Minecraft - Christmas Day [45]

Part 46 -

This this video I have a merry minecraft Christmas with my friends.

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

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Author stampylonghead (7 months)
New Christmas video out tomorrow!

I might even correct the spelling on Santa. ;)

Author I3l@ck_Bro. (2 months)
lol u spelt Santa like Stanta. Dis video had alot of lag. Also how come u
didnt show us Lucky's grave? U had put cooked fish in the stove to cook

Author ricardo Bartolo (16 days)
Stumped I like jr vduss

Author StRaW BrEe (21 day)
you put Stanta

Author TheEnderEmerald (1 month)
You typed Atlanta

Author Esther Lavallee (1 month)
I'm the googly 

Author Bryan Santillano (1 month)
you spelled santa wrong you spelled stanta

Author Ciaran Ward (2 months)
Longbow was obviously Santa cause he drank a fire resistance potion as he
went up the chimney and it was still on him :|

Author Anthony Lalonde (2 months)
Your dumb you put cooked fish in the furnace it wont cook lol

Author kingkhanmsk1 (1 month)
WHAT?! how come the enderman didn't attack you when u looked at it!? can u
tame an enderman!?!??!

Author Stampy Fan (1 month)

Author Kelsey mcflurry (2 months)
Stanta lol

Author Adrian Raj Sison (2 months)

Author EPIC AWL (2 months)
best episode ever

Author kitty stampy time (4 hours)
This is my favorite vid or episode cause this is the first Stampy vid I
ever watched

Author Gregory Payne (8 hours)
Stampy your you keep a pet Eenderman . But it's better than a Creeper

Author Dustin Ledo (3 days)
Hey! I have a way u can rember witch dog is witch! Did u know u could dye
your dogs collars?! So if u need Duncan and u can't remember witch dog is
Duncan u can look at his coller and there u go! 

Author Sean kelleher (8 days)
U wrote stanta

Author Luz Serrano (8 days)
That was not a cerprer

Author OshawattAwesomeness (10 days)
Ohh now I get stanta is stampy and Santa combined!

Author Myla Brian (10 days)

Author MINESON IO (13 days)
Stampy, you wrote stanta, not Santa

Author Spike Head (12 days)
i love stanta

Author James Maslin Bosher (15 days)
Plz make a football

Author alloosh swalha (16 days)
Uploaded on my birthday! :)

Author Alicia Stinson (2 months)
That creeper is a skin back derr

Author austin lee (1 month)
The Santa is stealing all your stuff in the fireplace aka library

Author Karen Goodman (1 month)
you called fish chicken lol

Author laura contreras (2 months)
You wrote santa wrong

Author ACC MoB (4 months)
that was the best vido evre

Author Isaiah Lopez (2 months)
Your right it was for entertainment ;)

Author Krista Rush (1 month)
love you stampy

Author guzkus1 (2 months)
You gave away the boat.

Author Trinity Poole (3 months)
I was gonna say. Whos Stanta?

Author Stampy Fan (1 month)
Not Stanta it's Santa

Author Kiaden Jones (3 days)
Its Santa

Author Bailee15 Forbes (4 days)
Hey leave stampy alone the reason why he spellt santa wrong is because he
was rushing for christmas nock it off you 2

Author KikkiCatK (14 days)
i live in america....... boxing day? can some1 explain to me plz?

Author Mike Humrich (11 days)
I'm your #1 fan

Author Molly Thompson (8 days)
Is santa real in minecraft

Author Hannah Scott (21 day)
Stampy can we call you stampty

Author EdggrrFilms (12 days)
my favorite song on minecraft is chirp too!

Author arun karthik (17 days)
I thought chicken and Oreo died

Author Dhamari Williamson (2 months)
It stayed stanta not Santa

Author Jericho Miguel Olegario (3 months)
The Mystery Creeper is .................... **** *** *** :)

Author David Tharp (2 months)
And everyone would you like to Amy Lee33 or Stampylongnose 

Author Fernanda Westrup (1 month)
Did anybody else notice that in 5:53 the boat has the orange flag thing and
in his next episode it dosent (no hate here just wondering)

Author alice Hanna (2 months)
The creeper was a minecraft player

Author Emma Rose (2 months)
This is the video of yours i ever watched and now im like one of your
biggest fan!

Author Jason Garcia jr (2 months)
u have a secret chest under ur bed

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