Awesome Clash of Clans Simple Tip for FREE ELIXIR!!

Step By Step Guide for an Awesome easy hack / glitch to getting FREE ELIXIR in clash of clans!!! This is a cheat for getting level a ton of free elixir!! Incredibly easy and fast way to making a lot of elixir! If this was helpful please like the video and subscribe to my channel! Also you are welcome to join my clan Noteworthygames! :) SUBSCRIBE to Flammy: He's posting great Clash of Clans videos, every day!

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I just tested this tool at:
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it really works, try it 

Author Luke Baker (1 month)
So after the troop upgrade is done I remove all the wall breakers from my
barracks? Plz answer me bc I need to know quick

Author Javier Orozco (1 month)
Does this still work?

Author GreenTown (2 months)
Try this:
i just added 999999 from here, try now

Author Sheridan Huddlestun (2 months)
Why is it doing that I don't know

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My cousin told me about a site:
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Author Philip Becnel (3 months)
has anyone relized you you dont really gain anything since it costs so much
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please do it for me .. my username : hansu

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me = Ivan Kartacha !! plz need Jewels !!!! plzzzzzzzzz

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can you do it for me my username is joop

Author Julian Martinez (2 days)
Dude I can't do it can u pleas my coc name is Julian pls help

Author Caleb Wulfekuhle (4 days)
0:36 what are the ninth and tenth troops in the barracks

Author Dirda Megantara (9 days)
Please do it to dirda

Author Projectxfactor1000 (9 days)
U uploaded this the day after my 9th bday

Author Parker Kelley (9 days)
Cool thanks dude :)

Author Orlando james (4 months)
the pekka price went down 5000 wow...

Author alex:D tHe White BOy (11 days)
does this still work? 

Author Berrics132 (11 days)
wow nice tip thank you

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Plz join ma clan :3

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Use the new tool v9.73 from:
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Huh is it NEW Clash of clans er old ? 

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mines solidz

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Wow I can't believe people are really spending RIDICULOUSLY HUGE amount of
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I know.

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Do it for me plsss I'll do anything username xepticpwns

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thats sick

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Barrackses LOL

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user is Lorenzo thx

Author SUPERFUZZYSOCKS B. (26 days)
Why do the healers dragons, and Pekan look like that? Plz reply

Author Cescjoe JJB (27 days)
are golem its not barrackses its barracks

Author KrucialPvP I PvP and Stuff (27 days)
uhm I have a survey :(

Author BigStipowski (1 month)
Can't even see.. Such low res

Author Josue Umanzor (4 months)
Can u do this with dark elixer

Author UnboxCraziness (1 month)
He has the cheap version cuz the dragon and the pekka

Author Jaydywest (1 month)
You waste elixir by doing the upgrade duh

Author Dylan Bennett (1 month)
Do mine it's swarfan

Author Gabriela Garcia (4 months)

Author SYMBIOT3 (1 month)
Same with Dark Elixir?

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clash of clan glitch try this !! ▬

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clash of clan glitch try this !! ▬

Author Emil Elern (10 months)
Is Surveys Virus?

Author neymar barcelona (10 months)

Author Frederic Delpinto (1 year)
Not a hack but good job

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