GOODBYE - The Walking Dead: Episode 5: Part 4 - FINAL (No Time Left)

A part of me died from this video...
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Views: 6,982,267
Added: 2 years
Runtime: 24:07
Comments: 88457

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Author PewDiePie (2 months)
I cried like a little bitch here, sorry bro's.

*Bro Fist*

Author FalconLover (2 months)
Pewdiepie at 10:31 there was in your history: xHamster You porn and all
that shit.. damn.. and I masturbate on giraffe sex..

Author Aymme Ruiz (1 month)
I've seen Lee die a lot of times but it still makes me cry 😩😩😩

Author Gosik (26 days)
This comment section in a nutshell:

50% is like
''Lol he watches porn omg!!''

and 50% is like
''Omg he cried so cute <3''

Author Erza Scarlet エルザ・スカーレット (1 month)
Omg Pewds cried ;-; Awww :(

Author GabrielaDoesDraw AOT (5 months)
When Pewds cry at the end I cry it's so sad :(

Author DIAMONDSFOR LIFE (2 months)
Pewdiepie, its all right, I cried just like you.

Author Charlie Velez (4 months)
Omg did you guys see that in 10:31 there is teen porn omg im mad at you
pewds >:( i thought you were a good person.

Author Improved Talent (5 months)

Author Kyla Love Lucas Production (1 month)

Author LoL Frog (13 days)
Guys Let's get honest here, right? Everyone, YES everyone has or will at
some point watch porn! It is almost BOUND to happen! Okay maybe not
EVERYONE, but most people will watch it and it's normal! It just shows how
and who he is: a normal human being like everybody else.... Even though I
WILL admit that the history is kinda scary but everyone has their taste. If
you know what I mean 😉 wink wink haha

Author leon wilkins (5 months)
Sorry pews massive fan but you've been caught! Pause at 10:31 when all his
link come up you can see "tube8" "xvideos" "xhamster" ha ha fantastic.

Author Andy Martin (1 month)
so you still have you'er gf and you watch porn

Author anthony chen (1 month)
stop at 10:31 and you look carefully you can see porn on his history

Author Rachel Le (2 months)
I cried when Lee died, like what the hek man they new we were gonna cry.
Evrey single time it gets me. Love your vids pewds your the best and keep
those vids coming !!! :)

Author Daan892 (1 hour)
If only more people are willing to see beneath Pewds' crass and loud
Youtube persona. Deep down, he has a gentle soul.

Author Artsy Kenna (1 month)
I cried so hard when Luke died, I'm about to play season 1, fuck

Author Ryan Craig-Sauer (1 month)
Reply if your watching this in 2014! Also I kinda like new pewds now then
this one I don't know why

Author John Chaser (17 days)
Jesus Christ, people watch porn, get over it..

Author Kayla E (24 days)
omg was he really crying poor pewds

Author Buz (1 hour)
He watch porn. Ok he is a himan being

Author Michael the Invincibly Badass Darkrai from FedEx (4 days)
That just seriously took a toll on my feels... 

Author sam adsul (2 hours)
criyn is okie bro noting to be serious about it be sensetive sometimes
expereince something new always and come on you are a goddamn youtuber so
chill people want to see what you are and they seriously means even i
seriously like that you live the way you want! way to go bruh! #brofist
for #pewdiepie 

Author FranFranGames (2 months)
Let's all just.... sit around...... pray(yes I know it's just a game)for
Lee, Clementine, Christa, Omid, Kenny, Ben, Kaaja, Duck or Ken Junior,
Clarey, Glenn, Doug, Shawn, Chett, Diane and Ed (clementine's
parents),Lee's family, Hershel, thank you ;_;

(f you Larry and Lilly!)

Author San (27 days)
Come on guys....That 10:31 just shows Pewds is just like everyone else. I
found it hilarious actually...I'm a girl!

Author Laura Rodyns (5 months)
What happens at 10:31 but perfect on 10:31 ??

Author Chizuru VF (1 month)
10:31, sex shows, adult streaming, free porn ; big tits teen ; adult sex
video ;... Pewds, your history is scary...:(

Author Mrbulletproofmaster1 (1 day)
Some games are really sad at the end I made this biggest mistake in Gta v
when I killed Trevor (my favorite character) cried like a baby

Author Amy Thompson (1 month)
This whole comment section is full of "I cri ery tiem" (or something of the
sort) or "PEWDS U WATCH PORN!??!?!?!?!!?//1/1//1/" Or something like
that... I just felt like pointing that out.

Author Lillian Sands (3 days)
Awww pewds, seeing you cry made me cry too!!!! :'(

Author l WiZARD l (20 hours)
Do you always watch porn before you do a video? This is IT! EUREKA! I HAVE
FOUND IT! The secret to getting famous on youtube. It was right infront of
me all along ;o

Author Flying Banana (26 days)
10:31 Porn!!!???? Seriously!!!!????? He had a girlfriend at this time an he
was watching porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? My god pewds... I really
hope you put that in your history as a joke or you pulled up a screen shoot
of some history on the internet

Author Theynotnech (37 minutes)
Wabash! Why! So sad! D: 

Author Analise Alonzo (20 hours)
When u cried I sobbed becuase that is so sad. It would be harder In real
life and pewdie just becuase u cried doesn't make u a wimp

Author Ryan Atkinson (18 hours)
Stop vid at 10:31

Author MostPlains00 (1 day)
22237493222758498222485895284955853 2222943954357984

Highlight this comment, press ctrl+f, then press 2

Author LPS Nikki™ (2 days)
It's so sad...but really...when i heard Pewdiepie heart broke
:( +PewDiePie
I love you PewDiePie <3 You're amazing! Don't listen to the haters :)
They're just jealous <3 

Author MangaMiyn (28 days)

Author Lee Pavano (1 day)
Clementine is soo fucking adorable i want a daughter now

Author Jasmine HidHerLastName (22 days)
Huh, Clem didn't shoot the stranger in my game. I strangled him.

Author Anthony Particelli (21 hour)
Love your videos pewds it's a total heart brake to even see ale characters
die I was a little chocked up too but can't wait to see more vids

Author Brittany Neeper (19 hours)
I am bawling my eyes out right now 😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭

Author johndayrit roblox (2 days)
Now I know the reason why would I kill myself coz it....coz Lee... you know
man cries RIP Lee salutes
And right now my mom is staring at me like I'm a baby crying
Sorry I can't take this anymore

Author Laura Heads (4 hours)
R.i.p lee

Author Macsentian Andrei (4 days)
Wtf you're right falconlover. Pewds, if you make this, i will unsuscribe

Author danilo charli (4 days)
when lee got zombified i i got zombified too

Author Christina Maguire (2 months)
OK if you pause the video at 10:31 quick there is porn websites FYI

Author PonyADVENTURES (1 day)
Pewds, do you watch porn? :O I TOOK A SCREENSHOT

Author Melissa Cook (4 days)
I just died inside 

Author Benedict Einarson (3 days)
OMG he just broke down. I feel so bad. I mean I got teary eyed when I
played the game but WOW!

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