Minecraft Xbox - Notch Land - The Void - Part 3

Part 4 -

Welcome to my tour of Notchland. In this series of video I will explore the entire amusement park and ride on most the rides.

Notch Land was built by leisure gaming and Tyrael242.

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Author Alicia Landen (2 hours)
Do you want to build a hotel in Minecraft? Just throwing that idea out
there because I can. :-)

Author Elaine McGuire (2 days)
I already said build a zombie coaster

Author king umed (18 days)
u talk too much u cant stop talking why and u got verry stupid voice and
its sounds ugly

Author peter ellis (24 days)
how do you fly around? love your park its sweet

Author Wheezy Orange (25 days)
You've done this already I've seen it about 5 months ago

Author Lorraine Benigno (15 hours)
Where did you get the dragon egg????

Author Phillip Saller (14 minutes)
Ohoh stampylongnose

Author Janen Moyer-Pesso (5 hours)
Dear stampylongnose when i get cake my cat Bella always tries to eat it

Author toby07able (2 hours)
Stampy -----> O O



Author Aloyma Masson (1 day)
Um you already have two thousand and million dogs in your world why do you
want more

Author Anthony Malaguti (2 days)
Not funny

Author Patrick O'Shea (19 hours)

Author Landon Henning (1 day)
Oops didn't mean to leave all of those random marks my hand hit the screen

Author Shannon McIntyre (1 day)
Oooooooo endordragons

Author Averil McAuliffe (2 days)
King uded IS A VERY BIG IDIOT stampy is the best you know what hesays that
I bet he has a very anoing voice his self right gyes... that idiot

Author Little Bite Bubz (2 days)
Stampy I love your videos and you should build a small hunger games for
"Amy Lee" you" and all your friends. And if you could build a minecart
race. And these are just 6 ideas for your lovely world"1. A another secret
club house 2. A Zombie roller coaster. 3. Potion lab with all the Potion
stuff. 4. Cake shop just for you and get Lee I have a mission for you build
a special surprise for him. 5. And build a redstone pet shop with all the
animals. 6. And last but not least build a secret fire place with lots a
secret diamond's and emeralds. Bye hope you get this message!!!

Author david ranson (1 day)
Im eatin mc d

Author daweeyins (2 days)
You should build a big roller coaster for the big subscribe special

Author Zachary Dehon (5 days)

Author Cheryl Moon (8 days)
It was the best

Author Neville DCosta (6 days)
His voice is not ugly! He's British!

Author Brea McKenzie (7 days)
Dip and whop are so cute

Author Hspecialsx (6 days)

Author Post Snivy (7 days)
i said

Author veejay edz (12 days)
Squid already had the game splith then squid's trap in a
One snow it is you who shovel the snow under

Author stevenamani (10 days)
Did you build that !!!!!!

Author Peyton Stevenson (9 days)
Hey make a baby shower 

Author mark revelo (10 days)
i like your world. dear stampy your was amazing and cool to.

Author Landon Henning (1 day)
stampy dip and woop how about naming one of your dog's whip and cream.

Author Chew Sean (12 days)
You know bettlejuce?

Author Little Bite Bubz (2 days)

Author Lydia Lim (12 days)
+king umed how would you feel if someone says that your voice is
irritating? If your feel sad, its how stampy feels and you're a great
person but if you're happy with it, go fuck yourself. I can't believe that
you can criticise people like this...... of course you might find him
annoying ,but others might find it entertaining. Just imagine you made a
video similar but someone says that your voice is irritating.........

Author lilly Whyatt (18 days)
Oh god stampy u crack me up luv u your mega at minecraft and your laugh is
mega haha lol I wish I could build like u stampy cat you always do amazing
minecraft vidios :-D 

Author Ege Saranli (13 days)
+king umed u are stupid

Author awesomebrosmatt&josh (11 days)
Yes i do have to agree with that but subscribe to me. :-)

Author daweeyins (2 days)
Is stampy in creative

Author Cecilia Herrada (11 days)

Author Devon Pinder (20 days)
Dip and chip.

Author Nicola Hughes (12 days)
Stampys the best

Author collin salmonson (12 days)
Do a siries on th adventure time map

Author Thomas Bowdler (22 days)
How did he get so many dragon eggs please answer... =-O 

Author seb dayman (12 days)
Stampycat your in my love garden

Author Todd Swenson (12 days)
Stampy I have a idea for your funland.

First build a nether portal
Second build a boundry
Third make dispencers
Forth get google spacers and post them in the dispensers

Or dogs

Author Madison Misenar (26 days)
That is so cool you get a real dog as a prize I wish that was real 

Author Emily Lorraine (28 days)

Author Leah Barber (16 days)
Stampy! We love your voice and your laugh is contagious! When my barely 4
year old daughter, Veda, got hurt and couldn't stop crying your video made
her feel better when Mommy couldn't. <3 

Author Dave Hilling (27 days)

Author juan velazco (13 days)
Love your minecraft video:)

Author Annmarie Hodges (21 day)
That was funny guys

Author Gretchen Mueller (13 days)

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