Jim Carrey as Pee Wee Herman


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Author The Apex Predator (2 months)
If Pee Wee Herman was played by Jim Carrey.

Author ShadowⓋ (5 months)
Paul Reubens needs to seriously make another Pee Wee movie. The is guy just
hilarious. Who cares about his supposed lewd act. I got an idea. How about
something like an Elvira and Pee Wee team up? Now that would be fun because
Elvira needs to do a new movie too. They need to hurry up before they get
too old !!!

Author simhopp (8 months)
this was way back when Pee Wee Herman was bigger celebrity than Jim Carrey

not any more, no one remembers Pee Wee Herman.

Author Misty Kasumi (8 months)
that's demented. you just ruined about 5000 kids' childhood jim carrey u
son of a bitch

Author handymandan100 (3 months)
Cheap shots. Aww, our PeeWee never did quite recover from that. It's too
bad. He has a hug following on facebook, where he posts very sweet and
innocent fun stuff. He even worries whether what he says offends people,
and being genuinely nice (I've seen many examples) Yeah we all laughed,
like with Hasselhoff and the hamburger. But people gotta move on and move
past that, he did...

Author believersunderground (5 months)
you have the right to be named Cain hahaha do work at some 501c3 in stead.
hahaha lol bug 

Author 8cameltoes (2 months)
nice adam duritz puppet

Author Stephen Staver (4 months)
Wow, that was awesome. 

Author 50sdirector (5 months)
i have no idea why but jim looks strangely like daniel tosh

Author Jim F (4 months)
I know this is dated, but that was a really good impression of Pee Wee
Herman. Thank you Youtube random suggestions based on who knows what.

Author axel shiffino (1 year)
Jim Carrey as Pee Wee Herman

Author Aaron Maxwell (1 year)
You didn't WANT to sleep tonight, did you?

Author Jalia V-H (1 year)
+michelle vitard 

Author fuzzywzhe (8 months)
I always through Rubin's got screwed with this. I mean, he was in a porn
theater. Were any patrons complaining? This something unexpected? It
destroyed his career and his life.

Author Charlie Sevphen (3 days)
Nice cheep shot Jim.

Author Bryce Cherry (5 months)
That's bang on

Author Prez Shaka (25 days)
Lmmao ahhahha

Author jayven sao (6 months)
pee wee is better

Author ganggreen1983 (6 months)
Awesome impression. So funny.
But I'd say I'm a bigger Paul ruebens fan than Jim Carrey.

Author bottlebrusher (4 months)
Jim Carrey is definitely certifiable!


Author Falcrist (6 months)
This is almost as creepy as Pee Wee Herman's PSA about crack. o.o

Author Brandon Smith (2 months)
If you think Paul Rubens is funnier than Jim Carrey then I'll gladly give
you my address so you can come and kiss my ass. 

Author Evan Heath (8 months)
Jim Carry is AWESOME!!!

Author bdscavenger (6 months)
the doll comes with turbo fast

Author John Greene (8 months)
Just too funny and such a dead on impression. Sometimes we forget that
Carrey got his start doing impressions.

Author alworkedup (1 month)
From In Living Color. This really isn't particularly funny but Jim's
impersonation is absolutely dead on.

Author Patrick Smith (4 months)
You sick fuck lol

Author wprice3523 (6 months)
This is the only thing I've seen Jim Carrey do that doesn't end up making
me feel sad or awkward...

Author Matt Campbell (1 year)
this can't be happening! watch this!!!

Author Brazucaman (3 months)
how did I get here?

Author Prez Shaka (25 days)
Lmmao ahhahha

Author Ty Nash (4 months)
This is hilarious. My sister used to work as a makeup artist on this show.
I used to bring flowers from the garden, champagne with flutes from the
house, and fetch meals from craft services for the cast in the makeup room.
About 4 months later after doing this on a regular basis, I was asked to
leave by the stage manager. She wouldn't tell me who demanded it, she said
to please leave, and that she was very sorry about it. I found out later it
was by Jim Carey. He was jealous because I was drawing all the attention
away from him. His children went to the same private school as my sister's
children did. It was awkward because we would be waiting at the front of
the school to pick them up, and we never spoke to each other. He just gave
me these dirty looks, like the asshole that he is. He's a mean piece of
work, and a mess.

Author beeto45 (17 days)
pewee was a clown, jim carry is another another clown. now, lets see pewee
make a jim carrey impression!

Author Tony Greenwood (6 months)
Worst. Ever.

Author Ty Ward (7 months)
This Is Why Jim Carrey Is The Best

Author Nuthinforu420 (8 months)
This is great.

Author Derek Lyons (1 month)
Superb!!! LOL!!

Author Jean-Luc Coelho (6 months)
Why is he not singing trololo?

Author Eric Wilsey (1 month)

Author zool909 (4 months)
Havent heard anything new about Pee Wee since he was caught playing with
his "pee wee" in public

Author alworkedup (1 month)

Author AIDAN CONSTANT (8 months)
those were the days

Author Jovanna Singletary (4 months)
One of a kind no one like you

Author funktrane7god (4 months)

Author Aye Banyez (2 months)

Author KANGAshawn (3 months)
So he jerked off. In a porno movie theater where dudes go and jerk off. Who

Author V-Way (4 months)

Author Erica Martinen (1 month)
what does he say before the drum? triple fist? shoulda been kung fu grip

Author Ira Gershwin (5 months)
Yeah. That was funny shit.

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