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Песенка-мультик - Паровозик Чух-Чух и числа от 1 до 10

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Паровозик Чух-Чух везёт в своих вагончиках числа от 1 до 10. Звучит мелодичная песенка, во время которой малыш сможет запомнить счёт в пределах...


Author Hornhausen (4 months)
interesting video

Author Resiree Roxanne Kison (3 months)

Author Gabriel Garcia (1 month)

Author Trang Minh (2 months)

Author misbah iqbal (29 days)

Author jelsomino (2 months)
Me want

Author Mikkel Larsen (3 months)

Author 양양병모 (3 months)

Author Waseem Ahmad (5 months)

Author Cécile Ronfot (2 months)

Author Sheila Angonbiram (5 months)

Author BrioAB (8 months)
Thank you! Have you seen the others videos, they are really cool as well.

Author kurotomo36tora (1 year)

Author BrioAB (1 year)
Thank you! Have you seen the latest 2012-2013?/BRIO

Author Platon Phaeton (5 months)
Южных ь

Author BrioAB (1 year)
Thank you. I hope you also like our new spring video. Please let us know
what you think.//BRIO

Author BrioAB (7 months)
I am sorry, I don´t understand what you mean//BRIO

Author Tqwl (1 year)

Author BrioAB (1 year)
Hello and thak you for this. We have recently uploaded our brand new video
for the spring edtion toys here at our channel. Tell us what you think./BRIO

Author namiscaify (1 year)

Author Inigo Lopez (7 months)
i mean how about the 2013 reviews

Author BrioAB (7 months)
Hello. We do have many 2013 videos. Just have a look at BRIOAB and you will
find them. Hope you like what you see.//BRIO

Author Yangwon Son (1 year)

Author Marcipán (1 year)
mate videa na ho*no XDD

Author experiment5100 (1 year)
could I say a personal wish for a train?

Author Paulo Jr Fernandes (10 months)

Author BrioAB (11 months)
Hi, I hope you enjoyed the video!//BRIO

Author Hands of Cinderblock (1 year)
how are there 2000 people who don't like Brio? were you born at age 34?

Author BrioAB (8 months)

Author h20malaki09n (1 year)

Author Mardjuki Vera (6 months)

Author UberVersatile (10 months)
I think you have some weird bots on your site :) look at some ofthe comments

Author DisneyToys SurpriseEggs (6 months)
great great great video ;)

Author Trackmaster Village (9 months)
Cool stuff! We like it!

Author Surprises For Kids (6 months)
Nice movie and really great toys!

Author Reyna Reyes (6 months)
J y v b

Author Christa Buckler (6 months)

Author Sam Dickenson (1 year)
It's good. I like the fact that they look more and more like real world

Author Vanessa gonçalves (6 months)

Author Naweed Hussain (6 months)

Author Elena Shamro (6 months)

Author anjali pillai (1 year)
by Hugh l.p. rEinsuRance iT bY The hut yt? YT? hhG

Author MachinamaRose45 (1 year)
When I was younger I wanted these soooo bad. Today looking backk at these,
I just thought, I really enjoyed playing with my friends with these and
always asking them for christmas but now, I cant find any of your products,
because I was hoping I could get these for my little sister. I know we
could have so much fun with these, but I just cant find them today. Darn,
me and my friends loved these toys. Now other companys are making knock
offs with todays higher technology. Live while you can ~Rose

Author Familie KUS (6 months)
nice clip

Author Juraj Zeman (10 months)
i like your sets. THEY ARE AWSOME. i want to buy them for my kids

Author Sam Dickenson (1 year)
WOW! Brio sure has changed slot since I was a kid in the 90s

Author BrioAB (8 months)
Not yet unfortunately. Look into for distributors.//BRIO

Author claireprescott12317 (1 year)

Author BrioAB (7 months)
Hi there. Please contact our distributor Schylling. Good luck and keep

Author BrioAB (7 months)
I am sorry, I don´t understand what you mean//BRIO

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