

Author Jeff Noreman (7 hours)
Try Siri, SoundHound, or Shazam. They'd all give you the same answer I
believe. This version is from Halloween All Stars on the album Very Scary
Music. The name of the piece is slightly changed to "Organ Toccata In D

Author Funking Dave (7 days)

Author Sophie zigomar (2 days)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Author Diana Leigh (7 days)

Author UncleLudwig (1 day)
That recording is undoubtedly Virgil Fox

Author Joey Scarpa (3 days)
This is the best piece of music i have ever heard with The Imperial March. 

Author Miklos Gönczi (8 days)
even 5 sec is enough to say that... perfect performance!!!!

Author Cristóbal Velasco Sánchez (6 days)
Una de las maravillas de J.S.Bach...

Author Stephen F. Heffner (5 months)
Brilliant! I have a few minor disagreements on phrasing etc., but they
pale in the context of such a magnificent performance. +Zoraya Tonel --
thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! The Fugue in D Minor is
my smartphone's ringtone...

Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria (known as "Mad Ludwig") took a fancy to a small
12th-century chapel in Southern Bavaria and decked it out as an amazing
little jewel of High Baroque. I remember from my visit there that the
organ's pipes looked something like that magnificent set in the video.

Author conall conway (11 days)
i wish i could play this, i really do

Author Kelly McFarland (5 days)

Author Reaverisgrovy (12 days)
4:03 onwards...
'tears up'

Author Joan Bertran (6 days)
Una maravella,sempre impactant ...!!

Author Greg Baert (16 days)
While I'm sure it is technically accurate, it lacks soul. good job though,
soul lacking dumbass

Author Brenan Holston (6 days)
Which part of this did Carolina Crown use in 2008?

Author Niller Symphony (13 days)

Author Masha Consilio (10 months)
Now the organ is my favorite instrument.

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