Jennifer Beals - love scenes

I dedicate this video to my friend Mathews P. as he found it ,,f*cking greeeat!,, :)))

Warning- lesbian content! Jennifer Beals plays lesbian character on Showtime TV series ,,The L Word,, so she makes love with other women in some scenes. If this is likely offend you then please don't watch this video!

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Author Stacey Mallorca (5 months)
She makes a good lesbian. 👍

Author Azure Du (6 months)

Author female631 (2 years)
Hi Mara...this movie is the ,,Out of line,, .

Author female631 (2 years)
@mspinkporter From "The Hunger" Tv series in 1999.

Author TheJtcarlos (1 year)
i say the hottest love scene JB was with LH...woot woot...

Author mspinkporter (2 years)
OK her body at 3:02 is hot, hot, hot! Those abs!

Author Wilma Berends (1 year)
please tell me what the namen of all movies from dthis love scenes

Author domenica sottilaro (1 year)
what is the movie at 2:40/3:18?

Author female631 (2 years)
@CoogeeBeach2010 I tried to do my best. :)

Author female631 (2 years)
Hi Zan....I found everything here on YT.. :))

Author WORIONLOBO (2 years)
Okay, I am drooling on my keyboard =P Seriously... But I just wanna know
which movie is in 0:30??? Hole Jesus... =P Thank you very very very good

Author female631 (2 years)
@jlcfan2 Hi L! I totally agree with you. She is perfect! :))))

Author Zan Blackbelt (2 years)
Where did u find this song? I found the instrumental also! Either way they
are both good

Author sodoma75 (1 year)
She's a maniac :-)

Author CoogeeBeach2010 (2 years)
Holy shit! It is very hot here.

Author somebodytoknow (1 year)
what is the movie at 2:20 /2:37??

Author Wilma Berends (1 year)
I am looking for dvds from jennifer Beals but to know the movies title not
from this lovescenes. Im not interressant in the music because im deaf.

Author lioness631 (2 years)
@WORIONLOBO Hi T! at 0:50 it's ,,Blood and concrete,, :)))

Author WORIONLOBO (2 years)
@lioness631 Thank ya again... =D and excuse me I have to dry my keyboard
again... =P

Author NBaBall3r26 (1 year)

Author female631 (2 years)
@mspinkporter That is from "The Hunger" Tv series from 1999.

Author lioness631 (2 years)
@WORIONLOBO Hi Tatiane! At 0:30 ,, Vampire's kiss,, but from 0:37 ,,Dr M,,

Author female631 (2 years)
@mspinkporter She has a perfect body, an amazing mind, so her parents made
a good job! :)

Author monkeyzuncle1 (1 year)
Damn, that woman has done a lot of love scenes.

Author WORIONLOBO (2 years)
@lioness631 Okay I was excited and mentioned the wrong time =D the right is
0:50 and how you know my name? =O

Author ceeceesrevenge33 (1 year)
Song ? Please

Author female631 (3 years)
@jlcfan2 Yes, u r right! It was a bit difficult to find the so-called
,,love scenes,, in JB's movies, as she didn't make many sex or nude scenes,
but I managed to do it.

Author Brygida B (2 years)
Have you noticed she is usually on somebody...

Author CoogeeBeach2010 (2 years)
Please, what the movie at 0:43?

Author female631 (2 years)
@CoogeeBeach2010 From 0:37-0:49 the movie's tittle is DR M.

Author JB513 (2 years)
the HOTTEST woman alive! so fucking sexy.

Author Gabe B (1 year)
All her love scenes are hot ;P

Author Zan Blackbelt (2 years)
What is the movie at 1:53?

Author ckaricefelissima (2 years)
tudo acaba misturando com a realidade no palco da vida....é isso ai/2012

Author female631 (2 years)
@Bysia69 You see, she told in an interview, that she adores to ride a
horse. ;-) ... and anyway her back is wonderful as well!!

Author Wilma Berends (1 year)
can you tell me what the title van de movies she there play?

Author female631 (2 years)
Hi Zan, the movie title is ,,The spree,,

Author mspinkporter (2 years)
@female631 Which movie is that from?

Author monkeyzuncle1 (1 year)
From what I've read it kind of seems like she purposely doesn't let herself
become a big star. She deliberately makes choices that coincide with her
life philosophy and integrity and I love her all the more for it!

Author ceeceesrevenge33 (1 year)
@femal631great vid what's the name of the song? Thanks.

Author JB513 (3 years)
i'm drooling lol thank you!!! love it! i love watch Jennifer's love scenes
with men. she sooo fucking sexy. that movie the prophecy II OMFG! mmmm

Author DD11088 (2 years)
JB should be a much bigger star than she is. She's magnificent in every

Author lioness631 (2 years)
@WORIONLOBO Just clean it...and clean it....and clean it! ... :)))

Author Ttemvm (1 year)
sex,sex and more sex xD

Author maramusicaddict (2 years)
hello, can anyone tell me which movie is 1:22? Thanks!

Author AlexTheoryy (1 year)
Jennifer with Laurel *-* oh.

Author joseito0697 (1 year),

Author lonehorseman09 (2 years)
the singer form lamb sonds like melanie safka.

Author female631 (2 years)
I so agree with you DD! :))

Author 678bel (7 months)
WOW vídeo maravilloso, éxitos!!!!

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