Dr. Carol Williams pedals Flight of the Bumblebee

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This video Recorded at the United States West Point Military Academy Chapel.

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Author Judith Bluhm (2 months)
Flight of the Bumblebee - A fun piece to play !

Author Malloyism (1 day)
I never realized there were stops that could operated by the feet. Amazing.

Author tex everett (2 months)
What a shame that ratings have been disabled for this fantastic

Author j_money05 (3 months)

Author friartwig (3 months)
Where's the "Love" button...o.o'

Author Pierre Henri GIRAUD (2 months)
Belle technique !

Author Steve Smith (3 months)
Astonishing! A triumph - well done, Dr Williams and thank you.

Author eric warncke (2 months)
Ahem, Doctor Carol...I may be coming down with a fever, and there is no
time to get to the hospital. I need you to make a house call and get down
here STAT. My very life depends on it. Only a doctor of your beauty can
save me now. 

Author Sound IT (3 months)
Ostatnie nagranie soundtracku do gry w SoundIT. 

Author Pierre Chasseur-dimages (7 months)

Author Jose Angel Espinoza Portillo (1 year)
Awesome even with the fets play the Flight of the Bumblebee sounds awesome

Author Bruce Xu (5 months)
is that the wanamaker organ?

Author Maurício Pereira (6 months)
It´s impossible! She isn´t asian!

Author JR Snyder Jr (2 years)
*Carol Williams*
*Flight of the Bumble Bee*
United States West Point Military Academy Chapel

Author Maria Soledad Velastin (1 year)
Cool and Amazing!

Author Andres Soolo (1 year)
Holy tap-dancing bumblebee!

Author Jose M Christ (5 months)
Yo! You're absolutely awesome! your feet move like Riverdance to the 10th
power! And the Bumblebee, well... the heaviest one I ever heard!

Author Chuck Brown (1 year)
"So You Think You Can Play Organ Pedals?"

Author Daniel McKinnon (1 month)
That's so metal.

Author Jonathan Killinger (2 years)
I don't care who you are, that takes skill.

Author Patrick Cornelißen (1 year)
Holy tap-dancing bumblebee!

Author Alex Lopez (2 months)
WOOOOOW! Just imagine the time spent perfecting the pedal runs...

Author Jacob Zondag (6 months)

Author mrvlhs (1 month)
I am completely amazed! =o

Author Moreno Picollo (3 months)
Complimenti o.o

Author Rob21ization (2 months)
She must know how to tap dance really well.

Author Gerrit de Mepper (3 months)

Author jgpj30 (3 months)
The Doctor took Flight!

Author nazaruddin abu zaharin (4 months)
Wow ... must be an airplane pilot b 4 playing this ...

Author Robert Erb (5 months)

Author NihilNominis (6 months)
Someone did her pedal exercises....

Author glisses7 (5 months)
Quite incredible and thank you. Never ever seen the pedals been worked
like that.

Author MaxGavOhio (4 months)
This is awesome!!!

Author Jocar2712 (3 months)
well done

Author wiktor piechota (7 months)
that legs :D

Author Sid Richard Morris (11 months)
Could have introduced this on "Friday Funnies" . . . I experienced a wide
range of emotions from laughter to tears! SRM

Author playerpianogal (8 months)
This was absolutely stupendous!! WOW!! LOVED IT!! Thank you so much.

Author Michael Günster (11 months)
My goodness.... looks like sports ;-)

Author oofahman (2 months)

Author Aaron Stringer (2 months)

Author Eduardo Jorge Machado (6 months)

Author Jason Secrest (1 year)
some mindblowingly fancy footwork on the organ if you're into that sort of
thing - and maybe even if you're not.

Author francisco merle (3 months)
It is Wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!!

Author Pat Blackwell (6 months)
Check out where this organ is!

Author Ed Weber (4 months)
Let's see her do it again;)

Author Rino Minucci (8 months)
No Comment !

Author gian luca governa (4 months)
Only a word: GREAT!

Author Lindsay Valentine (3 months)

Author Jesse Guerra (3 months)
Beautifully done, thank you for sharing your talents with the world.

Author Paulo Horii (1 month)
I can't do with my fingers what she does with her feet. XD

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