Prophet Todd Hall 'Praisers Are Influential'

This is one of top preachers in the nation, Preach Prophet
Dr. Todd M. Hall is the eldest of nine siblings, born in Brooklyn, New York to a legacy of preachers of the Gospel, including his father, mother and grandparents. Overcoming the lure of the streets to accept his call to ministry has brought this man of God to a number of crossroads. Choosing ministry over fame and fortune has brought him and those who receive his message of purpose in Christ, greater riches.

Dr. Hall is the Founder and Overseer of Shabach Christian Church in Orlando, Florida. He has over 22 years of practical experience as a community leader and youth advocate, which he has used to establish Dove Inner City Ministries outreach to focus on the needs, pressures and concerns of youth.

Dr. Hall teaches on real life experiences and biblical principles in a common language understood by youth to persuade them to give their life to Christ. Not only does Dr. Hall reach the youth, but he bridges the gap between the young and the old with one of his most powerful sermons to-date based on his book entitled "Put Your Mouth On It!".

Dr. Hall is internationally recognized as the "Praiseologist™" for his wisdom on the application of Praise and Worship and his remarkable skill to locate Praise throughout the entire Bible. One of Dr. Hall's most notable strong suits, is his ability to combine biblical truths and his understanding that the purpose of mans creation is to Praise, and Worship was created to be an intimate relationship between God and man. Dr. Hall is extremely gifted in the closing delivery of his messages with the melodious sound of his voice and the use of musicians, to bring the anointing of old back into the worship experience.

His excitement and intensity in delivering the Word of the Lord has helped to revive ministries, restore pastors, rebuild churches and renew the hearts and minds of Believers; as well as, Non-Believers to a new level of faith and commitment to God.

It is hard to believe when watching Dr. Hall jump, praise and dance to the Glory of God; that several years ago, he suffered a debilitating stroke which left him paralyzed, with partial vision and slurred speech. Through the miraculous healing power of God, Dr. Todd Hall is now using his testimony to impart wisdom and truth to this end time generation.

Once you have experienced the explosive ministry of Dr. Todd Hall, curses will be broken, reversed and void in your life. You will listen to Dr. Hall with expectation, as he equips your spirit with an encouraging and empowering message to engage in a battle that is already won!

For the battle is not yours, it is the Lord's! -- 2 Chronicles 20:15 (KJV

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Author Debbie Russell (1 month)
Still a presence day word! Amen! Amen and Hallelujah!!!!

Author BrothaRollins (7 years)
Apostolic Faith Church- Chicago, IL where Bishop Horace Smith is the pastor
& Presiding Prelate of PAW

Author mrgervis (7 years)
Where was this?

Author OhSweetJesus2007 (7 years)
Noting but the truth!!! Keep em coming!

Author Daffany Smith (3 years)
love it!

Author trenisesmith (5 years)

Author Tanya Lake (1 year)
i just started watching his videos today and, oh my God!!! this guy is real
and doesn't play around at all.

Author angell4christ (6 years)

Author LaToya Stephens (6 years)
I love to hear Prophet Todd Hall he first time I heard him was 2001 when I
lived in NC@ New Jerusalem Pastor Williams. Pastor Smith in to get him at
GTR so he can show up and show out on some of them died folks up in there.
They need to do a tag team together.

Author YVONNE PRIESTER (6 years)
wait a minute, I need the rest of this AWESOME IN THE HOLY GHOST, THAT WORD

Author antical79 (7 years)
Is Todd Hall Apostolic? Never knew for sure.

Author dmperson19 (3 years)
@BrothaRollins thanks alot!!

Author BrothaRollins (7 years)
Shabach Christian Church Orlando, FL typesearch his church on google and
the website should be in the results

Author antical79 (7 years)
OK, he's probably one of those COGIC/Apostolic hybrids running around here

Author brothercory2005 (6 years)
this preacher is awesome!! to God be the glory!

Author apostle2006 (7 years)

Author Kevin Wortham (3 years)
Didn't Job love God and praise him Job 1:5 Even so, disaster struck his
house and his family and him! We are to praise God but our trials from what
God allows is not predicated on praise alone. Beware of this wolf in sheeps
clothes. Read the Bible for yourselves and let the Holy Spirit guide you
only. Be blessed and Godspeed!

Author shorty22185 (4 years)
I'm loving this MAN OF GOD!

Author BrothaRollins (4 years)
@dmperson19 APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH Chicago, google them

Author mcmillion216 (4 years)
That was a cut to the body... he that has an ear let him here what the
spirit says to the church.. go head Dr Hall..

Author PRODUCERMAN302 (7 years)
Thanks, God Bless!!

Author JudahWorshipper (5 years)
"Praise puts some speed on your life"...yes...i can testify to that!!!
Thank u Jesus!!!

Author BrothaRollins (6 years)
OK. but contact Apostolic Faith Church Chicago, IL

Author AnointedHands238 (4 years)
@antical79 You can't tell much difference between P.A.W and COGIC these days

Author nick ty (2 years)
How is praying helpful in anyway shape or form. How does posting this pic
matter or a make a difference for the troops in any way. This would
actually be quite insulting if I was in the armed forces. People of faith
only tend to pray for conditions that are self limiting. Try praying for
god to heal amputees or to show himself to the world and see how much god
ignores you

Author brandonscreen (5 years)
The best preacher in the country hands down God hand picked for that
prupose to rent this world of satan to destroy this cosmic evil in our time

Author AUniqueBeauty (6 years)
Can u pleeeeeeeeeease post the rest of this! Do you still have it??

Author Allen Smith (2 years)
This clip is so anointed, I ran it before our worship service started. We
are a praise and worship bunch but some times they need to hear another man
of God say it. Needless to say, our worship before the sermon was an hour
with more within the rest of the service. Heb 13: 15-16.

Author bishopbilal (7 years)
BruRollins, gotta give me more time..... Pleaseeeeeee.....I'm
trying to find out how I can get some DVD's on this cat.......let me

Author mstipp2000 (5 years)
You are on it Man of God. Have an expcetancy in your Spirit.

Author sheon92 (6 years)
why does anything you just said matter

Author Bianca Walker (4 years)
where can I get the complete copy of this message?

Author Kar Flow (1 year)

Author nick ty (2 years)
How is praying helpful in anyway shape or form. People of faith only tend
to pray for conditions that are self limiting. Try praying for god to heal
amputees or to show himself to the world and see how much god ignores you I
am as firmly convinced that religions do harm as I am that they are untrue.

Author rickunc (7 years)
Todd is not bound by denomination. He teach and preach PRAISE to all
mankind ( save or not.

Author MinisterEJ23 (3 years)

Author emoni217 (7 years)
This is an awesome preacher thank you for sharing. I just got done hearing
him at the PAW Convention in Tennessee.

Author Earl Graham (2 years)
Unfulfilled know on certain topics does not make one a false prophet. It
just takes a,lil more biblical study of the context. These are preaching
tools. Exposition of the text takes years to develop. Alot of preachers say
things "different". Not false,just needs study

Author lilweezly (7 years)
man i luhv dis

Author BrothaRollins (7 years)
his roots are in the Church of God In Christ

Author PRODUCERMAN302 (7 years)
BrothaRollins Where is Prophet Todd Halls Church. Or how can i get in
contact i would Love to have him come and minister at my church.

Author rainydayish (5 years)

Author 13eyeofthebeholder (2 years)
Whatever happened to the Biblical teachings of 'beware of false prophets'?

Author lionhi7 (6 years)

Author dmperson19 (4 years)
where can i find this sermon?!?!

Author Wormanatti (7 years)
He is definitely good at "he" does as far as the art of preaching. However
shouldn't one preach out the spirit and not ones heart. Remember keep your
eyes on the One who the message comes from and not the one who delivers it.
If you know God's word you don't neccessarily see or hear the man who gives
it. Our focus should be is it sound not sounds good.

Author SweetSoundOfGrace (6 years)
inspection is very, very necessary, especially today. Shalom.

Author Wormanatti (6 years)
Where are you going with the question? I was responding to someone's
comment. We live in a age where people are caught up in personalities,
style, charisma and etc. What's all the jocking about? I said he definitely
can preach. Alot of guys can preach. What matters is the content of the
preaching. I prefer the teaching type. I believe the church been jumping
and carrying on to long. People know very lil sound doctrine today. Get
past the hype that's all I'm saying.

Author googlefall (6 years)
why does todd hall preach and not saved yet, he pockets money, HOly GHost
feels like body your perfect size coming in, he will see and tremble, make
hall rich, tithe there and promote a devil saith God

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