Soulfly Live @ Rock in Rio 2010

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Author Rick Hovelsrud (3 months)
hey its tenacious D everybody !!! 

Author scientificallyunstab (4 months)
Is that Richie Cavalera joining them for Bleed?
And did Max forget some of the lyrics...?

Author joe rogen (16 days)

Author Luis guitarrista metaleiro (19 days)
todos a mohlada

Author dimebag 70 (17 days)
petit clein d oeil a pantera mister max

Author GOMES Brasil (4 months)
Que se dane a forma física ou como o max se veste oque importa é o som que
o mano faz, ..

Author Melectos (1 month)
Chile te ama hijo de putaa!!!!!!!!

Author Larissa Folk (1 month)
É em Portugal mesmo escutei o Max falar

Author Matthew Jones (4 months)
This was the best lineup Soulfly had IMO. Max was big then. I think he has
slimmed down some since then. 

Author Diego Andres (2 months)
Pronto en Rock al Parque!!!!!! Colombia!!!! ehhhhhhhhhhhhh

Author Роман Ж (2 months)
Вот это настоящий РОК-Фестиваль .... Не то что у нас нашествие ... 

Author Daniel Pouleyn (3 months)
Max cavalera is still the best !!!

Author Braian Leguizamon (6 months)
0:34 Max "Blood, Fire!", 0:36 crowd "Blood, Fire!" ummmm, i think something
isn't working

Author Odlanier Etnopa (3 months)

Author Saúl García Franco (4 months)
30:21 I love this!

Author Igor Felipe (4 months)
Porra, essa homenagem ao Pantera foi do crllll... 

Author longballshogg (4 months)
Brilliant gig

Author AmigosGames BRAGP (5 months)

Author Edmar Zatarin (5 months)
Showzaço!!! Perfeita a voz do Max...

Author René Liebreich (10 months)
Max is metal Verdi

Author PowerTrap (7 months)
Fat Cavalera

Author Diego Gonçalves De Azevedo (10 months)

Author Christopher Keats (8 months)

Author Александр Murder (8 months)
Бразильеро-трэш!!! Клёво!!!

Author Valdir Aloizio Silva Oliveira (9 months)

Author Ιωάννης Κάγιους (9 months)
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck it

Author КОСТЯ ХВАН (5 months)
с Хаоса слушаю. 

Author Carlos Mendes (9 months)
um dos melhores shows de soulfly velho.. botaram pra fuder msm

Author Gilberto Rocha (9 months)

Author TheRapMetalChicken (10 months)
27:45 - Walk - Pantera

Author Alex Rabelo (10 months)
Carlho que so da porra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Levi Ezequias (11 months)
0:01 Blood, Fire, War, Hate 5:10 Prophesy 8:00 Back to the primitive 12:09
Seek'n'strike 16:08 Bleed 18:27 Tree of pain 19:43 Refuse/resist 23:10
Bloodbath and beyond 25:57 LOTM 28:17 Porrada 30:25 Drums 33:30 Troops of
doom 36:48 Unleash 42:26 Attitude 47:11 Roots bloody roots 50:20 Jump da
fuck up 51:00 Eye for an eye

Author Lalinho Fernandes (7 months)
muito melhor que o sepultura atual,

Author Scruffy P (7 months)
I've watched this video at least thirty times lol

Author Jack Krstevski (1 year)
Blast beats are good.... Riffs are better..... but without Max....
Sepultura will suck For ever

Author Scar (1 year)

Author eproxymous 666 (1 year)
cammon max this is shit... lets get back to basic and do those riffs you
did in Beneath the Remains

Author USIACM OC (1 year)

Author Elvis Vlad (1 year)
Max é da hora.... que Vocal

Author Guilherme Nery (11 months)
Rock in Rio never was a ROCK event. In the first (1985), in the same stage,
pop brasilian artists and metal groups.

Author Sandro Soares (1 year)
RIR 2013 Slayer + Iron Maiden + Destructio + Metallica. Sorry ! :p

Author Yos Tores (1 year)
argggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........peace and love

Author Slim OGk (1 year)

Author fahmi detested (1 year)
he put patch with pin on his t-shirt MORBID creative

Author FaustArt78 (2 years)
Igor jr. son of igor cavalera, good concerto, grande concerto

Author haydn42 (2 years)
Halford thinks he's hot, just so you know ;)

MAX patadas fucken !!! ass. sangre,guerra de fuego odio ! badass .! gracias
por la up...!

Author josebrizida (1 year)
Foi dos melhores concertos da minha vida ;) O cavalera deu tudo nesse dia!

Author Poutana Smerna (1 year)
who's the guy at 18:00?

Author mikelbentube (1 year)
you could make one out of all the bonus shit they put at the end of most of
their albums and disc 2 of soulfly I

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