Flight of the Bumblebee on pedals by Dr. Carol Williams

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This video Recorded at the United States West Point Military Academy Chapel.

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Author Joe Mosin (4 months)
Death metal Organist

Author Peter Sohns (3 days)
Nicht gut. Die tiefen Töne überlagern die Basismelodie.

Author ShadowStreak1000 (12 days)
this is why i think the church is working with NASA, they use these things
to train people to fly airplanes, space crafts and probably alien

Author Ihsan Mujdeci (1 month)
The original dance dance revolution 

Author Judith Bluhm (7 months)
Flight of the Bumblebee - A fun piece to play !

Author guapo86100 (1 month)
Balaise !!! Moi je me ferais une entorse aux chevilles avec un morçeau
pareil, en tout cas bravo !

Author Austin Martinez (12 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Paul Doerflinger (16 days)
Vous avez donc le bourdon !!! Alors j: arrete 

Author KillerOHerobrine ! (4 hours)

Author Tomiata (2 months)
Wow! Bravissima!

Even Lenny Dee wouldn't have tried that! (Maybe Ethel Smith might have?)

Author Bernard Cromarty (1 month)
Excellent - a pity the instrument doesn't respond quickly enough... must be
a bit like clog dancing on grass!!

Author millstreamPoEm (14 days)
What. The. Poop.

Author Pheralg (1 month)
amazing...,time to do it at 300 BPM :D

Author Malloyism (4 months)
I never realized there were stops that could operated by the feet. Amazing.

Author FireAndWaterZ (4 days)

Author sanctus100 (1 month)
WOW !!!!!

Author Roger Taissidre (2 months)
grande virtuosité , magnifique.

Author Tety Fnu (1 month)

Author shelled walnut (2 months)
:D This is awesome!

Author Sound IT (8 months)
Ostatnie nagranie soundtracku do gry w SoundIT. 

Author Matthew Cools (3 months)
i just had to like this vid!

Author Philip Price (3 months)
Good to place a mike near her feet.

Author Sitiro Temato (4 months)

Author Pierre Henri GIRAUD (7 months)
Belle technique !

Author Charles Davis (6 months)
This isn't the "Flight of the Bumblebee;" it's more like "The Flight of the
over Germany in WWII. Dear Dr. Carol; you're having way too much fun.
Thanks! Sent with love. CVD 

Author Steve Smith (8 months)
Astonishing! A triumph - well done, Dr Williams and thank you.

Author j_money05 (8 months)

Author nazaruddin abu zaharin (9 months)
Wow ... must be an airplane pilot b 4 playing this ...

Author NapoleonSolo61 (5 months)
how about soothin syrup stomp by fats waller ?

Author glisses7 (10 months)
Quite incredible and thank you. Never ever seen the pedals been worked
like that.

Author Maurício Pereira (11 months)
It´s impossible! She isn´t asian!

Author Jose M Christ (10 months)
Yo! You're absolutely awesome! your feet move like Riverdance to the 10th
power! And the Bumblebee, well... the heaviest one I ever heard!

Author Alex Lopez (7 months)
WOOOOOW! Just imagine the time spent perfecting the pedal runs...

Author Claude E (10 months)
Very well done :-)))

Author aliasdeputydog (10 months)
Fantastic piece of footwork, I broke out in a sweat just watching she must
have been knackered by the time she had finished

Author Rob21ization (7 months)
She must know how to tap dance really well.

Author Paulo Horii (6 months)
I can't do with my fingers what she does with her feet. XD

Author mrvlhs (6 months)
I am completely amazed! =o

Author MegaHelferlein (11 months)

Author thecraven42 (2 months)
The piano of DRACULA.

Author BONILLA ALACRAN (8 months)

Author Jacob Zondag (11 months)

Author Rachel Stevens (8 months)
This is insane

Author gian luca governa (8 months)
Only a word: GREAT!

Author aattrrooxx (7 months)
soul touching. thank you Dr. williams

Author machiel braaksma (1 year)
You are amazing, its beautiful!

Author Izzy Johnson (1 year)
Beast mode...

Author zoth00 (1 year)
I didnt even know a person could play piano like this...I bet if she had
more limbs she would play with them as well 0o

Author Tyler Zim (1 year)

Author Juanito Ramos (1 year)
They were all fantastic super & I love muzik too.

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