GOODBYE - The Walking Dead: Episode 5: Part 4 - FINAL (No Time Left)

Part 3 ►
A part of me died from this video...
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Views: 5,928,444
Added: 1 year
Runtime: 24:07
Comments: 91760

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Author Atlas Macfarlane (4 days)
I started crying at the same time as him

Author Maxwell Preston (12 days)
Alright, just because he has porn at 10:31, who the hell cares. Porn is a
normal thing in humans, and really. ROBLOX had even shown porn.

Author Mad Max Rockatansky (12 days)
Was I the only one expecting an "I love you" option? But it never appeared

Author Yuno Gasai (12 days)
10:31 for 2 frames u can see his porn history xD
(nuthin wrong about dat ;D)

Author Sarah Jones (10 days)
aww pewdiepie u cried don't worry I did to

Author LelandAndroid (10 days)
Does he cry when he watches mature nude babes having sex?? Lol at your porn
history at 10:31

Author CutiePieMarzia. (12 days)
Pewds where you just faking or was it real? (19:18)
(BTW: I'm NOT the real Marzia)

Author Victoria Lyn (16 days)
Can someone plz tell me why was Pewdie Crying?

Author Micah Hilario (15 days)
anyone tough enough not to cry?

Author Haileigh Jones (8 days)
Why did he say "ill miss you" I was so good at not crying!

Author Diseña Tu Creatividad (1 month)
10:31 slow video , PORN! 

Author mady batty (14 days)
Ok, I know he's just a video game cgaracter but ...godamnit lee...I'll miss

Author Nerdicai (15 days)
Nice porn history at 10:31

Author MufasaMC (3 months)
Pause at 10:31 - Pewd's p0rn history...

Author Andoryū Miruzu (3 months)
Holy crap Pewdie cried.....

Author ~0uts1drx16~ (11 days)
Yesterday i lost my grandma today i feel like i lost my whole family. 

Author Jessica Scrivener (23 days)
Couldn't stop crying from like 10 mins through omg did anyone else get so
upset cos they imagined it as their own life story? 😭😭😭😭😭

Author Vincent DelaCruz (20 days)
Pewds, is your search history real or is it just a joke?

Author lol fagot (22 days)
The reason he cried is because when he opened history he had porn written
on it you disgust me press

Author BottleRocket73 (24 days)
10:31 that awkward moment when pewdiepie watches the same porn site as you

Author Your Dogs Doo Doo! (24 days)
Its ok pewds every guy guy emotions

Author JB. (26 days)
Why would someone dislike this? Wtf is wrong with people!?

Author Ky Anh Hoang (22 days)
I know this is not a very important thing to say but I was really surprised
that he watched allot of porn vids even tho Marzia didn't know 

Author Sasuke Espinoza (12 days)
damn pewds that porn list 0_o

Author LostSparten071 (1 month)
Guys look so what he watches porn, dont we all. 

Author JenniferandLucky (15 days)
It's so wierd to hear a grown up man cry :'( 

Author Cielo Nublado (1 month)
quick question: what is the name of the sad song at the end of the video?

Author Julia Tan (1 month)
Was pewds crying? Lol I laughed so hard instead of being sad he looked like
a fish when holding his cry

Author XavierLipscomb (21 day)
LOL pewds search history at 10:31 when he accidently closes the game. not
hating, just thimk its funny.

Author Rachel Lin (1 month)
But Clementine is covered in the walkers guts, why does the zombie guard on
the chair still wants to attack her? He should not be bothered by her.

Author Pedro Tavares (27 days)
pause ate 10:31 you will see on his browser history porn sites 

Author geode543 (6 months)
Holy shit! Guys guess what! A guy who happen to be internet famous happens
to look at PORN oh the humanity! No regular person looks at porn he must be
some kind of disgusting scumbag! /sarcasm

Author David Hastings (5 months)
fuck me pewds

Author Natsu Dragneel (5 hours)
porn at 10:31 ... pewds... does your gf know?...

Author Clara Ward (1 hour)
Heart just shattered 💔😭

Author Sassy LPS (13 hours)
i cried so much

Author AlexDaTroller64 (1 day)
R.I.P Lee Everett

"It started in cuffs, and it ended in cuffs..."

Author Kaan Baranak (1 day)
i really thought i am not crying At the and but fuck sakes we all Miss you
lee :`c

Author Fridge (1 day)
porn spotted 10:31

Author CaptainWH (1 day)
10:30 watch try to pause the video before the video manger shows up. It
shows his history and read is carefully -.-

Author rebecca manley (1 day)
10:31 0.o 

Author Too awesome Just fabulous (1 day)
I think that part is an Easter egg

Author ToughTofu (2 days)
sniff*sniff* this episode makes me cry. ;'(

Author Ena Bajic (3 days)
Can anyone tell me the outro song?

Author Logan Thomas (4 days)
Whenever i see a Pewdiepie series i start from the end xp so i guess i
didnt cry

Author Allyssa Weir (5 days)
Awe pewds stop crying

Author THUND3RBOLT0FIR3 (6 days)

Author owen korb (5 days)
Man I remember this like it was yestetday! Crazy I started watching
pewdieie early 2012 and I watched every video since man time flies

Author supremecoder424 (6 days)
I was crying at the end

Author Tmothy Justin William (6 days)
Pewds you cry,alah cengeng amat lu ye

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