Chucky vs Leprechaun Part 1

Part 1 of my fan made film.

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Author Christine Watene (2 months)
Wat movies r these

Author info62 (1 day)
they should make a Leprechaun vs Everybody movie. and just make it 1.5
hours of every other killer teaming up to beat the fuck outta Leprechaun

Author deniz izlen tayfur (4 months)
My boyfriend :D

Author sam sung (4 months)
fuck you faith shelby

Author Sonia Tristan (2 hours)

Author Jessica HorrorLove (3 months)
yeah chucky saved tiff XD

Author datboiitavo93 (6 months)
Chucky would definitely whoop leprechaun's ass.

Author samir brown (3 months)
they should do chucky vs freddy

Author Chloe Rasmussen (2 months)
Chucky 4 evur !!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Preston Endres (5 months)
The spell doesn't work that way.
The body needs to be in good condition. 

Author Khameron Thomas (29 days)
Chucky and leprechaun you idiot

Author Elisabeth Bollhagen (8 months)
Chucky is winning :D And his price is Tiffany :)

Author Faith Shelby (5 months)
My boy chucky

Author Indria Any (1 month)
I hate leprechaun,you know???!!!

Author uriel romo (2 months)
AWSOME leprechaun would beat his little doll ass go leleprechaun

Author Tyler Barron (6 months)

Author Becky Gucck (2 months)

Author Anabel Torrez (2 months)
Go chucky is the win

Author keavion hopkins (3 months)
cool chucky won

Author Brandon Acosta (5 months)
Go chucky

Author Joyce Dameworth (2 months)
So dum

Author vanly nguyen (7 months)
K co mang dien nay that mia

Author Devan Holton (7 months)
I can't believe Chucky's wife came back alive.That son of a b*****.

Author andre dudley (7 months)
That was an awesome short clip Chucky is my favorite but he can't beat the
Leprechaun "NO WAY "

Author Mariah Stewart (1 month)
That was great it make me what to watch it again

Author Macaroni (3 months)
Not that good it's just clips from each movie

Author Jamie Kirk (2 months)
OMG I can't find a fan made commercial that people might actually thinks is

Author Trentan Cofer (3 months)
Do u think chucky real or is he a dumb doll and we just don't care?

Author Indria Any (1 month)
I hate leprechaun

Author Devan Holton (7 months)
Leprechaun is better😃.Chucky sucks dick.But he won.Leprechaun could of

Author Lalita Vaughan (2 months)
Real good but when it get to the end bad jk good

Author Cecilia Torres (3 months)
Go chucky

Author Davion Jernigan (4 months)
Chuck will win anyway

Author Aaron Donley (7 months)
Leprechaun is the best

Author alex pop (8 months)
chucky BEST forever!

Author tolu marian (8 months)
numi palace 

Author Raikwon Wade (5 months)
Lol chuck vs laup

Author dasy sanchez (7 months)
chucky is so funny thats what makes him one best horror killers

Author Vonshelle Baldwin (15 days)
How did chucky WON?

Author qaz gvb (1 month)

Author Lynd McNeil (4 months)
Classic chucky at his best!!2014!!

Author Secret36 (8 months)
Wooo chucky u shot the fuck outta him ily ily ily so so so much!

Author Lauren Morley (1 year)
The britney bit actually wasnt in the movie js

Author Christian Crawford (1 year)

Author millwall474 (1 year)
i raped a tiffany doll

Author MatildaM (1 year)

Author dave6713able (1 year)
?? Is this supposed to be scary YES!!!,

Author sergio gonzales (1 year)
pinche video mas culero que e visto

Author lord as (1 year)
saya suka

Author Jacqueline Alamo (1 year)

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