How to Solve a Pyraminx Faster

A faster method to solving the Pyraminx.

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How to solve the pyraminx


Author Sean Genge (8 months)
I don't know but for me, this wont get you the super fast times. For me i
would recommend to not line up the centers at the start but you line them
up as well as trying to find ways to solve the edges so as you are lining
up the centers you are also solving edges. It may seem difficult but trust
me it is not. For the last layer i use commutators meaning i do not need to
memorize any algorithms and it is very easy. With this method i can get
averages of around 7 to 8 seconds constantly. The only problem is i am not
using a pyraminx that can cut corners and you have to align it pretty
straight before you can make another turn, has ball bearings inside =/.

Anyway this vid is a good way to practice first but hopefully you all get
faster :D. The only i do not know is how can people get less than 4 second

Author alextheocarinist (2 years)
did anyone else here fur elise in the background

Author major cubers (1 year)
This tutorial was awesome my record with this method is 22 seconds :)

Author Jeremie Sanford (1 year)
Nice. My current record is 21 sec. (I got a pyraminx yesterday. don't
judge. lol) but I'm learning these, and i will let you know how much my
time decreases!

Author Cameron (2 years)
When i did this i got like down to 5 seconds :O

Author Cameron (3 years)
thank you this made me way better

Author T0rp3d0Cub1ng (2 years)

Author chiwopuzzles (1 year)
Very good tutorial. Now all I need to do is learn the algorithms and hope I
could solve it faster! :D

Author darktroop6 (1 year)
Qj pyraminx?

Author Thomas Roberts (1 year)
Thanks for the vid. It was sort of tough to memorize but good job
otherwise. My record was 17.8. You vid brought it down to 16.63. Thanks!

Author benfoust1 (1 year)
thanks bro. now I'm a pro

Author Daniel Freymann (1 year)
Sorry I guess I was wrong

Author 456triton456 (1 year)
Thanks a lot, I've looked through about 5 other Pyraminx tutorials, but
they all weren't explained good enough or they rotated their pyramid while
turning, making it very hard to follow. You explained not only how to solve
each case, but also how to identify them correctly first. Thanks a lot for
this turorial! 5/5 for me.

Author kimberlyzone101 (2 years)
thanks. this is very usefull. also on the case 5 if you can't use your left
hand very fast (like me) you can do R U R' U R U R'. or if you can't use
you right hand very fast on case 4 you can do L' U' L U' L' U' L.

Author Jeremie Sanford (1 year)
Great tutorial by the way!

Author DeepSpaceVoid (3 years)
I like how you hold the puzzle and perform the algorithm's as the solver
would see/perform them. Great video.

Author WorkFnet (3 years)
Thank you dude

Author Daniel Freymann (1 year)
The first four moves of the first algorithm don't change anything!

Author Sean Genge (1 year)
Hmm. Use this method but did not really watched your video (sorrys). Anyway
i find doing the centers first then the corners for the first face takes
too long so i solve them both simultaneously and if there is one edge left
i would just solve that one. The last three corners, i use commutators to
solve them three so in all you don't really need to know algorithms. My
best time with this method was 5.18 seconds but my average is just around
10-13 seconds. Depends how easy the case is.

Author 13magickid (2 years)
One of the best tutorials I have seen, very clear and easy to follow. I
also love the way that you help the puzzle so that it was from the viewers

Author Shoncay Plays (1 year)

Author darktroop6 (1 year)
Did anybody else here Beethoven in the backround?

Author malax2121 (2 years)
Haha this was my beginner method

Author jdkrensel (3 years)
Fur Elise

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