BRIO Products 2011

BRIO new Railway launched during 2011
The Metro Set (33513) won Toy of The Year Award in Finland and in Sweden 2011. Just posted a preview of what will come in August. Look for our BRIO Builder video.

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Author SurpriseEggs4Kids (1 month)
so cool playset

Author Childrenofworld2014 (4 months)
great toys

Author Videos4N11 (18 hours)
My son really wants to have more Brios but I can't afford them. I wish some
kind human being would help our situation and send us Brios, that would
make my son's year for sure! :)

Author Thomas and Friends, Disney, Play Doh (3 months)
I have couple of Brio

Author ToyTrainsFan (5 months)
cool toys

Author Dominick Benson (2 months)
If I wasn't 20 years old, kind of broke, and a lifelong collector of
tomy/plarail I would totally buy most (if not all) of this stuff

Author Speelgoed Kiki (5 months)
Brio, dat is een speelgoedmerk om "U" tegen te zeggen! Kijk maar eens!

Author Martha Mondragon (4 months)
where is the toy and how much is it

Author Marlen pena (58 minutes)

Author Gordana Koroman (2 hours)

Author اسماء العوايلى (2 days)
Kgs mm rcsx

Author Kati R (6 days)

Author Andry Razafinjatovo (8 days)

Author Марина Мейрхан (5 days)
Screaming of pleasure

Author Jeff The Killer (21 day)

Author BikeManBen Productions Gaming (15 days)

Author cing niiang (1 month)
Se denne video på YouTube

Author Fumie Kitazato (1 month)

Author Shravan Kumar SK (5 months)

Author Migo Land (5 months)

Author Cameron Smits (2 months)
I wonder how a video for Brio trains got 35 million views?? 

Author james hester (4 months)

Author Katrien Jooste (4 months)


Author misbah iqbal (7 months)

Author L Sharpe (4 months)

Author Rumah Alvin (4 months)

Author Mudassir Mukhtar (4 months)

Author Olga H (5 months)

Author aran rice (5 months)

Author Martha Mondragon (4 months)
water is the toy

Author Alonzo Gonzales (5 months)

Author nevin tetik (5 months)

Author Tashfeen Muhammad (5 months)

Author Troy Moss (5 months)
Nb bd

Author BRIO Play (1 year)
Thank you! Have you seen the others videos, they are really cool as well.

Author kurotomo36tora (2 years)

Author BRIO Play (1 year)
Thank you! Have you seen the latest 2012-2013?/BRIO

Author Platon Phaeton (1 year)
Южных ь

Author BRIO Play (1 year)
Thank you. I hope you also like our new spring video. Please let us know
what you think.//BRIO

Author BRIO Play (1 year)
I am sorry, I don´t understand what you mean//BRIO

Author BRIO Play (1 year)
Hello and thak you for this. We have recently uploaded our brand new video
for the spring edtion toys here at our channel. Tell us what you think./BRIO

Author namiscaify (1 year)

Author TheBlueCorvette (1 year)
i mean how about the 2013 reviews

Author BRIO Play (1 year)
Hello. We do have many 2013 videos. Just have a look at BRIOAB and you will
find them. Hope you like what you see.//BRIO

Author Yangwon Son (1 year)

Author MarciPÁN (2 years)
mate videa na ho*no XDD

Author experiment5100 (1 year)
could I say a personal wish for a train?

Author Paulo Jr Fernandes (1 year)

Author BRIO Play (1 year)
Hi, I hope you enjoyed the video!//BRIO

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