فضيحة . كس هيفاء وهبي سكس

Pics rare and in HQ. Same with videos
Video made out of pleasure. And yes, damn it I know I spelled glamorous wrong in the video beginning LOL. And it should be enjoyed. I don't proof read it afterwards. Not a fan of Haifa or claiming to be but thought this is a new and a unique video. Sure beats those "Haifa-Before And After Videos" or "Haifa-sex on stage!". Oh, and a Haifa fan uploaded a video like that. Anyways, first video is pretty self explanatory. Second video is on Star Acadamy and she sung "Ragab." Third video was on Star Academy and she sung "Ma Andi Habib." Fourth video is on Al Wadi and she sung "3al Tabia." Enjoy!

El Wadi program at LBC Channel rihanna
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Author MayaArabRoh (6 years)
I agree with fankcoffman this is the best selfmade Haifa vid on youtube- i
haven't seen many of those pics before great job:DDDDDDD

Author cyan1717 (6 years)
I like the pic on 3:35 she looks really cute there. She looks beautiful in
all of them but in that one she look different. I think it's the makeup.
Anyway, that's my fav :)

Author pashtana06 (6 years)
what else? African?

Author yankhotshot333 (6 years)
oh wait there's more... 91,000 views in 3 months .. 88,000 in 6 months and
many more. 176 subscribers.. and u have 25! theres no competition babes bye
ur blocked

Author ELIOZD (6 years)
Pashtana,you're video is awesome u are a very good at assembling similar
pictures together and choosing the right tune for that.Keep up the good

Author pashtana06 (6 years)
What the heck are you ranting about? LMAO, less than 16 hours my Matoulshi
Li Had has 182 views. And my Aishwarya Rai vs Haifa video has 254 views
less than 17 hours! oh, and you're "clock is ticking" only has 987 views in
2 months! And Lebanons Moutains has 584 views less than 5 months! And I am
getting more views so stop being so jealous little boy. And this video less
than four days has more views than you're wael kfoury video! haha. urs was
uploaded a week ago!

Author rumbato (6 years)
i was searching for this song and for a second before i click i was wonder
hmmm haifa singing this song but it turn out a nice combination. I wonder
why the owner of this video added barak obama to the tags loool

Author indomauritian (6 years)
She is hot and sexy and I would have both her and Ash as my girkfriends if
that would be possible. But if I would have only one choice, then I would
go for Ash because she has more class and that kind of feminity which only
an Indian woman can have.

Author yankhotshot333 (6 years)
more views than me!! LMFAO!! 92,000 views in 2 months, 295,000 views in 3
months! 52,000 views in 2 months 8,700 views in 1 week! 14,000 views in 1
month, 7,300 views in 1 week, 24,000 views in 1 month!! beat that, ur the
jealous one going to my page and commenting shit and talking about my
videos in ur description section lmfao!! and you... 51,000 in 4 months
43,700 in 1 year and 2 months! ull never get to my level

Author vo lv (5 years)

Author FrankCoffman (6 years)
Pashtana, Wow, this is fabulous!! Great music. The song goes well with the
nice selection of pictures and video. It's so fitting. The whole effect is
terrific. This is definitely one of the best self-made videos of Haifa.
(And yes, it sure beats those mediocre videos that you mentioned.) I wish
there was more artistry like this on YouTube. I salute you!

Author lilvipz42 (5 years)
she is 1 of a kind!!

Author FrankCoffman (6 years)
It doesn't matter how many views this video has compared to any other
video. The point is that this is a good video. That's why people watch it.
Quantity doesn't mean quality. Last week, someone uploaded a video titled
"Arab Sex Haifa Wahbi Porn," which is just a grainy copy of Haifa's wawa
video. The video's misleading title has generated half a million views in a
week. So what? It doesn't mean anything. It's just a trick. Quality, not
quantity, is what matters (except to a braggart psycho).

Author s3s3505 (5 years)

Author rose23st (6 years)

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