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Author stampylonghead (3 months)
New Christmas video out tomorrow!

I might even correct the spelling on Santa. ;)

Author Erin Shergold (8 hours)
+Samanthaben good to know 

Author Molly Craig (21 hour)
U put cooked chicken in da furnace !! Lol

Author Cyber Cactus (1 day)
Stampy + Santa = Stanta

Author Rina Brown (3 days)
stampy u wrote stants not santa

Author AliceTheGamerGirl (5 days)
you said stanta instead of santa in the love garden on the sign.

Author Kayleigh Best (5 days)
my fav disk is Far

Author Zachary Vincent Mondano (5 days)
The creeper had arms it was probably Amy lee

Author Kylah Warrick (7 days)
I want to join you next christmas stumpy cat!!!

Author piggygirl112 (8 days)
I though that the sing was going to say this was from ank because santa
isn't real lol I have a weird sign I though it was

Author Molly Craig (21 hour)
U need to make Stampy trivia......... Over ur episodes

Author texreck regoin (3 hours)
That says stanta

Author Ghadeer Mahmoud (16 hours)
call it pona

Author Thomas McQueen (11 hours)
You spelled stanta(:

Author Myles Davis (1 day)
I'm on minecraft on Xbox Kelly .-.

Author David Balcom (13 hours)

Author Jaime Ospina (1 day)
You rote Santa rong you rote stanza

Author Kate Harris (13 hours)

Author Chris Gruel (1 day)
You didn you didn't spell Santa right

Author Vincenzo Genna (13 hours)
Hey me to! 

Author ralph (1 hour)
what r u playing on

Author Nick Madsen (1 hour)
Lol sooo funny love u stampy

Author Thalia Chynoweth-Smith (22 hours)
Loads of people are going like 'oh you spelt santa' blah blah blah he knows

Author PuttyPro (1 day)
Aka dimond helmet

Author Kristy Sanders (18 hours)
This is really cool video stamps you did AWESOMLY AMAZING

Author tracy bishop (1 day)
stampylonghead add me to the lovegarde im big fan

Author Lucy Frazier (8 hours)
U said stanta

Author Nizete Walsh (1 day)
thats not a creeper, but thats all right. sorry Stampy.

Author Luisa Bedingfield (1 day)
i like your christmas one and can you put me in your love garden please

Author Kittie Pook (17 hours)
Stampy please add me to your love garden I drew a picture of my dog on
minecraft it's on my Facebook search Kittie Pook 

Author Harry Easton (3 days)
U wrote stanta

Author Asia C. (3 days)
so beautyfull

Author ann jaan (3 days)
Stampy you writen stanta not santa

Author Tysen Martinez (1 day)
I love your videos

Author Kylie ventura (2 days)
Now I want chicken

Author Alannah Piper (1 day)
you spelt santa wrong

Author Patricia Slater (1 day)
youyr doorbell rang

Author Mark Shay (1 day)
U put cooked fish in the furnise not ur raw fish

Author ANETA Murray (1 day)
8:22 you put cooked fish in the furnace

Author ADAM Gordon (2 days)
You put stanta in sted of Santa 

Author Rio King (3 days)
Stampy how long have you been on minecraft for 👵👴

Author Raymond Krueger (1 day)
lol stanta

Author Maree Curtin (2 days)

Author Trevor Phillips (3 days)
How come u believe in Santa and not God

Author Talya Martinez (3 days)
wow what a big house may i make a house almost like that please ?

Author Miranda Bellamy (2 days)
Stampy please do a hunt find a diamond and a iron full arm or

Author Tony Williams (3 days)
Stampy you pute stanta but its ok because I still love you!!!!!!!

Author AKK_2006 (4 days)
Fast sleep

Author Stampylong Beardd (3 days)
Lol Stanta = Santa

Author GamerDepot (4 days)
The green present it's its ... FAKE! It is! Is saw It on the mountain when
he went to sleep

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