Awesome Clash of Clans Simple Tip for FREE ELIXIR!!

Step By Step Guide for an Awesome easy hack / glitch to getting FREE ELIXIR in clash of clans!!! This is a cheat for getting level a ton of free elixir!! Incredibly easy and fast way to making a lot of elixir! If this was helpful please like the video and subscribe to my channel! Also you are welcome to join my clan Noteworthygames! :) SUBSCRIBE to Flammy: He's posting great Clash of Clans videos, every day!

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Author AnimeGuy (2 months)

Author Rockinator17 (1 month)
Use the new tool v9.73 from:
I added 99999 with it. cool

Author Thecallofdutyghostguy (1 month)
just wasted my exlir

Author GhostNinjaCuBeE (2 months)

Author Moe Als (1 month)
its a one time cheat
and 100000 isn't worth anything since i'm on level 9

Author jerairkilla (2 hours)
dosnt work

Author George Lin (4 days)

Author Mohamed Azeem (3 days)

Author Samuel Carter (5 days)
Use the new tool v9.73 from:

I added 99999 with it. cool

Author Josue Umanzor (5 days)
Can u do this with dark elixer

Author Gil Ona (3 days)
it sucks

Author Jessica Wheeler (6 days)
We can already do that

Author Michael Smith (8 days)
This is fucked up shit this sucks

Author Kyle Karp (8 days)
It's barracks not barrackses

Author Action Guy (11 days)

Goofy Muthas

We donate dragons!
Use the new tool v9.73 from:

Author Darthest Vador (14 days)
Sore Loosers , uou gotta cheat to Win.

Author tag smack (15 days)
its barracks not barrackses

Author Bas Makkinga (10 days)
Join #tuc4life

Author D6shadow109 (16 days)

Author Josh Mead (16 days)

Author Dhakgldl Blalck (21 day)
You cheaters got to stop cheating. No one likes a cheater, especially when
you have a loved one.

Author that guy that knows a guy (22 days)
this is genius, love it

Author Miguel Boisvert (1 month)
GUYS plz join this clan called donationFTW we are active and donate alot,
we donate DARK TROOPS such as minions and hogs, we also donate DRAGONS,lvl

Author AerialGuardian . (1 month)
This kid is such a retard.

Author Harun Ozer (13 days)

Author hockeyneverstops91 (12 days)

Author Samuel Johnson (1 month)
this is really great video 

Author TheUnholy57 (1 month)
wtf 400/200 troop training? :I

Author Marcus Brooks (2 months)
That was really smart

Author SUPAFUZZED (2 months)
Does it work? I'm upgrading wall breakers now and they finish in about 12
hours, anyone know?

Author Joan Velazquez (1 month)
Awesome men

Author Anis Kerkache (18 days)

Author Wenshell Desravine (2 months)
How do i get dark elixer

Author DitsDano YOLO (24 days)

Author Don Williams (2 months)
Did he just fucking say barrackses...

Author VTGamez & Allugame (2 months)
pekka or dragon?

Author aza walker (1 month)
Every clash of clans video has spam

Author Gerson Ruiz (19 days)
This is probably the smartest thing ever

Author David Martinez (2 months)
I just started playing and videos are very helpful, thanks.

Author Juan Mercado (20 days)
What if you don't have elixir

Author PureDoom (1 month)
Join Phantom Dragon clan if you want troops we donate all including dark
troops and have 2 members who regularly donate over 2000 troops.

Author salvador uribe (1 month)
DONT WORK tried it with archers lier

Author bama donktim (3 months)

Author Kathryn Kelly (20 days)

Author andy li (2 months)

Author Jamie Day (7 months)
Barrackses.... hahahhahahahahaha

Author randy mejos (5 months)
clash of clan glitch try this !! ▬

Author Lex Manjin (6 months)
clash of clan glitch try this !! ▬

Author Emil Elern (6 months)
Is Surveys Virus?

Author neymar barcelona (6 months)

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