GOODBYE - The Walking Dead: Episode 5: Part 4 - FINAL (No Time Left)

Part 3 ►
A part of me died from this video...
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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 24:07
Comments: 87286

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Author PewDiePie (5 days)
I cried like a little bitch here, sorry bro's.

*Bro Fist*

Author DukeOfWellington (3 months)
lmao he cryed

Author Chunk Voltron (1 month)
pause at 10:31

Author Cal Harpy (2 months)
You know...Clementine is the reason Lee was bit and nobody blames her...but
Ben is the reason Duck and Katjaa died and everyone hates him (when not
many people liked Duck and Katjaa). I'm not saying to blame Clem for that
(since she's just a child and I really like her) but it's kinda the same
thing. Surely her parents told her not to go off with strangers before the
apocalypse happened.

Author Charlie Velez (1 month)
Omg did you guys see that in 10:31 there is teen porn omg im mad at you
pewds >:( i thought you were a good person.

Author Katherine Hong Draconem Deae (2 months)
I cried when Lee died :(

Author Luna Aldy (22 days)
I can't believe he died. I understand they needed drama, or they wanted to
develop Clementines character a bit more but still, doesn't mean they have
to kill him! You could still play as Clementine in season 2, Lee could be a
bit of a more minor character, but at least he would still be there instead
of having all of his fans upset about something like that. His character
was developed so well and then he just died! It wasn't right. Sorry this is
a bit of a stupid rant but, I just wanted to say it.

Author Alex (2 months)
I laughed when he cried.......... I'm a bad person 

Author Samantha Dacalos (2 months)

Author KRSGaming (18 days)

Author Emely Hmoz (22 days)
You should have cut Lee's arm off and none of this would have happened

Author Kat (1 month)
At the end I was just like I feel you pods

Author Adrianelly Flores (1 month)
Am I the only who start crying when Pew cry?

Author elias vandyketitus (1 month)
spoiler is there any way lee dose not die?

Author Angel 忘れて (1 month)
It's ok pewds.. *hugs pewds* I think I need a hug ;-;

Author Ruben Manssens (1 month)
If you pause it really carefully at 10:31 you will see his history, and it
has porn in it.

Author Rob Rios (2 months)
Pewides you little pussy

Author Rachel Presswell (2 months)

Author Leila NiMhurchu (2 months)
How did the zombie guard knew they weren't zombies but the other ones

Author Tman4You (1 month)
Pause it at 10:31 and you can see that Pewdiepie has searched porn LOL

Author Luna (2 months)
what is the piano music at the end?

Author Kiaya Moroney (1 month)
I cried that's so sad 😭😭😭I was in tears 

Author MaxiMaxuto345 (2 months)
I think if i do a video of "people crying whit the walking dead" ill get 2
million of views.

Author CutiePieMarzia. (4 months)
Pewds where you just faking or was it real? (19:18)
(BTW: I'm NOT the real Marzia)

Author Christina Maguire (14 days)
OK if you pause the video at 10:31 quick there is porn websites FYI

Author smellmycatbro (3 months)
I cried at your video and started laughing afterwards (porn history) 10:31
Don't worry we all do, who actually hasn't?

Author PewPewPuffin (6 days)
Why does everyone say it's porn it's an upload screen HE'S UPLOADING A

Author Sarah Murphy (26 days)
Was he really crying

Author Maximus Mejia (14 days)
Two years later an i still cry

Author FranFranGames (18 days)
Let's all just.... sit around...... pray(yes I know it's just a game)for
Lee, Clementine, Christa, Omid, Kenny, Ben, Kaaja, Duck or Ken Junior,
Clarey, Glenn, Doug, Shawn, Chett, Diane and Ed (clementine's
parents),Lee's family, Hershel, thank you ;_;

(f you Larry and Lilly!)

Author Elissa JJ (1 month)
What's all this about pewds watching porn? I paused at 10:31 but didn't see
anything I just saw the details for the vid. Where am I supposed to be

Author GOAT I'M (6 months)
pause at 10:31 . you can see in like 1 frame he's history. and it's its
full of porn D:

Author MrCatmanrescue (28 days)
So none of you have noticed if you pause the video ate about 10 31 after he
falls to the ground for a split second he opens his history nad you can see
he has been watching porn you need to slow don the video go to the little
gear icon and click speed and slow it down then goto 10 31

Author duracellplus06 (27 days)
I have such mad respect for pewds right now for 2 reasons.
1. He isn't afraid to show his emotions
2. Dat search history

Bro fist pewds you absolute legend!!!

Author xXTheGamingKamiXx (1 day)
10:31 Damn you watch a LOT of porn :P

Author Miles Mallette (23 days)
soooooo hes amateur porn lol ;) GOODBYE - The Walking Dead: Episode 5: Part
4 - FINAL (No Time Left)

Author Hibari Kyouya (2 days)

Author Miranda Landry (1 month)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I can't stop crying
Why did Clemmie have to shoot him????
He should have said "fuck it cut it off" in the first place😞

Author Kirbster1999 (3 days)
I'm glad I cried, shows I have feelings!! Lee is a legend and always will

Author Alex Tintor (3 days)

Author Pugs (3 days)
Me and my brother were watching this together on the computer and when it
was over I went upstairs like I had to get something or something like that
but really when I went upstairs I started to cry.

Author Artorias of the abyss (1 month)
Holy shit pewds you kinky bastard XD 10:32 guys it's really hard to catch
but it's there 

Author Eliot Hand (1 month)
Omg he watches sex and porn look at 10:31 dead on the dot 

Author khetanisultan94 (1 month)
Why was Lee not able to get up?

Author yara murad (12 days)
Wait he is crying and so I'm a 

Author Caden Webb (1 month)
The bite only kills you, you turn because everyone's infected

Author CreeperKid 305 (1 month)
When pewds started crying I did at the exact moment.....

Author Peter Dybro (1 month)
At 18:25 Pewds are crying😂

Author Christian Jones (22 days)
Damn that porn those porn websites pewds 10:31

Author SugerBabi4ever (1 month)
For some reason, I wanted to cry, but I didn't. Wtf is wrong with me? :c

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