Building the Perfect 22 Semi-Automatic Rifle -


Jeff Quinn ( ) builds the Perfect 22 Semi-Automatic Rifle.

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Author Toophless1 (4 months)
I love it. Regarding dollars, how much is into this one?

Author rAdiant Jet (2 months)
You got one really pretty rifle! Sounds like an air rifle when you shoot
it! Pretty awesome!

Author Mike Hunter (2 months)
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! SHOOT THE NEIGHBORS CAT??????? I would never "shoot" the
neighbors cat. Besides... My neighbors don't have
cats.....................anymore. They all died of uh natural causes months

Author Mark Potter (11 days)
Well at keast he didnt say ambi-dex-trious. ;)

Author Skridge Milky (2 months)
Sir you are a low form of coward if you are slinking around shooting
neighbors cats- I can understand shooting feral cats as they are hell on
the bird population- but shooting a neighbors pet is the lowest form of
entertainment. You will need to go and apologize to each and every one of
your neighbors who's cat you've shot and make some sort of restitution as
well-- otherwise you will not be able to enter the hall of manly men no
matter how many pony tails you have springing out of your beard.

Author Nolan Mythbustor (2 months)
I don't know this guys humor, I really hope that comment about shooting
neighborhood cats was a joke, if not he's fucked in the head.

Author Mike Hunter (2 months)
I have the timney trigger and really like it. Mine is mostly Dlask with no
ruger left. Have the same mag release. Mine sits on a Boyd Blaster stock.
My Dlask receiver has a built on rail. Looks just like yours. 

Author Barney Samson (2 months)
You Prolly already know this but the Volquartsen hammer, when used with the
stock Ruger trigger group parts, will reduce the trigger pull weight to
about 2 pounds. My 10/22 started out at 5.25 pounds stock; w/the
Volquartsen hammer and a polished sear the pull is 2.25 pounds and smoother
to boot. Cost is just $35.00.

Author Miles Huggins (4 months)
Yea I hate stay toms I have a issue since one pissed around my porch others
feel the need to piss and I refuse to let my house smell like cat piss. I
dont own a cat my dog loved em though .guess it depends on the fight in the
dog after all. I called animal control they werent a whole lotta help they
kept givin the people the cats back and im pretty sure they were strays
that these people but had put tags on since id seen the cats before they
moved in but they started feeding them and I started having problems anyway
if you have animals and care dont let them roam just sayin

Author chickensodelicious (4 months)
That 10/22 is almost as epic as your beard!

Author Dalton Barker (2 months)
I meant were do you shoot a deer to kill it with a 22 long rifle

Author Les Rinehart (2 months)
little to flashy fer a savage man. just a aftermarket squibb

Author Larry Fazen (2 months)
Here kitty kitty kitty

Author JenkyBoom (2 months)
epic rig, i love supressors 

Author Dalton Barker (2 months)
where do you shoot a deer to ill it with a 2 long rifle

Author littlejpl (5 months)
One of the most important things to change out of a 10/22 is the bolt stop
pin. Change it out with a rubber stop pin. This does several important
things but the one most important thing it does is saves your very
expensive scope from the shuddering recoil effect of the 22 caliber round.
Believe it or not the recoil from a little 22 caliber rifle is harder on a
scope than a big caliber rifle and on a BB gun and Pellet guns its even
worse because of the shuddering effect and not a big all at once Bang
vibrating through the scope. The rubber stop pin acts like a shock
absorber to the bolt as it hits the pin in turn saving your scope from that
damaging shuttering recoil. Their are several makers of these replacement
pin but the Kidd pin I think is the best as well as the trigger group
replacement is by far the best. I also like to change my bolt release to
and automatic release type. Good Video :) 

Author Mitchell Ottaway (5 months)
very nice job. i plan to do something similar but with a little more me

Author rusty nuts (7 months)
"the neighbors cat...sometimes you have to get rid of stuff"
Ahahahahaha....couldn't agree more!

Author James phillips (6 months)
Very nice build .............. an some cats need to be shot.

Author Charles Jacques (5 months)
Jeff enjoyed your vid.

Author Jeremey Riopelle (4 months)
Who played your background music?

Author Nelson Campbell (5 months)
KIDD makes the absolute BEST triggers for 10/22 type rifles.I've tried
Volquartsen and timney,but the KIDD was by far the best.I have the same
receiver and similar stock but with a 16" threaded barrel and a
suppressor.While not my favorite gun it would be the one I would definitely
keep if I could only have one.

Author The Beretta Guy (5 months)
Once you get the trigger group in, you can rebuild the original Ruger.
That's a nice rifle there.

Author james burke (3 months)
i live in boise!!!

Author Carol Davis (3 months)
Goober smoochers :)

Author Sportdog1000 (6 months)
You may have answered this before but how much did this build cost you?
And yes this is a fine looking 22!!

Author getredytagetredy (5 months)

Author I Own Guns (5 months)
From the shooting segment, it looks like the can might have been a little

Author Arron Geatches (6 months)
Nice Gun!! I did notice that you were not wearing eye protection, and the
video of you shooting was filmed by a person holding the camera downrange
and not a tripod..

Author Jason Davis (8 months)
dud i love that 22 I've got a 10/22 setup just like it but I've got to get
me one of those receivers that will make changing out the clip much faster
guy i shoot against have some similer we shoot a 22 timed tournament this
will help out big time 

Author rifleman (6 months)
Hell of a rifle! Ever get the trigger group replaced?

Author 1slippery2 (9 months)
So jealous! Wish us Canuckistans could fill out paper work to use
suppressors! Beautiful machine!

Author Hugh Jorgin (9 months)
y buy the 10/22 if u r just going to replace everything?

Author Mike Dee (5 months)
Very nice set-up.

Author recon20671 (2 months)
some people need to relax.

Author john67elco (5 months)
best lookin 10/22 i ever saw

Author ColAngus04 (7 months)
Another great video Jeff, I would love to have a rifle like that. I think
suppressors should be a little less expensive to obtain as well.

Author Ozzy Ozbourne (8 months)
I don't trust people who shoots cats because they're on their lawn

Author pricelesspits (8 months)
Since you have spared nothing while building this A+++ of a rifle. If I
were you I would put a Kidd trigger on it.

Author HamSandwich (1 year)
Sometime you gotta get rid of stuff. I like this guy.

Author S Sam (11 months)
Very informative video. Thanks for posting

Author Randy Gray (1 year)
I have two Kidd 2 stage triggers and they are the best trigger I have ever
used in any gun. Mine are set at about 6 oz. I been meaning to get the TS
stock. By the way that is a great looking build you have there you should
be proud .

Author zach sylvester (1 year)
Best ending ever!!!

Author Troy Kelso (1 year)
"OH, MY EYE - MY EYE!!!"

Author ncsr111 (6 months)
Some of you may not want to purchase a Ruger 10/22 due to you could
eventually be discarding or replacing every last part with custom and
aftermarket parts.

Author 0PizzaGuy0 (6 months)
"Sometimes you've got to get rid of stuff." couldn't have said it better

Author Robert Rickner (10 months)
is that a nikon scope? has the same gold ring as my nikon lenses for ym
dslr. lol 

Author WinchesterRanger (5 months)
Odds of daily shower - zero.

Author Shniggit (1 year)
Only thing it's missing is lsbho (last shot bolt hold open). If anyone
knows of a fix for that, let me know.

Author Darryl Edington (1 year)
Beautiful gun man. Nice job.

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