Building the Perfect 22 Semi-Automatic Rifle -


Jeff Quinn ( ) builds the Perfect 22 Semi-Automatic Rifle.

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Author James phillips (14 days)
Very nice build .............. an some cats need to be shot.

Author Jason Davis (2 months)
dud i love that 22 I've got a 10/22 setup just like it but I've got to get
me one of those receivers that will make changing out the clip much faster
guy i shoot against have some similer we shoot a 22 timed tournament this
will help out big time 

Author Arron Geatches (23 days)
Nice Gun!! I did notice that you were not wearing eye protection, and the
video of you shooting was filmed by a person holding the camera downrange
and not a tripod..

Author Dylan McDonnell (2 months)
I don't trust people who shoots cats because they're on their lawn

Author pricelesspits (1 month)
Since you have spared nothing while building this A+++ of a rifle. If I
were you I would put a Kidd trigger on it.

Author S Sam (5 months)
Very informative video. Thanks for posting

Author Darryl Edington (8 months)
Beautiful gun man. Nice job.

Author 1slippery2 (3 months)
So jealous! Wish us Canuckistans could fill out paper work to use
suppressors! Beautiful machine!

Author Shniggit (8 months)
Only thing it's missing is lsbho (last shot bolt hold open). If anyone
knows of a fix for that, let me know.

Author whapaso (6 months)
Volquartzen or Kidd for your new trigger. Both are great.

Author Randy Gray (5 months)
I have two Kidd 2 stage triggers and they are the best trigger I have ever
used in any gun. Mine are set at about 6 oz. I been meaning to get the TS
stock. By the way that is a great looking build you have there you should
be proud .

Author ernest bowman (8 months)
the shop near me has a 10/22 for a good price the only problem is the end
of the barrel is not threaded

Author Troy Kelso (7 months)
"OH, MY EYE - MY EYE!!!"

Author HamSandwich (8 months)
Sometime you gotta get rid of stuff. I like this guy.

Author zach sylvester (6 months)
Best ending ever!!!

Author Hugh Jorgin (3 months)
y buy the 10/22 if u r just going to replace everything?

Author Rob Coppens (5 months)
Price of scope alone is scary! 

Author ColAngus04 (1 month)
Another great video Jeff, I would love to have a rifle like that. I think
suppressors should be a little less expensive to obtain as well.

Author tiler mcivor (8 months)
jesus the stock and body looks like it weighs 15 pounds lol no wonder there
is literally zero recoil!

Author Panzlaff (6 months)
Walther GSP Rifle Conversion Kit ...Ever Seen ? I have one and one in .32

Author Tommy Rad (8 months)
More super-smokin guitar work! Nice rifle too :D

Author rusty nuts (1 month)
"the neighbors cat...sometimes you have to get rid of stuff"
Ahahahahaha....couldn't agree more!

Author Robert Rickner (4 months)
is that a nikon scope? has the same gold ring as my nikon lenses for ym
dslr. lol 

Author bosundave121 (6 months)
Is the tactical Solutions trigger group no good?

Author gobigorgohomenow101 (8 months)
So you shoot left hand just like me! Here is my ultimate question, left
hand 17 hornet, thumbhole stock, stainless and repeating. Any idea?

Author 0PizzaGuy0 (12 hours)
"Sometimes you've got to get rid of stuff." couldn't have said it better

Author ncsr111 (6 days)
Some of you may not want to purchase a Ruger 10/22 due to you could
eventually be discarding or replacing every last part with custom and
aftermarket parts.

Author wd1164 (7 months)
lo get rid of stuff lol the cat

Author tyler fortner (6 months)
tell me that "tactul" "slutions" didn't pay this guy

Author bobwhite825 (7 months)
What part of this gun is a 10/22 now?

Author bamaboyphoto22 (9 months)
I have a great idea. Ill get 2geather with u, and u can help me build up my
ruger 10 22 and we can shoot all your guns. Ill buy lunch. Thanks 4 the
great vidios.

Author Gunblastdotcom (1 year)
It is available from Seven Brothers Mercantile (sevenbros-dot-com) for only
$4.99. Measures 3x5 feet with 2 grommets. Search for "M4 Come and Take It
Flag", item number fsh-m4. We have no financial interest, it's just a cool
flag that everyone should own. Boge

Author Kurtw. Maynard (11 months)

Author Turbozag (10 months)
Nice setup. Mine is similar, but mostly Volquartsen. I HIGHLY recommend the
Volquartsen 10-22 match trigger group. Outstanding.

Author edfarttt (1 year)
Correction: They are suppressor,not silencer. Thank you.

Author Lyjior VZ (1 year)
Ok thank you for the feedback and also, i have a H & R 22. revolver and it
is a used gun. Who ever had it before me was an idiot and put thread lock
in the L/R sigh adjustment screw so i had to purchase an entirely new back
sight. so my dilemma is that there is a pin that allows the sight to pivot
for elevation and i tried to gently tap it back in with a hammer but it
bent. any ideas?

Author SuperNewf1 (1 year)
Nice suppressor.Sounds like its just a pellet gun.

Author Jonas van Eldik (1 year)
santa testing his toys

Author evilcowboy (1 year)
Again unless you missed it getting all butt hurt over what I posted. The
problem with dogs are not the dog but rather the owner. Bad owners cause
dogs to misbehave. It could just be that I am a parent and I don't slap one
kid for something the other one does. Same concept. Kind of like how the
left tries to punish law abiding citizens for the actions of some idiot
with gun control. Think before acting someone may kill one of your family
members if they wonder on to their property.

Author evilcowboy (11 months)
Nowhere in your anger fits did you post anything about a bb gun or that you
live in the intercity and not out in the country. You just went into a
tangent about how you will shoot any dog/cat that wonders onto your yard.
Perhaps next time you decide to post something you could clarify a bit
better since we all don't know you nor do we know where you live. So who's
really the retards the people who made an assumption you were a dog hater
or the Moron who couldn't clarify a 3rd grade paragraph

Author 16cliffedge (1 year)
nice rifle Jeff

Author gordon sumner (1 year)
Awesome firearm! Lol with the cat comments. Love your channel.

Author Enjoy! (1 year)
one more time, if u can't or will not control your animal. I will! Comes on
to my property, I will, Barks @ me, I will. U come on to my property with
intent to bodily harm, I WILL! I live n the city, RESPECT OTHERS, WE DON'T
WANT TO HEAR YOUR FUCKIN DOG/S. Yeah if your dogs in ur yard being a dick I
will ask you to control it, then I call the lawdogs. Hell, and they can't
even do that right.

Author George Semel (1 year)
Seems to me that you are Christmas Story Fan too. That 22 would make a good
upgrade for any boy or girl that has a Red Ryder BB gun.

Author keejinjohanson (1 year)
my street has a bit of a rabbit issue...hmmm

Author kevin king (1 year)
It's hard to say for sure without being there in person, but judging by the
video, that suppressor makes the gun sound more like a high powered air
rifle than a .22LR.

Author Gunblastdotcom (1 year)
Jeff's not going to shoot somebody's pet. Feral cats that are killing his
grandkids' pets are a different matter. Boge

Author Gavin Gregware (11 months)
I love tht gun so much

Author rahkim (1 year)
what you looking at for your cost for that build there? Thanks for the
video beautiful rifle.

Author Just1Spark (1 year)
Build a carpet tunnel to shoot through right at your shooting bench area.
Get a large tube (2ftdia+, plastic or cardboard or whatever) and line the
inside and outside with foam and or carpet. Place it on your bench, put
your muzzle inside it, and shoot you target. Works incredibly well. Wont be
no louder than your neighbors stupid ass wind chimes.

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