How To Install STABLE CyanogenMod 10 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy S3 / III

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Need to go back to stock? -

CyanogenMod 10.2 Android 4.3:

CyanogenMod 10.1 Android 4.2.2:

My Review of CM10:

This video is so long because I use TWO methods to install it.
I do it the EASY, self automated way and then I do it the manual way, that takes much longer. You have to wait for each process to finish, and be RIGHT THERE by your phone after each process finishes, to move onto the next one.

Technically I installed a "NIGHTLY" in this video, BUT it's the SAME EXACT PROCESS to install the STABLE CM10 rom below! A LOT OF YOU agree that it's a waste of YOUR time and my time to make a new video that's EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE, but just using a different file. :)

STABLE CyanogenMod 10 for the Sprint S3
MD5: 53f2aa042cf67058ce03e20df6417229

------ OTHER Galaxy S III Variants BELOW! ------

STABLE CM10 for the AT&T S3
MD5: 6057e1ef543ec09c2185be3372137ce0

STABLE CM10 for the Metro PCS S3
MD5: 73fa24bf03415b6e10d68d835a6d1e67

STABLE CM10 for the T-Mobile (US) S3
MD5: 66d8fc8199e16cc8cc8a01d59015ac19

STABLE CM10 for the US Cellular S3
MD5: 0b17b6befe9a9e6dd18a7f0d7763d950

STABLE C10 for the Verizon S3
MD5: 8a7b3488c09b8360fcfc58de88f0a162

ALL gapps HERE:

or you can download my mirror! -
MD5: 4e9e7ec3c22b0b3471bd05d62b8a659d

TWRP d2spr:
(ALL TWRP Recovery Downloads!)

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Author Creeperes Roberto TGN (27 days)
Working on Lenovo Idea Pad A1000-F? 

Author Atreyu Auryn (8 months)
I have a couple questions,
In the beginning you said not to back up user data if you are changing
roms, that's what i'm trying to do, go from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2, so should i not
pick backup apps+user data? Because if i just pick user apps, there is a 0
next to it.

And when i install goomanager and try the install open recovery, all i get
is 500 internal error, and i also can not get the browse compatible roms to
work either, so i tried the manual approach and i think i got stuck in a
boot loop, all i had was the round green circle with the comet thing going
round and round forever and nothing happened. I also used teamwin since
clockmod did not work.

Author LiiLgg (7 months)
hi im running a verizon gs3 and i downloaded twrp. the newest version. but
when i go into recovery mode its just the stock android recovery, i didnt
realize this and went to flash my rom and almost got stuck in a bootloop
scared me... can anyone help?

Author Danny Keeley (7 months)
"tit in ium" lool

Author Michal Nedelnik (8 months)
i have jelly bean :D

Author robinkhaira1 (8 months)
hi everyone, does anyone know if it would work on galaxy s3 GTi9300T ? 

Author edux blancux (8 months)
can you download the gapps from goomanager and download the cyanogenmod rom
from your computer and then flash them both?????

Author Doc Gonzo (8 months)
when i select installopenrecoveryscript it says no recoveries were found
for my device, what do i do?

Author Budimir Bozovic (6 months)
does this works for Galaxy Trend GT-S7560? :) someone please answer! :P

Author Daniel Pridmore (1 year)
awesome thanks man keep it up !

Author Tolulope Aworo (1 year)
awesome video!!! helps in installing a stable cm10 on your device.

Author Doc Gonzo (8 months)
now when i select instalopenrecoveryscript, it starts downloading or at
least counts from 10, then i get a 500 internal server error. halp?

Author Samuel Duarte (6 months)
where do I download the GApps that's where im stuck

Author Ian George (5 months)
Hi! I have a question, I able to install the cyanogenmod10.2.1 on my S3
i747. It went from 4G to 3G. Can you tell me why and how to change this
back to 4G?

Author emre uysal (8 months)
Hi guys I need a help please. I use my Samsung s4 mini with CyanogenMod I
wanna back to my original software but I don't know how please can you help
me ?

Author kamikaze702k (1 year)
that keyboard is swiftkey, with the pumpkin theme

Author Pedro (1 year)
hmmm i can boot into cwm while my phone's plugged in..

Author Trinity JaZs (11 months)
No, it just restore the apps the way it was before you flash

Author R. Antonio M.S. (1 year)
Is there no stable build of CM10 for the International Galaxy S3?

Author Mukund Venkateswaran (1 year)
Is it possible to go back to touch wiz(like the original one) without
plugging it in to a computer?

Author Tikam Sharma (1 year)
How to install cyanogenMod 10 for Lava N400

Author aztecadestructor1999 (9 months)
How u got tht keyboard? ?

Author wwjoshdew (1 year)
yes you will. I need to try out that theme! Lol

Author nicolae dudau (1 year)
i have done exactly like in this movie ....and now is stock in cyanogenmod
logo ....what i shold do ...please help

Author TaiChiGreg (1 year)
Wonderful, thank you very much! for the first time someone has made a video
on this subject that actually takes you through every step... superb stuff!
thank you again, chi!

Author Elias Garcia Medina (1 year)
one last thing since i am from canada n my carrier its telus do i pick
international... im trying to post the link but it wont allowed me i want
to show you the youtube video so you can see exactly what im talking about

Author JeffTheLoser (1 year)
The latest version of clockwork mod recovery, v6.0-touch is very stable. I
use it without any problems on my at&t galaxy s2 with the siyah kernel.

Author CookieGaming00 (1 year)
What keyboard are you using?

Author Inception361 (1 year)
Downloaded the 4.2.2 version and then flashed.

Author techyprog (10 months)
I rooted mine using team recovery win, and it won't let me install
cyanogenmod correctly.

Author Jose Carlo David (11 months)
is there a stable version for s4 i9505?

Author NIHSAN BHANDARI (1 year)
i didn't work for me, it says preparing for the flash but it doesn't ...
any cluee...???

Author Kevin Cruz (1 year)
I backed up my current rom with clockword recover , should I do it again
with then new recovery ?

Author Yoseph Hassan (1 year)
will this work on the galaxy s4?

Author Glycerin (10 months)
I like Super Backup. It backs up Apps, SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendars,
and Bookmarks

Author Tasha C (1 year)
is there anything else that has to be done for verizon wireless users?

Author Elias Garcia Medina (1 year)
can you do this on a note 2 bro

Author Elias Garcia Medina (1 year)
how do i know which gapps to install during my flash process since we dont
have the same carrier i found the matching firmware already but cant seem
to find the proper gapps for my carrier or i can just go ahead use yours
thanks budd

Author Julio Torres (1 year)
Can I root my tab 2 7.0 the same way you rooted your sg3?

Author Grant Dvorak (1 year)
would you recommend that I do this over cm 10.1 stable or do 4.1.2

Author Gustavo Hernandez (11 months)
oh thanks ! thats all I needed to know.

Author 313Tenacious (1 year)
+Now i downloaded the goo manager and using teamwin's recovery and did
everything you did. Trying to use the cm 10.1 though. Now it says error
flashing zip. I cannot get this to work. If you have oovoo or something i
would appreciate the help

Author wwjoshdew (11 months)
For text messages, there is a text message backup/restore app who's sole
job is to manage that. It puts it on your sdcard. "SMS Backup & Restore" It
has a clock logo with spinning arrows around it. Titanium Backup DOES have
a seperate feature for SMS backup and restore. Open titanium, press menu,
go all the way down to "Backup data to XML", and there will be an SMS/MMS

Author Fabian Stern (9 months)
I have activated the "simulate splitscreen mode" or however its called. Now
I can't use/start my phone anymore. I hope someone can help me because I
don't know how to restart my phone into the "safemode". I need to know how
I activate this mode when my phone is off so I can turn off this shitty
extra that doesn't even work. Greetz F.Müller

Author Christian Meza (10 months)
Did you get it to work? Mine loads up cm but then fails to let me set up
the phone, a bunch of pop ups saying "unfortunately blah blah"..

Author Ryan Cannaday (1 year)
Everything worked well, but I get an error called: Unfortunately, the
process android.process.acore has stopped.

Author Bryce Miles (1 year)
Ive see a common problem of no md5 file found and no answer to that. do you
have an idea why it would do this? i ended up going in to the root mode or
whatever holding volum up home and power keys, reflashed the gapps, seems
to be actually installing now. also my led light doesnt work now. kinda
bumbed about that.

Author Badman451000 (1 year)
Does this method work on any phone (HTC Sensation), or is it exclusive to
the S III

Author Logan Wahlstrom (1 year)
lol at 6:43 he freaks out at his mom

Author TheCaliforniaFrank (1 year)
Alright, you usually have detailed vids.... but I'm lost and new to
rooting. I just rooted my phone today actually. But I read through your
description and I can't find the link to download the CM... and you kind of
rushed im not too sure how to do this.

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