Jim Carrey as Pee Wee Herman


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Author SFO14 (5 days)
Spot on...Although Paul Reuben's Pee Wee is not that difficult to
impersonate - still very well done

Author Mary Harris (24 days)
I Love You Jim Carrey!!!

Author oldschoolsinger (2 months)
Pee Wee Herman almost got run out of the television and movie industry
because he was caught jacking off in an adult theater. Wasn't bothering
anyone, just sitting there playing with himself. Jump forward a short 20
years and an unknown, ignorant, no-talent Armenian bitch makes a fuck film
with a fourth-class rapper or whatever the fuck he was, and before you know
it the bitch is a goddamn gazillionaire with her own tv show, line of
clothing and who knows what the fuck else, with women and little girls
looking up to her like she's motha fuckin Mother Theresa.
Times sure have changed.


Author immaculateboy (23 days)
oh my god spot on impression.

Author Anna Brown (26 days)

Author tony butcher (1 month)
If Man can't have a wank in the comfort of an Adult movie theatre , what is
the world coming to ?

Author ShadowⓋ (1 month)

Author VaperBok75 (1 month)
Omg I totally forgot about this! I haven't laughed this hard since I saw it
when or aired. 

Author Don Whiteman (2 months)
Jim Carrey is the funniest guy to ever have graced this planet!

Author The Apex Predator (6 months)
If Pee Wee Herman was played by Jim Carrey.

Author matchesmanson (3 months)
Crap pure unadulterated crap

Author sunnyrainbowbrite (11 days)
Omg sounds just like him!

Author AcorexHD (7 days)

Author Winston Edmondson (2 days)
Jim Carrey as Pee Wee Herman:

Author Marvcohen (4 days)
Pee Wee told the manager of the theater that his seats were the best he
ever came across 

Author huss1205 (8 days)
what was the show that featured Carey doing these kind of sketches? I think
it was the 80's but don't know the name of the show or when it was

Author Brandi Lynn (13 days)
This is the stuff of insanity. He sounds exactly like him. So funny!

Author Angelia Bell (16 days)
pee wee

Author allen (26 days)
Its Herman's pee wee that got him in trouble

Author Alex Rose (17 days)
Don't worry true Pee Wee fans. his website said he's working on a film. It
says on IMDB 'pee wee, COMING in a theater near you'

Author Gia Williams (27 days)
His impression is fucking nuts. He's so talented. I heard it more in the
laugh and when he made his voice loud but that was scary accurate. I love
Jim Carrey

Author Justin87 (1 month)
Jim Carey a good pee wee

Author Charlie Sevphen (4 months)
Nice cheep shot Jim.

Author Umberto Tosi (1 month)
Oh! Wouldn't it be great to see Carrey do Pee Wee alongside Paul Ruebens!
Double your Pee Wee! (laughs hysterically...)

Author PoltaZ (1 month)
This is a great impression holy crap

Author Quinn Rollen (1 month)
Nailed it! 

Author handymandan100 (7 months)
Cheap shots. Aww, our PeeWee never did quite recover from that. It's too
bad. He has a hug following on facebook, where he posts very sweet and
innocent fun stuff. He even worries whether what he says offends people,
and being genuinely nice (I've seen many examples) Yeah we all laughed,
like with Hasselhoff and the hamburger. But people gotta move on and move
past that, he did...

Author OJ Outdoors (2 months)

Author Ronald Stuart (3 months)
LMAO this is the greatest Pee Wee impression ever!!

Author Jaye Batista (3 months)
This was hilarious!!! Anyone who grew up watching Pee Wee will find it just
as amusing!! Perfect voice, mannerisms, laugh, everything.

Author rob morgan (3 months)

Author Gino Simplicio (3 months)
He immitated him pretty well haha.

Author HappyBunnyLOLRIPMJ (3 months)
Jim's smile is so cute in this lol 

Author mat dinkleburg (3 months)

Author Michelle True (3 months)
Jim? Arent you a great voice actor to act like someone else? ;-)

Author ShadowⓋ (9 months)
Paul Reubens needs to seriously make another Pee Wee movie. The is guy just
hilarious. Who cares about his supposed lewd act. I got an idea. How about
something like an Elvira and Pee Wee team up? Now that would be fun because
Elvira needs to do a new movie too. They need to hurry up before they get
too old !!!

Author 8cameltoes (6 months)
nice adam duritz puppet

Author beeto45 (4 months)
pewee was a clown, jim carry is another another clown. now, lets see pewee
make a jim carrey impression!

Author Prez Shaka (4 months)
Lmmao ahhahha

Author alworkedup (5 months)
From In Living Color. This really isn't particularly funny but Jim's
impersonation is absolutely dead on.

Author Derek Lyons (5 months)
Superb!!! LOL!!

Author Prez Shaka (4 months)
Lmmao ahhahha

Author Stephen Staver (8 months)
Wow, that was awesome. 

Author Eric Wilsey (5 months)

Author David Vaca (27 days)
Jim Carrey as Pee Wee Herman:

Author zool909 (8 months)
Havent heard anything new about Pee Wee since he was caught playing with
his "pee wee" in public

Author Jim F (8 months)
I know this is dated, but that was a really good impression of Pee Wee
Herman. Thank you Youtube random suggestions based on who knows what.

Author simhopp (1 year)
this was way back when Pee Wee Herman was bigger celebrity than Jim Carrey

not any more, no one remembers Pee Wee Herman.

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