Awesome Clash of Clans Simple Tip for FREE ELIXIR!!

Step By Step Guide for an Awesome easy hack / glitch to getting FREE ELIXIR in clash of clans!!! This is a cheat for getting level a ton of free elixir!! Incredibly easy and fast way to making a lot of elixir! If this was helpful please like the video and subscribe to my channel! Also you are welcome to join my clan Noteworthygames! :) SUBSCRIBE to Flammy: He's posting great Clash of Clans videos, every day!

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Author GreenTown (1 month)
Try this:
i just added 999999 from here, try now

Author Refesh4you (1 month)
Try this:
i just added 999999 from here, try now

Author GamingLegendFTW (1 month)
Join my clan "Windy City" new clan and my name is "GamingLegendFTW" on coc
and we donate and stay active hope u join!

Author Nihaad Shalah (3 months)
Huh is it NEW Clash of clans er old ? 

Author Philip Becnel (2 months)
has anyone relized you you dont really gain anything since it costs so much
to upgrade...

Author Moe Als (4 months)
its a one time cheat
and 100000 isn't worth anything since i'm on level 9

Author Aksel Ruddy (1 month)
I just tested this tool at:
and i got 89000
it really works, try it 

Author MiGluXHD (5 months)
i think spells should cost gold instead of elixir.. because i cant get
elixir but gold i have tons

Author Orlando james (2 months)
join our clan we are active and the best clan around its called The Unknown
it has a red badge with a yellow stream going down of it, we require 1400
trophies, level 60 or above, level4 archer and the most important of all
your friend in need(FIN) check that on your achievements as it needs to be
at 5000 or above it
cya in the clan ;D

Author TheGamingTeazah (4 months)
just wasted my exlir

Author AnimeGuy (5 months)

Author MusicVideoSlides (3 months)

Goofy Muthas

We donate dragons!

Author Orlando james (2 months)
the pekka price went down 5000 wow...

Author ElefantenfischGER (2 months)
Best and Epic Speed Buldings for each Townhall Level
on my channel

Author nicolas Ramirez (2 months)
technically u can do this with any spell and dark troop to, and to maximize
the profit u would have to max out ur barracks so that more troops fit 

Author Thea Wong (1 month)
So I'm guessing it doesn't work for spells?

Author GhostNinjaCuBeE (5 months)

Author OsC_InsanE (2 months)
Ima Low Level Trynna Get Some Elixir But You Guys Keep Showing Shidd When
You Guys Are High Ass Levels. How The Hell Is This Gonna Hell Me

Author GamingLegendFTW (2 months)
Join my clan "Windy City" new clan and my name is "GamingLegendFTW" on coc
and we donate and stay active hope u join!

Author Gabriel Ezeta (2 months)
Back in the day i remember when wallbreakers took only 1 housing space :)

Author Dhakgldl Blalck (3 months)
You cheaters got to stop cheating. No one likes a cheater, especially when
you have a loved one.

Author TheUnholy57 (5 months)
wtf 400/200 troop training? :I

Author HeadOwner7 (16 days)
Try that with spells :D

Author Carter Racer (3 months)
Use the new tool v9.73 from:

I added 99999 with it. cool

Author AerialGuardian . (4 months)
This kid is such a retard.

Author Javier Orozco (22 days)
Does this still work?

Author Josue Umanzor (3 months)
Can u do this with dark elixer

Author salvador uribe (4 months)
DONT WORK tried it with archers lier

Author Jesus Mendoza (6 months)

Author Nomiki Broeke (7 months)
ow wauw... thats sooo special.. _"

Author Don Williams (5 months)
Did he just fucking say barrackses...

Author Jessica Giraco (7 months)
I understand how you did that because the wall breakers costed 2500 but
after you finished getting all of them you upgrade it so it costs more but
when you sell them you wont be getting 2500 for each, youll be getting 3000
since you upgraded it after getting them

Author Charlene Purrier (6 months)
Does this still work?

Author jaxblum761 (4 months)
barracks's? dumass its barracks.

Author loay najjar (5 months)
U idiot u paid 4 the upgrade means that it's not worth it

Author alex rogers (7 months)
why is your wallbreaker only take 1 space?

Author Tim Krueger (8 months)
wtf why is the housing space only 1

Author Teano Claren-Barreiro (4 months)
i agree with MiGluXHD

Author Rathin Shah (7 months)
that is very smart of u

Author Leonardo Mancia (7 months)

Author Stefan Visser (8 months)
That's very smart xD

Author jacob hernandez (5 months)
wow i cant believe that i didnt think of this before

Author Jason Ingram (8 months)
This is wrong. Sure you make 500 per wb, but now you have no wallbreakers
and now you have to spend 3000 per wallbreaker when you want them again,
thus wiping out your profit eventually. Sure it make sense to stock up on
troos before you upgrade them and then they cost more, but selling them
right after does nothing because you have to buy them back at the same

Author Sheridan Huddlestun (1 month)
Why is it doing that I don't know

Author Jack liang (7 months)
upgrading ur troops wastes elixer too

Author The Clash Gamers (5 months)
Dosent work

Author Juungle Heats (6 months)
clash here

Author Jameschan (7 months)
new cheatz works !

Author salvador uribe (4 months)
Doesn't work

Author Kyleen Romero (3 days)

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