The History Of Yahweh ..(The Hebrew God Of The Bible)

Fast moving video about the history of Yahweh (the hebrew God of the bible) and ancient Sumerian text.
This video was never made to discredit God in was made in order to show the error of traditional religion, there are many similarities of the Jewish/Christian/Muslim faith with much earlier ancient religion, but religious tradition denies the fact.....and in vanity and hypocrisy swear to the originality of their faith, in my opinion this has been what has caused separation ,confusion and even war on humanity..
of course God has always been, and this shows in the beginning of recorded history...GOD is not 2,000 years old !!!! or when Moses walked out of Egypt.
i for one am glad that i see God's word in the text of other ancient religions, it gives me faith that God has always been with his people, i couldn't love God any other way, and i made it my mission to find God in the earliest of ancient text.
Around 3400 B.C.E., when writing was invented, myths were fully developed. Writing first began in Mesopotamia, what is now known as southern Iraq by the Sumerians. The creation myths of Sumeria were documented thousands of years before the Bible, and it is clear that the biblical authors borrowed heavily from the older texts Of the Sumerians, Babylonians and the Egyptians in creating the stories of Genesis.

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