PRISON BREAK - SEASON 5 - episode (1) - Liberation = See the new finale of Prison Break
You can also watch episode 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (see channel Nancy6784 -
All rights to: Music by Ramin Djawadi and Steve Jablonsky; video rights to the television company, producers and actors

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Comments: 159

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Author Djemila Newton (20 days)
love to watch. please continue

Author Maria Grazioso (1 month)
That first clip of him asking whats his name is a clip from the TVs show
ghost whisperer. Not prison break...this was edited 

Author Darragh Walls (3 months)
This is hilariously terrible

Author Stempy Baumgarten (3 months)
Imgine ke tu et saplace

Author BlueLion (4 months)
This is juat put together videos from the pervious episodes. lol

Author Lubin Carmitah (4 months)
micheal est il vivant.

Author Tonner Mààn (5 months)
that's realy stupid -_-
a full episode of prison break have only 4:32 lenght !! that was clear, but
i come to see what kind of stuff you're puting in it and...

Author Matthew Webb (6 months)
i think that there could actually be a season 5. because when you think
about it. remember how sara and paul kellerman got back onto the show? well
i think all they would have 2 do is fake michaels death. it would be also
awesome if linc or lj comes back as a main character. but they have told us
there probably wont be any more seasons. so we just have to wait and see :D

Author André Marinho (1 year)
The Best of Prison Break...

Author Florentina Andronescu (2 years)
you're right, but also deep inside of me I had that hope that continuation

Author Florentina Andronescu (2 years)
yes, you're right. But there are other things , like this series, that
really impress people.

Author Jacquelyn Mijares (2 years)
Is This Real??

Author SuperINgamer (1 year)
Is this real

Author graeme209 (2 years)
Is ther going to be season 5 let ne no pls

Author mariasiemen (2 years)
When you see wentworth miller at first in this video, it isn't from prison
break. It's from the show ghost whisperer. Actually the first episode at
the first season. it isn't season 5 of Prison break :)

Author Brighton Nyanga (1 year)
What an epsode

Author esmil333 (1 year)
lol even a half brainer knows there isn't another season (season 5) and
knows that just by looking at the video, it's completely fake... PEOPLE,
these guys are ACTORS, they've done different films and scenes, anybody can
just take those different scenes and add it as a video, IS FAKE, but i wish
there was a season 5 :'(

Author ChuckzLawz (2 years)
That's obsurd, he's not superman how do you reckon he faked his death and
for what possible reason when he and everyone else is free

Author Loljkjb (1 year)
Micheal's not in prison he died they said all those volts would kill him
but he would've died anyways because of his illness

Author MrWilis66 (1 year)
I wish this happened

Author didi1233053 (2 years)
i agree,we need season 5

Author aRRabe1000 (3 years)
hahahahahahahaha que pendejo esta esto xD

Author Elianai Lee Eme (3 years)
very good Nancy, thanks for sharing with me, I love Wentworth Miller

Author namataka aisha (2 years)
Hi, i really liked the video. Am so happy its out because i wanted to see
how Micheal ended everything with the General. Can you imagi i cried in The
Final Break when Micheal died? I ddnt like it at all. But now his back.

Author d3w1esm (3 years)
WOW!!!it's really2 like the real season 5 good job k^^

Author Angsana Wangjam (3 years)
Micheal Scofeild!!!!!

Author Denise Koberstein (1 year)
OMG!!!! I cried my eyes out when Micheal died....I want him to be alive!
Went does Season 5 come out??

Author 007Nero007 (1 year)
lol this uploader tryin to be smart as micheal :-P

Author GooLadyGaga (2 years)
This is form "Ghost Whisperer" Not from PB :(

Author trevyn zipperer (1 year)
平成 ぉお ぃけ ア 不cぃん じぇぢ: He looks like a fucking jedu

Author Ibn Sword (2 years)
You need to get a life seriously. The people controling the vast majority
of resources on earth want you to stay blind and put your emotions into
fake things like this. People are getting killed and raped and your crying
over something like this? Over 50,000 thousand women were raped in bosnia
and over 200,000 killed. If you want to cry over something make sure it's
worth it.

Author JOEking990 (2 years)
What the fuck is this... it's well shit.

Author Astro247z (1 year)
who does this xD

Author RevelationsWarfare (2 years)
No he's not. There is no season 5.

Author MrDaniel88790 (11 months)
Go watch ghost whisperer Michael is in it the first part of this is that

Author jimhar maderal (1 year)
michael come back please

Author Florentina Andronescu (2 years)
Something like living in a beautiful lie...this is what you do

Author Kokkeler10 (2 years)
come on sarah i wanna see your boobs and vag!

Author RevelationsWarfare (2 years)
That's something, alright.

Author dgbospat194 (1 year)
Koodos for trying, but honestly? this is very poorly edited & the audio &
the video hardly ever match up I respect you for trying, and I know if I
had more time & an interest in video editing I maybe would have tried
something like this, but honestly, I'd put some more effort into it next
time. Thx - that is all. Good job getting the music though. Also,there are
too many breaks and cuts to the "do, do do!" lol - to the hallway part
that's in negative...the transitions. &There's no storyline. :S

Author andrei dinu (1 year)
2:00 is from John Doe ...

Author Bogdan Duca (1 year)
where i can watch full episode?

Author moetjewa451 (3 years)
I LOVE PRISON BREAK. Unpredictable as SHIT! It's soo fucking awesome...
Watched all seasons in a roww. Btw this is fake right?

Author Emil Sayahi (1 year)

Author MsBvbfan09 (2 years)
he faked his death

Author beam149 (3 years)
this is a deleted scene probobly because if it wast put into the show then
it was probobly just a deleted scene and this didnt actually happen if it
was a dleted scene

Author anna202416 (3 years)
hey!!!whats happening? the episode of prison break 5 was cut!!! can i
request? pls complete the episode on the cd...tnx!!!!

Author MegaGangsta4life (1 year)
Go to DONT ADD (dot) com just .tv

Author CHARLYN RODZ (1 year)
So there isent a season 5?

Author Hells Angels (1 year)
thank you :P

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