Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever)

I don't know who performed this, but it's by far the best recording I've ever heard!! Enjoy!!

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Author KaiserDragon (1 hour)
This is possibly the most beautiful church and definately the most
beautiful organ I've ever seen.

Author Plant Man (14 hours)
My favorite classical piece is The Fugue, from Mozart's *"Toccata and

(Time stamp 2:40)

Author plasticfishtank (4 days)
this is my jam!!!

Author Alex Ava (4 days)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor 🎶🎹🎶🎹🎶🎹🎶

Author Andrew Long (5 days)
And that is how an organ should be played

Author Baladria (7 days)
If I ever find myself typing while listening to Bach's Toccata and Fugue I
always feel like I am playing the pipe a mad genius.

Author Zinzi Dee (7 days)
How about we shut up with the musical debates and just appreciate this
music. Cheers!

Author Fred Koning (18 days)
beautiful music!

Author Bryciee Biersack (19 days)
My only question: What is wrong with the 220 people who disliked this?

Author Hugo POISSANT (21 day)
My guess for the performer is Elmut Walcha

Author MDM427 (28 days)
Congretulations my friend i'm your 1800th subscriber...

Author QU ERYXX (10 hours)
omg double speed=trippyness

Author articulatedloco (4 hours)
If thjs is the organ in the photo, it is in Passau Cathedral, until fairly
recently the largest church organ in the world.

Author shaggyrogers1787 (23 hours)
too fast... ( but very good otherwise

Author alessandro licata (18 hours)
Wonderful! It's amazing that you can find the identical performance under
two names: Hannes Kastner and Conrad Kleiger...

Author Maridianus Oku (2 days)
Got to know this via a NES game named 'Battle of Olympus'...
A very fine game this was

Author TUNE THATPIANO (2 days)
Sounds like an Allen or Rodgers.

Author fuck youtube (1 day)
and thanks to architect, too! I start to hate all the other editions of
this masterpiece...

Author Mary Kethman (2 days)
I only have Love for this <3 

Author Ryan Yeager (3 days)
Woah, slow down, Salieri.

Author Tomtron (5 days)
You were right this is the best version.:)

Author ann Kemp (3 days)
Whoever the organist is he has a gift from God and thank heavens he is
sharing it with us

Author El Aeych (3 days)
Fairly certain this is the same CD recording I own: the organist is Otto

Author Helldora69 (4 days)
I'm pretty sure the performer is Conrad Kleiger. I had the same version in
my files...

Author Heba Al-Rashid (6 days)
Gives me goose pumps !! What a masterpiece 💕❤

Author Dean Meehan (7 days)
Truly one of the best recitals of one of the most iconic pieces of musical
genius ever ! If this does not enervate every nerve ending or galvanise
every synapse in your body then, well you have missed your own funeral .

Author Ismael D. Covarrubias (7 days)
Bach: the frist power metal of history

Author Taylor Cunningham (7 days)
I've always wanted to know what the name of this song was. Instant favorite

Author Amphioxus (13 days)
Mmmmph... Dat foot petal escalation and resolution starting at 03:40 .
Chills every time. So good.

Author Maridianus Oku (2 days)
Thank you, MovieMongerHZ!

Author Zoe Joyce (14 days)
The mystery has been solved. The organist is Hannes Kastner. He is not my
personal favourite, but I suppose he is good in his way, even if the style
is a little dated. This recording can be found on the album, "Masters of
Classical Music" J. S. Bach, Volume 2. You can easily find it on YouTube by
Googling "Hannes Kastner" or by putting Hannes Kastner into the YouTube
search box, with or without, 'Toccata and Fugue'. 

Author Mike Gates (14 days)
Damn, Ratboy Genius sure has improved since Potato Knishes.....

Author banzai201 (14 days)
intro is too fast........... this is not Diane Bish who has a much better

Author Marcus Lee (9 days)
To me this version sounds like it was played by machine without any
understanding of the emotions supposed to be conveyed by the piece. It was
played with technical perfection but without the artistry that makes music
meaningful and moving. this is especially evident 2:00 - 2:30

Author TheAlchemestX (9 days)
to fast

Author Bryce Davis (14 days)
The performer is Bach.
He lived in Germany.
He lived in the 1700's and the 1800's

Author mfritzm (14 days)
I think, It was performed by Marie-Claire Alain.

Author Caz Green (17 days)
Ps for Jyyzto, you have probably heard it in the film 20,000 leagues under
the sea :)

Author Xavier Perez (13 days)
+jai putman
Saying that without the beatles there wouldn't be sampling, looping, etc is
stupid. Frank Zappa's Freak Out came months before The Beatles's Revolver
which was one of their first album going into their experimental phase of
their career.

Without the Beatles the only thing the world of music would be lacking is,
well, the beatles, that's it. They were good musicians, they weren't
groundbreaking innovators.

Author Aleck Adriano (16 days)
So I began learning this piece, and realized that the one I was doing was
an arrangement because it change at 1:45. Can I find AUTHENTIC sheet

Author Miktas Gamel (12 days)
That was undescribable good, no words left.

Author Faouaz Taroum (24 days)
The beginning of this opera is almost sounded like horror music

Author Sean Hopkins (14 days)
Last night I was playing this in my cave. I heard footsteps but I kept
playing I was so enthralled in the music. I finished with a sigh. The voice
said "My god, that was beautiful!". I laughed a dry, bitter laugh, a laugh
so empty yet so full of rejection and years of bitterness. The silence fell
as I took my hands off the ancient organ, the keys orange with age and
cheeto dust. I turned my body in one rapid movement and slammed my mountain
dew can down and shouted in a shattering cacophony of virginal rage.
"GOD?!" I implore, spittle forming at the corners of my mouth upturned in a
mocking grimace. "GOD?!" I repeat, my breasts jiggling with excitement, and
with an ebullient fervor I spout "I PERFORM THIS MASTERPIECE WITH THE
SIR, I REJECT YOUR SO CALLED GOD!" And with a flick of my trenchcoat I was
embraced in smoke and shadow, disappearing into the great corridors of my
mind, the only clue left to I was ever there a trilby hat, Rainbow Dash
still smiling from the button pinned to the side.

Author Stephen F. Heffner (25 days)
Brilliant! I have a few minor disagreements on phrasing etc., but they
pale in the context of such a magnificent performance. +Zoraya Tonel --
thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! The Fugue in D Minor is
my smartphone's ringtone...

Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria (known as "Mad Ludwig") took a fancy to a small
12th-century chapel in Southern Bavaria and decked it out as an amazing
little jewel of High Baroque. I remember from my visit there that the
organ's pipes looked something like that magnificent set in the video.

Author Joe Garceau (14 days)

Author GhostPlanetFilms (13 days)
I think I heard this version in Suede's 'Top 11 Anime Villains' list.

Author Joe Isom (14 days)
Interesting. If you Shazam this at various points in the piece, you will
get different recordings by different artists. The one that seems to come
up most for me is the recording of organist Miklós Spányi playing this
piece from the CD "52 Most Important Classical Music Works Of All Time -
The Essential Collection."

Author Avikonette (18 days)
source - Microsoft Synth, stolen ADLib , overmastered, clipped never live

Author madelin santos (14 days)
This is baroque music not classical

Author Virgil White (15 days)
This is E. Power Biggs, although Albert Schweitzer did better.

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