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Author Andrew Larson (1 day)
How do you type that face by full restore?

Author Jonathan Palermo (2 days)
When I watched this, I was amazed at how you could turn a song into a
Pokemon parody of it. For being your first parody it was amazingly
terrific! Compared to all your others, it was great! Keep it up Nate!

Author Natalie Landrove (4 days)
Omynite is like I got this guys dc then hes paralized and hes like jk 

Author DeathBolt (7 days)
He said owned but it said pwned.

Author vasco ribeiro (24 days)
nice parody man I love it

Author Daniel Min (2 months)
Really good song

Author pixie6tails (1 month)
i agree with those rotation battle x'D

Author Dani Willis (29 days)
He sounds better in the other parodies

Author Nuklehos (1 month)
2014: still fuckin awesome

Author April Miller (2 months)
The line "I'm not havin' fun" really gets me.
There's really not much that's worse than when you start not having fun at
a game that is supposed to be fun.
When a game that's supposed to entertain just sort of makes you sad.

Author LucidLatios (1 month)
how are you so good at the singz im so jealous oh my god

Author mian franco (1 month)
At first he sounds really really bad but...if you really listen to what his
voice sounds like he's not THAT bad...

Author ☆Wonder Studios☆ (2 months)
Lol slowpoke.

Author Shannie Robles (1 month)
pokemon parody of payphone

Author Andrew Head (1 month)
Sent Omanyte. PRAISE HELIX

Author ethan Holdren (2 months)
Zoroark keychain omg!!!

Author João Varanda (2 months)
217 people are trying to run from a trainer battle...and had their grass
types burned

Author Matthew Paternoster (1 month)
I threw out my omanyte i wanted him to fiight but all he could do was

Author Jeffrey Bensinger (1 day)

Author Will Smith (2 days)
you are amazing! when ever i go out of pokemon and i cant be bothered to
play anymore i watch one of your vidoes and im playing instantly thank you
for keeping into pokemon and i have subbed for you!

Author Andy Jones (14 hours)
Great song! And thanks Nate! Listening to this song made me think about
breeding an omanyte... Now my shell smash omastar is one of my favourite
pokemon for online battles in Y. Liked :D 

Author monky70 (3 days)
best song ever respect

Author Chrissy H (5 days)
237 people flipped their monitors upside-down just so they could "like" a
second time. 

Author Dragon Tamer (7 days)
Also this!!!

Author Sael Gonzalez (6 days)
That...was...AWESOME!!! :-]

Author Arc A. Nine (6 days)
I hate when pokemon have attacks that are not their type, especially ice

Author Luis Halves (7 days)

Author die4you1 (13 days)
honestly i think he sounds fine through the entire thing. Its not easy to
sing like he does in this song, he does an excellent job at it.

Author Shinyblade (17 days)
Omanyte IS MY FAVOURITE POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Mercy Garcia (12 days)
No ufens but you look like tobuscec

Author DogDemonMarossa (19 days)
was beautiful :3

Author UnderAcheiver1 (1 month)
777,777th viewer woooooooo jackpot

Author MrSandwichBiznich (1 month)
They really should introduce a "Forfeit" feature into gen 7. But they

Author Left4Cake (1 month)
Worshiping the great Helix since 2012

Author Adriane James (16 days)
you are good at singing.;D

Author jason shaw (1 month)
i love this and magikarp a pokemon parody of wrecking ball.
and ganons gone a zelda parody of gone gone gone

Author Total awesomeness (15 days)

Author PewdiePieLord (1 month)

Author darkraven2116 (1 month)
I love your parodies! I think this one is my favorite. Oldie but a goodie

Author ahnika reavis (1 month)

Author Blu Kyrii (1 month)
I need that Zoroark! D:

Author Manuel Zuzek (1 month)

Author Shirogane Kei (17 days)
i may not have written but give the writer credit too, if u didnt write it

Author Jackamundo (1 month)
Liking that Zoroark tho, damn

Author Spark31Gaming (14 days)

Author kitty kintner (21 day)
This, this is really sad..
I was at the pokemon center when I pressed this video..
That is just a sad coincidence cuz I had just lost to Lance on pokemon
Heartgold!!!! Why Lance!?!? I helped you save those pokemon from Team
Rocket and everything bro!!!!! Why?!?!?!?

Author Max Bui (1 month)
I got zorawk

Author Thomas Adamse (1 month)
2:21 Lol Jo Look Rare

Author JSRF91 (2 months)
oh damn, i love all of these. but now i can't decide which one to use on my

Author TheGamingfrienz (2 months)

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