"I'm at a Center" A Pokémon Parody of Payphone - NateWantsToBattle

A Pokémon Parody of Maroon 5's "Payphone" by NateWantsToBattle
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This is a song about how obnoxious, complicated and infuriating competitive Pokemon Battling has become. Trololol.

I'm at a center
Tryina get better
All the hit points spent on you
Where did my speed go
Moving like slowpoke
Ever since you used your trick room

Yeah I
I know it's hard to remember
If it's effective or weak
And then they made steel and dark types
And that just changed everything
You can't expect me to be fine
When you just used full restore
Didn't know you had flamethrower
All of my grass types burnt down

I sent Omanyte
You used electric types
Now I'm paralyzed
Still stuck in that fight
I'm not having fun
They don't let you run
There's no end in sight

I'm at a center
Tryina get better
All the hit points spent on you
Where did my speed go
Moving like slowpoke
Ever since you used your trick room

If being pokemaster did exist
I would not be getting owned like this
These rotation battles don't make sense
One more stupid switch out I'll be sick
And now my moves are disabled
What happened to yesterday
When you had to fight with a cable
No more than 2 feet away
You can't expect me to be fine
You gave a mean look to me
And now I can't even switch out
Everything's weak against ground


This song is a parody of:
Maroon 5 - Payphone (Explicit) ft. Wiz Khalifa
Music video by Maroon 5 performing Payphone (Explicit) feat. Wiz Khalifa. © 2012 A&M/Octone Records
New Maroon video payphone music Payphone new M5 vid Adam Levine Wiz Khalifa The Voice
"Maroon 5" "Payphone Lyrics" Maroon 5 "Payphone Video" Payphone "Music Video" Wiz Khalifa

Tags: Maroon Payphone Parody Pokemon Omanyte "Pokémon (anime)" "Pokémon (Business Operation)" Battle Slowpoke Nintendo Video Games Spoof Diamond Platinum Comedy Gold Silver

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Author •Sara• (5 months)
This is better than the actual song.

Author t3r3z1pyrop3 (1 month)
Nate takes tunes you hate yourself for getting stuck in your head, then
makes them 1000X better. that way when your freinds catch you singing the
Nate version, you can say It's the Nate version, show them who Nate is,
then Nate gets another subscriber for his beutifil talent. Then he/she will
repeat the proccess until Nate is the most powerful person in the world,
and is nominated ruler of everything.

Author Aru Akise (7 months)
Rotation Battles....*throws DS Lite out the window*

Author Yuma Tsukimo (1 month)
that Zorarak though

Author Evan Minton (14 days)
With all the woes The Battle Maison's been causing me, I find these lyrics
extremely relatable.

Author Tanhea Pan (16 hours)
Where you get all dem Pokemon cards,friend? XD

Author Christian Ballard (26 days)
No offense bruh...but you suck at singing...your off pitch...your on beat
but that's about it....jesus

Author Taylor Langlois (18 hours)

Author Katherine Mae Ledesma (9 days)
Hi I Gave You a Thumpsup That Video Is not funny at all Make More Parody
Videos. Hey Download Fun Run Add Me And Sister also Check My Classmates
YouTube Channel also mines and My 2 sisters And My parent's and Clare M. Ok
She Has a brother .If you don't know my name Come Follow me by the way What
is your name again XD

Author Kirsty Owens (13 days)
This was so awesome

Author teamawsomenes123 (8 days)
I love this video so much. It was the first one of videos I ever watched,
it what's got me into his channel, and it's just the best of any music
video he's ever done. Nate really helped me get into youtube and minecraft
and I just love the guy so much, you're the best Nate Smith

Author MrElectricToad (1 month)
I don't really understand the hatred for Rotation Battles. I'm too busy
hating Triple Battles.

Author Midnight Miracle (2 months)
*Was singing along to the song. Family walks in without me noticing. After
finishing, I hear clapping and muffled laughter*
Well... I am currently mortified.

Author Jordan n Jonah Casper (5 days)

Author WreckitFinntheSonic (2 months)
You know, I love almost all of Nate's music videos, and I know that this is
his first one, but this is my favorite out of all of them, I love the
lyrics and it's just a joy to listen to, plus the song's REALLY relatable
whenever we face a competitive player who kicks our butts all the timeDX

Author Chimcharfan1 (2 months)
Daang I subed to you around when this song came out and you sound sooo

Author Jason Chua (27 days)
His voice is not as deep as 2014 Nate

Author Ramoku Munoz (12 days)
I really love this song and it is better than the actual song

Author Angela Kissell (7 days)
good jobe on the songe

Author Charity Hopkins (2 months)
You should do a pokemon parody of It's Time by Imagine Dragons

Author Ahmed Adnan (1 month)
I love you, no homo

Author Nina BlackBlood (2 days)

Author Simon Lin (1 month)
you know what
to tell you the truth
I Hate GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Alfred Jones (19 days)
I love you Nate <3 like your so amazing 

Author Eren Jaeger (10 days)
Fetus Nate is the best Nate.

Author Emily Keane (29 days)
This is awesome! Man, you rock. Shame on viewers, you deserve WAY more subs
than that!

Author Munchikins! ♥ (2 months)

Author Autumn Cain (1 month)
i love how just in the beginning he decided to put that little figurine on
is microphone.

Author tyler toner (29 days)
oh does ur voice does ur voice change

Author Knightlock Satoru (1 month)
After recording the video, does Nate play 52 card pick-up with Pokemon
cards or something?

Author Sabrina Cyr (29 days)
rotation battles ARE stupid (finally found some1 who agrees w/ me...)

Author PhantomJirachiGaming (2 months)
Nice video btw you're awesome man

Author Juan Moya (1 month)
I like your voice

Author The Shiny Dialga (1 month)
This song explains me :/ Used to be good in battling then u know..........

Author Lucien Jellison (25 days)
And thus, a legend was born.

Author Bartachomy (1 month)

Author Mega Stunfisk (3 months)
Why did he already have a studio when this came out?

Author avan misaki (27 days)
damn... so nostalgic 0_o

Author Simon Lin (1 month)
is slowpoke slow or what
i am sick of GARY
and could you do more song of pokemon

Author MrElectricToad (3 months)
And he only got better as time passed. Nate is by far one of my favorite
YTers and deserves so much more recognition. Only 220,000 subscribers for
this kind of talent? For shame YouTube.

Author Husky Pikachu (1 month)
I liked it and I sing it every day

Author Kitty The Werewolf (2 months)
i keep playing pokemon on my ds and its so stupid they won't even let you
frickin end the battle i am stuck on!

Author Icyclear (2 months)
I sung along...

Author Elijah Garcia and Azele Marquise (1 month)
Dude your voice is amazing! Can you make a song about homestuck!

Author teague ross (1 month)
I remember I fan girled when he replied 2 years ago.

Author Dane Porth (1 month)
AWESOME lyrics, good voice! and he's cute ^__^

Author TheBraveGallade (2 months)

Author zac ball (1 month)
You've come a long way, Nate. Never stop!

Author PikachukaPokémon (1 month)
I like the Gary one

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