Terry Bradshaw vs Joe "Turkey" Jones

Vicious tackle by Jones on Bradshaw 1976.

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Author graciemaemarie11 (1 year)
tough? yes. terry was. so was steve mcnair, joe namath,dan pastorini... he
played with a freakin' 'flak jacket' fuck joe fuckin' kapp...he still see's
AARON BROWN in his nightmares....HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA .....

Author Christopher Socha (1 year)
Dear Browns fans, nobody gives a rat's ass about NFL titles before the
SB!!! And how bad does it suck that YOUR team left and won 2 SB's???!! How
does that one taste???! hahahahahaha!!!

Author Alex Kaderly (3 years)
@bwashinski Sorry I don't spend my time looking at someone who has been
accused of rape twice!

Author bwashinski (3 years)
@xburgerx Yeah, you'll throw batteries, dog bones and bottles on the field
- you're full of dignity. Please spare us your holier than thou attitude,
you desperately want the Browns to get a ring and if you think your dignity
has anything to do with it you are pathetic.

Author Brandon Tilley (2 years)
The guys on FOX are so awesome. So glad they cover my team.

Author Joe Johnson (3 years)
Bradshaw was tuff as a dumptruck If he was hurt, he was hurt Farve or Elway
was the only QB's I would put above him in sheer toughness

Author topdawg1020 (3 years)
@bwashinski its clear that you dont know shit about the history of the nfl
or the superbowl. just the typical stupid steeler fan that thinks football
started with chuck noll.

Author porterhouse (2 years)
Dear fellow Steelers fan, please do not use full sentences or proper
grammer when negotiating Browns fans. Browns fans think proper grammar
makes you soft. Take this as a guide to dealing with Browns fans and ensure

Author 801liveable (3 years)
@BloodSuckingWombat Stop press...Pull front page..I stand conrrected.. You
are right..I am wrong..They did cart Bradshaw off..Kruscek did come in and
yes Cleveland won the game 18-16..

Author keith clark (3 years)
Terry can spell 4 Super Bowl Rings....the first and ONLY QB to win Super
Bowls before and after the rule changes!!!

Author Mastophales (3 years)
brady,manning,rodgers and the almost the whole league for that matter are a
bunch of c ** and t's... I will take a poor speller with four 4 SB titles
and his toughness anyday... these primadonnas over the 30 yrs would have
never lasted 5 yrs during TB's day, and the pre 78 rules...

Author Adam Westfall (3 years)
Before reading the above comments, I figured this is why Bradshaw is
completely retarded. After reading the above comments, I have came to the
conclusion thatt he is a lying prick and completely retarded.

Author Joseph A Bold (4 years)
Bradshaw is full of shit. I remember that game, all he got was a separated
shoulder. Overly dramatic A-hole. Waa... have pity on me... Waaa...

Author 6400az (3 years)
@PorkFrog Fair eneugh, but if you get a chance check out some of the Kapp
videos here on Youtube. Ask your many times do you see Kapp
slide ? Or how many times do you see the QB's you mention hurl themselve at
opponents as Kapp did on a weekly basis.

Author pittgradwayne (3 years)
jabold & kevref01- Bradshaw WAS hurt with a NECK injury, and did NOT come
back into the game. Check your facts. Mike Kruzcek finished the game and
played the next 3 games until Bradshaw came back against the Chargers. Now
let me guess, you guys are fans of teams that haven't won any Super Bowls,

Author Paul Z (2 years)
Yeah look at Bradshaw now in the Hall Of Fame with 4 Superbowl rings & on
TV. Whats Turkey Jones doing flipping burgers somewhere. Face it Bradshaw
has had a better NFL career & post NFL career then Joe Scumbag Jones if
thats all Clowns have have to hang their hats on a Cheapshot play then have
at it. In the meantime Steelers fans have 6 Lombardi Trophies to remember
how many Superbowl wins do the Clowns have?Zero

Author bwashinski (3 years)
@Thatisntoffthehook Wow are you stupid. Look at the facts, the 1st girl is
on record saying she wished she was pregnant w/ his baby. The 2nd had a
complete investigation including medical-no vaginal tearing. People like
you are what smarter people feed off of because you only look at headlines
& don't learn the facts. By the way-NFL Championships are equivalent to NFC
Championships-per the NFL. What is the difference between an NFL
Championship & Super Bowl - go ask Baltimore & Minnesota.

Author rw5791 (3 years)
this "tackle",if u want to call it that,was more dangerous than the hit on
joe theisman's leg.That's just my 2cents.

Author Paul Z (2 years)
I think it was the next game the Steelers played Cleveland that I think
Turkey Jones got his leg broken. I heard that Jones was found on the bottom
of players with a broken leg. The ultimate revenge the Steelers have over
Cleveland is 6 Lombardi Trophies

Author rupe68 (2 years)
Yeah...he only won what...4 superbowls? Totally overrated.

Author topdawg1020 (3 years)
@bwashinski because a writer questions if the play was unnecessary
roughness makes him a hypocrite? what kind of logic is that? actually by
the definition of rule at the time it wasnt. and furthermore the original
superbowl was the AFL champion vs the NFL champions. it was 2 seperate
leagues with different rules and different commisioners and they didnt play
during the season. so in reality the steelers havent won a superbowl yet

Author adam jirkovsky (2 years)
God bless Terry Bradshaw he could have died as a result of that. I am a
Cowboys fan, but come on man, these guys are professionals. If anybody
gets hurt it damages everybody ( and everybody's paycheck gets hurt too ).
Bradshaw is a Louisiana boy and now he's a real Texan as well. . .The
greatest QB's ALL got hit hard. Montana got railed by leonard marshall,
Theismann got crushed by l.t., and Staubach took a crushing hit from
Hacksaw Reynolds. That's part of what makes a great QB.

Author bwashinski (3 years)
@Thatisntoffthehook If you didn't spend time looking at it, how can you
make an informed comment on the subject? This just proves how thick you are
- you sound like a damn fool sprouting off at the mouth about things you
don't know about. I did the homework, because I wanted to know if I wanted
him to stay or go, but after learning - I realize what it really was. I
would explain it to you, but you lack the intelligence to comprehend
today's media blitz & ratings grab.

Author geor1717 (3 years)
go suck a dick Bradshaw

Author 6400az (3 years)
@PorkFrog No, no. The Toughest QB ever was Joe Kapp, no ones even close.

Author Nick Best (4 years)
well its all good because the browns suck now

Author 801liveable (3 years)
@BloodSuckingWombat That's not true.. I was at that game and Bradshaw, came
back in..He was always good at over doing it after he was "hit"..You know
writhing on the ground, moving his legs up and down..Roethlisberger, is a
little like that too...But Bradshaw, was back in that game to lead the
Steeler to a loss..

Author SFCMAC57 (4 years)
BOO HOO Bradshaw, you still suck you toothless son of a beotch.

Author bblazeff1 (2 years)
back then and earlier , the played with broken bones and got their jaws
broke , and still played .. now they sit out half a season with turf toe ..

Author AngelsTakeMe2Heaven (2 years)
It is either him or Joe Namath

Author Tony Green (1 year)
There were rumors that Jones tackle was retaliation for Mel Blount's
tackling style...Blount used that tackling style regularly (there's a cllip
online of him driving Cliff Branch's head into the ground).

Author bwashinski (3 years)
@kevref01 When the Browns left Cleveland, they should have taken the Browns
name with them and renamed them the Hypocrites. you can go to the cleveland
plain dealer website and even research the story - Bradshaw was taken out
of the game and the hypocrite writer even questioned if the play was truly
unnecessary roughness. You are the most sorry fanbase in sports - go
through some more bottles and batteries on the field & continue to think
AAFC Championships are more relevant that Super Bowls

Author eddievangundy (2 years)
Didn't know Bradshaw got seriously hurt, which was too bad. Not that the
Steelers were clean back then- or now.

Author dms78 (3 years)
I could watch this over and over! Never gets old

Author starfireelvis (3 years)
No, YOU are the one who is full of shit, as you say. Look at the video at
0:17--there is 10:42 left to go in the fourth quarter. He gets dumped
square on the top of his head--LOOK AT THE VIDEO--his HEAD hit the ground,
not his shoulder. Get your HEAD out of your A-HOLE, and maybe you'll get
the FACTS, as you say... Damn, I can't stand ignorante people. Bradshaw
missed 6 games--rookie Mike Kruczek went 6-0--a record for rookie QB's,
until BEN ROETHLISBERGER went 13-0 in 2004!

Author Alex Kaderly (3 years)
@SkittleSIsBack Good one dude I remember saying that when I was 9 too!

Author bwashinski (2 years)
Cleveland has 2nd lowest High School graduation rate. THAT is fact - not
some pathetic homophobic remark because the Steelers keep kicking the snot
out of the Browns.

Author Kevin Keay (4 years)
He is lying big time... He came back into the game.. Later. He never went
directly into the locker room till half. He came back into the game and
nearly won the game.. It was a shoulder injury not a head injury.

Author Kyle Gee (4 years)
hahahahahahahahahahaha. shitsburgh

Author BloodSucking Wombat (3 years)
Do you idiots just invent sh!t out of whole cloth? Bradshaw missed the next
two games (against the Bengals & Giants). He was replaced by Mike Kruscek,
who went 17 for 31, 1 INT, 0 TD. I'd accuse you of lying, but I don't think
you're clever enough (just lazy & stupid) Get off the internet & go back to
sniffing model glue.

Author xburgerx (3 years)
remember that one time ur team was named after something that no longer
exists? There's not a single steel worker that resides in pittsburgh
anymore... Unicorns are more real. That's why my city is flooded with black
n yellow white trash bullshit. U pussies moved here when our steel industry
was booming n urs vanished with toothbrush availability. U can have ur
rings, rapists, dancers n shampoo commercials. ill keep my pride n dignity.

Author Bob Germanovich (3 years)
I wish Jones had been there today when he was giving negative comments
about the Eagles. lol

Author triggerhappysrt (3 years)
@yubsnme The Browns are irrelevant, except when it comes to high draft

Author bwashinski (3 years)
@topdawg1020 Wrong on both counts - NFL Championship Games are regarded by
the NFL itself as equivalent to NFC Championships. Piss and moan all you
want - but why is it Minnesota - who won the NFL Championship but not the
Super Bowl - still is regarded for not having a Championship? For most of
the history of the NFL - there was no playoff & NFL Champ games were played
on rotating home field. It's clear you have no clue of NFL history &
believe the old Browns teams are best ever.

Author Joe Johnson (3 years)
@6400az never saw Kapp-can only go by people I saw play

Author keith green (2 years)
Joe 'Turkey' Jones was an abolute cheap shot artist in his day.

Author bwashinski (3 years)
@topdawg1020 No - it's your obvious romanticism of this play - one you will
play over & over - then turn around & cry that James Harrison hit your WR
too hard. Wow - you are dumb. By your basis - there have only been 4 Super
Bowl Champions? The other 41 Super Bowls didn't count either? The Steelers
haven't won a SB yet? Go get a tape recorder & say that outloud so you can
hear how dumb you sound. The reality is the NFL, media & world calls it the
Super Bowl - typical jealous Browns fan

Author Paul Z (2 years)
Trent Richardson will be a grease spot under James Harrison's shoes. As far
as beating the Steelers this year I bet you said that last year & the year
before that & the year before that but sadly for you its going to be the
same result the last few years the Steelers owning the Browns twice a year.
Where you mad when you had to watch the Steelers win two more Superbowl's?

Author wilcarr1 (3 years)
Did this hit cause Bradshaws mental breakdown? It did seem like a cheap

Author Alex Kaderly (3 years)
@bwashinski Okay and you Steeler fans keep thinking that Ben Rothlisberger
didn't rape two girls. Steelers fans are pathedic. All you talk about is
that when we won in 1964 it was an NFL championship, so good history. And
please explain, what is the difference between a superbowl and a
championship? We don't get a trophy that says "Vince Lombardi?"

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