So Contagious - Hiccup/Merida

Because I've been wanting to make a crossover for them, like ever since I heard about Brave.

This video was SOOO fun to make. Honestly, this is one of the first videos I've made that I've worked a very long time on but didn't even care, 'cuz it came out so great. I know I'm not that good at crossovers yet, but I think it came out really well, considering I did everything on Sony Vegas.

I even put my watermark in the corner [something I almost NEVER do], because I think it might be that good. There were so many crossover ideas I came up with, and I wanted to keep some of them for other Hiccup/Merida videos, but I couldn't help putting them all in here, lol.

If there's one thing that bothers me, it's that part where I show Hiccup's drawing of Merida. I forgot to reverse his notebook like I did in every take he was drawing, but, oh well. What's done is done.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making this. Thanks for watching! I own nothing.

Song credit: "So Contagious" -Acceptance

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Author 338holly (1 year)
Merida busted a tree! for a viking that's hot!

Author MKxNod123 (11 months)
Very good. :) You are really good.

Author Sethrien Rose Sylar (1 year)
I may be extrememly possessive over Hiccstrid but i must admit this was
adorable OuO

Author Lynn Hall (1 year)
That hug was so well edited! But you should make it WAY longer!

Author Isabel Gable (1 year)
This is so amazing! i applaud you! this is definitely my favorite
Merida/Hiccup crossover ever! if Merida does end up with anyone instead of
being single, I would hope that it would be Hiccup.

Author Lovelystrawberry80 (1 year)
really good love your crossover deserves more views!!

Author Kimi C: (1 year)
Make more of them please this couple needs more love and this was adorably
amazing D,:

Author FaerieFowlKae (1 year)

Author CitizenOfWonderland (2 years)
Never before have I loved a crossover more than a canon. Astrid can go find
someone else because HiccupXMerida is destiny.

Author riren02 (1 year)
i cant believe how perfect they are for each other :"[

Author Hector Cabz (1 year)
ahh Brave

Author Galatycproductions (1 year)
there are some in fanfiction

Author May_King (1 year)
FULL VERSION!!!!! Luvved it!

Author xSatoshi10x (2 years)
HOLY SHIT! O3o This is amazing~XD

Author Paws4JC (1 year)
Pretty good.

Author Jessica Hughes (1 year)
ohmigawd .... the words ... have failed me ... pardon my absence while i go
spin around in circles whilst squeeling like a little kid. this is full of

Author DELMANO Clémence (1 year)
Very good !!!

Author Lily Potter (1 year)
Epic! Does anyone know of any merida/hiccup fanfics?

Author Whalebear (11 months)

Author PercyxHermione (2 years)
More please! XD

Author xXxTheDarkShadowsxXx (2 years)
That was so cool :) They make the best OTP ever!

Author ArcusDragon Vasallo (1 year)
This really is contagious lol ;)

Author Vanessa Navarro (1 year)
Amazing :0

Author Musicandloveandangel (1 year)

Author ZENO666ify (2 years)

Author alexaAnime1 (1 year)
Beautiful work :D I love it <3

Author Fachon Castañeda (1 year)
awwww so cute!!! n.n

Author Hector Cabz (1 year)
OHHH Fuck! Who is Merida

Author TheWeirdoClub (1 year)

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