"I'm at a Center" A Pokémon Parody of Payphone - NateWantsToBattle

A Pokémon Parody of Maroon 5's "Payphone" by NateWantsToBattle
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This is a song about how obnoxious, complicated and infuriating competitive Pokemon Battling has become. Trololol.

I'm at a center
Tryina get better
All the hit points spent on you
Where did my speed go
Moving like slowpoke
Ever since you used your trick room

Yeah I
I know it's hard to remember
If it's effective or weak
And then they made steel and dark types
And that just changed everything
You can't expect me to be fine
When you just used full restore
Didn't know you had flamethrower
All of my grass types burnt down

I sent Omanyte
You used electric types
Now I'm paralyzed
Still stuck in that fight
I'm not having fun
They don't let you run
There's no end in sight

I'm at a center
Tryina get better
All the hit points spent on you
Where did my speed go
Moving like slowpoke
Ever since you used your trick room

If being pokemaster did exist
I would not be getting owned like this
These rotation battles don't make sense
One more stupid switch out I'll be sick
And now my moves are disabled
What happened to yesterday
When you had to fight with a cable
No more than 2 feet away
You can't expect me to be fine
You gave a mean look to me
And now I can't even switch out
Everything's weak against ground


This song is a parody of:
Maroon 5 - Payphone (Explicit) ft. Wiz Khalifa
Music video by Maroon 5 performing Payphone (Explicit) feat. Wiz Khalifa. © 2012 A&M/Octone Records
New Maroon video payphone music Payphone new M5 vid Adam Levine Wiz Khalifa The Voice
"Maroon 5" "Payphone Lyrics" Maroon 5 "Payphone Video" Payphone "Music Video" Wiz Khalifa

Tags: Maroon Payphone Parody Pokemon Omanyte "Pokémon (anime)" "Pokémon (Business Operation)" Battle Slowpoke Nintendo Video Games Spoof Diamond Platinum Comedy Gold Silver

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Author Kayla Levert (1 month)
Let's make a lyric chain guys :) (Note: anything not lyrics will be skipped)

I'm at a center, trying to get better

Author BronyAndProud (1 month)
One of my ABSOLute favourites of Nate's XD (heheheheh, see what I did
there? XD)

Author n8 (1 month)
I actually like Rotation battles. Now i'm sad ;c

Author ཞąıŋცơῳ ɖąʂɧ (2 months)
This is better than the actual song.

Author MrElectricToad - Batteries Not Included - No Longer Active (11 days)
And he only got better as time passed. Nate is by far one of my favorite
YTers and deserves so much more recognition. Only 220,000 subscribers for
this kind of talent? For shame YouTube.

Author Aru Akise (5 months)
Rotation Battles....*throws DS Lite out the window*

Author Mega Stunfisk (6 days)
Why did he already have a studio when this came out?

Author English viking kaden (1 month)
Both nate and I have come a long way from when this song came out

Author allen yukine roxas walker uchiha (10 days)
lol already better than payphone

Author kaylynn smith (20 days)
It's beautiful! <3

Author Tomas Senn (24 days)
Rotation battles are my favorite

Author Carameja (1 month)
Dear Nate, why don't you have a Natewantstobattle Deviantart . com account?

Author ArmunPutki (6 months)

Author sam ajami (1 month)
Nate should redo this to see how far he's come

Author Dani Willis (7 months)
He sounds better in the other parodies

Author Badass Scizor (3 months)
looks like zoroark is having fun

Author Andrew Head (7 months)
Sent Omanyte. PRAISE HELIX

Author Anne Moore (3 months)
Your my favourite youtuber I'm Tyler Hayward please give me a shout out at
the end of the video if you can thank you please keep making videos thank
you your great

Author evan smith (2 months)
That battle is an trainers worst nightmare!

Author Muhammad Asim Siddique (2 months)
he is sooo good at this

Author Wes Nelson (1 day)
"That. Was. Awesome."

Author Jay Ford (1 day)
Rotation battles do not make sense

Author rayquazacharizard&me (2 months)
Guys guys. I'm totally first :)

Author the blader (6 months)
1:40 had to move away from the mic to breath :3

Author darkprizm 47 (8 days)

Author Harry Marshall (5 months)
Love the song but are you lip snecing 

Author PotatoGalaxy (2 months)
favorite song by nate

Author Jonathan Palermo (6 months)
When I watched this, I was amazed at how you could turn a song into a
Pokemon parody of it. For being your first parody it was amazingly
terrific! Compared to all your others, it was great! Keep it up Nate!

Author Im just a Broni (4 days)
God his voice it's like a beautifly

Author 展漠鷹 (3 days)
I've been watching this my whole life it has come a long way and I can't
show my appreciation just keep on going

Author rat500 (10 days)
He's still making funny videos! 

Author sillouttepoet (5 months)
Look at the camera Nate lol he's just looking at his lyrics

Author Natalie Landrove (6 months)
Omynite is like I got this guys dc then hes paralized and hes like jk 

Author 17AJ06 (6 days)
Dat falsetto doh

Author Nukleòs (8 months)
2014: still fuckin awesome

Author Ethan Sanchez (11 days)
Im guessing this is before one more fight.

Author Brian Ortiz (4 days)
Loved it make more vids

Author PattPlays (20 days)
Wow,the improvement on the spotify version of this. This version is kiinda
shittier ^-^

Author Thunder Crash (19 days)

Author DeathBolt (6 months)
He said owned but it said pwned.

Author evan smith (2 months)
That battle is an trainers worst nightmare!

Author Freddy fazbear (18 days)
i got eatend by some mega houndoom and ill never tell you my trainer he
abonded me and never took me to a center and my moves are nomore but my
murder skill is still on :D dont come near me I SEAD DONT COME NEAR

Author insaneantisocial (18 days)
The Omanyte card he holds up is Japanese! I never noticed that before!

Author Jazmin Holland (3 months)
Best song ever man
Btw I was in the middle of a pokemon battle while watching this lol
Still gr8

Author CraftySceptile (25 days)
The beginning of a beautiful Channel. Keep up the good work Nate love the

Author Lawrence Pauly (18 days)
Nate Smith some may not agree but I think you are amazing I hope you make
more parodies in the future

Author trumpeterjen (17 days)
This is great and all, but I love how far he's come since this video.

Author mapersinger11 (4 months)
Um,I wanted to know if you could make a song for my friend
Pikapizza1234?She's going to be new to youtube and since you are the best
singer ever could you make her a song about torchic,it was her
first pokemon ever.? :)

Author The Anime Warrior (1 month)
This is great! please do more pokemon parodies!

Author Seth Sage (4 months)
I love this song and I would love to battle you but... My specialty is

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