Awesome Clash of Clans Simple Tip for FREE ELIXIR!!

Step By Step Guide for an Awesome easy hack / glitch to getting FREE ELIXIR in clash of clans!!! This is a cheat for getting level a ton of free elixir!! Incredibly easy and fast way to making a lot of elixir! If this was helpful please like the video and subscribe to my channel! Also you are welcome to join my clan Noteworthygames! :) SUBSCRIBE to Flammy: He's posting great Clash of Clans videos, every day!

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Author Lewis Peka (5 days)
Whoa that vid was awesome thnx for helping me out Galadon

Author TooGood4You (3 months)
I just tried:
and i got 69000jemss

Author kieran purcell (2 months)
i like your vids but you have to pay elixir to get elixir there is no point

Author Refesh4you (5 months)
Try this:
i just added 999999 from here, try now

Author Marco Larosa (2 months)
The getclashgems thing didn't work for me can someone do it for me my
username for clash is Marco capital m

Author Aksel Ruddy (5 months)
I just tested this tool at:
and i got 89000
it really works, try it 

Author iAccidently DroppedTheBass (1 month)
Probably patched by now

Author teensavenue (26 days)
and also upgradeing troops is a load of elixer so your not really gaining
any elixer you're just loosing elixer so you shouldent really do that

Author pvtrichardsonbr (1 month)
This is a pain in the ass but its worth it

Author edwin gutierrez (2 months)
Who knows how 

Author GreenTown (5 months)
Try this:
i just added 999999 from here, try now

Author Cd5ssmffan (1 month)
tried this with pekkas and got 500k elixir

Author GamesHold (1 month)
I didn't know that there was a word named barrackses in the dictionary.

Author NoobPlaysGames (4 days)

really Works,awsome

Author UCS Vapor (1 day)
Helpful tip: also try this for dark elixir!!!!

Author Philip Becnel (6 months)
has anyone relized you you dont really gain anything since it costs so much
to upgrade...

Author henry jeal matthew Densing (11 days)
Cool...if your wall breakers cost 1000 elixir and upgraded them then the
wallbreaker`s cost will be 1500 then that 1500 willl be yours..tnx very

Author Playstation4 scoper762 (11 days)

Author Orlando james (6 months)
the pekka price went down 5000 wow...

Author SUPERFUZZYSOCKS B. (3 months)
Why do the healers dragons, and Pekan look like that? Plz reply

Author Diogo Sousa (17 days)
I need gold

Author Hostile Gaming (17 days)
getclashgems doesn't work guys it will just give you a virus

Author Nihaad Shalah (7 months)
Huh is it NEW Clash of clans er old ? 

Author Gus Vazquez (26 days)
I tried all methods but didn't work Can someone do it for me?my clash of
clans username is gus 

Author TgA Dc0y (4 months)
So after the troop upgrade is done I remove all the wall breakers from my
barracks? Plz answer me bc I need to know quick

Author Javier Orozco (4 months)
Does this still work?

Author Anthony Cando (1 month)
Toogood4you can u do it for me my username is ckando5

Author kasam hussain (1 month)
Toogood4u plz help ma account is Kasam I want 999999999999999gems I hve

Author Andy Gardea (1 month)

Author Rory Rennie (1 month)
You're forgetting about the upgrade cost

Author Amanda Ates (1 month)

Author darkdreamer (1 month)
i still have the same ammount of elixir of doing this

Author Ivan Soo (1 month)
Does it works now?

Author SpawnCut (1 month)

Author Clash Of Clans - Guides (1 month)
Join Our clan " Re - Born Unity please

Author NachoSnipezz (1 month)
Its Just Barracks

Author Sheridan Huddlestun (5 months)
Why is it doing that I don't know

Author josh maratos (1 month)
Can you do me my username is josh*=D

Author Zack Partyka (2 months)
Can someone do it for me my username is Zack

Author Mr commentar (2 months)
First 40

Author kasam hussain (1 month)
Plz someone do it fr me I dnt get it my account is Kasam

Author joshua garcia cruz (2 months)
My username is Joshua please help

Author Nuuti69 (2 months)
+TooGood4You to me too please, my name is jxjjxjfjbxj

Author MrDeadBook (2 months)
plz do it for me my name is Mr.Money

Author Ichimaru Purja (2 months)
i tried so many time i fill alll the form but it doesnt work ? plz

Author suhardi alim (2 months)
hey can you do it for me my username is adam245 thnks...

Author adrian perez (2 months)
Aksel ruddy is a liar it's just surveys

Author Noah Stroobandt (2 months)
can jou do it for me my username is nono2

Author Daniel Atwood (2 months)
but it costs elixir to upgrade.......................

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