So Contagious - Hiccup/Merida

Because I've been wanting to make a crossover for them, like ever since I heard about Brave.

This video was SOOO fun to make. Honestly, this is one of the first videos I've made that I've worked a very long time on but didn't even care, 'cuz it came out so great. I know I'm not that good at crossovers yet, but I think it came out really well, considering I did everything on Sony Vegas.

I even put my watermark in the corner [something I almost NEVER do], because I think it might be that good. There were so many crossover ideas I came up with, and I wanted to keep some of them for other Hiccup/Merida videos, but I couldn't help putting them all in here, lol.

If there's one thing that bothers me, it's that part where I show Hiccup's drawing of Merida. I forgot to reverse his notebook like I did in every take he was drawing, but, oh well. What's done is done.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making this. Thanks for watching! I own nothing.

Song credit: "So Contagious" -Acceptance

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Author Princess Kari (4 months)
Mericcup forever!

Author 338holly (2 years)
Merida busted a tree! for a viking that's hot!

Author MKxNod123 (1 year)
Very good. :) You are really good.

Author Viixiie Kina Reed (2 years)
I may be extrememly possessive over Hiccstrid but i must admit this was
adorable OuO

Author K Lynn (2 years)
That hug was so well edited! But you should make it WAY longer!

Author Isabel Bagle (2 years)
This is so amazing! i applaud you! this is definitely my favorite
Merida/Hiccup crossover ever! if Merida does end up with anyone instead of
being single, I would hope that it would be Hiccup.

Author Lovelystrawberry80 (2 years)
really good love your crossover deserves more views!!

Author Kimi C: (2 years)
Make more of them please this couple needs more love and this was adorably
amazing D,:

Author CitizenOfWonderland (2 years)
Never before have I loved a crossover more than a canon. Astrid can go find
someone else because HiccupXMerida is destiny.

Author riren02 (1 year)
i cant believe how perfect they are for each other :"[

Author Hector Cabz (2 years)
ahh Brave

Author Galatycproductions (2 years)
there are some in fanfiction

Author May_King (2 years)
FULL VERSION!!!!! Luvved it!

Author xSatoshi10x (2 years)
HOLY SHIT! O3o This is amazing~XD

Author Paws4JC (2 years)
Pretty good.

Author Jessica Hughes (2 years)
ohmigawd .... the words ... have failed me ... pardon my absence while i go
spin around in circles whilst squeeling like a little kid. this is full of

Author DELMANO Clémence (1 year)
Very good !!!

Author Lily Potter (2 years)
Epic! Does anyone know of any merida/hiccup fanfics?

Author Whalebear (1 year)

Author PercyxHermione (2 years)
More please! XD

Author xXxTheDarkShadowsxXx (2 years)
That was so cool :) They make the best OTP ever!

Author ArcusDragon Vasallo (2 years)
This really is contagious lol ;)

Author Vanessa Navarro (2 years)
Amazing :0

Author Musicandloveandangel (1 year)

Author Lenore (2 years)

Author alexaAnime1 (2 years)
Beautiful work :D I love it <3

Author Fachon Castañeda (2 years)
awwww so cute!!! n.n

Author Hector Cabz (2 years)
OHHH Fuck! Who is Merida

Author TheWeirdoClub (2 years)

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