The History Of Yahweh ..(The Hebrew God Of The Bible)

Fast moving video about the history of Yahweh (the hebrew God of the bible) and ancient Sumerian text.
This video was never made to discredit God in was made in order to show the error of traditional religion, there are many similarities of the Jewish/Christian/Muslim faith with much earlier ancient religion, but religious tradition denies the fact.....and in vanity and hypocrisy swear to the originality of their faith, in my opinion this has been what has caused separation ,confusion and even war on humanity..
of course God has always been, and this shows in the beginning of recorded history...GOD is not 2,000 years old !!!! or when Moses walked out of Egypt.
i for one am glad that i see God's word in the text of other ancient religions, it gives me faith that God has always been with his people, i couldn't love God any other way, and i made it my mission to find God in the earliest of ancient text.
Around 3400 B.C.E., when writing was invented, myths were fully developed. Writing first began in Mesopotamia, what is now known as southern Iraq by the Sumerians. The creation myths of Sumeria were documented thousands of years before the Bible, and it is clear that the biblical authors borrowed heavily from the older texts Of the Sumerians, Babylonians and the Egyptians in creating the stories of Genesis.

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Author add150n (5 days)
i was interested but couldn't watch that bloody stupid video bouncing

Author Estella Sistar (3 days)
Me too. Gave me a headache.

Author jeradt1983 (2 months)
Jesus, the Lord in the flesh, could forgive sins and also the old physical
law is done away in the new law of Christ. See Hebrews 6 for clarification.
Seek to enter into THAT spiritual rest. Not honoring some physical
ordinance, a show of things to come in Chrust, that is fulfilled in the
Christ !

Author *The American* (2 months)
Terrible music. Terrible graphics. Too much reading for a video. 

Author dooglitas (4 months)
This video never comes out and states what the point is that it is
presenting. There are comparisons between what the Bible says and what
ALLEGEDLY the Sumerians said. So what is the point? What does this prove?

Note that there is not a single reference given for the alleged Sumerian
beliefs/statements. Where in all the Sumerian writings are these things
supposedly stated?

Author Nancy Tobesman (3 months)
This video displays one culture adapting things from another culture. The
display of these remarkable similarities is a product of "syncretism."
Even the style of hybrid creature decorations of the Temple in Jerusalem
came from neighboring culture. Basically, the gods in the polytheistic
epics of Creation differ from Yhwy, in that they are affected by natural
phenomena and have limited power.

God speaking to us, He uses the language of man, considering what one's
culture is and mentality, then a few individuals get inspired and tuned
into reality and interpret in an easy format for others to understand.
Then religious politicians intrude and twist and brainwash, imposing for
monetary gain and political power. Then instead of living realistically
(spiritually), many become entrapped in "religiosity". Satan copies
spirituality in the form of religiosity (bribe God for His favor). Many
leave the path of practicality reverting to superstition and blind faith.

The concept of YHWY is the stable operation of His Huqam, law and order,
under the command of righteousness and compassion. YHWY is not subject to
time and space, which is in the material world "illusion." All of creation
is the vibrations and relations of every tiny sub-atomic particle to
another, even billions of light years away. Everything is part of the
"ONE," and it is man who discriminates and divides.

Author CANV4S (3 months)
The Matrix Reloaded OST Party & Sex scenes! had to say it

Author yksworte P (7 months)
The religions of this world is a cover. We actually live on a prison planet
designed by the old empire....

Author Jorge Ortiz (10 months)
You comparing satan toTHE ALL Mighty YAHWEH, which I must remind whoever
reads this, satan wants to be like YAHWEH, and will never be. So what is
your point? YAHWEH IS THE ONLY REAL GOD, satan is a wannabe loser that days
are counted and his time is running out. He has killed as many people as
possible and only brought destruction to this world. I hope the end comes
as soon as possible. I don't care if I get killed in the process. The thing
I want is for this piece of less than animal excrement, satan, be destroyed
and sent to the bottom less pit. Then we will finally have peace and
brotherhood. We will all be like the brothers we are and YAHWEH will be our
God under His Sons Kingdom, Yashua, Amen!

Author IronwillsStrength (9 months)
Thanks for vids obviously one cannot really study the Bible without coming
to the conclusion that there is a connection and continuum from Sumerian to
Hebrew theology. Especially since Abram was Babylonian, but can you please
cite your sources? Where are you getting your translations of the Sumerian

Author RileyDel (9 months)
No your wrong 

Author matt crook (5 months)
What an annoying effect.

Author M Song (6 months)
who can seriously read these dancing pages?

Author ScienceTrue (11 months)
Good ideas totally messed up with really bad video editing. Most irritating
to read jumping text.

Author Coleman Adamson (5 months) didn't eve get the name correct. It's Jehovah. "yahweh" is an
Egyptian slur. God's name is Jehovah. And it's no surprise there are
counterfeits. But if you actually studied instead of scoffed, you'd know
that Elijah challenged all the gods of the entire world and over 400
prophets of BAAL in a showdown. None of their gods could even light a
match, while the God of the bible burned up the sacrifice and the water on
and around it. Of course there are flood stories....BECAUSE IT
HAPPENED....DUH. Every culture has an ancient flood story and they are all
very similar.....because it happened....DUH. You are what the bible calls
a "scoffer". For shame, shame on you.

Author model joanie bosserman (8 months)
the i am, also known as yahweh a hebrew god the bible god.

Author dale klein (7 months)
So u use Yahweh yet use bible quotes with "Lord" instead of where gods name
should be. Why only use it where YOU choose why not use it where god has
placed it in the bible?

Author jld181818 (1 year)
Was the moving text and electronic music designed to induce motion sickness
in its viewers?

Author ThalamusMinimus (1 year)
Given that Jewish DNA originates in Sumeria (merge alZahery 2003 with
Zalloua & Wells 2004)--and thus dna SUPPORTS the Bible's story of Abraham
coming from "Ur" (a city in or near Sumeria), this is not 1 religion
"copying" the other, Canaanites (which includes Jews) simply ARE
Sumerians...Sumerians who TRAVELED westward across the Jordanian Desert
~duh~. Click "all comments" for more detail.

Author ProduitAuQuebec (10 months)
Hello augo,
I love your video because you give out concrete examples.
I myself claim to have decoded Sumerian Inana scripture: she is a how
Sumerians interpreted planet Venus. Proof is here :

Author RileyDel (1 year)
rah is the sun god ahmun thats why they say amen to praise the sun god. way
older then the bible. if thats the case why dont we follow them? can
someone explain? it would be older writings.....

Author Zeus is Omnipotent, yahweh is impotent (4 months)
jehovah was gay. And the niggers were fucking jehovah's ass in the desert.

Author eureekaigotit (11 months)
No, the biblical god Yahweh is the Sumerian god "Enlil" not "Enki." Enki is
the one the bible demonized as the "serpent."

Author bill clinton (7 months)

Author Steve Harvey (10 months)
Just a tip: as tempting as it is to use special effects it is unpleasant
for the viewer when there are words people are trying to read.

Author ScienceTrue (11 months)
A good place to start is to confirm that none of the Holy books were
written by any God. Inspired by a God? Prove that the Gods if any inspired
the authors and I will listen.

Author ThalamusMinimus (1 year)
Given that Jewish DNA originates in Sumeria (combine alZahery 2003 with
Zalloua & Wells 2004), and that those 2 DNA studies only confirm the
Bible's account that Abraham came from "Ur" (in or near Sumeria), ofc the
cultures share the SAME roots. Canaanites didn't "copy" from Sumerian
religion, they share the SAME roots, but as oral storytelling typically
keeps the basics correct whilst the details evolve, it's easy to see how
the 2 faiths diverged.

Even if we were to ignore that Canaanites were "Sumerians who decided to
travel" westward across the Jordanian Desert, we ALSO already knew Judaism
began as a henotheism based on raising 1 deity of a polytheism (The
Canaanite Pantheon) above all the other deities.

So...whether just by accident (out of sheer ignorance of the
archaeological/DNA/etc records of history) or on purpose, this video is,
either way, making a mountain out of a molehill.

Author Bertony Bornelus (1 year)
It seem that Enlil brother of Enki is Yahweh "storm god of the great flood"
Enki is Lucifer in the bible the serpent in the garden of Eden whom gave
man knowledge of the God's of good and evil. 

Author sa gui (1 year)
As always videos like this trying to discredit the Truth, the Bible. pathetic is the desperation of those who has NO exit except deny
the fact. The Bible IS perfect, inerrant and proven. Of course, I
completely disagree with the conclusions drawn in the video. Before I go
into detail, here are a few obvious flaws: Folks, videos like this above
are attempts to discredit the Truth The Bible. I will paste a piece of
article so you guys can do your reading and search. Argue with some people
is a waste of time. Like the Bible says do not argue with fools.
However, in order to make this line or argumentation work, one must assume
that the biblical account of ancient history is totally wrong. In fact, one
must reject Abraham’s account of ancient history altogether. Instead, the
patriarch was merely an idol worshiper (Jos 24:2) passing on stories and
legends he’d heard in Ur. For example: the Biblical flood account was
spawned from Sumerian story of Atrahas. On the other hand, if stories like
the Epic of Gilgamesh, the story of Atrahas and the Biblical account had a
common source (actual history) then Abraham’s account could be accurate.
So here is where we return to the Bible, a proven, reliable source of
historical information. According to the Bible, Noah’s son Shem outlived
(or nearly outlived) Abraham. He survived both the flood and the tower of
Babel. Considering how fragmented the knowledge of the ancient world must
have become after Babel, it’s not surprising that myth filled in the gaps.
From thunder gods to gods of the spring rain, deities arose like weeds in
the spiritual knowledge gap. That said, in the memories of a few very aged
men, the one true god (Elohim) was not entirely forgotten. Considering
their life spans, Abraham (and anyone else for that matter) could have
spoken with Shem (or earlier, Noah) directly and obtained an accurate
account of the ancient world first hand.
As an example of why this is a much more plausible scenario than Abraham
borrowing from legendary accounts: compare the unrealistic flood legend in
the Epic of Gilgamesh (tablet XI) or story of Atuahas with the much more
scientifically sound and spiritually consistent Biblical account. In the
Epic, the gods become capriciously angry with man and flood the earth;
Utnapishtim survives the deluge in a giant cube. Strangely, he brought gold
along. Was he expected to buy something afterward? In the story of Atuahas,
man is destroyed because he is just too noisy (seriously?). On the other
hand, the Biblical account has Elohim condemning a world full of violence,
ruled by wicked men; Noah, his family and representatives of the created
animal kinds survive the flood in a giant, unsinkable barge. Considering a
pre-christian era flood story survives in many cultures world-wide, I’ll
let you decide if this was a local legend or a real event and which version
is more plausible.
The point I’m making is this: If the knowledge of Elohim predates Sumeria
and its many gods, He could not have been a Sumerian idol that Abraham
heard speak. One must assume that Elohim does not predate Sumeria and deny
Biblical history (flood, Babel) for the rest of the video’s argument to
make any sense.
That said, why did Yehweh “demand” sacrifices and offerings? In ancient Ur,
idols were served meals fit for a king with music and incense; The food
afterward being given to the priests and the king. The idols needed daily
food, like humans, to survive. Was is because Yahweh was hungry that He
demanded offerings? Did Yahweh “eat” the offerings?
Hebrews 9:22 says it best, “Without the shedding of blood there is no
remission of sins.” From the beginning (Cain and Abel), a sacrifice of an
animal’s life was required to cover sins. Leviticus makes this clear:
“He is to lay his hand on the head of the burnt offering, and it will be
accepted on his behalf to make atonement for him.” – Leviticus 1:4
“It is a burnt offering, an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the
LORD” – Leviticus 1:9b
What about the offerings? Wasn’t grain offered to the Lord as well?
“Bring the grain offering made of these things to the LORD; present it to
the priest, who shall take it to the altar. He shall take out the memorial
portion from the grain offering and burn it on the altar as an offering
made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the LORD. The rest of the grain offering
belongs to Aaron and his sons; it is a most holy part of the offerings made
to the LORD by fire … Season all your grain offerings with salt. Do not
leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add
salt to all your offerings” – Leviticus 2:8-10, 13
Apparently, the burning of the offerings created a “sweet aroma” for the
Lord. It also showed their subjection to their god, offering first to Him
before taking for themselves. That said, He didn’t seem interested in
eating at all. Apparently, the sacrifice was intended to cover sins (as it
was in the beginning) and to feed the priests serving Him.
This explains the elaborate system of washing, boiling and burning. God
wanted the best parts and first fruits to be offered as a reminder to
Israel that Yahweh was their king; In this way, he also supplied the best
food for His priests and Levitical servants (not Himself). Unlike the
Sumerian deities, Yahweh has never claimed to exist in a physical body
(think: Moses seeing Yahweh at mount Sinai). He has always been a
non-physical deity (rejecting idols completely).
That said, from the very first sentence the author makes obviously untrue
assumptions like: “God declares in the Holy Bible that his priests will
daily prepare his food and drink for his consumption.” This is nowhere
stated in the Bible. Here we have a clear assumption that burning on the
altar as a pleasing aroma is equivalent to eating.
Take this next section as another example:
“Abraham was from Ur of the Chaldees in Mesopotamia and in this region it
was believed in myths that the god had made man to care for their
city-gardens in the Edin of Sumer and present them daily in sacrifices at
temples the harvested food for the gods to dine upon.”
Ancient Ur has been excavated. A temple to the god “Enki” was found. On the
walls are stories roughly similar to Biblical accounts (creation, first
man, the flood, babel, etc). The question is: did the Sumerians recast real
history into stories attributed to Enki or did Abraham recast the
unrealistic and often conflicting Sumerian legends to a realistic (and
scientifically probably) story attributed to Yahweh? If Biblical history is
real, then it was the Sumerians who, through either ignorance or purpose,
altered the stories.
One must assume that Biblical history is not true in order to come to the
conclusion that Abraham borrowed legends from the ancient Sumerians; This
in turn proves that the Bible’s history (and Yahweh) are both false.
However, you can’t assume the fact you’re trying to prove before you even
begin your argument. That is called, “begging the question” and leads to
In fact, that is all this video is: Storytelling. The author is attempting
to offer an alternative explanation for the origins of Yahweh by comparing
Yahweh with the ancient gods of Ur. He is not offering any rebuttal for the
accuracy of the Biblical account or why it is so much more realistic than
the accounts of Enki and Gligamesh. If the Biblical account of history is
true, the author’s arguments are meaningless, since it was the Sumerians
who legendized real history. If the Biblical account of history is false,
then the arguments are still only educated assumptions and storytelling.
I’ll leave it to you to decide which is more plausible: Biblical history
(proven again and again by archeology) or Sumerian myths. Abraham did get
his history from somewhere, but it wasn’t the false gods of Ur.

Author Grand Gremlin (10 months)
The God of Israel (Yahweh) was only a minor tribal warrior god (one of many
local gods) that was only about Israel's welfare. Exodus 20: 1-3 confirms
this, "Then God spoke all these words, saying, "I am the LORD your God, who
brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. "You
shall have no other gods before Me." The god of the Old Testament required
Israelis, his chosen, to do god's killing and other violence (crimes
against humanity). See the following YouTube video about Yahweh's
development as a tribal god (less than five minutes long): The Stolen
Canaanite Gods of Hebrews/Israelites: El, Baal, Asherah

Author ganondorf59 (3 years)
@atchoo2u Yes, the Dead Sea Scrolls are intact, and they clearly say: THE
GODS created, THE GODS did this and that, they even describe part of THE
PANTHEON OF HEBREW GODS!! The Ugaritic texts even more so! YHWH is a bloody
pagan war god! John 8: Jesus Christ DENOUNCES the Jews as not worshipping
the true God, but worshipping the Elohim (The Gods), among them being YHWH,
the genocidal DEVIL! Do NOT believe in the OT, it is of the ancient myths
of Polytheism! Jews are evil pagan worshippers!

Author Sean (2 years)
technically correct!!

Author Bogusgal (1 year)
Yeah, it worked. Can you help me make a video? Or how did you learn to make
them move like that? Where do I learn it?

Author Derek Starpass (1 year)
The Ancient Egyptians Worshiped a penis in a Pagan religion. Also, in the
Authorized King James edition it does say in Genesis that the GODS had a
chat or something but it does say the Gods. So who really knows about any
of this except the Gods themselves? I find it all difficult to follow but
then again we are all asleep. The Gross level of Consciousness resembles
sleep. Remember what Jesus said to an Apostle when asked why He speaks in
to us in Parables?. He said "Their hearts are waxed Gross"

Author 88msbugsy (1 year)
I've read Sitchen- Studied mythology:Joseph Campbell- Studied New Thought
(which is old thought)- Studied ancient history: Mayans, Egyptians, etc.-
Studied New Age: Pleiadians, Zero Point, etc. and so much else- Read Bible
in entirety, plus studied it. So I get where this story comes from. I know
Bible was changed during The Council of Nicea, and missing books were
found. With all that in mind it does get confusing. People like to argue
abt semantics of who is right vs wrong- This takes study.

Author ZeusHelios (1 year)
I do agree with what you say in your discription and in fact my comments on
here are in agreement to what you have said in your discription.

Author ganondorf59 (3 years)
@zayasproductions I'm very much acquainted with Hebrew, and I never use
internet as a source of anything. Elohim is plural of Elohai. The -im
suffix is inherently plural. I have the Israeli Rabbinical Bereishit with
exact terminological analysis of every word in the entire Bereishit. Elohim
is plural according to the very Rabbis, end of discussion. I know also from
a direct rabbinical source, with which I have talked, that this is the
reflection of the early Hebrew-Canaanite polytheism. Fact.

Author Keishaun Hagans (1 year)
Then they start to spread out and migrate with the legends passed down by
their forefathers just like the offspring of Adam did. Then he reveals
himself again to this guy named Moses only this time he wrote it in stone
and walla!! You have a bunch of stories similar to the creation story
outside of the bible.

Author LEBENSKRAFT (1 year)
Yes, the earliest "God" of Egypt was "Rah" = God of the Sun.. And the royal
title "Amun Rah", bestowed upon every Pharaoh, means "Son of God" . . .
Throughout Western Culture, all royals were entitled to be called a "Son of
God". Also; the angels in the Bible are refered to as "The Sons of God". .
. .

Author BioShock55Airsoft (1 year)
Actually, Enlil (Ellil, An) the God of Wind, Breath, Loft, etc. is credited
with the creation of humanity in the Sumerian creation story "The Song of
the Hoe" (Also called the Creation of the Hoe or Creation of the Pickaxe.)
You're thinking of the Babylonian creation story "Enuma Elis," where Enki
creates the first human from clay over the Abyss. In relation to Sumerian
creation, Enlil is actually more closely related to the Hebrew god
"Yahweh," or "Elohim," as he was known as in earlier texts.

Author 1982ajoe (1 year)
they are the same. God is not nor has He ever been a murderer, and you have
got to understand that it all boils down to our free will. Moses told
Pharaoh many times to let Gods people go, but Pharaoh was hard headed, even
after all God did to convince him...humans are just too prideful at times.

Author Dawn Bringer (2 years)
I realize the implication I am making and I Stand by it. The world is
UPSIDE DOWN and christianity is a CONTROL PARADIGM.

Author TheEvolver311 (2 years)
tower of babel story is a "just so story", it a myth to explain why we have
variation in languages. many myths from that time are "just so stories".

Author SimplyAWitch9 (1 year)
Well pagan means anything not Christian so no. But yes it is practically
the same.

Author umaara100 (1 year)
The sumerian culture predate the writing of the bible.Remember Abraham came
out of UR and was taught the concept of the Most High God Elyon Elyon El by
Melchezedek the priest.

Author BioShock55Airsoft (1 year)

Author Milli Vanili (2 years)
the love of has no soul, it can't be evil

Author robert beckom (3 years)
One day all of you will get it right, for sure.

Author aaugoaa (3 years)
I am very sorry about the advertisement at the beginning of this video, i
assure you this channel is a non-profit channel, if there are ad's on any
of my videos youtube put them there , not I. thanks for your patience.

Author Omficouros (1 year)
so if YAHWEH was hte god of moises and abraham and elajia and david,Jesus
Christ was his son?because all of thesewere Jesus prophets acording to
bible.If compare jesus with yahwhe youll see 2 different personalities.The
one is humble love the people say about truth-the other was a murder and
bring destruction upon Egypt.he killed the fisrt born children of Egyptians
in 1 night.If i were a God and i had the power to revive ppl and tell them
the truth,why i will choose to kill them?confusing..

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